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Park Grove Inn in Pigeon Forge, TN
Instead of Grove Park Inn which is in Asheville, NC, this is the Park Grove Inn in Pigeon Forge, TN.2015-12-24 00:49:39
Clarion Inn in Pigeon Forge, TN
ThyssenKrupp Elevator with a buzz instead of grocery store beep2015-12-24 00:49:39
Comfort Inn & Suites in Pigeon Forge, TN
For my subscribers this Christmas Eve, I decided to upload several videos of the hotels we stopped at on our way out of Pigeon Forge, TN from our little mini Christmas get away. On Christmas day, I will be uploading some video footage from Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas highlights as well as the suite tour of the suite we stayed in this time at Dollywood's Dream More Resort, It's kind of similar but different than the one we stayed in October for fall break which that one is featured in the video of the full hotel tour of Dream More already uploaded to my YT channel so stay tuned for more uploads today and tomorrow. My way of saying thanks for watching and I wish each and every one of you a blessed Christmas celebration with your family and friends. Take a moment to remember the ones that might be hurting this Christmas season from losing a loved one, are sick or serving our country elsewhere in the world. Christmas can be a hard time for some so please take a moment to say a prayer for these.2015-12-24 00:49:39
Dover Elevator at Quality Inn & Suites Pigeon Forge, TN
One of our stops today on our way back home from our Christmas mini get away to TN2015-12-23 00:49:38
Knoxville Sunsphere
This video is the full version that showcases both elevators plus the scenic views at the top of the Sunsphere although the sneak peek video I uploaded awhile back shows more of the cab of the one elevator that is less vandalized and you can hear the motor better. is the link to see the sneak peek view video.
is the link to Facebook photo album of the scenic views of and from this landmark in downtown Knoxville, TN.
2015-12-05 00:49:38
My YouTube Channel's 6th Anniversary Video Celebration
To celebrate my YT Channel 6th's Anniversary, I put together this video celebration which includes a mini recap of some memory lane moments from this hobby of mine plus an ecoshine car wash video and a Tesseract Adventure power point presentation project that a friend & I worked on together from our reading novel of A Wrinkle In Time at school this unit and I end off this video celebration with a ride on the Dover Elevator located in The Huntersville Inn and Suites Hotel (aka the former Sleep Inn hotel in Huntersville, NC) which this elevator may be in danger of being modded as they are renovating a lot of the hotel. Thanks to all my viewers and subscribers for joining me on this journey and I hope you enjoy this video celebration special. Special note: on power point presentation segment, there may be sometimes when you will need to pause the video to read the wording in a particular frame and then sometimes the power point video converter tended to move it slow but for the most part I think it came out alright in this video version. Our original project was in power point and my dad helped me find a video converter program to convert PP into video format so I could include it in this video celebration for ya'll. Again, thanks for watching!2015-11-30 00:49:38
One More Flashback Video: AR Testing in Computer Lab at School
OK just one more flashback video - this one is me when I was either in Kindergarten or 1st grade taking an AR (Accelerated Reading) Test in the computer lab at my school.2015-11-28 00:49:37
Flashback Video from 2012
Going through some ole computer files today and came across this video clip which brought back a lot of memories. :)
Stay tuned for my 6th year YouTube Anniversary video which will be uploaded on the 30th. Not sure exactly what the video will be just yet, still trying to decide on a couple of things but it will have a new car wash that we haven't done before and maybe some other stuff as well....
2015-11-28 00:49:37
Requested Video: Private Trolley Ride from Dollywood to Dream More Resort
Back in August, I had uploaded the Dream More Trolley Ride to Dollywood which was taken on opening day of the resort. Someone had emailed me on Facebook and asked if I had any footage of the trolley from Dollywood to DreamMore so on my fall break when we stayed at Dream More, we filmed the trolley ride from DW to DM. I also added a bonus beginning of our arrival at the Dollywood VIP entrance for Dream More Resort guests. On our trip back to Dream More we got a private ride back which I thought that was kind of neat. You also get a great view of the resort coming in the gates. Hope you enjoy it Todd. For more info on Dollywood's Dream More Resort, visit their website at http://dollywoodsdreammoreresort.doll...2015-11-25 00:49:36
Sneak Peak of Knoxville SunSphere Building at World Fair Park
Here is a sneak peek of our visit to the SunSphere which has classic Dover Elevators. I am working on video that includes views from the observation floor and the 2nd elevator. If interested I have posted the photos we took here on my FB page at 00:49:36
Room Safe Reprogrammed After Being Locked Out
This is a bonus clip from my full hotel tour at Dollywood's Dream More Resort video but thought I would upload it as a single video also because some who are interested in safes might not be interested in watching a hotel tour. The previous occupants of the King Junior Suite we stayed in had not undone their safe combination so we had to get customer service to come and use his master reset tool to unlock the safe for us to use.2015-11-04 00:49:36
Full Hotel Tour of Dolly Parton's Dollywood's DreamMore Resort
