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Flashback Memory Video: Physical Threapy&The Rope Wall
I had a friend ask me what it was like having to go to Physical Threapy for all those years which I went weekly since about 6 months old to 8 years old. For the most part it was hard work and I didn't really care for it but it did help me learn to do things to make my muscles strong. My mom did video tape a lot of my sessions so we could keep track of my progress and for me to study the various exercises so I could practice at home etc. Here is one of the activities we didn't have to do at home but thought some of you might enjoy seeing this aspect of one of my PT work outs. Now this may look like fun to ya'll but it was hard work to me. This clip was taken in May 2005. I replaced the original audio with elevator sounds as the original audio had the song every move I make playing in the background.2012-06-29 22:28:51
HD Retake of Dover Elevator at Courtyard by Marriott in Asheville, NC
riding this elevator with my uncle Wendell. is the link to the original video I posted of this elevator when we filmed it back in 20092012-06-28 20:30:24
Schindler HT Shuttle Elevator at Wells Fargo Two Building in Charlotte, NC
Another requested HD retake. Thanks for all the emails and requests. Hope you all are enjoying the videos. If you have a request - please send it in. We'll try to get what we can.2012-06-27 17:53:45
Glass Thyssenkrupp Elevator at Catalyst Parking Deck in Charlotte, NC
another new elevator find in uptown Charlotte2012-06-27 07:27:21
Solo Ride in Elevator in Duke Energy Center Building
AKA Parking Deck Elevators for Levine Center for the Arts2012-06-27 06:29:15
Otis Elevators at the Uptown Charlotte Courtyard by Marriott
These are key card access only but we were able to get on them when somebody came down to the lobby at the time we were there so we just got on after they got off and once in the elevator you don't need a key card to access the floors. :) Photos of the pool and fitness center only as you did need key card to get to those. We also got to see a room but did not film it as housekeeping was still in process of cleaning it up.2012-06-27 04:01:53
Otis Escalators at Wells Fargo Two Building in Uptown Charlotte, NC
A ramdom video made by my dad today when I met him for lunch. Not sure if we have filmed these or not before.2012-06-27 00:41:12
Dover Elevator with Interesting Floor Passing Chime at 330 South Tryon
This is not a retake video. This is actually our first time riding this elevator located in uptown (downtown Charlotte). Very nice. Not your typical Dover chime though.2012-06-26 23:23:34
Thyssenkrupp (Dover?) Elevator at the Mountain Inn&Suites in Flat Rock, NC
This is right beside the Mountain Lodge. Think the same corporation may owned both of these as they are pretty similar in comparison. This was one of our stops on our way home from our Asheville trip.2012-06-25 21:47:49
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Cozy Mountain Lodge in Flat Rock, NC
included in video towards the end of clip is the rock waterfall they have in the outside courtyard near the indoor pool.2012-06-25 20:51:42
Otis Elevator at the Comfort Inn near the Asheville Airport
Asheville, NC2012-06-25 19:42:39
Requested HD Retake of Charlotte Plaza Parking Deck Westinghouse Elevators
I had several emails requesting these in HD so here you go.2012-06-25 19:03:23
Otis Elevator at the Hampton Inn near the Asheville Airport
Asheville NC. Another very nice Hampton Inn to explore. :)2012-06-25 17:47:23
HD Retake of Hilton Center City Parking Deck Elevators in Charlotte, NC
we have filmed these before but on recent trip downtown decided to retake them in HD2012-06-25 04:36:48
Schindler Elevator with Errie Wind Sounds Motor at Quality Inn in Asheville, NC
Listen to motor in first part of this clip.2012-06-25 03:33:07
Dover Elevator at the Fairfield Inn Airport Location in Asheville, NC
Another Fairfield Inn in Asheville although this one had a Dover elevator instead of a Schindler.2012-06-24 03:07:24
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Ramada Hotel in Hendersonville, NC
this used to be the old Hampton Inn before it was a Ramada2012-06-24 01:51:50
Schindler Elevator at the Fairfield Inn in Asheville, NC
This Fairfield Inn was kind of a mix and match hotel as it had different carpets on different floors.2012-06-24 01:13:35
Schindler Elevator at the Country Inn&Suites in Asheville, NC
Asheville West location2012-06-24 00:10:30
Otis Elevator at the Rodeway Inn Hotel in Asheville, NC
lobby is actually on level 22012-06-23 23:14:02
Elevator Machine Room Sounds
Just a tiny clip appreciating the sounds of an elevator machine room. Taken at Wells Fargo Mortgage building in fayetteville, NC2012-06-23 17:51:32
