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Nice Looking Otis Elevator but Sounds Terrible at the Comfort Suites
in Commerce, GA. Very creaky and rattled a lot.2011-10-18 03:14:22
Leaving South Carolina and Crossing the GA State Line on I-85
Here's another video clip of road footage that I somehow overlooked when I was putting the other road footage video clip together. This is when we left SC and crossed over the GA State line. :) GA is my 5th state that I have filmed elevators in (NC, SC, TN, VA are the others) thus far.2011-10-17 20:32:02
Do You Think This is the World's Largest Computer Store?
We saw a billboard on the interstate stating that this was the world's largest computer store and knowing me and my dad and how we love computer and gadgets, we had to check it out. Pretty impressive!!2011-10-17 17:25:23
Pretty Good Size Otis Elevator at the Fairfield Inn in Commerce, Georgia
We did find some Otis Elevators in Gerogia but it didn't seem like they were a dime a dozen like they are in NC2011-10-17 16:58:51
Dover Elevator at the Best Western Hotel in Commerce, Georgia
pretty nice Dover Impluse2011-10-17 16:17:56
Dover Service Elevator at the Hilton in Norcross Georgia
Although it is a treat to ride a service elevator because normally we don't get to ride the service elevators, this one wasn't too thrilling.2011-10-17 13:38:21
Schindler Elevator at the Belks Store in Mall of Georgia
Mall of Georgia has nothing but Schindlers2011-10-17 02:36:11
Little Piglet Eating Pumpkin Rind or Better Known as Pumpkin Eater to Hodges Farm Visitors
This little piglet got him a pumpkin rind at the market :)2011-10-17 00:02:25
A Glimpse of the Inside of a Dover Impulse Elevator Panel
At a undisclosed location. Apparently whoever worked on this Panel the last time did not shut it well, all you had to do was to swing it open and so we took the opportunity to get a peek inside of a working dover panel. We took special care not to touch anything but the side of the panel to open and shut it back like we found it. We did take still photos of the inside panel and I am going to be making 4x6 magnets to sell on my website if anyone might be interested in purchasing one. My dad is going to set up a store on my website called "TJElevatorfan's Trading Post" which I will be selling things like these magnets to help me build up a travel fund. My goal is to start traveling to different states to explore elevators on vacations and Fall/Spring Breaks etc.2011-10-16 17:35:09
Church Bells on a Georgia Morning
This was a church near by one of the hotels we stopped at in Georgia and we thought it was a pretty sound so we paused for a few moments to video tape the bell tower. I guess the bells are moving but it didn't seem like it. Guess the movement was too fast to see for the camera eye.2011-10-16 02:46:18
I Believe this Elevator at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel was a Westinghouse Elevator
This elevator was very hard to find. At the very back of hotel in a little corner which was a long way away from lobby entrance and there was a loud fan blowing in the hallway where some men were working on water damaged rooms.2011-10-16 02:04:03
Schindler Elevator at the Hyatt Hotel in Gwinnett, Georgia has no Mirrors
Unlike most of the Hyatts that we have been in, this elevator had no mirrors&no music playing on the intercom in lobby.2011-10-16 01:27:03
Thanks to Opportunity&Mom's Fast Thinking this Ride on Classic Dover Elevator was not an Epic Fail
This is at the Marriott Hotel in Gwinnett, Georgia. These had 2 banks (east and west) of elevators. We found out that both of them are Key Access only so we were thinking Epic Fail on riding these but then as we were on our way to check out the business center located in the lobby, mom saw several people who had just checked in heading to the east elevators so we just changed directions&sure enough we got a ride on the East elevators. :)2011-10-16 00:27:04
3 Otis Elevators at the Public Parking Deck near Ellis Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia
1 has been modernized. 1 has 2 different styles of buttons and 1 is completely with the original fixtures. Dieselducy has filmed these also. I was excited when I discovered this was the parking deck with these particular elevators. :)2011-10-15 04:09:00
Elevator that Access the Atrium Level at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, GA