Here is a full hotel tour of Dream More Resort located just next door to Dollywood and Splash Country in Pigeon Forge, TN which just opened this past summer. We have already uploaded several videos of it from opening day and now since we stayed here during my fall break, here is my complete full hotel tour of the resort which also includes a look at the hotel's restaurant, Song & Hearth which we ate there twice, once for breakfast and once for dinner. Plus the DM Pantry, Game Room, Fitness Center, Indoor and outdoor pool areas. Also, enjoy both daytime and nighttime views of the resort. The hotel has an upper lobby and a lower lobby plus a whole wing of conference & meeting rooms. Dolly Parton's Time Capsule was put into it's special spotlight place in the resort while we were staying there so that is another highlight that is also included in this tour. A collection of photos we took of the resort can be found at For more info on this addition to the Dollywood Family, you can check out their website at http://dollywoodsdreammoreresort.doll...2015-11-04 00:49:35
Halloween Special: What a Hotel Looks Like When Power Goes Out
On one of my recent stays at a local Hampton Inn when my Pop-Pop flew in from Utah, there was a power outage which was a unique experience for me because that's never happen to me while I've stayed at a hotel before so we decided to film what the hotel looked like with just the emergency lights on. The outage lasted roughly about an hour give or take a few minutes I believe, not sure what caused it but it affected everyone for about a block down the street from what I heard. Special thanks to JP, John & Alex along with the Hampton Inns both in Cornelius and Huntersville for everything! You really know how to spread the Hamptonality! :)2015-10-31 00:49:35
Charlotte Douglas International Airport Hourly Parking Garage
Charlotte Douglas International Airport has been making some major renovations and adding new parking garages etc. We had to go pick up my grandfather at the airport late Friday night when he flew in from Utah. We parked in hourly parking deck and got to ride the new Schindler elevators. They are really nice and the nice blue lights on the parking garages give a super cool effect/2015-10-25 00:49:34
Historic Harrisburg Covered Bridge
This historic covered bridge was built by Elbert Stephenson Early which has undergone 2 renovations and restored to being as close as it can be to the way the original bridge was.2015-10-23 00:49:34
Dollywood Fall Harvest 2015 Pumpkin Gord People + Train Ride
Fall Harvest Decorations plus Katie Coal Fire Steam Engine train ride2015-10-20 00:49:34
Classic Chevy At Dollywood Rocking Roadway
My grandfather & I taking a spin on the Rocking Roadway ride at Dollywood over fall break. Not as easy to get into those little cars as it seems :)2015-10-20 00:49:33
Bush's Bake Beans Visitor Center, Family Cafe & General Store Museum
Remember Jay Bush and Duke on Bush's Baked Beans commercials? There's a very interesting place to visit to find out more about these 2 and the secret family recipe for those famous beans. For more photos you can check out my Facebook albums (links below) and also you can check out the Bush's Visitor Center's website
2015-10-18 00:49:33
Hampton Inn & Suites Full Hotel Tour Dobson, NC
This Hampton & Suites full hotel tour video is dedicated to Jonathan Mayse which the dedication is mentioned towards the end of the video. Jonathan, thanks for following me on Facebook and I hope you like the video. This video features some of the pictures we took of this hotel back a couple of years ago and then video has footage of newer renovations done to the hotel. We stayed at this hotel when we attended Mayberry Days this year in Mt. Airy, NC. My dad had won tickets (on a Facebook Contest) to the Jeff & Sheri Easter (with Easter Brothers) concert at the Mount Airy High School during Mayberry Days so I put a few photos of that occasion within the video also (when we start the room tour) to commemorate that fact. This Hampton is a Connie Award Winner Hampton Inn & Suites which is pretty impressive! If you like Barney Fife on Andy Griffith Show, towards the end of the video there's a little preview of the talking Hallmark Christmas Ornament of Barney which I had in my pocket and accidentally had hit the play button so thanks for watching and hope you enjoy this hotel tour in Dobson, NC. For more info on this Hampton, check out this website at 19:51:35
Schindler Elevator at New Comfort Inn in Mount Airy, NC
Here's a look at the Schindler elevator at the brand new Comfort Inn in Mt Airy, (Mayberry) NC2015-09-27 19:51:35
For Bryson Gillespie: A Video From My Archives
For Bryson Gillespie who is 3 years old & loves elevators and likes to watch my videos on YouTube. This is a flashback video that features some of my favorite childhood memories plus a video of the elevator at Hampton Inn Tunnel Road when it had the temporary dedication sign in it while permanent sign was on order.2015-09-14 19:51:35
Autec Carwash with Bonus Start of Car with Purple lighted Hubcaps
2 videos in 1. Bonus starts with a car we saw when we were out one night at a stoplight that lighted purple hubcaps so we took short video clip of it and then the 2nd video is a requested video of the carwash that is located at the Gate gas station off of Rocky River Road in Charlotte, NC For more info on Gate, you can check out their website at 19:51:34
Foggy Point Light
My dad will be releasing his very first novel soon. You can go to the book's website to get a preview of it and download the very first chapter for free at 19:51:34
For Wyatt: Keep Up The Good Work & Enjoy A Blast From The Past
I wanted to dedicate this video to Wyatt who's been recovering from an extensive surgery and he's been working really hard getting back on his feet. Wyatt, I'm thankful that you are doing so great and I just wanted to say keep up the great work little buddy! This is a blast from the past video compilation of some videos I found on a card the other day which I believe these were from 2012 and some of them are individually already uploaded to YT but some of my newer subscribers may have not seen them yet and I thought it would be neat to make a collage video of these old videos which highlight different brands of elevators and there's even an escalator in the bunch.2015-08-29 19:51:33
Is There A Light At The End Of The Tunnel?