Otis Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Dunn, NC
This is the hotel we stayed at about 4 or 5 years ago. I will have to go through my dvds and see what footage we have of this hotel but for now here is the video we made of the elevator when we were passing through Dunn.2012-06-23 16:44:33
Otis Elevator at the Comfort Inn in Dunn, NC
This seemed to be a fairly new hotel but don't know if it is or not. May of been there and just have remodded the place up a bit.2012-06-23 15:47:23
Room Tour of 306 at Courtyard by Marriott in Fayetteville, NC
My aunt and uncle are staying here while they are in NC so here's my room tour of their room.2012-06-23 07:05:17
Schindler Elevator at the Wells Fargo Mortgage Building in Fayetteville, NC
One of my solo rides :) Pretty nice Schindler elevator - ran very smooth.2012-06-23 05:25:08
US Elevator at the Country Inn&Suites in Asheville, NC Biltmore Square
This one is similar to the US Elevator in Huntersville, NC. It's a pretty neat elevator and as you can tell from my dad's reaction, we don't see too many of these. :)2012-06-22 03:11:23
Dover Elevator at the Comfort Suites in Asheville, NC Biltmore Square
This was another one of our stops at Biltmore Square on the way home.2012-06-22 02:25:30
Otis Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Asheville, NC Biltmore Square
Another one of my requested stops to explore.2012-06-21 23:44:41
Three Speed Entrance Door at the Holiday Inn Express in Flat Rock, NC
I meant to add this clip to the Otis Elevator clip at this hotel but forgot about it until I just saw it in the files so here it is by itself.2012-06-21 21:58:38
Otis Elevator at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Flat Rock, NC
This was a very nice but small hotel to explore. Cannycart&Dieselducy mom filmed the snack/drink vending machine for you in this video clip as well.2012-06-21 21:41:49
Dover Elevator at the Holiday Inn Express in Asheville, NC Biltmore Square
Nice gold tinted with wood interior. Dad said classic but it's a Dover Impulse.2012-06-21 21:05:32
Dover Elevators at the Hampton Inn in Hendersonville, NC
This was one of our stops on the way home to explore.2012-06-21 19:47:38
Otis Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Morganton, NC
This was one of our stops to explore on our way to Asheville, NC2012-06-21 01:19:44
Otis Elevator and Photo Mini Tour of the Hampton Inn in Marion, NC
This was a cool Hampton Inn to explore. Love the fact the pool is open til midnight. :) Wish more Hampton Inns went with those hours.2012-06-20 19:12:16
My Uncle Wendell Filming the Otis Elevator (Series 6) at Homewood Suites in Asheville, NC
Letting my uncle Wendell film this elevator as series 6 are ones you don't come across too often and I don't usually get to spend much time with my uncle as he lives way across the country from us.2012-06-20 07:42:21
Schindler Elevator at the Springhill Suites in Asheville, NC
Tunnel road location. Riding the elevator with my uncle Wendell2012-06-20 07:02:10
Nice Elevator at Renaissance Hotel in Asheville, NC
not sure of original brand or who modded this elevator. It's a pretty nice one though.2012-06-20 06:29:39
Otis Elevator at the Haywood Park Hotel&Promenade in Asheville, NC
Notice the inside little directional arrow indicators under the floor indicators2012-06-20 04:17:50
Requested Video of the Kone Elevator at The Hotel Indigo in Asheville, NC
Not sure who requested this as we can't find the email who had sent in the request but for whoever wanted us to stop by the Hotel Indigo. Here it is. It seemed like most of the floors were key card acess only except for 2 and parking but luckily somebody came in and went to floor 10 :)2012-06-20 03:39:53
Very Nice Otis Elevator at The Inn at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC
I thought we had taken a picture of the outside of the Inn but I can't seem to find it so I guess we didn't as it is not on the card with the rest of the photos we took at the Inn which includes pool, fitness center&lobby. For more info on this hotel you can visit their website at 02:45:04
Dieselducy's Ramdom Video of Checking Out the Video Camera on my Dad's iPhone
taken at Bob Evans in Lynchburg, Va2012-06-20 01:22:54
Bell Tower at Furman University in Greenville, SC
quick video clip of the bell tower on campus.2012-06-20 01:09:45
Otis Elevators @ Hilton Downtown Charlotte, NC w/ Bonus Skyline Views from Executive Lounge
Level 22 is an Executive level which is usually locked out with only keycard access but today is wasn't locked out in one of the elevators we rode so we got a chance to go up and take some skyline views of downtown Charlotte. :)2012-06-20 01:00:45
Lunch @ The Stable Cafe @ Biltmore Estates Photos&Video of Elevator (with GAL Fixtures?)