This one had different fixtures than the other elevators at the Marriott Marquis.Any guesses of brand?2011-10-14 23:03:15
Photo Slide Show and Main Hotel Elevators at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel
These were Otis Elevators. We could only ride to floors 8, 9, and 5 on the main hotel elevators but that's better than nothing. I also got to ride the scenic 72 floor glass elevator which video of that elevator ride is already uploaded so if you haven't checked that one out yet, be sure to because it was still a good elevator ride even though it was kind of rainy and misty.2011-10-14 21:41:37
Otis Elevator (Series 2, I think) at the Marriott Marquis Parking Deck in Atlanta, GA
These had a button that actually said restricted floor. It blinks a couple of times in the video.2011-10-14 20:26:34
What a Ride We Had on the Talking Schindler Elevator at the Ellis Hotel in Downtown Atlanta, GA
First of all let me say that all the little Epic Fails actually turned out good except for the VERY ANNOYING BUSY SIGNAL from the phone call button. We first get into the elevator with no problem but don't realize at first that you need a room key to access the floors but to our favor a hotel staff member had called the elevator to the 2nd floor right after we got on. The hotel staff person keyed his card to let us ride up to the 16th floor so we got to ride the elevator even though we didn't stay there and didn't have a room key. The busy call button was going off as soon as we got on the elevator, not sure what triggered it and it kept going for the entire time we were on the elevator. This was actually a talking schindler and the tone was at a good level. All in all not bad for Schindler except for the phone call button issue.2011-10-14 07:40:23
Otis Elevators at the Doubletree Hotel at Buckhead Location in Atlanta, Georgia
I believe these were Otis elevators. They had a very nice cab interior but were dark and needed more light! T floor had fitness center etc...2011-10-14 06:37:13
Dover Elevator at the Hampton Inn (Buckhead Location) in Atlanta, Georgia
typical Dover Impulse2011-10-14 05:56:22
Westinghouse Elevators at the Embassy Suites (Buckhead Area) in Atlanta, Georgia w/ BONUS
BONUS MINI CLIP at end of video of a peek inside one of the suites. (A guest was kind enough to let us see the suite as he was all ready to check out - hence why the room was not made up yet.)2011-10-14 03:20:36
Fujitec Elevators at the Intercontinental Hotel at Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia
These were definitely on my list to see. :)2011-10-13 23:20:17
Dover Classic Elevator in the Intercontinental Parking Deck in Atlanta, Georgia
The elevator fixtures had letters instead of numbers.2011-10-13 22:15:03
Driving Near and in Downtown Georgia Road Video Clips
Here are a couple of video clips of the road footage of us driving in Georgia to go explore elevators. We didn't video a whole lot of driving time because it was rainy and not the best views but here is what we did take. You can hear my GPS talking at various points. Also shows us driving in one of the parking decks that we parked in.2011-10-13 21:17:44
Marriott Hotel at Norcross, Georgia has a Montgomery Elevator
There was this alarm going off in the building but the clerk at the lobby told us that it was malfunctioning and they were working on the problem so that is what you hear on the video clip2011-10-13 19:43:49
Otis Elevator (not sure what series this is) at the Courtyard by Marriott in Atlanta, Georgia
These were pretty nice Otis elevators. Any guesses to what series these are?2011-10-13 18:51:19
Flashback Memory of the Courtyard by Marriott in Roanoke, VA in 2006 with view of our King Size Room
This is footage from our trip to Roanoke back in 2006. This Courtyard had a different color scheme back then from what they have now. In this footage you see a view of our room which had the King Size Bed and it also shows a view outside our window at the courtyard and mts. Bonus footage of MPE with a view of the Roanoke Star from the MPE window. It is not included on this video clip but this is the year that we visited the Waltons Mt. Museum that's located in the hometown of the author of the Waltons, if any of you are interested in seeing that footage, let me know and I can upload that. My mom's more of the fan of the waltons than I am but if any of you would like to see the footage, let us know.2011-10-13 17:13:33
Glass Montgomery Elevator at the Belks Store in Gwinnett Place Mall