just a random video with a play on words... is there a light at the end of the tunnel? In this case, the light is daylight :)2015-08-21 19:51:33
Comfort Suites in Strawberry Plains, TN
This is the elevator at Comfort Suites in Strawberry Plains. This is the one I had made a mistake with the photo of the hotel. I had uploaded the video of the Comfort Suites in Kodak, TN with the picture of the Comfort Suites in Strawberry Plains but then I realized my mistake and re-edited the video so both videos have the right picture of the hotel.2015-08-21 19:51:33
Holiday Inn Express East Tennessee
One of our stops while in Tennessee2015-08-20 19:51:32
Courtyard by Marriott Cedar Bluff Knoxville, TN
This elevator had a nice motor plus a red emergency phone. For more info on this hotel, check out their website at 19:51:32
Best Western Plus in Knoxville, TN
This is one of 3 videos left from our recent TN trip. This elevator ran very smooth. For more info on this hotel, check out their website at & their FB page at
2015-08-18 19:51:31
Otis Elevator at the Hilton Garden Inn in Knoxville, TN
This was a very nice HGI with a center door open Otis Elevator. For more info on this hotel, check out their website at 19:51:31
Holiday Inn Express in Kodak, Tennessee
Here is another hotel which is near the Bass Pro Shops in Kodak, TN For more info on this hotel, check out their website at 19:51:31
Best Western Plus at Strawberry Plains
Today is last day of summer break for me so to celebrate, I think I will upload several videos as kind of a end of summer video blast for ya'll. These videos will be wrapping up what we have left from our recent trip to Knoxville, TN2015-08-17 19:51:30
A Fan Video for Rails of Steel & Trampoline205 Productions
This video of a cool fan is for Parker of Rails of Steel YouTube Channel & Lauren of Trampoline205 Productions YouTube Channel who made a shout out video for me which you can see here Be sure to check out their channels listed below
2015-08-16 19:51:30
FairField Inn in Kodak, TN
This is located near the Bass Pro Shop in Kodak, Tennessee. For more info on this hotel. check out their website at 19:51:30
Otis Elevators at Comfort Suites in Kodak, TN
Corrected version of this video. Previous version which I just deleted had the wrong Comfort Suites picture. When I was editing the video, I had put the CS in Strawberry Plains with this video but then after I uploaded the video, I realized I had the wrong photo. Only thing changed was the actual photo at the start of the video. This was one of our stops on our recent trip to TN. Overall, very nice elevator although it did have a pretty loud fan in this one. The decor of the wall and panel matched up real well together. For more info on this hotel, check out their website at 19:51:29
Dover Elevator in Parking Deck of Marriott Downtown Knoxville
This had a vintage vertical floor indicator on the ground level outside the elevator but didn't see it working. This elevator really didn't have a Dover buzz but it did chime at least once or twice. The directional indicators were working. We did a quiet ride on our 2nd trip up. If you look you can tell that the inside vertical indicator had been taken out in this one. I think it's interesting that the parking deck which is located right to the side of the hotel has a Dover and inside the hotel itself with the service elevator having series Otis 1 fixtures & I believe modded Otis Lobby elevators. For more info on this interesting hotel, check out their website at 19:51:29
Wilderness at the Smokies Wyndham Vacation Resort
Located in Sevierville / Pigeon Forge area in Tennessee. Resembles a larger scale of a Great Wolf Lodge. This place has several water parks (outside & inside) plus an "adventure river" fitness center, arcade, miniature golf etc. They also have series 5 Otis elevators. We didn't stay here but we plan to on a return trip to the area. For more info, check out their website at 19:51:29
Great Downtown Views of Knoxville from Scenic Elevators at Marriott
These give a great view of downtown Knoxville, TN & the atrium of the Marriott hotel. They also have a unique shape to them. I believe these are modded Otis Elevators. An extra bonus is we actually got to ride the service elevator down from the 11th floor & it is a Otis Series 1, we didn't really get a cab view of the service elevator due to the service cart but that was OK we did get views of the floor indicator and the fixtures & it was a neat ride down so thanks for the invitation to ride down together in that one. For more info on this hotel, check out their website at
To see photos we took of the views of Knoxville from the Marriott, you can check those out here
2015-08-11 19:51:28
Happy Birthday to My Mom
Today is my mom's birthday so this is a birthday video card for her. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you! The church is something that we came across at The Depot at Gibson Mill this past weekend when we were out celebrating her birthday early by spending the day together with family doing things she likes to do which we had gone to eat lunch at an old fashion diner (Punchy's) and then exploring all afternoon at The Depot. She likes to collects country churches, so it made for the perfect gift for me to give her. The Depot at Gibson Mill is a neat place to explore. I have done a video of the Westbrook freight elevator they have there which you can find here at this link For more info on the Depot, check out their website at
If you're interested, you can check out my FB photos albums on Punchy's Diner (really cool place) & The Depot at
2015-08-11 19:51:28
Holiday Inn Express
Quick video of an elevator ride going up2015-08-11 19:51:27
Montgomery Elevators? at River Stone Resort
This video is for Blake Davis. Not sure of floor indicator but the fixtures look like Montgomery to me. The directional chimes seemed to be switched on this particular elevator ( up for down and down for up) For more info on this Resort, check out their website at 19:51:27
