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NumberVideo TitleDescriptionDate Published
Otis Elevator at the Microtel in Winston-Salem, NC
2011-03-07 00:57:15
Schindler Elevator at LaQuinta Inn
in Winston-Salem, NC2011-03-07 00:11:04
Otis Elevator at SpringHill Suites
in Winston-Salem2011-03-06 23:02:29
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Shops at Little Creek in Winston-Salem, NC
Very dark elevator.2011-03-06 09:37:43
Retake of Otis Elevator at Calvary Day School in Winston-Salem, NC
I uploaded a video of this elevator back in March 2010. That video is called "Classic Otis Leveling at Calvary Day School in Winston-Salem, NC" which shows the elevator leveling really good. This retake was taken last week. The school also has a Classic Dover which I have already uploaded the video of that one this past week.2011-03-06 09:04:13
Kone Elevator at the Hilton Garden Inn in Winston-Salem, NC
This elevator was a lot darker than what it looks like on camera. Surprised of how well lighted it looks. We forgot to get outside view of hotel but this is the first one we explored after we got done with the Spelling Bee.2011-03-06 08:28:43
Classic Dover Elevator at Calvary Day School in Winston-Salem, NC
This is the 2nd elevator at this school. They also have an Otis.2011-03-03 18:13:07
Another Fast and Slow Tour of A "Far Out, Groovy Hampton Inn" in Advance, NC
This Hampton Inn had something that I had never ever seen at a Hampton Inn before and no I am not talking about the wild retro color theme. Watch to find out what I am talking about. Actually there are 3 things about this particular HI that I haven't seen before but you should guess the one thing I am talking about when you see it in the video clip.2011-03-03 05:32:47
Fast and Slow Tour of the Hampton Inn Where We Stayed While in Raleigh
This has video taken by me and also either by my dad or mom woven in together. Hope you enjoy.2011-02-20 06:38:09
Dover Elevator for Staff Parking at History Museum in Raleigh, NC
One of the staff members told us it would be OK to ride these so we did when we saw them.2011-02-18 18:52:50
Elevator in the Legislative Building in Raleigh, NC
Not sure what brand this one is. Any guesses? This is a short clip as this was the last stop of our school field trip and the camera's battery gave out but we got the ride down from the top floor&back up to 2nd floor before it did.2011-02-18 15:54:56
3 Elevatorfans Riding the Dover Elevator at the Museum of History in Raleigh, NC
We met another elevator fan at the museum and decided it would be neat to film together.2011-02-16 15:11:34
Freight Elevator at the Museum of History in Raleigh, NC
Got to see it but didn't get to ride it. ;( I was so bummed out about that!2011-02-15 19:07:02
Schindler Elevator at the Science Musuem in Raleigh, NC
We got a glimpse of floor B and A which are locked to the public. One of the staff who got on the elevator from one of those floors actually recognized me from my videos. I thought that was pretty neat. We got to see him punch in the code for the 5th floor although we didn't include that on the video ;0)2011-02-15 16:45:17
Westinghouse Elevator (?) at Sheraton in Raleigh, NC
Think these are Westinghouse2011-02-15 15:07:57
Schindler Elevator at the LaQuinta in Durham, NC
Typical LaQuinta elevator decor2011-02-15 14:45:41
A Tour of A Upscale Hampton Inn in Raleigh, NC
This is not the one we stayed at when we went to Raleigh. I will be posting a tour of that one (which will include a view of the room) probably tomorrow. This is one we stopped at when we were exploring the various parts of Raleigh on our last day there.2011-02-15 01:32:09
Schindler Elevator at the Barnes and Noble in Raleigh, NC
Triangle Town Center Mall2011-02-14 16:07:20
Schindler Elevator at Macy's in Triangle Town Center Mall in Raleigh, NC