Pretty sure this is a Montgomery Elevator. My Magix editing program some how got the wrong audio track for these video clips (part of the rain footage we had taken of the lightning and thunder storms we had several weeks back) but I liked the way it sounded so I decided to keep this version. Hope you enjoy it although you can't hear any of the elevator sounds. This Belks also had a Montgomery escalator which we filmed that too and will be uploading it soon for all the escalator fans out there. If I can get the editing program to get the right audio track for these video clips of the elevator. I will upload that version then.2011-10-13 06:57:22
A Rainy Day Ride on the Famous Glass Scenic Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel Elevator in Atlanta, GA
72 Floors!! I know these have been filmed before by Dieselducy and Musicfreak so here is our version. A great ride even in the rainy mist. I would recommend these if you ever go to Atlanta. They were going to charge us $8 to ride but the cashier's computer wasn't working right so we actually got to ride these free of charge.2011-10-12 22:58:43
A Quick Sneak Peak at the Glass Otis Elevators at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia
These are the same ones that Dieselducy has filmed. Finally got to see them for myself. Spent a lot of time exploring this place along at the Hilton and Westin Peachtree Plaza. Will be uploading those videos plus more footage of these elevators at the Marriott Marquis soon so stay tuned.2011-10-12 22:16:23
Thinking this is a US Elevator at the Extended Stay Deluxe in Gwinnett, Georgia
What do you think this elevator is? I think it could be a US but am not 100% positive on that.2011-10-12 19:07:47
Montgomery Elevator at the Quality Inn at Gwinnett Place Mall in Georgia
We didn't stay here, just one of the many places we stopped to see what kind of elevator they had. :)2011-10-12 16:10:50
The Main Mall Elevator at the Mall of Georgia is a Glass Schindler MT Elevator
This is one of the stops we made on my fall break trip to the state of Georgia.2011-10-12 05:20:48
6th Bible Memory Verse of 5th Grade
Matthew 6:19-20. This is a video clip of my Jesus standing at the door knocking nightlight.2011-10-09 06:25:48
A Very Confused Schindler Elevator that Kept Opening the Door and Going into Nudge Mode
We actually did ride the elevator up but we went down the MPE to be on the safe side. MPE wasn't all that clean. Not very impressed with this building's elevator or staircase.2011-10-08 20:11:38
Schindler 330A Elevator at Holiday Inn Express in Matthews, NC
It's a Schindler with very low tone.2011-10-02 17:47:45
Otis Elevator with Both Green and Red Indicator Lights plus a Neat Door Feature
Floor Indicators in lobby are green. Call button light is red&so are the inside cab indicators. This is at the new Fairfield Inn in Charlotte / Matthews area. Also notice neat feature on 2nd floor's elevator bank with the doors.2011-10-02 03:08:49
Otis Series 1 Elevator with Different Lobby Call Button at Best Western
The lobby call button was different than the rest of the floors call buttons.Charlotte / Matthews area.2011-10-02 01:58:57
For Cannycart: A Different Style of Vending Machines
Know you like the different types of vending machines so I thought you might like this vending machine found at the Best Western located in Charlotte/Matthews area.2011-10-02 01:22:39
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Catawba Springs Health Pavilion CMC Lincoln Urgent Care
door sounded like it was wailing2011-10-01 06:30:28
Annoying Fan in the Otis Elevator at CMC Lincoln Medical Plaza
This was a nice elevator except for the fan...2011-10-01 05:50:28
A Pretty Neat Hospital Size Otis Elevator in Denver, NC
This was a nice find.2011-10-01 05:01:16
Photo Recap of Charlotte Today Visit plus Dover Elevator at NBC Studio Highlights
These are some pictures from my visit to Charlotte Today TV Show. Plus highlights from Dover Elevator video footage that we took while we were there. I have already uploaded a Full length video of the Dover Elevator, this is just a recap of my visit. You can see the interview segment on WCNC's website.2011-10-01 04:31:37
Dover Impulse Elevator at the NBC-WCNC Channel 36 Studios in Charlotte, NC
