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Requested Revisit to the Hampton Inn in Kannapolis - Concord NC
I got a request to revisit this Hampton Inn and today I found myself in that area so we popped in for a few minutes to do a retake of the Otis Series One elevators. The cabs has been modded and the exterior of the hotel is getting a refresh look (still in progress) This visit brought back some great memories with then GM Shasta K.2019-08-18 02:39:42
Driving on Hwy 528 Heading towards Coco Beach, FL
I had an email request to share some more footage from the ROAV DashCam C2 Pro. It records in 3 minute segments. This is when we were on our way back to the Hampton Inn in Coco Beach after spending the day out at the Kennedy Space Center for the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing event we attended with my grandfather.2019-08-13 02:39:41
BRAND NEW Home2 Suites in Salisbury, NC
This hotel just opened their doors this week in Salisbury, NC. It is located right off of Interstate 85. I will be uploading photos of this hotel on my public FB page.2019-08-10 02:39:40
A Birthday Tribute with Flashback Memories For DieselDucy
Happy birthday Andrew! Hope your day has been good. Here's a video just for you that pays tribute to you. First up is new footage from my new DashCam C2 Pro with Nighhawk Vision that we took on our trip to Florida this past July. It is taken at night and you can see the moon over the water in this footage. The rest of the video consists of Flashback Memories taken back in yesteryear. Good times & good friends. Thank you for being a great friend through out the years. Hope to get up to Roanoke soon and visit you & see the ElevaTOURS Museum. Again Happy Birthday & may you have many more.2019-08-09 02:39:39
DashCam C2 Pro Footage: Driving Down Memory Lane
This video is more of a personal video but thought I would share it with ya'll as some of you might like to see the footage. It is taken by a ROAV by Anker DashCam C2 Pro with NightHawk Vision with Sony Starvis Sensor. The DashCam was one of my graduation gifts from my parents and we took it with us on our recent trip to FL. This particular segment we had driven out to Merritt Island where my grandparents & dad used to live when my Papa worked on the Apollo 11 Mission out at NASA with General Electric. This was filmed during the day but late in the day. I will upload another segment at nighttime from another part of the trip so ya'll can see how the DashCam does at night. Hope you enjoy it. I know some might find this video boring but as I said at the beginning of the description, it is more of a personal video as we are going down memory lane for my dad and Papa. I did think some of you might enjoy seeing the quality of the DashCam C2 Pro so that is mainly why I'm sharing it here on YouTube.2019-08-09 02:39:39
Otis Series 1 at Hampton Inn Ormond Beach, FL
We stopped in here after a long day of traveling so I was a bit tired but very interesting elevator that dingled 4 times when the elevator reached the destination floor2019-08-07 02:39:38
Hampton Inn on Bay Meadows Rd in Jacksonville, FL
We stopped in Jacksonville to explore this Hampton and also to grab a bite to eat before getting back on the road heading home. We ate at the Metro Diner which was very good and I posted some photos from there on my FB Page if anyone is interested in seeing those. We didn't ride the 2nd elevator as there were people coming up to the elevators and several more at the front desk checking in so we knew it was going to be busy for a few minutes so we went ahead and took our photos and then headed out to eat.2019-08-05 02:39:37
Hampton Inn in Titusville, Florida
One of our stops while in Florida this past July. The 2nd elevator did not have the floor passing chimes2019-08-04 02:39:36
New Hampton Inn Shows Off New Style of Brand in Columbia SC
This was one of our first stops on our way to Florida back in July. A great addition to the Hampton Inn brand. If you notice, the exterior photos shows this doesn't look like your typical Hampton. It also features the new personal nooks instead of your typical business center. Their business center computer is out in the open between a long couch sitting area in the lobby. Nice decor and also great sounding ThyssenKrupp elevators.2019-08-03 02:39:35
4 Points by Sheraton in Coco Beach, FL
There was music playing in the elevator so I had to dub in audio of an elevator fan so it wouldn't be flag for copyright. Nice Otis Series 6 elevator. Kind of odd that they didn't have music in the lobby or hallways just the elevator. Hope ya''ll enjoy the video despite the fan noise2019-08-02 02:39:34
Kone Escalator in the Coco Beach Surf Company
As you can tell from the photo, Coco Beach Surf Company is in the same building complex at Four Points Sheraton. I will be uploading the elevators from 4 Points soon but for now enjoy the escalators in the Coco Beach Surf Company section of the building.2019-08-02 02:39:34
A Shark Tank for Shark Week: Coco Beach Surf Company
The 4 Points Sheraton is in the same building complex as the Coco Beach Surf Company so we popped in there for a few minutes to browse and saw the shark tank, dad took some video of it and since this is Shark Week, I thought this might be a good time to upload that footage. It's interesting to see these animals up close but kind of feel sad as they just keep going around in circles. Stay tuned for the escalator inside the Coco Beach Surf Company video plus the elevators at the 4 Points Sheraton coming soon to my YT Channel2019-08-01 02:39:33
Home2 Suites in Richmond Hill GA
One of our stops on the way home from our recent trip to FL2019-08-01 02:39:32
Kone Elevator at Palm Coast Florida Hampton Inn
These seemed to be pretty busy so just took one trip on the one elevator that we got.2019-07-31 02:39:31
Celebrity Car Show including Adam 12, Hot Wheels & Back to the Future
We went to the NC Transportation Museum this past weekend and saw several neat cars. Here's a video clip of several we saw. You can view photos of more cars in the FB album that has the Starsky & Hutch Ford Gran Torino, Griswold Family Truckster, the Bandit's Trams AM plus Herbie along with a few more at this link 02:39:30