This elevator is located in the stable building at Biltmore Estate. Not sure but think these are GAL fixtures. The elevator was brightly lit up inside and seemed to run pretty smooth. We also included pictures of MPE in stable building.2012-06-19 07:24:03
Another Look at Vintage Otis Elevator Plus Photos of Mailbox Lock for Dieselducy
Dieselducy - this is for you. This is what I can find of the close up pictures of lock and post office box next to the vintage Otis elevators in Flat Iron Building that we have. In this clip, I ride the elevator with my uncle although that ride wasn't actually filmed - this is the clip mom took in the lobby when we get on elevator :)2012-06-19 02:39:10
The Tunnel on Tunnel Road in Asheville, NC
Driving to and through the tunnel on our way to eat supper2012-06-18 22:35:17
Quick Little Ride on a Dover Impulse Elevator at the Sleep Inn Hotel Asheville, NC
Just a quick little video before camera battery gave out.2012-06-18 22:02:04
Otis Elevator at the Asheville West Comfort Inn Hotel
It's an Otis2012-06-18 21:37:08
Montgomery Modded? Not Sure of this Elevator at Holiday Inn Express West Asheville, NC
This seems like a nice hotel. Had 3 elevators but we only filmed 2 because they were all pretty much the same but 2 of them were glass elevators with different views one of lobby w/ pool area and one outside of hotel with outside pool. The 3rd elevator was pretty standard cab with no glass.2012-06-18 20:52:37
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel on Tunnel Road
Forgot to take a photo of the outside view of hotel for this clip.2012-06-18 19:47:59
Driving on Biltmore Estate
beautiful country side2012-06-18 12:33:05
Having a Ball at Hampton Inn&A Behind the Scene Look of the Hampton Huddle Video
Hampton Inn at Tunnel Road in Asheville, NC has a very fun staff! They all were so nice to me and my family. Special thanks to Kayla, Kenneth and of course General Manager Andrea Coon for making my stay such a memorable visit. :)2012-06-18 07:37:44
Horses on Biltmore Estate (For Cannycart's Brother Who Loves Horses)
driving along past the flower garden to the next little village stop on the estate2012-06-18 04:21:51
Room Tour of the Hampton Inn on Tunnel Road in Asheville, NC
This is where we stayed at on our recent trip to Asheville. It's a great hotel with the friendliest staff. We were with my uncle Wendell & Aunt Brenda so that's why we got a 2 Queen room. If you check out the video response to this video you can see the before look of the cab of the elevator back in 2009. You can also check out the hotel's website at hamptoninn3.hilton.com2012-06-18 03:08:10
Original Vintage Otis Elevator at the Flat Iron Building in Downtown Asheville, NC
This was fun to ride which we did several times. I also rode it with my uncle Wendell. This video is our first ride.2012-06-16 06:41:42
Not Sure of Brand of Elevator at Four Points by Sheraton in Asheville, NC
This was very busy but we managed to get it filmed. Any ideas of brand. Check out directional indicators which sadly did not light up2012-06-16 04:45:03
Uncle Wendell's Rental Car Ford Fiesta Ride Segment
me and my uncle Wendell going out to explore several hotel elevators together in his rental car.2012-06-15 04:50:56
My Cool Uncle Wendell Showing off his Brand New Brookstone iPhone Projector
Loving my vacation time with my aunt Brenda&uncle Wendell2012-06-15 02:14:21
Groundhog in Morganton, NC by the Hampton Inn Parking Lot
We were leaving the Hampton Inn in Morganton when we saw this goundhog by the road. We thought it was kind of cute so here is the video we took of it.2012-06-15 00:30:47
Schindler Elevator at the Holiday Inn Express in Anderson SC with Photos of Hotel
included photos of fitness center, pool, lobby area etc. Cool Elevator sign in lobby!2012-06-14 01:53:55
Requested Video of Road Footage Plus a MPE&Schindler RT Elevator
Had a request for road footage of crossing SC state line in HD so here it is. I also included a interesting MPE and another video clip of the Schindler RT at Rugs International in SC to go along with the road footage. Hope you enjoy.2012-06-14 00:58:39