This is the elevator at the studios where Charlotte Today TV show is broadcast from. It was a fun experience being on the show. They are going to be sending us a dvd copy that they gave permission for us to upload the actual interview segment that was aired on the show on my YT Channel so when we get that copy, I will upload it but for now you can go to WCNC's website to see the interview segment.2011-09-30 21:36:42
I Am Scheduled to be on Charlotte Today TV Show
I am scheduled to be on Charlotte Today TV show on WCNC Channel 36 tomorrow.2011-09-29 14:56:44
Lightning Storm Taken on September 27th 2011
For all you weather fans out there. This is a video my dad took of the lightning storm. Towards the latter end of the video you start to hear more thunder.2011-09-28 14:45:50
Kone Elevator at the Gilead Commons Office Complex in Huntersville, NC
Just 2 floors for this Kone elevator which did not have a door hold button on fixtures.2011-09-28 02:19:46
Otis Elevator at a Bike Shop Building in Huntersville, NC
very annoying fan but other than that, it seemed to be a pretty good Otis.2011-09-28 01:53:33
There Are TWO Older Otis Elevators at the Davidson College Library with Lexan Fixtures
We decided to go back to the Davidson College Library today because we were in the area and thought it might be fun to ride the older Otis elevator with the Lexan fixtures again and I am glad we did as we actually discovered another elevator in the library. It is a twin of the other one except it is smaller. Sadly the call button and floor indicators on either elevator was not working today. The first elevator is the new one we found today and then we recorded a mini clip of the 2nd elevator which I guess you could call a retake clip on that elevator.2011-09-25 00:47:29
Otis Elevator in Charles A. Dana Science Lab Building at Davidson College in Davidson, NC
Otis Series 12011-09-24 23:46:29
5th Bible Memory Verse of 5th Grade
Eph. 6:19-202011-09-24 15:58:11
Retake Video Shots from iPhone of the Schindler Elevator at Kenton Corners
Dad takes his time looking at the top of elevator door and it goes into nudge mode.2011-09-21 19:04:15
iPhone Video of a 2 Speed Door of Outside Dover Elevator that is Hospital Sized
Most likely used as a freight elevator but it is open to the public as well. This is outside shopping center in Huntersville, NC.2011-09-21 18:11:53
Glass Kone Elevators at the Embassy Suites in Greensboro, NC
We were wrapping up a very special day for me with this stop at ES. This was the last hotel we explored on 9-10-11 before heading back home from the surprise road trip my parents took me on after my early afternoon interview for the Mooresville Weekly newspaper&having a great lunch at Cracker Barrel. As an extra bonus, I even found 2 more TY bears to add to my collection that I bought from this hotel's gift shop.2011-09-20 17:21:39
Schindler Elevator at the Courtyard by Marriott had Elevator Music. Bonus Clip of MPE included.
in Greensboro, NC near the airport. This was a nice CY. Loved the air vent on each of the floors.2011-09-20 15:43:41
Schindler Elevator at the Residence Inn near the Airport in Greensboro, NC
nice Residence Inn2011-09-20 14:55:35
Glass Dover Elevator with Thyssenkrupp Label at Best Western Plus in Greensboro, NC
near the airport. It had Dover name plate on floor.2011-09-20 14:18:44
Another Otis Elevator with Another Annoying Fan (although not quite as loud) at the Fairfield Inn
located in Greensboro, NC near the airport.2011-09-20 03:09:09
Otis Elevator at Extended Stay Deluxe had a very Annoying Fan
This was located in Greensboro, NC near the Airport. We ended on first floor instead on 2nd mainly to save time as it was getting about time to wrap it up for another day trip to come to a close and head back home but also because that fan was annoying.2011-09-20 02:39:42
Dover Elevator at Comfort Suites near the Airport in Greensboro, NC
pretty nice Dover although it really didn't chime when directional indicators came on.2011-09-20 01:54:06
Dover Elevator at the Hampton Inn near the Airport in Greensboro, NC
Cool entrance doors to Hampton Inn. We demostrated them coming out.2011-09-19 23:31:19
Otis Elevator Buzzer gets Semi Stuck at the Holiday Inn Express near the Airport in Greensboro, NC
Series 52011-09-19 22:45:24
Dover Elevator at the Ashford Suites with Quick look at Pool, Fitness Center
Very similar layout to the Biltmore Suites. These 2 hotels may be owned by same company or had the same builder. Pool and fitness centers were actually open here so we took a peek at them. Behind the pool outside patio fence area across the road there were some horses grazing. This is located in High Point, NC2011-09-19 17:19:50