Punchy's Diner in Concord, NC
We celebrated mom's birthday a couple of days early. She loves old fashion diners so we found this one we haven't tried before in Concord. Very tasty food with good ole 50's music playing in neat atmosphere. For more pictures, check out my FB photo album at You can also check out their FB page at
2015-08-09 19:51:27
Dover Elevator at the Microtel Hotel
We were curious to see if this would have a Dover Impulse elevator and we were right. The file for this video got corrupted or something because it wasn't playing right at the point of the ride going down from 3 to 1 when I was in the process of putting it together so you may see a glitch or two at that point in the video but for the most part it seems like it processed ok. For more info on this hotel, check out their website at 19:51:26
Happy Birthday Diesel Ducy
Today is August 9th & the birthday of a very special person, so here is a birthday video just for you Dieselducy. Hope you enjoy it. It shows flashbacks of some of our earlier filming adventures plus a new video of the ThyssenKrupp Elevator at the TownePlace Suites in Knoxville West. For more on TKE's Vandal Resistant fixtures 19:51:26
US Elevator at Residence Inn Knoxville West
Another hotel we stopped by to film the elevator while in Knoxville West. This one had interesting call button and fixtures with US elevator floor & directional indicators.2015-08-07 19:51:25
Country Inn & Suites in Knoxville West at Cedar Bluff
One of the hotels we stopped by to film their elevators while in Knoxville West.2015-08-07 19:51:25
Dover Impulse Elevator at Hampton Inn Oak Ridge, TN
I remember seeing a tweet on twitter sometime ago from this Hampton Inn that said they were a cozy 60 room Hampton Inn & I had replied back asking what kind of elevator they have to which they tweeted back saying great ones, come by & check them out so that is what we did when we were in the area and I have to agree with them, they do have great elevators. They also have something in their fitness center that I have not seen in other fitness centers before which you will see what that is in the video. :) For more info on this nice Hampton Inn in the Secret City, check out their links below:
2015-08-06 19:51:25
HD Retake of Montgomery Vector at Macy's SP Mall in Charlotte, NC
Finally got around to getting an HD Retake of this Montgomery Vector elevator at SouthPark Mall when we went to there last week.2015-08-05 19:51:24
TKE Elevators at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Island Hotel Pigeon Forge, TN
This video shows 3 of the ThyssenKrupp elevators at this hotel. We didn't really get a tour as this place was a bit busy but we do show a little bit of the lobby and hallways. It's an interesting hotel to explore. It has long hallways with turns that just never seem to end. Each room has a balcony that either overlooks the village of shops that they have built at the Island or the river. For more pictures we took here, check out my Facebook Page For more info on this hotel, check out the links below
2015-08-05 19:51:24
The Oliver Hotel in Downtown Knoxville, TN
I believe that this has been modded from what it was originally. This is one of the hotels located in downtown Knoxville, TN. If you want more info on the hotel, check out their website at & their FB page at 00:42:18
Behind the Scenes at Home 2 Suites
A little behind the scenes look at Home2 Suites. We start off with the audio from the Home2 team huddle at the Knoxville West location on July 29th paired with photos of what we are talking about, then GM Bobby Howard takes us on a tour of his office, the very efficient breakfast stocking lane plus the kitchen area as well as the electrical room and maintenance workshop. This is a very nice addition to the Home2 family and if you want more info on this hotel, check out their website and FB page at
2015-08-03 00:42:18
Full Hotel Tour of the Home2 Suites in Knoxville, TN
This is the 2nd hotel we stayed at while we were in TN. This is located in Knoxville, West and has been opened for about a month. Special thanks to GM Bobby Howard for the treats and for making me an honorary team member at the Home2 Team Huddle. Stay tuned for a behind the scenes tour with Bobby. We will be featuring this Home2 on my website which that will be published sometime this week. For more info, check out this hotel's website & Facebook page at
2015-08-03 00:42:17
Full Hotel Tour After Lobby Renovations of Hampton Inn & Suites
On our recent trip to TN, we kind of did a hotel hop stay. The first one we stayed at is the Hampton Inn & Suites in downtown Knoxville. We had visited this hotel on one of our previous visits & met the GM Anita Lane & got a full hotel tour at that time but since then they have renovated the lobby & redid the fitness center so we decided to do an updated hotel tour for ya'll. Special thanks to Anita, Cody & all the fine staff at this Hampton Inn & Suites which I must say is on my list of all time favorite Hamptons. For more info on this hotel, check out their website & Facebook page at & 00:42:17
Classic Talking Dover Elevator with Vertical Floor Indicator
This was a neat find. The hotel seems to be under renovations in parts. Not sure if there are plans to mod these or not. Kind of interesting because hotel seems to be two buildings merged into one and lobby is at entrance but elevators to get to the room floors are in the very back. You walk through a long hallway and come to conference area then pool and fitness center then continue walking through more of a hallway before coming to the elevators. 00:42:17
Otis Series 7 Gen2 Elevator with ReGen Drives at Home2
