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Hotel Room Time: Behind the Scenes Look at Being Filmed for "Elevated Hamptonality"

Clem - your mom has told me that you enjoy watching my videos so I thought I would surprise you and do a shout out to you. I appreciate you watching my videos and keeping up with me on Facebook. This is a behind the scenes look at some of the things we did for the filming of "Elevated Hamptonality" video that the great guys from icrossing filmed for Hampton. These scenes are the ones filmed actually in our room with me brushing teeth, Bear Story time&me using my computer. For more info on the film production company, check out their website at Some may think I might be too old for a Bear story but it is a tradition that dad&I do on weekend nights and special nights like when we are in a hotel. I enjoy hearing all the different voices dad comes up with for each of the bears and sometimes I even help come up with the plot of the story. We use different bears on different nights so that's another reason why I like to collect the TY bears because I look forward to dad making up a voice&personality for each one. :)