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Hotel tour with GM Marcel Hebert

HD retake of ride on Otis Series 1 elevator

2011 Hotel tour with friend Cannycart


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Hampton Inn & Suites Phillips Place Southpark

Hampton Phillips Place, Charlotte, NC

View of the lobby

This Hampton Inn & Suites is one of TJElevatorfan's favorites. General Manager Marcel Hebert has taken TJ on a full hotel tour including the elevator machine room. TJ has also toured with a fellow YouTuber and friend Cannycart. Just recently TJ enjoyed a stay vacation at this fine establishment and truly enjoyed it. Perks include a TV in the bathroom mirror plus free guest laundry. The hotel has undergone some renovations which you can see the differences in the hotel tours that TJ has done at this Hampton through the years.

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Hotel lobby
Hot breakfast options

View of two queen room

Only Hampton to have TV in bathroom mirror

Fireplace in lobby

neat lighting effect by hotel room door