Dover Elevator at the Days Inn Hotel in High Point / Archdale NC Area
This elevator is tucked away in vending machine room at end of long hallway inside corridor.2012-06-13 23:21:31
Ramdom Video of Strange Layout at Country Inn&Suites in High Point / Archdale NC Area
This just struck me as odd layout. On back wall is a room and then right beside it is the fitness center then on either side of those are the restrooms.2012-06-13 22:37:50
Here's a Little Clip of Road Footage Going to Clemson University Campus in SC
Note - at the end of clip on the message to go to my facebook page to see photos of Fort Mills Plantation Home. I typed the wrong word - it is Fort Hill Plantation Home instead of Fort Mills. This plantation home is on the campus of Clemson University and it was very interesting to take the tour and learn the history of this old plantation mansion (no video allowed but we could take still photos) so if you are interested in old houses and history you can check out the photos we took. More info on the house you can go to 22:00:24
2nd Unique Feature of the Thyssenkrupp Elevator at Holiday Inn Express in Christiansburg, VA
in the first video of this elevator I featured the 1st unique thing about this elevator which was everytime you pressed the buttons for a floor it buzzes and it also has floor passing chimes. Dad features the 2nd unique item in that the directional light stays on for the whole ride.2012-06-13 19:46:43
A Clip of Road Footage to Easley SC&Hotel Tour of the Easley Hampton Inn Hotel
We have stayed here before and have done a hotel tour of this one before. This is mainly an HD retake. I let mom film the hotel tour mainly because I got pretty tired and just wanted to lay down on the bed after we had supper at the Golden Corral at my dad's high school reunion. The room tour is a seperate video I did (see video response below) but I did add photos of the room to this video clip. Hope you enjoy it.2012-06-13 06:15:39
Video Taken on Old Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera of Westbrook Elevator at Macados
Mom was filming these takes. LIke the clips where she gets us going down and coming back up through the window. :)2012-06-13 00:56:58
Riding the Dover Elevator at a 5 Story Country Inn&Suites in Anderson, SC
The directional chimes were very low on this that you can barely hear them but you could hear the dover buzz. Also show pictures of pool and fitness center. Take notice of the keyboard at business center photo. Very flat.2012-06-12 23:27:58
Couple of Outtakes in Salem Virginia at the Holiday Inn&Hampton Inn Hotels
Fish tank in lobby at Holiday Inn and me going up the MPE in lobby at Hampton Inn2012-06-12 21:35:09
Driving in Downtown Roanoke Following Cannycart&Dieselducy to Macados
Short road clip of us passing Elmwood&Market Parking Decks on our way to lunch at Macados and driving into Church Ave Parking Deck. I also added some photos of inside Macados&the vintage Westbrook elevator that we got to ride after our lunch there (the HD video of that elevator ride is already uploaded - see video response below) I also added a portion of the audio to us getting ready to ride the elevator to the photo section of this video. As you can tell I am exploring the options in editing software program that we have. :)2012-06-12 19:26:36
Thyssenkrupp Dover Elevator at the James C Furman Building at Furman University
Photo views inside the building included in video clip2012-06-12 07:33:38
Otis Elevator at the Hampton Inn Hotel in Travelers Rest, SC
The fitness center is on 4th floor near ice and vending.2012-06-12 06:18:11
The 2nd Otis Elevator in the Rhodes Engineering Research Building at Clemson University
This one is not as exciting as the original Otis that is just down the hall from this one in the research building.2012-06-12 03:45:17
Another Quick Video of a Vending Machine for Cannycart and Dieselducy
These were located at Hampton Inn in Clemson, SC2012-06-11 22:54:46
Schindler HT Elevator at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Clemson, SC