Schindler Elevator that has a Meow Sound to it at Belks in Oak Hollow Mall
located in High Point, NC2011-09-19 16:13:29
1st Schindler Elevator I have seen with a Bar Code on it. Located in Sears at the Oak Hollow Mall
in High Point, NC.2011-09-19 03:49:26
My 4th Bible Memory Verse for 5th Grade
Eph. 6:17-18 Thought I would show one of the neat Bibles we have for this memory verse instead of me. Hope you enjoy it.2011-09-19 03:26:38
Dover Elevator at the Biltmore Suites in High Point, NC
interior was a bit dark but you can see the cab and the fixtures. Had a rear door and kind of clanked about some.2011-09-18 16:03:18
Otis Elevator at Courtyard by Marriott near the Oak Hollow Mall in High Point, NC
another Otis.2011-09-18 15:30:24
My 800th Video with Me Reading the Mooresville Weekly Newspaper Article on Me&My Hobby
Mooresville Weekly Newspaper ran a story on me about my elevator videos and YouTube Channel. In this video, I read the whole article to celebrate my 800th upload. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to all who watch my videos and a huge thanks to all my subscribers. The link to online edition of article can be found on my webstie at www.tjelevatorfan.com2011-09-18 03:54:58
Neat Glass Schindler RT with MT Indicator Elevator with View of Door Opening Mechanism in Action
Show some still pictures we took first then we show the opening and closing door mechanism in action during the video clip views of this elevator. I really enjoyed this elevator. Sad that the mall seems to be on it's way to becoming what they call a "dead mall" as it looks like it was a very nice mall before many of the stores closed up. Dillards was open but the upper floor was closed off so we couldn't ride the elevator in that store. We did get to ride the elevators in Sears&Belks which are the only other anchor stores in this mall. I will upload those videos next week. This will be the only upload for this week as I am saving my 800th video upload to share with you the upcoming article in the Mooresville Weekly Newspaper about my YouTube channel and elevator photography hobby. :)2011-09-12 15:11:21
Schindler Elevator with Blue Light Round Fixtures&Call Button at Candlewood Suites
located in Greensboro, NC. Not sure what these fixtures are called. Seen them before but can't recall the name.2011-09-12 02:46:05
Dover Elevator at the Crestwood Suites with Quick Tour of the Suite Model
Located in High Point, NC2011-09-11 20:02:55
My 911 Memorial and Tribute
In memory of those who left us that day.In honor of those who responded to the call of help.Keeping the light of the legacy of our heroes burning bright.2011-09-11 07:26:34
Good Times Candy Vending Factory Machine with Dump Truck
Saw this at Oak Hollow Mall in High Point. Thought it was pretty neat idea for candy machine even though I don't care for candy.2011-09-11 06:58:55
My 3rd Bible Memory Verse of 5th grade
Eph. 6:15-162011-09-09 00:58:50
Decorative Sky Dome near the Golf Pro Shop at Grandover Resort
This sky dome gives overall view of the Grandover Resort grounds.2011-09-08 16:40:35
The Grandover Resort's Elevator that's located at End of Hallway on Guest Room Floors
This was the only other elevator we could find for public use besides the main bank of elevators near the lobby area at this resort. This elevator is also a Dover and like the title of video says, it is located at the end of the hallway on the guest room floors.2011-09-07 18:39:26
Pool, Fitness&Business Centers Among Other Areas of the Grandover Resort
includes another light fixture that I forgot to include in the video clip I made of light fixtures for dieselducy and also a peek inside of one of the rooms as the door was open (housekeeping was in the bathroom cleaning) plus vending and a ballroom.2011-09-07 17:36:33
Main Lobby Elevators at the Grandover Spa&Golf Resort are Dovers
For a place this big, we could only find 2 banks of elevators! This is the first bank of elevators and they are located just to the left of lobby area of main entrance to hotel.2011-09-07 16:02:19
For Dieselducy, A Video Clip of the Various Lights at the Grandover Resort
Thought I would make this video for Dieselducy as I know he really likes lights. This shows the different light fixtures the resort in Greensboro has, also shows a close up view of the hotel building outside. Hope you enjoy it.2011-09-07 15:03:44