Schindler 3300 Elevators at Homewood Suites in Coco Beach, FL
One of the hotels we stopped to explore on our way out of town heading for home.2019-07-29 02:39:29
Schindler Elevator in the Atlantis Building at Kennedy Space Center
While at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, we went into the Atlantis Exhibit building and decided to ride the elevator there while waiting our turn to see the movie presentation before actually going into the exhibit hall which is where the the Atlantis Space Shuttle is on display. Enjoy the photos we took of the craft at the beginning of this video and there is more photos from KSC on my public FB page at for any of you who would like to see more photos of our trip to KSC.2019-07-29 02:39:29
NC Transportation Museum Train Ride Through the Town of Spencer
My grandfather made a donation to PBS station and got several train tickets and this was one that we redeemed over the weekend. The museum had a celebrity car show which we went to and I will be uploading a video of that soon.2019-07-28 02:39:28
For Carson: Kennedy Space Center Special Interest Explore Bus Tour
Our bus tour we took at Kennedy Space Center. It was a 2 hour tour and this video is roughly 37 mins long showing the highlights of the tour. Hope ya'll enjoy this video. Dedicating this video to Carson, a friend that loves the Space Program and has a desire to "occupy Mars" :) I thought a lot about you Carson while visiting the KSC. Below are links for several FB photo albums of pictures we took there. 02:39:27
Kone Elevators at Hilton Hotel in Coco Beach, Florida
These were pretty busy but we managed a short ride on them. I'm thinking these are what the Hampton Inn in Coco Beach fixtures inside the elevators are going to look like once they have been modded2019-07-27 02:39:26
One Giant Leap Celebration at KSC 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing
Just some highlights of the special event we attended at Kennedy Space Center celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing including video of the world's largest moon pie. My grandfather actually worked at NASA during the Apollo 11 Mission (he worked with General Electric behind the scenes on the panels of launch control) so it was a trip down memory lane for him and making new memories with me. It was an interesting event to attend. They not only had food but a presentation with stories from NASA and also historical photos and videos on the big projection screens. We each got a pretty neat goody bag with neat swag items to commemorate this special anniversary. Photos from our time at KSC can be found on my public Facebook Page in several different albums. 02:39:26
Hampton Inn Coco Beach: Room Service & Queen Room
Here is part 2 of our stay at Hampton Inn at Coco Beach which features Room Service & a look at the Queen Room plus shows the Modded Floor Indicator on the one elevator that's in the process of being modded by Kone Elevators. Room service is provided by the Bistro at the Courtyard by Marriott directly in front of the Hampton. For part one of Hampton Tour which includes the new breakfast offerings at Hampton and a tour of King room plus ride on the Delta Elevators, here is the link for that video & also a 2nd take video for another ride on the elevator can be found at this link 02:39:25
Otis Series One Elevator at Coco Beach Suites
Before heading back home, we popped into some of the hotels in Coco Beach to explore the elevators. Here is, I am assuming, a local chain since it is called Coco Beach Suites. They have an Otis Series 1 elevator2019-07-25 02:39:24
Delta Elevator with Dewhurst Fixtures
Here's another take on the elevators at the Hampton Inn in Coco Beach, FL. This one shows the red arrow (the take in the First Look at Hampton Inn in Coco Beach video showed the green arrow blinking while going up. ) Hampton is in the process of getting these modernized by Kone Elevators. One was not working as that is the one they were in progress of modernizing, the other two were working but they were busy so we had to get these takes late at night so we decided to just appreciate the elevator sounds instead of talking. Hope ya'll enjoy the video. I will be uploading the 2nd part of Hampton Inn at Coco Beach with a tour of a queen room and I will show a brief clip of the floor indicator in the lobby that they actually got put in on the one elevator being modernized.2019-07-25 02:39:23
Schindler Elevator at the Hall of Fame: Heroes & Legends at KSC
One of the elevators we rode while at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex2019-07-25 02:39:22
Kone Elevators at Courtyard by Marriott in Coco Beach, Florida
This is right across the Hampton Inn and I believe both hotels are owned by same hotel management group as the Courtyard provides room service to the Hampton Inn plus they have the same signage in the elevators except the brand name of course.2019-07-24 02:39:21
First Look at Hampton Inn Coco Beach, Florida
We went down to Florida for several days to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. My grandfather actually worked at NASA during the Apollo 11 Mission (he worked behind the scenes on the panels of launch control) so it was a trip down memory lane for him and making new memories with me. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Coco Beach and this is an interesting Hampton with 8 floors and 7 of those are outdoor corridor. In this first look at this particular hotel, we show both day and night time views plus a look at the new breakfast Hampton is rolling out at their hotels. A tour of room 809 which is a king room with a balcony and a ride on one of the 3 elevators the hotel has. One was out of commission as they are in the process of being modernized by Kone Elevators. The other two were very busy as the hotel was sold out during the time we stayed but we managed to get a solo ride late at night on the one. I didn't narrate on elevator video as I wanted to give a silent ride to hear the sounds of the elevator since it won't be long before it is modded. I will upload another video from this hotel with a tour of a queen room and that video will feature the other parts of the hotel so stay tuned.2019-07-24 02:39:21