Yes, another Schindler elevator2011-02-14 15:41:55
Schindler Elevator at Saxs 5th Ave in Triangle Town Center Mall in Raleigh, NC
It is a schindler2011-02-14 15:02:48
Schindler Elevator in the Mall at Raleigh Triangle Town Center
This is the main elevator for the mall located in the food court.2011-02-14 04:53:34
Dover Elevator at the Comfort Inn in Durham, NC
Odd place for Ice and Vending Machines2011-02-14 04:11:57
Thyssenkrupp Elevator with the Dover Fixtures and Buzz at the Microtel
in Hillsbourgh, NC2011-02-14 03:02:55
GAL (?) Elevator at Belks in Raleigh Triangle Center Mall
Believe these are gal.2011-02-13 22:31:52
Otis Elevator at the Hilton Garden Inn in Raleigh, NC
Another Otis. This one had the down button stuck on.2011-02-13 21:52:36
Otis Elevator at the Embassy Suites in Raleigh, NC
Very nice hotel. Elevators a bit too dark2011-02-13 21:09:23
Westinghouse Elevator at the DoubleTree in Durham, NC
Some of the outside views have no audio but the inside views have audio. Very different looking hotel on the outside.2011-02-13 19:21:26
Schindler Elevator at the Courtyard by Marriott in Raleigh, NC
Triangle Town Center Mall2011-02-13 17:22:57
International Elevator at Dillard's in Raleigh, NC
2011-02-13 06:07:27
Glass Rope Hydraulic Schindler MTElevator
Located in Sears at Raleigh Triangle Town Center Mall2011-02-13 01:38:58
For Cannycart: A Special Thank You Video with Riding an Elevator in the Dark
This is for Cannycart who gave me a set of Dover keys for a Christmas present. Me&my dad went and tried them out on the elevator at the Hampton Inn at University area. Hope you enjoy this quick video. Thanks again Cannycart. I am really enjoying the keys.2011-02-06 23:46:37
Side Door Feature on Otis Elevator at the Doubletree in Charlotte, NC
This is an odd shape for elevator plus it has a side door instead of a rear door.2011-02-02 20:26:24
Schindler Elevator at Presbyterian Northpoint in Huntersville, NC
Hospital sized.2011-01-29 16:07:47
Outside Schindler HT Elevator at an Office Complex in Huntersville, NC
Schindler HT2011-01-29 15:12:03
Otis Elevator at Holiday Inn in Huntersville, NC
typical otis2011-01-29 05:51:36
US Elevator at the Quality Inn in Huntersville, NC
Nice elevator.2011-01-29 04:26:19
Older Otis Elevator with Lexan Fixtures? Unique Call Button
I think this has Lexan fixtures but I am not sure. A very nice elevator. Located at the library at Davidson College.2011-01-23 02:56:38
Schindler HT Elevator in McNabb Hall at Davidson College
Schindler HT2011-01-23 01:57:09
2 Door Schindler Elevator at McCall Hall at Davidson College
HT Schindler.2011-01-23 00:28:31
Me Reciting John 3:16 Bible Verse on Church Website. Recorded about 5 years ago.
This is a recording on church website that has me reciting the John 3:16 Bible verse. Sorry the actual filming is blurry of website page. Wanted to share this with all of you though.2011-01-20 15:30:05
Otis Elevator at Town Place Suites in Charlotte, NC
Arrowood Rd Location2011-01-19 02:41:26
Schindler Elevator at the Holiday Inn in Charlotte, NC
Arrowood Rd location2011-01-19 00:23:06
Very Nice Schindler Elevator at Courtyard by Marriott in Charlotte, NC
Arrowood Rd location.2011-01-18 23:41:09
Schindler Elevator at the Main Stay Suites in Charlotte, NC
Arrowood Rd location.2011-01-18 04:08:23
Otis Elevator at the Staybridge Suites in Charlotte, NC
here is yet another Otis in Charlotte.2011-01-18 03:23:12
Otis Elevator at the Hyatt in Charlotte, NC
another Otis2011-01-18 02:13:38
Otis Elevator at the Fairfield Inn in Charlotte, NC
Arrowood Rd location.2011-01-18 01:26:15
NICE Dover Glass Elevator with PTL Call Button but Dover Fixtures inside the Cab
This was a very nice elevator!2011-01-18 00:34:59
Otis Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Charlotte, NC.