A brand new Home2 in Knoxville, West has the really nice Otis Series 7 Gen2 Elevators. Special thanks to GM Bobby Howard for letting us come and tour his newest hotel. I first met Bobby up in Huntington, WV when he was the manager of the Hampton Inn that I had the honor of being a guest speaker at their Grand Opening ceremony. Bobby also has actually asked me to be at the Home2's Grand Opening coming up very soon but due to my High School orientation schedule conflict, I will not be able to attend that ceremony but we will be featuring this Home2 on my website for Bobby & his Home2 team. Here is the first of several videos that we made during our recent stay at this great new hotel. For more info, check out their website & FB page at & 00:42:16
Hampton On the Hill in Knoxville, TN
This is the 126th Hampton Inn that I have uploaded a video of here on YouTube. This Hampton is located on Paper Mill Drive in Knoxville and they have a very friendly staff who I enjoyed meeting. As we were leaving, we were given some free refreshments from the Suite Shop :) For more info on this Hampton, check out their website and Facebook page at &
2015-08-01 00:42:16
Dollywood's Dream More Resort Opening Day + Fireworks
This is Part 2 of the Dollywood's Dream More Resort feature of photos and videos that we took on their opening day which was on July 27th 2015. This video also includes the Dollywood's Summer Nights of Many Colors Fireworks. Part one will can be found at this link features the Dream More Resort Trolley Bus which takes guests back and forth from the Resort to Dollywood and Splash Country. We didn't stay here because they were already booked up but we plan to stay here on our next visit so I will get a full hotel tour at that time. In some of this part 2 video we had filmed at the Resort on July 29th, Wednesday afternoon as well. We tried to show mostly everything at the resort except a room tour & some parts of the resort were still not open yet like the spa so of course those will not be included in this mini tour either. For more info on this great new addition to Pigeon Forge's famous park, check out their website at http://dollywoodsdreammoreresort.doll...2015-07-31 00:42:16
Dollywood's DreamMore Resort Trolley Ride
Dollywood's Dream More Resort opened on July 27th 2015 and we went there to explore this newest addition to the Dollywood family on their opening day. This is part one of two videos. Part 2 features the Resort and can be found at this link This video is Dream More's Trolley ride to Dollywood with sneak peek views of the resort. We didn't stay there because they were already booked up but we plan to stay there on our next visit so I will get a full hotel tour at that time. Part 2 video will showcase Dollywood's Summer Nights of Many Colors Fireworks & mostly everything at the resort except a room tour & some parts of the resort is still not open yet like the spa so of course those will not be included in the mini tour either. For more info on this great new addition to Pigeon Forge's famous park, check out their website at http://dollywoodsdreammoreresort.doll...2015-07-30 00:42:15
Hello Hampton Oak Ridge
Hampton Inn Oak Ridge, TN is one of the places we stopped at to explore recently and they posted a picture of me with them with the #weshouldhavegottenanautograph so here you go Hampton Inn Oak Ridge :) Ya'll got a great Hampton Inn and a feature I have never seen before so stay tuned for my video that we took at your hotel. For more on this cozy little Hampton Inn, check their website at 00:42:15
DoubleTree by Hilton in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
We found a nice glass classic Dover elevator in Oak Ridge, TN at the DoubleTree Hotel.2015-07-29 00:42:14
Congratulations EMS318 for 2 Million Views
just a short video to congratulate ems318 for reaching the 2 million view milestone on his YouTube Channel. Be sure to check out his channel at 00:35:01
For Nicholas Gradowski: HD Retake Otis Elevator Series 1
This is for you Nicholas - thanks for watching my videos!
This is an HD Retake of the Otis Series 1 located at the then Fairfield Inn & Suites which is now a Comfort Inn & Suites in Kannapolis, NC
2015-07-18 00:35:00
For Patrick Klinzing: Courtyard By Marriott Salisbury, NC
Patrick, here is a video just for you. Thank you for the cute video you sent to me. I went up to Salisbury today with my dad & my grandfather to the Firecracker Ham Fest and had lots of fun. On the way home, my Papa spotted a Coutryard & asked if I had done that one and we hadn't so we decided to go in and check it out after we had met back up with my mom for a late lunch.2015-07-11 00:35:00
ThyssenKrupp Elevator at Visitor's Parking Deck at CMC North East
in Concord, NC.2015-07-03 00:35:00
Fast Dover/ThyssenKrupp Elevator in Medical Art Building at CMC
Hospital size original Dover with ThyssenKrupp name plate2015-06-30 00:34:59
ThyssenKrupp's First "True" MRL Elevator Type
I have never rode one of these until today. These are located at Carolina Medical Center North East in Concord, NC. For a history of the TKE ISIS, click this link of a news press release when ISIS was first introduced back in 2004 00:34:57
Interstate Inn in Roland, Oklahoma I-40 Exit 325
My former preschool teacher is on a cross country road trip and she has been sharing photos of that trip. They stayed at a very nice American owned motel in OK and she gave me permission to share her photos with ya'll. This motel kind of has a neat feature that most hotels have gotten away from...Thanks Mrs. Ellen for sharing. It's neat to see places like this. Her statement about this place "Wish there were more than one of these - wonderful, homey, vintage place to stay, complete with actual keys kept in cubbyholes behind the front desk, the world's strongest shower, and the sweetest, friendliest staff you'd ever want to see. If you are ever in the area, stay here." Their info is located below & at end of video.
