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Another Look: Best of ReGen Oits Series 7 Elevators

I have gotten several emails asking if I could show more of the ReGen Oits Elevators. I have already uploaded all the video footage I have of this particular type of elevator so far but I complied the best of the footage we have gotten into this one video for the ones wanting to take another look at it. I have also gotten a couple of questions about the Otis Medallion that I have like "where did I get it" and so on so I have included the footage of John Carpenter who on behalf of Otis Elevators presented it to me when I visited the Hampton Inn & Suites in Fort Jackson / Columbia, SC (which he is the General Manager of) back in 2012. The footage we got of the elevator shaft at Hampton Inn & Suites in Roanoke, VA is also included in this Best of Video. I also included the photos that John Carpenter had sent me of the "Machine Room Panel" opened up. Hope you enjoy it. For more info on the Otis ReGen Elevator, you can click on this link that explains how it works from the Otis Website at Otis ReGen Elevator