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Hampton Inn & Suites In Hartsville SC
My first Hampton with Schindler 3300 I believe. I have filmed Schindler 3300 before but not at a Hampton.This video is dedicated to JimLiElevators2017-02-26 04:15:23
Home2 Suites in Florence SC - YouTube
One of our stops in Florence SC over my Winter Break2017-02-26 04:15:23
Schindler Elevator In Student Center At UNCW
Nice size Schindler Elevator at UNCW2017-02-24 04:15:22
ThyssenKrupp Elevator In Depaolo Hall At UNCW
Interesting we couldn't tell the indicator lit up for 2 when we were riding this elevator but when I watched the video, I could tell it was lit up.2017-02-23 04:15:22
Otis Lexan In Norton Hall At UNCW
I always like it when we come across an Otis Lexan2017-02-22 04:15:22
Otis Elevator in Randall Library At UNCW
Another elevator we found on the campus of UNCW over my winter break on a Sunday afternoon.2017-02-21 04:15:21
WestBrook Elevator In Deloach Hall At UNCW
We had to ride this one several times since it was a nice find. :) Enjoy!!2017-02-21 04:15:21
Schindler Elevator In Leutze Hall At UNCW
We visited the campus of UNCW over my Winter Break and this is one of the elevators we explored. Stay tuned as I found among the elevators a Westbrook and an Otis Lexan but for now enjoy this nice Schindler.2017-02-20 04:15:21
Otis Hydrofit Elevator At Hotel Florence in SC
This was one of our stops on our way to the beach during Winter Break although weather wise, it doesn't feel like Winter Break. :) Nice hotel in downtown Florence, SC. For more info on this hotel, you can check out their website at 04:15:20
Dewhurst or Otis Elevator At Caravelle Towers at Myrtle Beach, SC?
Not sure what kind of elevator this is but it tends to remind me of some type of Otis. Someone mentioned it could have Dewhurst US91 BB fixtures. I am enjoying Winter Break with an unexpected trip to the beach. We are enjoying family time but also doing a bit of last minute research for dad's upcoming novel, Ripples: Return To Foggy Point Light that will be released this spring. It is the 2nd installment of the science fiction / mystery book series that my dad is the author of. When we filmed this elevator at the Caravelle Towers, dad was thinking of having 2 of the characters in the novel stay at this hotel but in the end, he picked another hotel just a few blocks down from this particular hotel that fit it more with the setting of the scenes for the characters' stay at Myrtle Beach. Foggy Point Light is the 1st installment of the book series and is actually available in paperback or Kindle editions at Amazon. You can also order it online from Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million. For any of you who might be interested in the novel series and what it is about, you can get a free download of chapter one of Foggy Point Light and a free download of chapter 1 of Ripples: Return To Foggy Point Light at 04:15:20
Deluxe (Great Bear) Suite At Great Wolf Lodge
Winter break has started for me and a family tradition of staying at GWL is under way. We were given an complimentary upgrade this time to what I believe is called a Great Bear Suite although I think the lady at the desk might of said a deluxe suite so I am not sure which is the official name for this type of room but anyway enjoy another room tour at Great Wolf Lodge2017-02-15 04:15:19
Retake Of 1971 Dover Elevator In Terrell Building At CPCC
On our recent trip back to CPCC to see the newly modernized (by Southern) Elevator in Central High building, which I was given a call station from that particular elevator by Cubecompmtdx (formerly known as Bikegeekmtdx) we took time to do a couple of retakes of some of the other great elevators at CPCC like this 1971 Dover that has a replacement controller and drive. Hope you enjoy this retake of this pretty interesting elevator that has a lot of character.2017-02-13 04:15:19
One Last Visit To The Kratt Building At CPCC
We went back to CPCC to ride the elevator at the Kratt Building one last time before the building is demolished. Nick had gotten permission for us to go in the building. Nick's channel used to be known as Bikegeekmtdx but now has a new name Cubecompmtdx2017-02-11 04:15:18
Splash Car Wash in Locust, NC
