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Ronnie Bear Show Episode 1 (AKA "My tribute to Diesel Ducy")
This is me at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC. I am pretending to do a "Ronnie Bear" show just like Diesel Ducy did with the "Diesel Ducy Show" - Episode 1. I hope you enjoy my tribute to Diesel Ducy. This is episode 1 of the Ronnie Bear Show. I will be posting episode 2 shortly. This was actually taped last July, I think. I collect bears&Ronnie Bear is one of my favorites.2009-12-08 01:38:06
Market Street Parking Deck Elevator number 2 plus hydraulic ram on Elevator 1
This is elevator number two at the Market Street parking garage in downotwn Roanoke, Virginia and a view of the hydraulic ram on elevator number one at the Market Street parking garage. Diesel Ducy if you are watching this, you should like it.2009-12-07 01:03:26
BB&T elevator along with 2 others in Charlotte, NC
Elevators at Mezanine Atrium and ALoft kone and BB&T elevator. Please enjoy yourselves as you watch this. Feel free to rate it and to comment.2009-12-06 02:24:49
Hilton Charlotte Center City
This is the Hilton Charlotte Center City. It has 4 otis gen2 elevators and has mirrors on all 4 of the elevators. I hope you like it. Otis traction, 22 floors 20 accessible floors.2009-12-05 23:08:41
Elevator at One Wachovia Parking Deck&College Place Shops before and after modernization
1st part of this movie clip was taken this past summer and the 2nd half was taken this month with the elevator in downtown Charlotte, NC at One Wachovia Parking Deck&College Place Shops. The elevator does seemed to have been modernized. Enjoy it. I also do some of my "Diesel Ducy" impressions on the 2nd half.2009-12-05 06:56:48
Schindler elevator in downtown Charlotte, NC
Schindler elevator in downtown Charlotte NC.2009-12-04 04:47:03
Otis Elevator in Courtyard by Marriott Parking Deck in downtown Charlotte, NC
Me and my dad went downtown for a fun afternoon of elevator exploring. This is a pretty nice elevator. I have several more videos from this trip to downtown which I will be posting shortly.2009-12-04 02:41:34
Overstreet Mall Garage / Hilton Center City Parking Deck Elevators in Charlotte, NC
This elevator is located in downtown Charlotte, NC in the One Wachovia building.2009-12-04 00:44:37
Market Street Parking Deck Dover Hydraulic Elevator in Roanoke, Virginia
This is me&my family going into the Market Street Parking Deck and riding the Dover hydraulic for the first time ever. This is in downtown Roanoke Virginia. 7 floors. I was on vacation to see some Parking Decks that Diesel Ducy filmed and this was one of those Parking Decks. Please watch and if you like you may rate it your favroite and comment.2009-12-03 01:54:21
Driving in 121 Church Ave parking deck then going to Market Street Parking Deck in Roanoke, Virginia
Front row seat of going from top to bottom of the parking deck on 121 Church Ave then driving to Market Street Parking Deck.2009-12-02 22:39:09
Church bells of the Greene Memorial United Methodist Church in Roanoke, Virginia
This video is for my Nana&Papa who really enjoyed hearing the church bells ring at 12 noon when we were at the 121 Church Ave parking deck in Roanoke, Virginia.2009-12-02 20:42:06
Otis Elevator at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, N.C.
This is the otis elevator at the Northlake mall in Charlotte, NC and it is a gigantic elevator. 14,000 pound capacity. All you Charlotters should go see it. Bonus footage of the Thyssenkrup elevator at Borders bookstore at Northlake Mall.2009-12-02 01:43:12
Elmwood Parking Garage US Elevator - Roanoake, Virginia 1st visit
This is my first time at Elmwood Parking Garage. I was on vacation. It was a dream come true because I saw Diesel Ducy film at it and wanted to go there.2009-12-01 11:36:18
Hotel Roanoke Tour 1
Taking a tour of the Hotel Roanoke in downtown Roanoke, VA over Thanksgiving Break. TJ is 9 years old and loves the Diesel Ducy videos on YouTube. He's a wanna be DieselDucy. Here he is doing his own verison of a elevator video.2009-11-30 16:26:30