Driving on I Dream of Jeannie Lane in Coco Beach, Florida
This is the road they named in honor of the hit classic TV Show I Dream of Jeannie that starred Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman. The show was about an astronaut who lived in Coco Beach and worked in the Space Program at NASA and on one of his missions, he came across a bottle that had Jeannie inside. Although the show was never filmed in Coco Beach, the town decided to pay tribute to the show and named a street with the show's name. The road is the entrance to the Lori Wilson Park in town. We drove down the lane and thought we would share it here on YouTube in case any fans of the show didn't know about it. Stay tuned as I will be uploading more videos from Coco Beach and Kennedy Space Center's Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing.2019-07-22 02:39:20
13 Million Views Milestone: Full Hotel Tour Guesthouse at Graceland
Celebrating my YouTube Channel hitting the 13 Million Views milestone with a Christmas in July Special. We stayed at the Guesthouse at Graceland over Christmas Break last Christmas and it's taken awhile to get all the footage edited and processed but I think the final product is a video ya'll will enjoy. I have a special guest narrator for most of the tour which adds a unique touch I think plus a couple of laughs. My dad likes to think he's an Elvis impersonator so I let him have the reins on this tour :) We stayed in the center tower on the 6th floor. We had reserved a TCB suite and the GM assured us that it was a TCB suite (that they have varied kinds of TCB suites) although this suite didn't have the TCB logo anywhere in it which to me is kind of odd but that is what we were told. Overall a very nice resort hotel although I think they could learn a few lessons from DreamMore Resort in Pigeon Forge on providing the extras to their guests. Here is our official TripAdvisor review mom wrote for any of you who are interested in reading it.
"This trip to Memphis was part Christmas gift and Congratulations gift for our son who participated in the dual enrollment program where he took a college level math course to earn his high school math credit plus first year of college credit. He finished strong with a A in the math course and to celebrate that, he wanted to go to Memphis and see Graceland all decked out in the holiday spirit. He chose a TCB suite to stay in as this was Elvis' motto. The Guest House at Graceland hotel is very nice and we enjoyed our stay. The beds are very comfy and TCB Suite was spacious, furnished with fridge and living room area and eating table. LOTS of cabinet and drawer space. The shower was very refreshing but the temperature kept fluctuating from time to time. There are two shower heads and I think there must of been a trick to get it to stay at the right temperature for the duration of the shower using those two combinations. Delta's Kitchen was very tasty and had a very reasonable price breakfast buffet which we really enjoyed. EP's Bar and Grill was also very tasty. Shake Rattle and Go has very tasty breakfast pastries and sandwiches but only has limited hours in the morning. Lobby was decked out for the holidays but not like the Hallmark movie portrayed it on the recent movie Christmas at Graceland. We were a bit disappointed that staying at the hotel didn't offer any perks (like Dollywood's DreamMore Resort does for Dollywood) except for the free shuttle to the Graceland Complex. We were also disappointed that there were no night time tours at Graceland for the Christmas season, last tour is at 4pm so you have to get photos of outside decorations from street after dark. Basically it's a nice place to compliment your "Elvis theme" trip to Memphis. Our son was a tad disappointed that the headboard in the TCB suite didn't have the lightning bolt logo on it like it showed on the website but this wasn't a major thing, just something he was looking forward to seeing in the room. The headboard in the room was tastefully done and had accent lights which gave a nice touch to come back to in the evenings."
2019-07-14 02:39:19
My Senior Tribute Video Including Memory Table
This is my senior tribute video that highlights my senior pictures taken by Andrea Coon at the Curio Collection by Hilton's The Foundry Hotel with tribute remarks from some of my teachers that were spoken at a senior dinner before graduation. It also shows me with Asheville Police Officer Davis :) and some of my memory table that was at graduation reception. Hope Academy, the school I graduated from, has uploaded a highlights celebration of their first graduating class which is the class of 2019 :) For those of you interested in seeing that, here is the link to their video #hopek12 #classof2019 02:39:18
Special Thanks to Hampton Inn in Gastonia, NC
Special thanks to GM Kristen Billerman for inviting me to come and see the new renovations at the Hampton Inn in Gastonia. I enjoyed the tour and appreciate all the neat Hilton / Hampton items along with the treats. We first filmed the elevators back in 2011 and my friend Nick has also filmed them. Fixtures are Schindler RT but the elevators are Westinghouse. For those interested, here is the link to my 2011 YT video of the elevators 02:39:17
Happy 4th of July Special: Our Tour of Independence Hall in PA
To celebrate this 4th of July, I decided to upload the video footage of our tour we took of Independence Hall on my Senior Spring Break this year. Happy 4th of July to everyone. May God continue to bless our great country.2019-07-04 02:39:16
Hilton Garden Inn in Gastonia, NC
Otis Elevators with no floor passing tone. Interesting restricted floor light in 1st elevator that has rear door for housekeeping. This is a new Hilton Garden Inn that opened in March of this year, I believe.2019-07-01 03:13:39
Room 328 Tour At The Hampton Inn Black Mt