We went to the small country town of Locust to eat at one of our favorite little country restaurant. If you're interested you can check out my instagram photos or Facebook Page for photos from the Old School Fresh House restaurant. We saw this car wash and decided to try it. We got the cheapest wash as we didn't have the right change and the machine was either full or not working to give change so we got the $6 wash which is their cheapest wash. Most expensive car wash at this business is $102017-02-04 04:15:18
Requested Video For Blaze Anderson
Blaze has a birthday coming up on Feb 2nd and he requested a birthday shout out. During the week, my schedule can get hectic with school work so I am going to go ahead and upload his video early. Hope you enjoy it Blaze. Thanks for watching my videos. This is at a Homewood Suites near Charlotte Airport that somehow I had overlooked and never stopped in to explore until this weekend.2017-01-29 04:15:18
Otis Elevator at Horizon Eye Care Huntersville, NC
This is a HD retake of the Otis elevator at Horizon Eye Care. I had filmed it back in 2012 when my grandparents had an eye apt there. I was back the other day and so we decided to film it once again in HD.2017-01-28 04:15:17
Sam's Xpress Car Wash On HWY 29 in Concord, NC
Here is the car wash we went to for my dad's car after all the ice and snow of last week. We have been to a Sam's Xpress before but not this particular location.2017-01-15 04:15:17
Lake Norman Self Serve Laserwash 4000
After the ice and snow we had this past week, we tried out a car wash we hadn't filmed yet up in Cornelius, NC2017-01-15 04:15:16
For Gianni ATL Sky Train Round Trip Plus Otis & Schindler Elevators
Dedicated to Gianni who will be turning 7 on Saturday. I hope you have a great birthday. I put a special video together for you that I hope you will enjoy. First up, round trip on the ATL Sky Train with ems318 plus videos of 2 Otis elevators and 1 Schindler elevator which I hear are the brands you seem to like the best. We have Dieselducy riding with us on the Otis Series 1 located in the Best Western Hotel in Huntersville, NC. The other Otis is a series 6 which is in a little shopping center in Concord, NC. The Schindler elevator is located on the campus of UNCC. Again, I wish you the best for your birthday and thanks for watching my videos.2017-01-12 04:15:16
Homewood Suites In Davidson, NC
Over Christmas break, I was invited to visit and tour the Homewood Suites in Davidson, NC. The staff made me feel very welcome with cake, balloons & a stocking full of goodies. I had a great time after the tour working with Ryan behind the desk for the late afternoon shift. Stay tuned for more videos from here as we got to tour several of the 14 room types that this hotel offers. If you want to see photos we took, you can check out this link For more info on this hotel, check out their website at Their FB page is at 04:15:15
Hampton Inn & Suites Home2 Suites Combo in Huntsville, AL
Here is the video I know some of you have been waiting to see. Sorry for the delay in getting this full tour of the Hampton Inn & Suites and Home2 Suites Combo in Huntsville, AL uploaded. It seems I have misplaced some of the video footage we shot from here (that was on another camera card) so I finally decided to piece what footage I do have on the one camera card of this unique property into a full tour video for ya'll. I think the editing came out pretty well and gives a good impression of both hotels under one roof. If I do find the other camera card, I may upload some of that footage as well but I am happy how this one came out and hope you all like it too. Here is the link to see photos of this property on my FB page, Here is the link to see this property from the highway if ya'll haven't seen the preview video I had uploaded previously for this combo hotel set up 04:15:15
Dover Elevators At Hampton Inn In Newberry, SC
This is the 3rd and last Hampton we stopped at to explore on our day trip to SC on New Year's Eve.2017-01-02 04:15:15
Schindler Elevator At Hampton Inn In Clinton, SC
This is the 2nd of the 3 Hamptons we stopped in to explore on New Year's Eve day trip to SC. Very nice Hampton and Schindler elevators.2017-01-01 04:15:14
US Elevators At Hampton Inn In Simpsonville, SC
Yesterday on New Year's Eve, my family & I decided to take a day trip down to SC and eat lunch at California Dreaming then before heading back to NC, we stopped in Simpsonville, Clinton & Newberry to explore the Hamptons in those towns since I had not gotten to those yet. Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and Day.2017-01-01 04:15:14
Goodbye to 2016 and Happy New Year 2017