Arrowwood Rd location. Rattled a lot.2011-01-17 23:28:51
Requested Video From Suzzex: How to assemble Elevator Bulbs
This is an instructional video of how to replace elevator light fixture bulbs with Christmas lights2011-01-15 21:46:30
Requested Video by Cruisefanatic100: Otis Elevator Series 1 at Doubletree
Located in Charlotte, NC2011-01-09 01:13:53
Adams Keys Gift that Jimster586 Sent to Me
A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Jimster586 who sent me these keys for the Adams Elevator Panel that I got for Christmas. Jimster586 told us the GG101 is usually used for hoistway access and inspection, MM101 is used for the light and fan switches, and AE102 is usually used for keyed stop switches plus some other things as well. Thanks again Jimster586 and I hope everyone who sees this video will go check out your youtube channel.2011-01-08 18:44:05
What is the Schindler Tone Really Saying?
This clip shows why my dad thinks the Schindler tone sounds like it does.2011-01-05 20:38:47
Otis Series 1 at the Renaissance Hotel near the SP area
with Cannycart&ElevatorDudeDave972011-01-04 01:48:09
Borders at NorthLake Mall Elevator with CannyCart
Thyssenkrupp2011-01-03 21:39:14
Elevator Trio with CannyCart&ElevatorDudeDave97 at the EENT Parking Deck
Schindler Elevator. It went into nudge mode at the end.2011-01-03 15:41:00
Another Take on the HUGE elevator at NorthLake Mall
I thought CannyCart would like to see this one. It was a lot of fun. We rode it several times.2011-01-03 07:30:48
Kone Elevator at Dillards in NorthLake Mall with CannyCart
Another Kone.2011-01-03 06:32:38
Using CannyCart's Dover Keys for Maid Service Elevator
At the Executive Park at the Marriott in Charlotte, NC2011-01-03 03:26:31
Otis Series 1 Elevator at Courtyard Marriott near the Airport in Charlotte, NC
CannyCart points out the stop switch on this one near the end of video.2011-01-02 20:05:50
Otis Elevator Outside of Macy's in NorthLake Mall with CannyCart
Here's an Oits2011-01-02 08:22:18
Kone Elevator Trio at Dillards in SP Mall
Cannycart, Elevatordudedave&myself2011-01-02 07:56:49
Montgomery Vector Elevator Trio at Macy's in SP Mall (Short due to Camera Mishap)
Elevatordudedave97 joined me&CannyCart at the SouthPark Mall to film several elevators. This is just a short clip but it is all of the elevator that my dad got of our ride on this one. On occasion when you hit the record button on our camera, it doesn't take but we think it is recording and it is not. I think that might be what happened here. Elevatordudedave has his version out on his channel already if you want to check it out. Be sure to check out Cannycart's channel too.2011-01-02 07:33:47
Dover Elevator at the Hilton (Executive Park) Near SP Area with CannyCart
This is another elevator we took Cannycart to when he came to Charlotte for a visit. Make sure you check out his channel and videos2011-01-02 06:51:29
TJElevatorfan and CannyCart Ride the Elevator at Holiday Inn
Airport area in Charlotte, NC2011-01-02 05:14:53
Finally Working: A Revisit to the Outside Schindler Elevator
At Carolina Place Mall. This is the elevator that was completely non-functional for almost 6 months. Shows a good view of the piston towards the end.2011-01-02 03:59:35
Dover Elevator Modernized by Schindler?
Not sure but thinking this might be a Dover mod by Schindler. Any ideas or suggestions. This is at the Sheraton in Charlotte, NC2011-01-01 22:46:27
Camera Switch with CannyCart
Kone Elevators at the Drury Inn at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC2011-01-01 21:22:59
My 400th Video: 2011 New Year Lighted Ball&TJElevatorfan Channel preview
Our own version of the lighted ball. Hope you enjoy it. Also gives a sneak peak of upcoming series of videos for 2011 right here on my YT Channel. Happy New Year Everybody!2011-01-01 05:10:21
Dover Elevator at the Marriott Executive Park in Charlotte, NC with CannyCart
This is one of the elevators we took CannyCart to film. Be sure to check out his channel and videos.2010-12-31 17:42:49
Room&Hotel Tour at Hampton Inn with CannyCart
This hotel has Schindler elevators. I really enjoyed meeting CannyCart and his family. If you haven't checked out his videos and channel, I would reccomend you doing so.2010-12-31 04:27:18
Visit with CannyCart Intro
First of upcoming videos filmed today with CannyCart. Enjoyed meeting him&his family. Can't wait til the next time we can get together.2010-12-31 03:44:03
By Request: Full Version of Christmas Countdown 25 to The Day
25 day Countdown to Christmas. FULL Version. Enjoy!2010-12-29 06:06:50
Light show from Christmas Toy
One of the items that I got for Christmas that I thought was neat.2010-12-26 01:08:31
Today is the Day! Merry Christmas to Everyone!