Going back through some of my files from recent trips to get the videos I haven't uploaded yet to YT. This is one of them. This hotel had strange layout for entrance to lobby and also had a basement which had rooms on that floor too. Video includes some photos of fitness center and pool area etc. Couldn't find the business center at this one though.2012-06-11 21:41:00
Kone Elevator at Concord Public Parking Deck in Downtown Concord, NC
Found this one today while out exploring. Downtown Concord used to have a nice looking hotel (which the building is still standing) but sadly is no longer a hotel.2012-06-10 00:06:14
Announcement of TJ's Elevator Gear Acceleration Lift Off: June 9th 2012
Today's the day! Check out the new online store at my website. We will be adding more items to the store as time goes by. To celebrate the opening of the store: we will have FREE shipping and handling for our first week. Each DVD contains 15 videos.2012-06-09 06:44:18
Thyssenkrupp Elevators at the Main 131 Village Shopping Center in Huntersville, NC
A very TALL one and then a regular size one2012-06-07 07:29:48
Requested HD Retake of US Elevator at the Quality Inn in Huntersville, NC
Looks like they have been redoing several things at this hotel. They gotten new carpet and have painted the outside of the hotel with a new color scheme. It doesn't look like they did anything to the elevator though.2012-06-06 02:53:11
Very Nice Freight Size Otis Elevator at Office Complex in Cornelius, NC
This is pretty nice compared to some other freight elevators which tend to get scruffed up pretty good. Speaking of freight size elevators, be sure to check out my website at later on this week as we will be debuting my new online store (TJ's Elevator Gear) which I hope is going to help me with growing my travel funds :) We will have several dvds for sale and some elevator magnets to start off with. You can also check out my facebook page at for details and photos2012-06-06 00:00:47
Uncut / Unedited Clip of Riding Elevators&Getting a View of Mill Mt. w/ Dieselducy&Cannycart
We were at Carilion Roanoke Community Hospital Parking Deck.2012-06-05 04:12:35
Android Update Gadget Robot Graphic for my Acer Iconia Tablet
Thought this was a pretty cute update status gadget2012-06-03 00:49:57
Mini Elevator Clip
One of the elevators mom and me took a ride on last week. Camera card ran out of memory so we didn't get the whole elevator ride on video but it's a nice clip to share with ya'll so hope you enjoy.2012-06-02 23:55:05
BBT Plaza Elevators in Downtown Charlotte, NC Are Being Modded by Otis Elevators
Watch the floor indicator around 1:30. It jumps out of sequence. Some of the elevators seem to be finished while some are still in process of being modded.2012-06-02 21:29:19
HD Retake of a Couple of Westinghouse Elevators modded by Otis including a Service Elevator
History has a way of repeating = we made the same mistake we made the first time on the service elevator but luckily this time a cleaning staff member called the service elevator and got us back to the original floor. :) I will post the original video we took of these as a video response to this video so ya'll can compare if you want to.2012-06-02 18:43:18
For TheElevatorChannel: Highway 29 Car Wash at Hess Gas Station HD Retake
Thought I would do a HD retake of the carwash on Hwy 29. TheElevatorChannel likes to film carwashes so I thought I would film this one for him. I may get to meet him soon and I'm excited about that. :)2012-06-02 06:12:15
First Citizen Bank Plaza Parking Deck Elevators Running More Smoothly
Last time we rode these elevators before this ride, these elevators were very bumpy and shook quite a bit but they actually run pretty smooth now so they must of worked on them at some point still look the same with fixtures and all though. Located downtown Charlotte, NC2012-06-02 02:45:50
Otis Elevator with Lexan Buttons at the Auto Park in Charlotte, NC
notice where phone is. Not ada compliant. If you want to see the wind turbines check out the video response to this video.2012-06-01 18:36:15
HD Retake of the Westinghouse Elevators at the First Citizen Bank Building in Charlotte, NC
These are very fast.2012-06-01 03:36:52