As most of ya'll know, this Hampton just opened this year and I featured it on my 100th Birthday of Hilton Celebration video. We had extra footage that I didn't include in that video so I thought I would share that in another upload so here it is including another ride on the Otis elevator and tour of room 328.2019-07-01 03:13:39
TJElevatorfan on Access 21 Charlotte (Basic Studio Class)
TJ talks about elevators with his dad as host of the Charlotte Connection Talk Show at the Access 21 studio in Charlotte. TJ and his dad have been taking a training class on Basic Studio at the station for four weekends during June and this video was made as part of that training. Other members of the class were operating the cameras and performing other aspects of producing the show. This show was filmed during the final day of the class on June 29, 2019.2019-06-29 03:13:38
Shout Out To Charlotte NC Branch of ThyssenKrupp Elevators
Special thanks to Kyle Jordan and his wonderful staff at the Charlotte Thyssenkrupp Branch Office for the tour of the office and the elevator modernization at the job site as well as the great gifts.This video highlights the gifts given to me as well as some of the tour that we were allowed to film (some parts of the tour was not filmed via Thyssenkrupp's request)2019-06-28 03:13:37
Holiday Inn Express in North Durham NC
This is another Daly Seven hotel that is in the process of being renovated as you will be able to see when we get to the 4th floor.2019-06-27 03:13:36
Holiday Inn Express In Lynchburg, VA
Original Dover re branded as ThyssenKrupp at this very nice Daly Seven hotel2019-06-26 03:13:35
Another Dover Elevator + Another Holiday Inn Express = A Good Combo
This one is located in In Danville, VA and is owned by Daly Seven Hotels.2019-06-23 03:49:25
Dover Impulse Elevator At Holiday Inn Express Raleigh, NC
Good example of the quality of Dover Impulse Elevators. Quality made to last through the years. This is near the Raleigh Durham Airport.2019-06-23 03:49:24
A Revisit To The Hampton Inn In Fayettevile, NC (Cross Creek Mall)
We first filmed this Hampton over 8 years ago. It is located off Skibo Road. This is the only Daly Seven Hotel in Fayetteville. I believe they used to own the Innkeeper which is now a Days Inn (located next door to this Hampton) but that hotel is no longer owned by Daly Seven. If you're interested in the first video uploads of this Hampton on my YT Channel 8 years ago, you can find the videos at these links :
2019-06-19 03:49:23
Holiday Inn Raleigh Durham Airport
Another Daly Seven Hotel in the Raleigh area. This hotel was fairly busy when we were there so we didn't get too many photos. Nice Otis Series 5 elevators.2019-06-19 03:49:22
Special Graduation Gift From My Pop-Pop
As many of ya'll already know, I was a senior in high school this year and on May 24th I became the very first graduate of my school to walk the stage to receive my diploma. Our class of 2019 was nicknamed the Legacy Class as we were the first graduating class of Hope Academy. My Pop-Pop had told my mom to make sure she arranged something that would honor me when this time came from him and Grandmother Medlin. Some of you may know that he had developed Alzheimer's and went home to be with the Lord last year so this gift is extra special to me that Pop-Pop thought ahead of a way that he could still be a part of this special time in my life. The gift is a Paver Brick at the Billy Graham Library here in Charlotte, NC. The Paver Bricks help support the "ongoing Crusade of spreading the good news of the gospel" which is one of the goals of the BGL and it is also a neat way to commemorate my high school graduation. THANK YOU Pop-Pop (& Grandmother Medlin) I love and miss you!2019-06-17 03:49:22
Upscale SpringHill Suites By Marriott In Fayetteville, NC
This is by far the fanciest SpringHill Suites I have seen so far in this brand. I'm thinking this is the newest look for the SpringHill Suites brand. Nice job, Marriott. Keep up the great work.2019-06-17 03:49:21
TRU By Hilton In Fayetteville, NC
One of the newest hotels in Fayetteville, NC2019-06-15 03:49:20
Schindler MT Elevator At Fairfield Inn In Fayetteville, NC
Went down to Fayetteville today to visit with family and also to take some flowers out to my grandfather's grave. Took a few minutes to explore a couple new hotels plus this one that we saw so we went ahead and stopped in to see what they had. A Schindler MT.2019-06-14 03:49:19
Hampton Inn Raleigh Durham Airport Location
One of our stops over Spring Break while we were in town for the Ham Radio Fest.2019-06-13 03:49:18
ThyssenKrupp Elevators At Fairfield Inn In Mebane, NC
One of our stops out on the road2019-06-11 03:49:17
Schindler RT Elevators At 2nd Hampton Inn In Mount Laurel, NJ
Mount Laurel has 2 Hampton Inns. This one is located on the south side (near Philadelphia) The other Hampton Inn is a Hampton Inn & Suites near Moorestown which I have already uploaded that one.2019-06-11 03:49:16
Delaware Elevator at Hampton Inn In Elkton MD
One of our stops over Spring Break. Interesting Hampton with lobby entrance on 2nd floor2019-06-09 03:49:15
Video Duo: Hilton Garden Inn & Fairfield Inn Triangle Town Center
Doubling two videos in one for this Saturday upload. Both hotels are owned by Daly Seven Hotels. We stayed at the HGI for one night of our Spring Break when we went to Raleigh for the Ham Radio Fest. We have stayed here before and it is one that I recommend if in the area. My grandfather was with us on this trip so we got two rooms. For the room tours, we did the king room with narration but I decided to let the double queen suite tour be just visual with no narration. For the 2nd video, we take a ride on the talking Schindler 3300 which was pretty cool to ride. Special thanks to HGI for the Easter Basket goodies and drinks (it was Easter Weekend when we stayed here)2019-06-08 03:49:15
Schindler MT Elevators At Hyatt Place in Mount Laurel NJ
One of our stops in Mt. Laurel NJ over Spring Break back in April. These were kind of busy so I edited out some of the ride on both elevators as there were people carrying on conversations. Overall I think you get a good feel for these Schindler MT elevators even with the edits.2019-06-07 03:49:14
ThyssenKrupp Elevators At StayBridge Suites In Stafford, Virginia