Doing something different this year instead of a ball drop. Hope you enjoy this video of fireworks and our visit to the Marriott Marquis to ride the modded Otis elevators with ems318 in Atlanta, GA. Fireworks were from DreamMore Resort at Dollywood's parking lot from this summer's fireworks the night we had gone up to meet elevatorman4272016-12-31 04:15:13
Kone Elevators At Courtyard By Marriott Bristol, VA
This wraps up the videos from Thanksgiving Break & the Tri-Cities2016-12-30 04:15:13
Montgomery Kone at Holiday Inn in Bristol VA
This was from our Thanksgiving trip2016-12-30 04:15:12
Glass Dover Elevators at DoubleTree By Hilton Johnson City, TN
Here is another video from Thanksgiving Break. I have a few left from that trip so I will be working on getting those uploaded between now and tomorrow to finish out the year with. I am still working on a couple of full hotel tours of Homewood Suites in Davidson, NC & the Home2/Hampton Combo in Huntsville, AL which I will upload once I have finished the editing on those.2016-12-30 04:15:12
Otis Elevators At The Hyatt In Asheville, NC
Here's another video from Thanksgiving Break that I hadn't uploaded yet. Nice new hotel in downtown Asheville, NC2016-12-29 04:15:12
BRAND NEW Homewood Suites By Hilton in Concord, NC
This just opened in Concord, NC on Wednesday. For more photos, you can check out my FB page at 04:15:11
Christmas Lights
A sampling of some of the Christmas lights and displays we saw while out riding around in various neighborhoods while dad tested out his new iPhone. I hope you enjoy it but most of all, I wish everyone peace and light and God's best wishes for you in the coming year. Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. I did and I thank God for the best gift of all which is eternal Salvation through his son, Jesus Christ.2016-12-26 04:15:11
MeadowView Resort & Convention Center in Kingsport, TN
Very nice complex and Montgomery elevators at this resort in Kingsport, TN which we stopped at on our day trip up (from Asheville, NC) to the Tri-Cities on Thanksgiving Day. They had a silent auction for charity of Christmas Trees and decorations and had them on display. We took pictures of those items and if you're interested in seeing those, just click on this link to the FB photo album that they are in 04:15:10
Quick Overall View Of Just Some Of The Gingerbreadhouses At Grove Park Inn
As many of you know, we have the tradition of going to Grove Park Inn over Thanksgiving Break, and this month GPI is the special feature on my website for the historic hotel spotlight which can be found at this link Spotlight gives links to various videos we have done at GPI over the years as well as various pictures we have taken through out the years at GPI. This video clip is just a quick showing of some of the gingerbread houses displays from this year's competition. Here is the link (to the photos of this year's gingerbread houses) which can also be found on the spotlight feature on my website. 04:15:10
Carnegie Hotel in Johnson City, TN
Very unique hotel with lots of antique furnishings. Hotel desk clerk told us the building gives appearance of older style but it was just built in 2001. Owners wanted to recreate the look and feel of 1890's hotel with modern conveniences. For photos we took you can check out my FB photo album at more info check out their website at 04:15:09
Carnegie Hotel Parking Garage US Elevator
This is located in Johnson City, TN2016-12-22 01:30:56
Picking Out First Real Christmas Tree
We decided this would be the year to pick out a real Christmas tree. This is a Fraser Fir Christmas tree.Hope you enjoy this video of us picking out the tree and then what it looks like all decorated. Background audio is the live music at the Billy Graham Library Christmas Dinner we attended at BGEA headquaters along with the last selection done by some traditional carolers at the Billy Graham Library. If any of ya'll are interested in photos of the Christmas Dinner at BGEA headquarters, you can check out my FB photo album at this link 01:30:54
Schindler HT 330A Machine Room Up Close
This is an excerpt from a coming soon full hotel tour of the Homewood Suites in Davidson, NC. A big thank you to Ryan for setting this up and for all the staff at HWS for making me feel so welcome.2016-12-20 01:30:53
Cool (Silly) Early Christmas Gift I Got
This is an early Christmas present I got today. I think it is pretty cool.2016-12-19 01:30:52
Elevator At Hilton Garden Inn in Bristol VA
Think this is ThyssenKrupp maintained by United Elevator Services2016-12-19 01:30:50