I-40 Exit 325
303 W.Ray Fine Blvd
Roland, OK 74954
(918) 427 - 3221
2015-06-30 00:34:56
Brand New Hampton Inn & Suites in Fort Mills, SC
This Hampton Inn & Suites just recently opened & even sold out their 2nd night of being opened. We got to meet the manager and tour the hotel grounds ( no rooms were available at the time of our visit so we didn't get a room tour but it was a very similar lay out as the Hampton Inn & Suites in Winston-Salem, NC) For more info on this hotel, check out their FB page & website at the links below:
2015-06-26 16:07:42
Partial Mod of the Kone Ecospace Delta Fixtures at Green Parking Deck
We were in uptown Charlotte over the weekend and saw that these have been partially modded. If you want to see the video we have done before of this elevator, click the link below
2015-06-26 16:07:42
King Deluxe Suite at the Hampton Inn & Suites Winston-Salem, NC
This is the room that we stayed in when we went to Winston-Salem for the Ham Radio Fest this month. :) Summer Combs & her staff knows Hamptonality with a Capital H! You get to see the Towel Origami that the staff did for a fun contest so feel free to comment which one you like the best. :) For more info on this hotel, you can check out their Facebook & Website at the links below:
For pictures we took, you can visit my FB photo album at
2015-06-25 16:07:41
Full Hotel Tour of the Winston Salem's Hampton Inn & Suites University Area
This hotel is #1 on Trip Advisor for hotels in Winston-Salem! They know how to show Hamptonality with a capital H! :) A special thank you to General Manager Summer Combs & her fine staff for a great stay here at the Hampton Inn & Suites located in the University Area of Winston-Salem, NC. I had met Summer several years back in Wilkesboro when she was the GM at that Hampton. I still have the "Welcome to our hotel TJElevatorfan" banner that she had put in the lobby in Wilkesboro hanging up in my bedroom :) Thank you to Summer & her staff here in Winston-Salem for the custom t-shirt they made for me to add to my gift collection and also for the gift card from O'Charley's (those will be featured in the next video from here) For more info on this Hampton Inn & Suites, check out their Facebook Page & website at the links below:
For pictures we took, you can visit my FB photo album at
2015-06-25 16:07:41
Mini Tour of the Brand New Embassy Suites at Ayrsley Town Blvd (Otis Gen2 Series7)
This brand new Embassy Suites is located at Ayrsley Town Blvd in Charlotte, NC. They have Otis Series 7 Gen2 elevators For more info check out their Facebook Page and website at 16:07:41
Schindler Elevator at Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine
Here is the very nice and quiet Schindler elevator at the office where my VP Shunt doctor is at. We were there for a yearly check up of my VP Shunt that I have and they used to have this elevator locked off for only staff to use but now they have changed departments around in the building & now the elevator is open for the public to ride as well so we took a ride on it today after my appointment. We had a little boy ride with us but then decided he had changed his mind about riding the elevator.2015-06-23 23:13:06
For Ryan Okpych: NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC
For Father's Day, I took my dad & grandfather to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. We got the High Octane tour that along with your admission to the museum exhibits, you get lunch at the Pit Stop Cafe & one simulator ride plus a NASCAR Hall of Fame Lanyard. It was a fun but tiring day. My Papa is the main one who loves the sport of racing but both my dad & I found the museum to be rather interesting and would highly recommend it if you are ever in Charlotte. For more info, you can visit their website at for photos we took, check out my FB page album at 23:13:06
A Tour on Top of the Roof of Biltmore Estate ( Specialty: Roof Tour )
Best viewed in theater mode. We were in Asheville this week & were given 3 free passes to Biltmore Estate which had come from a Hampton Inn guest who had purchased three 2 day passes & something came up that they needed to get home & wouldn't be able to use the tickets for the 2nd day as planned. We decided to take the roof top tour while we were at Biltmore which the nice thing about this tour is that while you are outside up on the roof, you can take pictures and video. One of the neat things we saw on the roof besides the great views was the top of the elevator shaft of the historic Otis elevator! There is still no video or picture taking allowed actually inside the house which part of the roof top tour takes place on the top floor inside the house (which is not part of the regular house tour) which was really neat to see. We even had to climb a small tricky spiral staircase in the observatory room to go to the windows where we exit out onto the roof. This video is a combination of pictures & videos we took while out on the roof. After our tour, we decided to get an early dinner at the Stable Cafe which even though it was near closing time, the staff were very friendly & the food was tasty as always. Bonus footage of a close up view of the exterior elevator shaft windows which if you look carefully, you can see the cables inside :) For more info on the tours offered at Biltmore Estate, check out their website at 23:13:05
Pre Opening Tour of the Hampton Inn & Suites in Shelby, NC
Shelby, NC used to have a 2 story Hampton Inn which is now a Comfort Inn and a brand new 4 story Hampton Inn & Suites has been built and is going to be opening tomorrow which is June 16th 2015. We actually had stopped by on our way home from Asheville today to see if they were opened yet. The owners were there and told us that they open tomorrow but they went ahead & gave us a pre opening tour of the newest addition to the Hampton by Hilton family. For more info on this hotel, check out their website at You can see photos we took on our tour on my Facebook page at this link 23:13:05
Otis Elevator Machine Room
It was great to see my wonderful pal Summer Combs (who is the GM of the Hampton Inn & Suites in Winston Salem, NC) again. The last time I saw her, she was the GM of the Hampton Inn in Wilkesboro, NC. This is the first video from our recent visit with her in Winston Salem which is the elevator machine room (Otis Series 5 elevators)2015-06-13 23:13:05
Trying to Learn How to Fly the Remote Control Helicopter Camera
This is from my files that has never gotten uploaded - not sure what year this was but this is a video clip of learning how to fly the remote control helicopter camera when we were at Hampton Inn Tunnel Road in Asheville, NC2015-06-10 23:13:05