One of our stops over Spring Break this past April2019-06-06 03:49:13
A Kimpton Brand Hotel In Pennsylvania:The Monaco Hotel
My first Kimpton hotel that I have had a chance to explore. This one is in the Layfayette Building in Philadelphia. We ate lunch at the restaurant which is called the Red Owl Tavern. Very impressive decor and hotel setting. The lobby really didn't have music playing but when you went on the elevators, there was music playing inside the elevators and since I really couldn't hear the floor indicator tone (except for the one elevator that went down to the basement where meeting rooms and bathrooms were) I collaborated the sounds from the one elevator that didn't have the music playing with the visual of the lobby elevator that we rode to start out this video so ya'll could see what they looked like then I end with our full ride in the one elevator that didn't have the music playing with that visual as well. There were a few differences in the lobby elevator and that one. A tidbit of info, this hotel is very close to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. I would recommend the Red Owl if you're in the area. We ate lunch there and it hit the spot after our tour of Independence Hall & the Liberty Bell. A side note I'm glad the one elevator did not have the music speakers because it had a pretty good sounding motor to it plus you could hear the floor indicator sounds. For photos we took, here is the link to FB album 03:49:12
For DieselDucy: 26th Anniversary of Elevator Photography
Dover Classic (Traditional) Elevator At The Hilton Hotel In Raleigh, NC. This is for DieselDucy who as many of ya'll know filmed the elevators at the Hilton in Atlanta, GA 26 years ago and thus the rest they say is history...2019-06-05 02:11:00
SpringHill Suites in Lynchburg VA
Another Daly Seven hotel checked off my list. This is the only SpringHill Suites that Daly Seven has I believe.2019-06-04 02:10:59
Holiday Inn & Express in South Durham
Another Daly Seven hotel that I have visited this past Spring Break. Dover Impulse that has been rebranded as ThyssenKrupp. Nice hotel and nice elevator.2019-06-03 02:10:58
Assembly Inn at Montreat College
This video is for Zoe who will be attending Montreat in the fall. Not sure what brand of elevator because it has been modded already but the floor passing chime sounds like a whistle. Nice hotel in a very neat setting.2019-06-01 02:10:57
Celebrating Hilton's 100th Birthday May 31st 2019
Celebrating 100 years of hospitality, the Hilton way. It was 100 years ago today that Conrad Hilton bought his first hotel called The Mobley in Cisco TX, the rest as they say is history! In celebration of of this remarkable milestone, I am featuring 4 remarkable "by Hilton" hotels in this video. Plus as added bonus, I have footage of the Hard Hat Tour (that I got to go on back in February on my birthday) of a Hampton Inn under construction. Sit back and enjoy this celebration tribute to Hilton which includes 2 Hamptons that are managed by 2 of the best GMS that I know (Andrea Coon & Summer Combs) plus a full hotel tour of the Hilton (which btw is connected to a Homewood Suites) hybrid in Philadelphia PA. #Hilton100 For more info on this important milestone for Hilton, check out their website at 02:10:57
Preview trailer of upcoming celebration video celebrating Hilton's 100th Birthday or Anniversary of Hospitality. It was 100 years ago on May 31st that Conrad Hilton bought his first hotel called The Mobley in Cisco TX, the rest as they say is history! In celebration of 100 years of hospitality; the Hilton way, I will feature 4 remarkable by Hilton hotels in one video. The video will feature 2 Hamptons that are managed by 2 of the best GMS that I know plus a full hotel tour of the Hilton (which btw is connected to a Homewood Suites) hybrid in Philadelphia PA. Enjoy this preview of video coming to my YT Channel on May 31st.2019-05-29 02:10:56
Hotel Tour Of The Fairfield Inn & Suites In Winston Salem, NC
Special thanks to JP and also GM Victor Duarte for the wonderful visit and tour of this great hotel located in the Hanes Mall area of Winston Salem, NC which is the home of Wake Forest University. Victor presented me with a Deacon Statue and JP gave me a Daly Seven Tote Bag full of treats. You can check out my FB photo album for pictures of those at this link. For more info on this hotel, check out theirwebsite at 02:10:55
Courtyard By Marriott In Danville, VA
Daly Seven's only Courtyard Hotel located in Danville, VA. Nice hotel and friendly staff2019-05-21 02:10:54
Downtown Philadelphia Parking Deck 5th Street
2 elevators in this video for ya'll. One is parking deck elevator from parking to pay station and the other one is a scenic elevator that goes up to the Independence Hall Visitor Center.2019-05-14 02:10:53
HT 330A Schindler Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Aberdeen MD
Another one of our stops over Spring Break. Different kind of floor plan for this Hampton.2019-05-11 02:10:52
Hampton Inn & Suites In Edgewood, MD (Aberdeen South)
One of our stops over Spring Break. In the video we were talking about visiting one of the most historic prisons in American history, was was Eastern State Penitentiary located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you're interested in seeing some of the photos we took there, you can visit my FB page and view the pictures at this link 02:10:51
Staybridge Suites Raleigh Durham Airport Location
One of the Daly Seven Hotels we explored over Spring Break2019-05-04 02:10:51
The Virginian Hotel: A Curio Collection By Hilton
This is one of the hotels we stayed in over Spring Break on our way back home. This is part 1 of the video tour. This installment shows exterior, business library plus lobby and gift shop. We ride the ThyssenKrupp Elevators up to room 609 which is a 2 room king suite and one of the rooms that we stayed in. Part 2 will be coming soon to my YouTube Channel and that will feature more of the Virginian Hotel and another room tour. I will be uploading some photos to my Facebook Page probably sometime tomorrow.2019-05-03 02:10:50
US Elevator at Hampton Inn in Danville, VA