Hampton Inn In Johnson City, TN
Another video from our Thanksgiving Break2016-12-18 01:30:49
Elevators at Fairfield Inn in Bristol TN
Another stop we made in Bristol, TN over Thanksgiving Break2016-12-16 01:30:47
Montgomery Bottom Dry Traction Elevator W/ Glass View of Motor with ems318
This is at the public parking garage in Marietta Square and one we rode with ems318 right after we ate dinner at Marietta Pizza Company which was really good btw. If you haven't checked out ems318's channel, here is the link 01:30:46
Schindler Elevator at HGI Roanoke, VA
This Hilton Garden Inn has a great view as it is on top of the mountain side near Tanglewood.2016-12-12 01:30:44
Elevator At Courtyard By Marriott In Johnson City, TN - YouTube
This one had a great motor in it. :)2016-12-10 01:30:43
Hampton Inn & Suites Dunwoody, GA With ems318
This is the hotel we stayed at when we went to Atlanta over fall break. ems318 has his version of the hotel tour we took on his channel at 01:30:41
Hampton Inn in Kennesaw, GA With ems318
This was our last stop before we had to head home after visiting with ems318 but not the last upload from our meet up since I am not uploading the videos we did in order. If you haven't checked out ems318's channel, here is the link 01:30:40
ThyssenKrupp Elevators At The F airfield Inn Columbia, TN
This was one of our stops in Columbia, TN2016-12-07 01:30:38
Kone Elevators At Embassy Suites In Huntsville, AL
One of our stops in Huntsville, Alabama over fall break. Main lobby elevators has interesting fixtures. Parking Garage elevator more typical of Kone fixtures and indicators.2016-12-06 01:25:07
ThyssenKrupp Elevators at Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Roanoke
I had a email request to upload a separate video of the elevators at the Hampton Inn & Suites downtown Roanoke, VA so here you go Dustin hope you enjoy it. To see the other videos I have uploaded at this hotel, check out the following links:
2016-12-05 00:55:24
Homewood Suites in Christiansburg, VA
This is a new hotel in the Christiansburg area. We stopped in briefly to explore this hotel on our way to Roanoke back in November. Very nice hotel with Schindler 330A elevators.2016-12-05 00:55:23
Otis Elevator At The Hampton Inn in Kingsport, TN
Another one of our stops on our visit to the Tri Cities over Thanksgiving Break.2016-12-04 00:55:21
Otis Elevator At Hampton Inn in Bristol TN
One of our stops over Thanksgiving Break2016-12-03 00:55:20
Coming Soon: A Tour of 2 Hilton Brand Hotels Under One Roof
This is located in Huntsville, Alabama and where we stayed at when we went there on my fall break. This is a 2 Hilton Brand Hotel that features a Home2 Suites on one side & a Hampton Inn & Suites on the other. A very neat concept in the hotel industry that is becoming popular.2016-12-03 00:55:18
National Wheel O Vator Acessiblity Lift at MeadowView Resort
MeadowView Resort is located in Kingsport, TN and is a very nice place to explore. I will be posting photos on my FB from here soon and uploading the elevators here in a separate video2016-12-02 00:55:17
A Warm Roaring Cozy Fire
This was the fire in the fireplace right near our table tonight at dinner and it was a nice roaring fire and I thought that it would make for a good video for the ones who like to watch fire in fireplace videos.2016-12-02 00:55:15
Dover Elevators at Hampton Inn in Marietta, GA With ems318
This was on my list of places I wanted to go when we visited Eric over my fall break in Georgia. I don't think the other elevator was working that night.2016-11-30 00:55:14
Celebrating 7 Years Of TJElevatorfan YouTube Channel
That's right, today marks the 7th year of my TJElevatorfan YouTube Channel. We celebrate with a full hotel tour of the Hampton Inn & Suites in downtown Roanoke, VA on top of the Market Parking Garage with Andrew (AKA Dieselducy.) Special thanks to Tara Talerico who is the assistant GM for a great visit and tour. Also a big thanks to all my viewers & subscribes for a great 7 years. It's been an exciting journey of dreams coming true & discovering many friendships. You know, I gave Andrea Coon a statue from her favorite movie, the Wizard of Oz, one year for Christmas, that stated "It's not where you go (in life) , it's who you meet along the way." The Lord has truly blessed this YouTube Channel of mine in so many aspects that I could never even have imagined in my wildest dreams; and I am so thankful for that. The best compliment one can ever receive is to be told that they have been a blessing. I am truly honored & grateful to have been told in so many letters & emails written to me over these past 7 years that my YouTube channel has inspired and been a blessing to others. So thanks again to all my viewers & subscribers for being such a blessing to me. I appreciate all of you. I had a request from Kerry Miller to dedicate this Hampton Inn & Suites tour to him so here you go Kerry. For more information on this hotel, you can check out their FB page at and for additional footage of this hotel, check out my 7 Million Views Celebration video at this link 23:57:27