Route 49 Touchless Automatic Car Wash
Found a Touchless Automatic Laserwash 360 in Harrisburg, NC the other day.2015-06-07 23:13:04
I-485 is Finally Completed: 27 Years in the Making
On June 5th 2015 which was this past Friday, the last section of Interstate 485 opened to the public completing the 67 mile loop. Construction began back in 1988 on the first section of I-485 which was the first 10 miles of the loop so this 67 mile interstate was 27 years in the making from start to finish. To commemorate this event, we decided to take a complete road trip on Inner Loop I-485! This video's starting point is around the bridges at the intersection of I-485 & I-77 between Exits 67 & 1 which we continue around the entire loop & end up back around the bridges that are between Exits 67 & 1 Hope all of you who enjoy road trips will enjoy this video :) For more info on this interstate, check out this link 23:13:04
Celebrating The 22nd Anniversary of Elevator Photography
This video is a celebration of the 22nd Anniversary of Elevator Photography as part of my tribute to Dieselducy for being a great friend to not only me but a lot of others who have enjoyed watching his YouTube channel for many years. It's hard to believe it has been 5 years ago this past April that I met Dieselducy for the first time. Since then we have filmed together many times in different cities in VA & NC. It was great to get the chance to meet up with him again in May of this year on his recent trip back to Roanoke from Columbia, SC. This video features an announcement from me about a brand new DVD which is now available on my website & a brand new video we filmed of the Dover Impulse Elevators at the Hampton Inn in Cornelius, NC. A "Tribute to Dieselducy" DVD will feature some of the videos that we have filmed together throughout the 5 years that we have known each other which this video will be included on that DVD, Be sure to check out The elevaTOURS Story on Dieselducy's YouTube Channel at For details about the Tribute DVD, check out my website at 23:13:04
For Cannycart: The Mayberry Courthouse Squad Car
Cannycart, this short video clip showcasing the 1964 Ford Galaxy Mayberry squad car is just for you. I know you enjoyed the videos of the squad car tours we took, this video showcases the car itself in color photographs. :) For information on this attraction, check out the website at 23:13:03
13 Bones in Mount Airy, NC
I had an email request that if I had any more videos of the restaurants that are located in Mount Airy to please share them which actually I do so here is one that we ate at on Grandparents Day back in 2013. It has a strange name but it is a great place to eat with neat decor and the service was great. It is located at 502 S Andy Griffith Parkway. For more info, check out their website at 23:13:03
A Thank You Video for Mishi Hauser
Mishi, I enjoyed talking with you & your mom on the phone the other evening. Here's a little video clip of one of my favorite types of elevators from my archives to say thank you for watching my videos. I hope you enjoy it.2015-06-01 23:13:03
From My Archives: Hampton Inn at Saphire Valley
This is one of my older videos redone so this is a re-upload
Enjoy photo slide show of this unique Hampton Inn as well as the nice Schindler elevator that they have. For more info, check out their website at
2015-05-31 23:13:02
A Tribute to a Great Friend, Dieselducy: A Look Back of Then & Now
It's hard to believe it has been 5 years ago this past April that I met Dieselducy for the first time. Since then we have filmed together many times in different cities in VA & NC. It was great to get the chance to meet up with him again in Huntersville, NC this month on his recent trip back to Roanoke from Columbia, SC. This video is a tribute to him for being a great friend not only to me but a lot of others who have enjoyed watching his YouTube channel for many years. This video features a clip back from 2010 from our first meet up in Roanoke and also a brand new video we filmed of the Schindler Elevators at the Comfort Suites in Huntersville, NC. I will be releasing a "Tribute to Dieselducy" DVD soon on my website that will feature videos that we have filmed together through out the 5 years that we have known each other which this video will be included on that DVD, so stay tuned for that & more videos of our recent meet up in May of this year. Be sure to check out The elevaTOURS Story on Dieselducy's YouTube Channel at 23:13:02
A View of Uptown Charlotte, NC from Top of 7th Street Parking Garage
Here is a video of the 7th Street Parking Garage Oits Series 1 elevators. I don't think we have done these before, we may have but if we did, it was so long ago that I have forgotten. These are right next door to the Levine Museum of the New South that my class went on a field trip to this year. It's a really great museum and I highly recommend it if you have never been there and you're in the Charlotte area. We also got some nice views of Charlotte's skyline from the top of the parking garage.2015-05-27 23:13:02
For SchindlerFan7783: An Underground Tunnel TKE Elevator
Here you go, SchindlerFan7783. A belated happy birthday video for you. You requested an elevator with Epic Motor. I believe this one just might qualify for that description. :) This is in an underground tunnel that connects Levine Center Parking Deck to the Green Parking Deck in downtown Charlotte, NC. The tunnel is underground beneath Levine Ave & Tryon Street.2015-05-25 23:13:01
Full Mayberry Sheriff 1964 Ford Galaxy Squad Car Tour
Previously in 2013, we had taken a mini version of the Mayberry Squad Car Tour because when we had gotten there that day, it was about closing time so the tour guide gave us a free mini tour. This video is the full Mayberry Squad Car Tour that we had taken last fall on a day trip to Mount Airy that for whatever reason I forgot to upload it until now. For more info on Squad Car Tours, check out their website at
Other Mayberry videos we have taken links below: Mayberry Town Square Andy Griffith's Home Place Tour
2015-05-23 23:13:01
My Graceland Visit from 2012
After someone going through my Memphis videos, it was brought to our attention that we didn't have a video of our visit to Graceland. We were only able to take photos as there is no video taking policy at Graceland so we put together a small photo slide show of some of the photos we took at the famous home of Elvis Presley. Hope you enjoy it.2015-05-23 23:13:01
Wonder What Brand & Type of Elevator This New HIE Has?
