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Sneak Peek of Hotel Tour of Hampton Inn Columbia Southeast Fort Jackson

Room Tour of Room 620 at Hampton Inn & Suites in Columbia SE Fort Jackson, SC

A Huge Shout Out to Otis Elevators From TJElevatorfan

Appreciating the Thrill of a Brand New Otis Elevator with a Quiet Ride


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Hampton Inn Fort Jackson - Columbia, SC


This Hampton Inn and Suites is one of the newest in the Columbia area, and is one of the nicest and most elaborate. General Manager John Carpenter gave me the complete tour of this amazing hotel, which features Otis' newest Gen2 elevators. These elevators were among the quietest rides that I have experienced. I even got to tour the roof and other really neat areas of the hotel, but because of the new technology of the elevators, there wasn't a machine room to tour!

Check out the inset on the front desk picture at the bottom of this page for the Otis coin and strip of elevator belt that Otis gave to John to give to me during my visit. Otis wanted me to have one of the first of these new coins! A cross sectional photo of the belt is shown at the right.

Thanks a bunch to Hampton and Otis for a memorable visit!

Be sure to check out the Hampton Inn & Suites Columbia Fort Jackson website at Hampton Inn Columbia Fort Jackson

Lobby table area showing unique globe lights

Inviting patio with fire pit

Inviting patio with fire pit

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