A 2016 Revisit To Elmwood Parking Garage With Dieselducy
We revisited the Elmwood Parking Garage this fall with Andrew (AKA Dieselducy) and this was my first time riding it since it had been modded by ThyssenKrupp Elevators. We feature both night time and day time rides on this elevator and during the daytime ride, we get a great view (from the 5th level) of the Hampton Inn & Suites on top of the Market Parking Garage which btw stay tuned as tomorrow will mark my 7th anniversary here on YouTube and I will be uploading the full hotel tour of that Hampton as part of that celebration video.2016-11-29 23:57:26
ThyssenKrupp Elevator At Holiday Inn Express in Columbia, TN
We made a day trip from Huntsville, AL to Columbia, TN on our fall break. This was one of our stops in Columbia.2016-11-28 23:57:24
ThyssenKrupp Elevator At Springhill Suites With ems318
Atlanta Airport at ATL Skytrain Gateway Center Hotel Station with ems318. The memory gave out on the ride down so we didn't get that part on video.2016-11-28 23:57:23
Quality Inn (former Microtel Inn & Suites) in Bristol, VA
Finally made our way up to the Tri Cities and thought we would stop in here to see this hotel as Andrew (AKA Dieselducy) had given me a room key and card re-entry sign from here several years ago. BTW the Red Bull machine is still gone. :)2016-11-27 23:57:21
Hampton Inn in Abingdon, VA
We finally visited the Tri Cities over Thanksgiving break and even went a little further to Abingdon, VA to visit this Hampton Inn there.2016-11-26 00:12:40
Hilton Garden Inn in Downtown Asheville, NC
Very nice addition to the hotels in Asheville, NC. This hotel has talking Otis Series 7 elevators. One has a basement floor which is housekeeping and 6th floor R opens up to a kitchen for staff who have the special code.2016-11-26 00:12:38
Otis Elevator Series 7 in Downtown Asheville, NC Parking Deck
There's a new Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Asheville, NC. This is the parking deck right beside it.2016-11-25 00:12:37
Historic Chimney Elevators at Grove Park Inn - YouTube
Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving. I'm spending it with my family in the mts. Tonight, we went over to the GPI and had dinner and previewed the gingerbread houses on display for this year's competition. Of course, I had to take time to ride the historic chimney elevators and discovered that these have new modernized cabs, the fixtures and gates are the same but the flooring and walls & even the ceiling are newly refurbished.2016-11-23 00:12:36
Kone Elevators at Hampton Inn in North Chattanooga, TN
Another stop on our fall break. These were pretty nice, not often you find Kones at a Hampton but I am finding more of them within the last few years.2016-11-22 00:12:35
Pretty Fast Dover Elevator At Marriott In Huntsville, Alabama
This hotel is located very near the US Space & Rocket Center and after a fun German dinner under the Saturn V & exploring the exhibits, we stopped in here to check out their elevators. They were pretty busy so the footage here is basically one full ride and then a little bit of our 2nd ride (most of 2nd ride was too busy that didn't really make for a good video) No exterior photo as the one we took came out too blury and we didn't notice it at the time so we didn't get a retake on it.2016-11-21 00:12:33
Atlanta Airport MARTA Station Elevator with ems318
Here is another quick video from the meet up with Eric. We'll call this a double upload Sunday since I just uploaded our ride from Dunwoody to Lindbergh Center on MARTA a few mins ago.2016-11-20 00:12:31
MARTA Ride From Dunwoody Station to Lindbergh Center Station
Another video of Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, AKA MARTA. This was from the meet up with ems318. This video is our ride from Dunwoody Station to Lindbergh Center Station. Thanks to ems318 for filming some of this footage.2016-11-20 00:12:30