There's a brand new Holiday Inn Express & Suites near Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC. My summer vacation officially is underway since yesterday afternoon after I graduated from 8th Grade so we decided to go check this new hotel which is now open out. ENJOY!2015-05-22 23:13:00
An Unexpected Blessing
Thanks to Michelle a family friend who is moving cross country, we are now the proud owners of the King Size Hampton Bed she had just bought in February which is kind of neat because February is my birthday month. I thought ya'll might enjoy a short video highlighting this little adventure. This Serta Pefect Sleeper Tranquility Nights II was made expressly for Hilton Worldwide.2015-05-17 23:13:00
The Lodge Wood Fire Grill at Great Wolf Lodge
This is one of several restaurants at Great Wolf Lodge. We ate here for an early Mother's Day Dinner for my mom while we stayed here for my school's annual family night at GWL for this year. Last year we had eaten at the Loose Moose Cottage at GWL. Both are pretty good and I would recommend both of them. The Loose Moose Cottage footage can be seen in the full hotel tour of GWL taken last year.2015-05-12 23:13:00
2015 Meet Up with Dieselducy Preview
We got to see Dieselducy briefly on his recent trip back to Roanoke, VA from Columbia, SC. It was nice to see him again. Here's a little random video we did at the Hampton Inn in Huntersville, NC so stay tuned for a few videos from this meet up.2015-05-09 23:12:59
Marathon Gas Station Kangaroo Express Car Wash in Cornelius, NC
For Pug Williams who was just asking me when the next car wash was going to be - here you go. Hope you enjoy it.2015-05-09 23:12:59
Nantahala Gorge Excursion on the Smoky Mountain Railroad
This is dedicated to Dieselducy. I hope you enjoy it. Here is the first half of the video footage mom and dad filmed on our Smoky Mountain Railroad excursion from Bryson City to the Nantahala Outdoor Center where we had an hour layover. I will be posting the 2nd half of the video footage they filmed soon so stay tuned....2015-05-08 23:12:59
For My Buddy Shawn: A Tour of a Kid Cabin Suite at Great Wolf Lodge
Shawn, here's a video we made for you. We have gotten a Wolf Den and Kid Kamp the first 2 times we have stay here and now we are staying in a Kid Cabin for this stay. I was here for my school's annual family night stay at GWL with my parents and grandfather. GWL is a great place where you can be a kid at heart no matter how old you are. Good times with family and friends.2015-05-08 23:12:58
Mount Airy Museum of Regional History
Touring the museum from basement floor to 3rd floor which houses 3 different vintage original fire trucks of the Mount Airy Fire Department, fire sirens, vintage cars, exhibits on Andy Griffith & Donna Fargo who both grew up in Mount Airy plus early textile machines, the Victorian life showcasing furniture & children's toys along with radio memorabilia, etc. The museum even shows the way of life of the Saura Indians plus has a display on Mount Airy's Granite Quarry along with hotel and Railroad Depot exhibits. More exhibits take a trip back in time all the way back to the covered wagon and log cabin & old general store days. Showcases many musical instruments as well. Overall a great museum to explore, for more info go to their website 23:12:58
Aunt Bea's Hickory Smoked Barbecue Dairy Bar in Mount Airy, NC
Tasty BBQ and fast food items such as hot dogs, chicken sandwiches etc. They also serve breakfast items all day such as pancakes, sausage etc. Deserts include cobbler and ice cream cones etc For more info on this chain you can check out their website at 23:12:58
Dover Elevator at Mount Airy Museum of Regional History
We visited this museum today which was very interesting and I'll have another video that showcases a lot of what we saw today but for now here is the video we took of their elevator. :) For more info on this museum, you can check out their website at 23:12:57