One of the hotels we stopped at over Spring Break. Didn't get photos at this one except for exterior and lobby because of there being people in the other areas such as fitness center, etc.2019-05-02 02:10:49
Hampton Inn & Suites in Mt. Laurel, NJ
Over Spring Break, we were 20 miles from NJ so we decided to take a side trip to add another state to the list of states I have visited. We ate supper and explored a few hotels before heading back to Pennsylvania for the evening. This was one of the hotels we explored. Interesting hotel, it seemed like it was new but had one single slide door elevator and one center open door elevator. Both elevator cabs were different wall decor as well. NJ is my 16th state to visit.2019-05-01 02:10:48
Elevators at the National Law Enforcement Museum
On our travels over Spring Break, we stopped in Washington, DC to visit the National Law Enforcement Museum that opened late last year I believe. This is a great museum and if you're in DC, I would recommend going to it. I have uploaded some photos we took here on my FB page and you can see those at this link 02:10:47
Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Just a few video clips that we took of the historic artifact of America's history located across the street from Independence Hall.2019-04-27 02:10:46
Sam's Club Belanger Car Wash in Danville, VA
On one of our stops to fill up the gas tank while traveling, we noticed the Sam's Club in Danville, VA had a car wash which this is the first time I've seen a carwash at a Sam's Club so we thought we try it and see how it did. Overall it did well, although it did leave a couple of bug splats behind.2019-04-26 02:10:45
Scenic Elevator at the Liberty Bell & Independence Hall Visitor Center
Spring Break has been a lot of fun, traveling & spending time with family. We took a lot of videos from the places we went so I will be uploading more videos for ya'll soon. Hope you enjoy them. First up, is the scenic elevator at the Liberty Bell & Independence Hall Visitor Center in Philadelphia, PA. I will be uploading some photos from here on my Facebook Page soon.2019-04-26 02:10:44
Video 2 High School Senior Project
In this 2nd installment, I am putting together some Ziploc Bags of the items donated by Hampton Inns to be ready to give out at Saturday Sharing. This is part of my senior high school project I'm working on. The project is called "Spreading Hamptonality in the Community" The goal of the project is to "be a blessing to others." I am partnering with Saturday Sharing Ministry that helps those in need. As Ambassador of Hamptonality of Hampton Brand, I have reached out to local Hampton Inns & Hampton Inn & Suites hotels to donate some of their mini size toiletries that they provide to guests to the Saturday Sharing outreach ministry that help out the homeless in Charlotte, NC. If you would like more information on Saturday Sharing, you can watch this video about Justin and the ministry he founded.
For more info on the school I go to, you can check out their website at
2019-04-21 02:10:43
Sights and Sounds of Trains & Tractor Show NC Transportation Museum
Spent the day at the 2019 Trains & Tractor Show at NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC with my dad and grandfather. Here are some of the video clips all put together in one for ya'll. Hope you enjoy it.2019-04-06 02:10:42
Nighttime Carwash at Sam's Xpress Car Wash
Kind of a different experience of usual car wash videos, this one was taken at night, not the first one we have filmed at night before but hope you enjoy it anyway.2019-04-05 02:10:41
Special Thanks to Matthew From New Mexico
Got a neat package in the mail from one of my subscribers that lives in New Mexico. Thanks Matthew, I appreciate you thinking of me and sending me these items. It always amazes me how God has used my hobby to be a blessing not only to me but to others. I really do appreciate the gifts, emails and letters I have gotten through out the years from people like Matthew from all over. It's brought connections and opportunities my way that I could never have imagined when I started this YT Channel back when I was nine years old. Again, thank you Matthew for this package and watching my videos. It is appreciated more than words can express.2019-03-23 02:10:40
Tesla - A Hotel Shuttle for The Foundry Curio Collection by Hilton
This video is for Jeffrey who is the one who demonstrated and took us for a spin in The Foundry Hotel's shuttle car. It's a Tesla Model X. Thanks Jeffrey for helping our stay at The Foundry be extra special. You definitely know Hospitality with a capital H! This car features Falcon Wing Doors which makes for a cool effect on opening and closing them. It has a panoramic glass windshield and a huge 17 touchscreen inch display. For the Christmas Show effect, I muted the music out so there wouldn't be any copyright issues. For more information about this latest technology in the automotive world, check out Tesla's website for this particular model at and for more information on The Foundry Hotel, check out their website at 03:50:11
12 Million Views Special: The Foundry Hotel Curio Collection by Hilton
My YouTube Channel hit the 12 million views milestone mark today which is February 28th 2019. Thank you to all my viewers and subscribers for watching throughout the years. I'm dedicating this video to all the staff and teachers past and present of Hope Academy which is the school I'm graduating from in about 3 months. This video features a hotel tour of the new Curio Collection by Hilton hotel in downtown Asheville, NC which is called The Foundry Hotel. It is where I got my high school senior pictures taken by one of my favorite people, Mrs. Andrea Coon. :) The Foundry Hotel has restored the Asheville Supply and Foundry Company buildings which used to be the steel factory that supplied steel for a lot of the prominent buildings in Asheville including the Biltmore Estate. For more info about this unique hotel, check out their website at I hope you all enjoy this video and thanks again for watching. Stay tuned for a couple more videos from this hotel including their shuttle which is a Tesla.