View of Skyline from Auto Parking Deck w/ a Close Up Look of Charlotte's First Wind Turbines
These wind turbines are on top of Packard Place building. Here is a link to a newspaper article about them and the building. This is the building that Westinghouse elevators are in. 00:51:02
Westinghouse Elevator That Likes to Chime a Lot at the Packard Building in Charlotte, NC
These are the regular floor elevators. Mom gets it to go in nudge mode at the end of video when she was making sure she got a good view of the fixtures. Gotta love the parents who get into their children's hobby :)2012-06-01 00:04:44
Mezzanine (Westinghouse) Elevator at Packard Place in Downtown Charlotte, NC
Some may say uptown Charlotte :) This is located at 222 South Church Street inside Packard Place building. I will upload the regualr floor elevators sometime today but thought I would upload this one first. Notice the different shape to the elevator. As you can see in the video this is the one they are using for a service elevator while they are doing some construction on some of the floors.2012-05-31 22:15:15
Re-Upload of the Two Dovers Changed over to Thyssenkrupp @ Hilton Garden Inn
This is a re-upload of the Two Dovers Changed over to Thyssenkrupp Elevators at Hilton Garden Inn in Durham, NC. 1st upload was an epic fail in upload processing of where it starts with 2nd elevator clip and shows only 43 seconds of the 5 mins and 10 seconds video clip but the audio keeps going. Hoping this 2nd upload uploads right. Not really sure what happened with first upload. I played the video clip that I uploaded and it plays fine all the way through but it didn't upload right.2012-05-31 02:57:31
Epic Fail Upload of Two Dover Elevators Changed Over to Thyssenkrupp Elevators at HGI in Durham, NC
One had been modded by Thyssenkrupp but still had the Dover Chirp Buzz and the other still had Dover Impulse panel but had Thyssenkrupp nameplate on it. Not sure if they were going to mod the 2nd elevator or just leave it with the name plate. This is at the Hilton Garden Inn in Durham, NC2012-05-31 00:31:19
Another Visit to the Guggenheimer in Lynchburg, Virginia w/ Cannycart&Dieselducy
another ride on this grand ole famous elevator2012-05-30 18:08:40
Saf Embark Systems Safe at Hampton Inn Hotel in Easley, SC w/Door Unlocking Issues
This safe was not acting right whenever you pushed in the right code. door was opening but you had to kind of give it a pull for it to open.2012-05-29 16:00:48
Outtakes of Market Parking Garage w/ Dieselducy&Cannycart in Roanoke, VA
form 2012 visit. These are outtake video clips that we took when we were at the famous Market Parking Garage.2012-05-28 22:19:40
A Special Video For Garren's 8th Birthday: Riding a Vintage Antique Otis Elevator
Happy Birthday Garren! Thanks for watching my videos. Hope you enjoy this surprise video! This vintage Otis elevator is located at the Wells Fargo Bank Building in Belmont, NC. Special thanks goes out to a dear friend named Lisa Dunn who found this elevator and told us where we could find it. :) We didn't notice it until we saw it on video but if you look at call button at about 3:00 you can see the call button is lit up red. I'll have to make sure we get a better look at that the next time we go ride this elevator. Needless to say we took several rides on it this visit. :) This ran very smooth. The automatic gate was very fast!2012-05-28 05:40:38
A Very Nice Elevator in the St. Leo's Hall at Belmont Abbey College
Nice but not sure what brand? Door close button worked. All buttons light up and ran smooth. Had bumper also on door. Can tell this elevator has been taken care of. Love Belmont Abbey College. It has a pretty campus with lots of neat door frames and windows etc and also GREAT elevators. You can learn more about Belmont Abbey at www.belmontabbeycollege.edu2012-05-27 04:52:36
A Sneak Peak of a Vintage Antique Otis Elevator with 3 Panel Door
Full video will be uploaded this coming Monday but for now enjoy this sneak peak. :) Special thanks go out to Lisa Dunn for finding this one and telling me about it.2012-05-27 01:58:48