For Sean Juth: Hampton Inn in Madison, Alabama
Sean Juth requested a shout out so here you go. While we were in Huntsville, AL over fall break, we took a short drive over to Madison, AL near the Huntsville Airport and discovered the Hampton Inn there had kind of a different lay out than most Hamptons. It looks like 2 separate buildings that have been joined together. I believe that it used to be something else and then was turned into a Hampton Inn. I thought we had more video footage from here but for some reason, I can't find it on the card that the elevator video is on so it might be on another card that I have misplaced for the moment. The elevator looks like it has been modded by Otis & I'm not sure what it was before then. Sean, maybe you know since you are in Huntsville area.2016-11-19 00:12:28
Celebrating 7 Millions Views Milestone: Vintage 1920 Otis Elevator & A Sneak Peek
A special thank you to my viewers & subscribers for 7 million views milestone that was reached today on my YT Channel. We celebrate with a double video. First up, the 1910 Vintage freight Otis elevator located in Huntsville, AL at the Lowe Mills building. 2nd video is a detailed sneak peek of my 7th YT Anniversary Special of the Hampton Inn & Suites located in downtown Roanoke, VA on top of the very famous Market Parking Garage. Hope you all enjoy this special video upload that features Dieselducy and the assistant GM of the Hampton, Tara Talerico2016-11-17 00:12:27
For rebel1701 Elevator in International Space Station Payload Operations Center
Rebel1701 I know you said you had always wanted to go to the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama so this video is a shout out to you. This is the elevator located in Payload Operations Center for International Space Station which was a part of the bus tour of Redstone Arsenal Air Force base. As a bonus, I included a few clips from the bus tour. Most of the tour there was no video taping allowed but was allowed on certain parts of the tour. I hope you enjoy it. rebel1701 I believe you have already but for the ones who haven't and are interested in photos we took, you can check out my FB page at the following links for the different albums. Biergarten Celebration Outside Exhibits US Space & Rocket Center Bus Tour Highlights
2016-11-16 00:12:26
A 2016 Revisit To Dieselducy's elevaTOURS (International) Elevator Museum
On my recent trip to Roanoke, VA, we stopped in to revisit this very famous museum of elevator parts. It has grown a lot since my last visit. Dieselducy gives us some great info on some very rare pieces in his collection in this video. For a flashback to see how this museum looked the very first time I visited it which was back in 2010, you can click on this link here (& go to 3:29 in that video) & for more flashback memories of something other than elevator parts featured in the museum can be found in these videos at Also be sure to check out the Facebook page for this museum at & Dieselducy's website at 00:12:24
Hampton Inn in Lenoir City, Tennessee
One of our many stops over fall break. This one had interesting call button combination on the 2nd floor.2016-11-14 00:12:22
Hampton Inn in Kimball, TN
This was one of our stops over fall break. This is also the 161st Hampton I have uploaded to Youtube so far.2016-11-13 00:12:21
Hampton Inn Outdoor & Indoor Corridor Options in Alabama
This is a shout out to Elevatorman247 Productions who lives in Huntsville, AL (I did not know that at the time we were there or would have tried to meet up with him) He has done a hotel tour at this Hampton Inn, here is the link to that video if you want to check out his video and channel. This is a unique set up as this has an indoor corridor building within the complex although most of the hotel rooms are part of the outdoor corridor part of the property.2016-11-12 00:12:19
Dieselducy's Honda Reflex Scooter Fall Ride In Blue Ridge Mountains
This is the extended version of the footage we filmed of Dieselducy driving his scooter motorcycle on a fall Sunday afternoon in the Blue Ridge Mts near Roanoke, VA.2016-11-11 00:12:18
Mill Mountain, Roanoke Mountain Loop Road & Dieselducy's Scooter Motorcycle
We went up to Mill Mountain last Sunday and met Dieselducy up there where I got to ride on his scooter motorcycle and enjoyed God's beautiful creation of the blue ridge mountains. We also went to Roanoke Mountain overlook where you can see the back of Mill Mt and see the top of the back of the Roanoke Star. Just one of the highlights of my weekend trip up to the star city of the south. For more info on blue ridge mountains overlooks, see the links below:
2016-11-10 00:12:16
Hampton Inn & Suites in Scottsboro, Alabama
This was the first Hampton Inn that we stopped at and filmed in Alabama over my fall break.2016-11-08 00:12:15
Market Parking Garage Elevators 2016 w/ Special Guest Dieselducy
This past weekend I went back up to Roanoke, VA to visit with Andrew and to stay at the new Hampton Inn & Suites on top of the Market Parking Garage. As most of you all know Market Parking Garage elevators are pretty famous in the "elevator world" on YouTube and to have my favorite brand of hotel built on top of this parking garage is just perfect! Enjoy this video that highlights the garage's elevators and shows the Hampton Inn & Suites from the 6th level of the parking garage with special guests Dieselducy & also Tara Talerico who is the Assistant GM of this Hampton on the back elevator ride. Stay tuned for a full hotel tour that includes a top floor corner suite that has a great view of Mill Mountain & the Roanoke Star. Be sure to check out Hampton Inn & Suites FB page at 00:12:13
Hampton Inn & Suites + Market Parking Garage Preview
Exterior view of the hotel we have been waiting for is now finally open and I am so excited to be a guest at the newest Hampton Inn & Suites in the Star City of the South. The Hampton Inn & Suites on the top of the Market Parking Garage. Stay tuned for full hotel tour with Dieselducy & Tara.2016-11-05 17:03:25
Hampton Inn in Columbia, TN Has An Otis Series 1 Elevator
Over fall break, we made a side trip to the town of Columbia, TN mainly for my mom who wanted to go eat at Marcy Jo's Meal House. She is a big fan of Joey + Rory's music and Marcy Jo's is the restaurant that Joey had started with her sister in law Marcy and was featured on the Joey + Rory TV show on RFDTV. While we were there, I of course had to check out the local Hampton Inn :) For the ones who are interested in Marcy Jo's or are a fan of Joey + Rory, you can check out our video of Marcy Jo's and the drive by we did of their homestead at this link and my FB photo album at 17:03:24
Kone Elevators at Hampton Inn Cleveland, TN
This was another one of our stops on fall break.2016-11-03 17:03:22
CSX Train in Marietta, GA
This is a train we got on video right after we ate a delicious pizza at Marietta Pizza Co with ems318 in downtown Marietta during my fall break. Eric, feel free to add the specific details of the train in the comments below :)2016-11-02 17:03:21
Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, GA with EMS318
It's November 1st and this month will mark my 7th Anniversary being on YouTube. I uploaded my first YT video back on November 30th 2009 and with November being known for reflections on what one is thankful for, I wanted to start off this month with a double feature for my viewers as my way of saying thank you for watching through out the years and I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I enjoy making them. The first upload today was the Hampton Inn & Suites in Hampton Cove (Huntsville, AL) & this 2nd upload is from the meet up with ems318 who is just one of many fellow YouTubers I have gotten to know over these last 7 years. Be sure to check out his channel, 17:03:19
Hampton Inn & Suites in Hampton Cove
This is one of the Hampton Inns that we checked out while staying in Huntsville, AL over fall break. This one is located about 12 miles from the US Rocket and Space Center.2016-11-01 17:03:18
Hampton Inn in Fort Payne, Alabama
Very nice Hampton Inn in Fort Payne, Alabama. We stopped in this town to see the statues of the boys from Ft. Payne (Alabama's Randy Owen, Teddy Gentry & Jeff Cook) get a bite to eat and of course I wanted to check out the Hampton Inn before going on our way to Atlanta, GA. If you want to see photos of the statues and where we ate at in Ft. Payne, check out my FB photo album at 17:03:16
A Quiet Elevator Ride
Today is Sunday so I thought it might be nice to upload a quiet ride on the elevator we took at HIE which is right next door to the Hampton that I uploaded last night. Enjoy.2016-10-30 17:03:15
First Hampton Inn I Have Visited That Has An Atrium
This one is located in Athens, TN. We stopped in on our way to Alabama. This Hampton Inn does have an outdoor pool but was already covered up for the winter, business & fitness centers were busy so we didn't get a photo of those like we usually do.2016-10-29 17:03:13