If you're interested in seeing the photos we took here, this is the link to the photo album on my Facebook Page
For more info on Hope Academy you can check out their website here
2019-02-28 23:28:22
Schindler 5500 or 3300 Elevators? Brand New Hilton Garden Inn
Brand new Hilton Garden Inn located at Westgate Mall in Spartanburg SC has some pretty nifty Schindler Elevators. It's hard for me to tell if these are the 3300 or 5500 model. We decided to make a silent ride video on these so the sounds and tone etc could be heard clearly.2019-02-25 23:28:21
Schindler Elevator At Nellie's Southern Kitchen In Belmont, NC
This video is for Mrs. Evans whose birthday is today. Hope you enjoy it. This is a very good restaurant. Thanks for recommending it. Here's a bit of trivia for ya'll. It is owned by Kevin Jonas Sr and Denise Miller Jonas who are the parents of the music group The Jonas Brothers. By the way, I know potatoes is misspelled, I did that on purpose as Mrs. Evans is my British Lit teacher and I just wanted to see if she would notice. :)

For more information on this eatery , you can check out their website at
2019-02-23 23:28:21
Holiday Inn & Express In High Point NC
Another great Otis Series 1 elevator at another great hotel by Daly Seven Hotels.2019-02-20 23:28:20
ThyssenKrupp Elevators At Fairfield Inn In Shelby NC
We stopped in here when we were in the area last month. It's a fairly new hotel I believe. It was kind of busy and the second elevator was turned off for some reason but we did manage to get a full ride on the one elevator.2019-02-18 23:28:20
Tour of Hilton Garden Inn In Greensboro NC (I-40 Wendover Ave Exit)
Our hotel tour with Beth Carman along with JP (from Daly Seven Hotels) at the Hilton Garden Inn including a standard king room and a Handicap Accessible King Suite.2019-02-16 23:28:19
Demo Of Otis Series 5 Elevators Hydraulic Pump in Action
An excerpt of our hotel tour with Beth Carman along with JP (from Daly Seven Hotels) at the Hilton Garden Inn in Greensboro, NC (I-40 Wendover Ave exit) which is right next door to the Holiday Inn Express that we also got to tour and see the Dover Elevator machine room there as well. (You can check out the video of Dover Machine Room at this link ) This video at HGI actually has an excellent view of exactly what happens with the hydraulic oil in the elevator tank when the Otis Series 5 elevators are in motion. Hope you enjoy this and stay tuned for a full hotel tour of HGI coming soon to my YT Channel. Special thanks to JP and all the fine folks at Daly Seven for making us so welcome and giving us a couple of great tours including the opportunity to see hydraulic pumps in action.2019-02-15 23:28:19
My High School Senior Pictures Taken At The Foundry Hotel
I got my senior pictures taken on my 19th birthday at The Foundry Hotel in Asheville, NC by Andrea Coon. Here's some video snap shots that mom took of just some of the places the photo shoot took place in this unique hotel that has the motto that goes along with my school's theme (for their first graduating class of the school) which is based on Philippians 1:6 "And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns." (NLT) #goodwork #handcrafted #hardearned Special thanks to Andrea Coon, Jeffrey Cox and The Foundry Hotel for making a special day for me even more special. Stay tuned for a full hotel tour of this brand new hotel located in the historic buildings of the old steel factory that provided steel for the Biltmore Estate and other prominent buildings in Asheville, NC. The heart of the original 1915 elevator which is one of backdrops we used for my senior photos is on display at The Foundry. I love how they incorporate the old with new through out the hotel. For more info on The Foundry check out their website at https://foundryasheville.com2019-02-13 23:28:18
Hilton Garden Inn in Greensboro NC Airport Location
Another great Hilton Garden Inn owned by Daly Seven in Greensboro NC with the newer Otis Elevators.2019-02-12 23:28:18
Fairfield Inn in Greensboro, NC Airport Location
Another stop in Greensboro, NC. This is also another Daly Seven Hotel. Nice Otis Series 1 elevators. Lobby and other areas were busy so we didn't take any photos inside but overall very nice hotel.2019-02-11 23:28:17
Holiday Inn Express in Greensboro NC Airport Location
Another one of our stops on our recent trip up to Greensboro last month. This is the hotel that I filmed at once before with Trevor (BCElevators) back in 2013 so this is basically a retake video. We popped in to see if there had been any mods to the elevators which there hasn't been which shows the great quality of Otis Series 5 elevators :)2019-02-10 23:28:17
One of the Best Elevator Cab Modernization at Hampton Inn & Suites
This is at Hampton Inn & Suites in Southpark Area of Charlotte NC. This is the same Hampton that I toured with Cannycart back 2011 and a hotel tour with the GM Marcel Hebert in 2012. The hotel has undergone some renovations and when our dryer gave out this past week and couldn't be fixed until the parts came in this coming week Mom came up with idea of making a reservation here so she could get the week's laundry done and I could see the renovations which has been something I have been wanting to do but haven't been able to fit in my schedule yet so we stayed here this past Friday night and did a full hotel tour. I'm told the lobby area is fixing to undergo some renovations next. Overall, very impressive hotel improvements made it even more impressive and classy. Special thanks to Marcel for room location which was right next to laundry room, that was a real blessing! Below are the links to videos mentioned above
