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24th Anniversary of Elevator Photography Special Dedicated to Dieselducy

Today is June 5th and is the 24th anniversary of Elevator Photography as we know it. Even though it's not the same Hilton that DIeselducy filmed at in Georgia, I decided to film at a Hilton to commemorate this special day. We have actually filmed these elevators before but they have since been modded by ThyssenKrupp? (originally Otis Elevators though I believe) so enjoy this video that has a few bonuses such as a ride on the Otis escalators in this Hilton that leads to the Convention Center and a view from the top Executive Level as the last elevator we rode here went up to that floor. This hotel just recently hosted ConCarolinas which is a neat thing to go to - this year the Tardis from Doctor Who was brought in by one of the vendors so I took the opportunity to take a photo in front of it as I have the Tardis backpack, so I included a couple of those photographs for ya'll :) If you're interested in seeing a room tour from this Hilton, you can check out my video from 2013 at this link of the room that a friend was staying in at that time.

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