A Ride on Marta With ems318 Guest Videographer
One of the things we did in Atlanta, GA with ems318 was to take a ride on Marta, while riding on the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Eric offered to film with our camera so this video is excerpts of our ride from Lindbergh Center to the airport. Thanks ems318 for filming this and again thanks for being a great friend.2016-10-29 17:03:12
Hampton Inn in Huntsville, Alabama Arsenal Location
I had a request from Eric Thomas who is a follower of my public FB page for a shout out video so Eric, this video of one of several Hampton Inns in Huntsville, AL is for you. Hope you enjoy it.2016-10-28 17:03:11
For All The Joey + Rory Show Fans: Our Visit To Marcy Jo's
Mom has been wanting to go here for several years and when we were just a little over an hour away when we went to Huntsville, AL for my fall break, we made a side trip up to TN to eat breakfast at Marcy Jo's. This is where the Marcy Jo's cooking segment of the Joey + Rory show was filmed. It's a great place to eat and it was a treat to meet Marcy. For photos we took here, you can check out my FB photo album at this link and for more info on this place, check out Marcy Jo's Facebook at 17:03:09
ThyssenKrupp Elevator at Comfort Suites in Rome, GA
On our way from Fort Payne, AL to Atlanta, GA, my grandfather needed to get out and stretch his legs for a minute so I took a moment to check out the elevator at the Comfort Suites in Rome, GA.2016-10-27 17:03:08
Elevator at the Visitors Center in Huntsville, Alabama
Special thanks to I believe it was Gina & I'm so sorry I can't remember the other nice lady's name who both were very helpful with information about Huntsville and who also pointed me to Lowe's Mills for their vintage Otis freight elevator which that video will be coming soon, I promise. If you want a sneak peek of that one, check out this link & for more info on Huntsville, AL and their Visitor's Center which I highly recommend for information and money saving coupons and tips about the area's local attractions, check out their website at 17:03:06
Marriott Atlanta Airport Gateway with EMS318
Here is another video from the visit with ems318 for more info about this hotel, you can check out their website at 17:03:05
Elevator At The Davidson Center For Space Exploration
Over fall break, we went to Huntsville, Alabama to visit the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Davidson Center For Space Exploration is part of that complex. We went there and ate a German Cuisine dinner under the Saturn V that is on the 2nd floor in that building. To see photos we took of that event and the exhibits they had, you can click on this link to my FB photo album To see the outside exhibits at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, click on this link to my FB photo album of those pictures
2016-10-19 17:03:03
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport Sky Train With EMS318
Over fall break, I finally got to meet ems318 and we explored MARTA, the Sky Train at the airport plus did some elevator filming including a hotel tour of the Hampton Inn we stayed at while in Atlanta. First up in my fall break series is a video of the Sky Train's Kone elevators plus the ride from the south entrance to the car rental stop of the sky train. If you haven't checked out ems318's channel, here is the link 17:03:02
A Thought For The Day
Just a little video to express the thought that there is always a flame of Hope burning somewhere in the world. Remember we are all living beings and if we all would #ChooseKindness this world would be a lot better place to live in for ALL.2016-10-02 17:03:00
For Willevator: Another Take of Kone Elevators at The Ark Encounter
I've had a couple of people requesting any additional footage of the Ark Encounter and their Kone Elevators that I have. Here is the take of the ride my mom & I did by ourselves. This is dedicated to Will who likes to watch my videos. Hope you enjoy this video, Will. Thanks for watching and hope to meet you one day. For more info on the Ark Encounter, go to their website at and if you want to see the other videos I have on YT on Ark Encounter, you can check out the links below:
Video Photo Slide Show Kone Elevators
2016-09-28 17:02:59
Home2 Suites Near The Charlotte Douglas Airport
This is another new Home2 Suites in Charlotte, NC. We rode the one elevator twice as they were not very busy at the time we went and for some reason the other elevator was not running.2016-09-27 17:02:58