2019-02-03 23:28:16
Holiday Inn Express Room Tours (I 40 Wendover Ave Exit) Greensboro NC
This footage is from my recent trip up to Greensboro NC to visit with Daly Seven Hotels and tour the Holiday Inn Express and Hilton Garden Inn on Wendover Ave Exit off I-40. We toured two rooms at HIE with one being a king and one being two doubles2019-01-31 05:01:17
Breakfast at Holiday Inn Express in Greensboro NC
A great selection of breakfast options at this hotel. I enjoyed watching the pancake machine make the two pancakes. This is at the HIE off I 40 at Wendover Ave Exit in Greensboro, NC.2019-01-28 05:01:17
Home2 Suites In Duncan, SC
This is the first Home2 Suites for Daly Seven Hotels. We stopped by this hotel on our way to Memphis over Christmas Break. The first elevator cab's floor indicator kept messing up, I think there must of been a circuit loose. The 2nd elevator cab had the floor indicator working normally. Overall a very nice addition to the Daly Seven Hotels family. For more information about Daly Seven Hotels, you can check out their website at 05:01:16
A Sometimes You Know God Just Winked At You Moment
We have had many God winks in our lives and we just had one happened this week when we were in Greensboro, NC. After a great visit with Daly Seven Hotels and exploring some of their hotels in town, we decided to grab some lunch before heading back home. Dad picked a place called Darryl's Wood Fire Grill and the host took us upstairs and stopped at the elevator cab booth. Amazing how God will wink at you sometimes when you're least suspecting it, just to let you know He cares about the little things as well as the big things in your life. :) Hope you enjoy this little video clip. BTW I do recommend Darryl's Wood Fire Grill, the service and the food were top notch, not to mention the decor. :) You can check out photos we took here on my Facebook Page 05:01:16
Rustic Glass Elevators at Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid
These are another set of elevators at the Memphis Pyramid in Bass Pro Shops. These only go up to level 2. They do have a scenic view and are made to look rustic to go along with the decor.2019-01-24 05:01:15
Let's Take A Look At A Dover Hydraulic Elevator Tank
Thanks to JP, Adele, Charisse along with Robert & little Bart for making this a great visit to Holiday Inn Express in Greensboro, NC on I-40 Wendover Ave Exit. JimLiElevators has filmed here before on his trip to NC several years ago. Stay tuned for a full hotel tour but for now enjoy this little segment where I had the opportunity to go inside the elevator machine room and see the Dover blue elevator tank that houses most of the components that makes this type of elevator work. We then take a ride on the Dover Impulse elevator. For the ones who are interested in the technical side of how everything works, here is several great resource links that I have found useful to understand the world of hydraulic elevators :)
2019-01-23 05:01:15
Video 1 High School Senior Project
As most of ya'll know, I'm a senior in high school this year and I have a Senior Project I'm working on. The project is called "Spreading Hamptonality in the Community" The goal of the project is to "be a blessing to others." I am partnering with Saturday Sharing Ministry that helps those in need. As Ambassador of Hamptonality of Hampton Brand, I will reach out to local Hampton Inns & Hampton Inn & Suites hotels to donate some of their mini size toiletries that they provide to guests to the Saturday Sharing outreach ministry that help out the homeless in Charlotte, NC. Hampton Inn Lake Norman / North Charlotte (Cornelius NC) is the first Hampton that has donated items and Alicia Fisher and some of her team members came out today to help serve alongside of me and Justin Barnes and his Saturday Sharing volunteers. If you would like more information on Saturday Sharing, you can watch this video about Justin and the ministry he founded. 05:01:14
Hampton Inn In Marion AR
We stopped in here on our way back from Dyess AR heading back to Memphis over Christmas Break.2019-01-18 05:01:14
Otis Series 1 Elevator at Hampton Inn in Pell City Alabama
Another one of our stops on our way to Memphis, TN over Christmas Break.2019-01-14 05:01:13
Hampton Inn in Leeds Alabama (near Birmingham)
One of our stops on the way to Memphis over Christmas Break. They had a nice antique bike on display in the lobby. The front desk clerk said that they trade out that display from time to time with items from the motor sports museum in town.2019-01-11 05:01:12
Otis Series 5 at the Hampton Inn in Jackson TN
This was one of our stops on the way home from Memphis over Christmas Break. We ate at Catfish Cabin in Jackson which was a neat place which I would recommend to anyone in the area looking for a tasty bite to eat. Mom took some photos there if you're interested in seeing those photos, here is the link to FB page album 05:01:12