Grand Showcase of Man Powered Elevator and the Lobby at Grandover Spa and Golf Resort
This was a very nice place to explore!2011-09-07 13:55:57
Schindler Elevator at the Wingate Hotel in Charlotte near the Colliseum Area
Sorry this video is kind of choppy. Having issues with camera thinking it was recording and it wasn't. This is what was recorded. Might do a retake on this another day.2011-09-06 17:13:12
Real Quick View of the Hyatt Hotel's Schindler Elevator
This is one of the few Hyatts that does not have mirrors on side and back wall of elevators. located in Charlotte, NC off I-772011-09-06 16:21:19
I'm Guessing a Westinghouse Elevator in the Comfort Inn at the Executive Park in Charlotte, NC
Thinking these are Westys but not sure.2011-09-06 14:18:51
Small Schindler Elevator at Candlewood Hotel Gave a Smooth Ride
This was pretty smooth ride for a Schindler elevator. Overall nice elevator. Located in executive park in Charlotte, NC2011-09-06 03:02:17
Older Otis Elevator with Red and White Call Indicators at the Quality Inn
Notice the number indicators are red but the call button is white on the first elevator which is the main lobby elevator. This is in the executive park area of Charlotte. This also used to be a Hampton Inn but is now Quality Inn. There's also another elevator at the back of the hotel which is identical to the lobby elevator except the call button is red instead of white.2011-09-06 01:48:54
Yep, Here's Another Otis Elevator at Another Wingate Hotel
This hotel was kind of odd in several ways. Had a whirlpool in the shape of a regular pool would be but saw no regular pool so thinking this was all they had in the way of a pool. Fitness center door was open so we could get in there but not whirlpool area. Elevator floors were sticky in one and had something that looked like was a dried up spill in the other. Not the best keptit seems.2011-09-05 01:34:50
Otis Elevator inside Imaginon plus A Overall View of Imaginon
This serves as a children's library as well as a children's theatre facility.2011-09-04 19:47:13
Imaginon's Parking Deck Elevator is Otis Series 1
This is the elevator at the Imaginon Building that goes to Parking Deck below the building.2011-09-04 05:36:22
View of Downtown Charlotte from 10th floor of 7th Street Parking Deck (which has Otis Elevators)
Another Otis2011-09-04 00:20:53
For Streetcar1743, A View of Cats Train leaving Station Stop in Downtown Charlotte
Sorry I never got a birthday video out for you. Hope this makes up for it. :) We didn't ride this but saw it was about to pull out so we decided to film it for you.2011-09-04 00:09:00
Awesome Glass Kone Elevators at the Center Green City Parking Deck in Charlotte, NC
These were very smooth and big! Located in downtown Charlotte, NC near the Cats Train track.2011-09-03 21:14:34
Otis Elevator at the International Trade Center Parking Deck in Downtown Charlotte
This deck serves Holiday Inn hotel guests for their parking.2011-09-03 20:40:35
Train Going Around the Track at RXR Bar-B-Q Restaurant
We had stopped here for a late Supper after an afternoon of exploring elevators. They actually have several train lays outs but this one was the only one running when we were there. This is the view from right beside our table. Dad is filming this as he thought it was kind of neat.2011-09-02 19:54:23
Dad explaining his Levitron Anti Gravity Top Toy
A video with Dad and one of his toys!Floats free with no strings attached.2011-09-02 19:26:28
Schindler MT Elevator with Door Close Fixture Button that Lights Up when Pressed
This was at the Comfort Inn Hotel in Greensboro, I believe. Never seen the door close button in a Schindler light up when you press it, thought that was kind of neat. Cab was kind of dark but you could see the lights.2011-09-02 18:11:50
Random Video at the Business Center in Hyatt Hotel of Computer Clearing Last Session and Rebooting
For all the ones who like videos of computers starting up. We also give you a peek at the outside pool at the Hyatt2011-09-02 16:51:56
Hospital Size Thyssenkrupp Elevator at a Carolina Medical Center Building in Concord, NC
We think this is located in Concord's city limits.2011-09-02 16:11:31
2nd Bible Memory Verse of 5th Grade
Ya'll seemed to like the first one that I uploaded to share with you so I thought I would just go ahead and post this week's too. I love the word of God. Ephesians 6: 13&142011-09-02 01:51:34
Otis Elevator at the Springhill Suites in Greensboro, NC
another Otis is found.2011-09-01 21:38:59