Happy Birthday Jesus!2010-12-25 06:29:05
It's Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is THE DAY!
Merry Christmas Eve!2010-12-24 23:38:51
My Christmas Card to You
This is my Christmas Card to all my viewers. I think I could have done better with this video and pictures if I was feeling better but this is what I came up with. I tried to edit the audio on this clip because I was coughing a lot and didn't want ya'll to have to hear that so sometimes the audio may not match up with the video. Thanks for a wonderful 2010. I have really enjoyed making and filming the videos that I have uploaded. I promise to get back to uploading elevator videos soon.2010-12-23 22:44:47
Christmas Countdown. 2 Days
Just 2 days left. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I'm still sick but starting to feel better. I went to the doctors yesterday and he did say my lungs were clear and the virus just has to run its course.2010-12-23 21:14:36
Christmas Countdown. 3 Days
Just 3 days!2010-12-22 17:37:52
Christmas Countdown. 4 Days
I'm still under the weather but excited that there is only 4 more days left til we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.2010-12-21 18:58:44
Christmas Countdown. 5 Days
only 5 days left. It's coming fast.2010-12-20 21:42:44
Christmas Countdown. 6 Days
I know I haven't uploaded yesterday's countdown of 7 days but I can't seem to find the file for that day and I have been home sick so I can't remake it as this decoration is actually at my nana&papa's house. When I find clip of Day 7. I will upload that one.2010-12-19 22:53:15
Christmas Countdown. 8 Days
2010-12-19 01:00:23
Christmas Countdown. 9 Days.
Just 9 more days. One of my gifts I will give to Jesus is to try harder to remember His command to treat others like I would want to be treated.2010-12-16 13:04:20
Christmas Countdown. 10 Days
posting this just a tad bit early but I don't think anybody will mind2010-12-15 04:58:52
Christmas Countdown. 11 Days
only 11 more days left to go!2010-12-14 16:01:27
Christmas Countdown. Double Days 13&12
OOPS! I forgot to post yesterday's countdown which was 13 days so I decided to clip it on to today's clip which is 12 days.2010-12-13 18:39:10
Christmas Countdown. 14 Days
Just 14 days left2010-12-11 16:35:20
Christmas Countdown. 15 Days
Get ready. It will be here before you know it.2010-12-11 02:38:27
LA Fire Truck on I-85 in Charlotte, NC
We were heading down I-85 on our way to the Christmas Celebration at the Billy Graham Library today&saw this fire truck rolling down the interstate.2010-12-11 02:05:33
Christmas Countdown. 16 Days
Closer and closer. Have you thought of what you can give to Jesus for His birthday?2010-12-09 14:55:37
Christmas Countdown. 17 Days
2010-12-08 15:13:53
Christmas Countdown. 18 Days
2010-12-07 15:08:29
Christmas Countdown. 19 Days
It's getting closer&closer.2010-12-06 18:08:54
Countdown to Christmas. 20 Days left
Only 20 more days. Only 2 weeks of school left before our Christmas break!2010-12-05 17:29:29
Countdown to Christmas. 21 days
Think of what you will give to the Lord this year. He asks for your heart above all else.2010-12-04 18:38:04
Countdown to Christmas. 22 Days
22 days until we celebrate the gift of Jesus2010-12-04 18:19:44
My Reaction at Carline Surprise in 2009
My Pop-Pop came to pick me up from school ( with my mom&dad ) one afternoon when I didn't know he was coming down for the weekend. This was actually taken last year. Pop-Pop came down to go Christmas shopping with my mom&dad for me.2010-12-03 20:40:38
Counting Down to Christmas. Day 23
Another installment of counting down the days til we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.2010-12-03 18:22:38
Counting Down til Christmas. Day 24
This is another installment of my favorite Christmas countdown decoration.2010-12-02 22:37:43