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Schindler MT Elevator at Hampton Inn&Suites in Raleigh/Cary NC I-40
I was acting a bit silly with my voice on this one. I do that when I get a bit tired and this was one of our last stops last time we were in this area. This elevator has a non typical Schindler tone. Overall very nice elevators & hotel to explore. :) You can check out my FB page for more pictures taken at this hotel. 23:02:03
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Hampton Inn&Suites in Kodak, TN
This one is right on the outskirts of Sevierville, TN. You can check my FB page for some pictures we took around the hotel. :)2013-04-14 22:28:11
Double Queen Suite Tour&Roof Top Visit at Hampton Inn&Suites in Mooresville, NC
Special thanks to Vicky Gunther GM for taking us on this "before look" tour. Hope you enjoy this series on this Hampton Inn&Suites. Stay tuned for the "After look" videos coming soon.... :)2013-04-14 00:47:15
US Elevator at the Holiday Inn Express in Dandridge, Tennessee
This was a pretty neat elevator. It ran smooth. I like the US fixtures&Instant Door Close feature - I like that too. :)2013-04-13 16:05:20
For Schindlerman96: Enclosed Dover Elevators @ Park Vista Hotel in Gatlinburg, TN
This is the first of 2 videos for Schindlerman96 who gave me some great recommendations for the Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge area including this place. :) These elevators are located right across the main glass lobby elevator bank. Also in this video clip, you will get to see a view of the Space Needle from Park Vista&the drive down the mt. road from Park Vista. Hope you enjoy it.2013-04-13 01:11:24
For My Great-Aunt Avis: The Birds Sanctuary at the Park Vista Hotel in Gatlinburg, TN
At the start - we see a glimpse of some groundhogs that were outside near the parking lot of the Park Vista Hotel. This video is for my Nana's sister Avis who loves birds&also for any others out there in YT land who enjoys bird watching. :)2013-04-12 18:58:27
Road Footage from Gatlinburg to Pigeon Forge (Dollywood Theme Park)
Here's more driving footage for all of you who like road footage. We go through another tunnel in this clip as well.2013-04-12 16:10:57
The New Hampton Inn&Suites Downtown Raleigh, NC w/ Kone Elevators
This video is for VKolaProductions who requested a Kone Elevator video :) Thanks to Rolando Hernandez (Front Office Manager) for allowing Tony to take us on a tour of a King Studio Room. This is a cool looking Hampton which opened in December 2012. You can check out my FB page at for more photos of this hotel.2013-04-10 19:24:22
For Connorelevator2011: Otis Series 5 Hydraulic Elevator at Hampton Inn in Greensboro, NC
This is at the new Hampton Inn in Greensboro, NC. These were pretty busy at the time we went and we had to do several takes but managed to finally get a good one by ourselves :) This HI was originally going to get elevators like the Hampton Inn in Columbia, SC Fort Jackson area but went with these instead. BONUS FOOTAGE of the ELEVATOR MACHINE ROOM at the end. Stay tuned for hotel tour w/GM Karren Grissom&sales manager Rachel Amelkin :)2013-04-10 15:52:50
Full Hotel Tour of the Hilton Garden Inn in Raleigh, NC (Triangle Town Center)
SPECIAL THANKS to Daily Seven Management Development Corporation for my complimentary stay at Hilton Garden Inn in Raleigh Triangle Town Center :) It was a great stay!!! Thanks also to the Hilton Garden Staff for being so nice and for the "Easter Basket" full of goodies :) For more info on Daily Seven, check out their website at & for more info on hotel check out their website at Hilton Garden Inn Raleigh Triangle Town Center2013-04-10 06:10:23
Outdoor Glass Otis Elevator at Hampton Inn in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
This is my first outdoor corridor Hampton Inn. It was pretty nice. Lobby had been recently renovated.2013-04-09 18:42:51
For Rebel1701: Road Footage on Interstate West 40 Crossing into TN from NC
This is for Rebel1701 and anyone else who likes road footage :) This is driving west on I-40 from NC to TN Welcome Center. Hope you enjoy it. For the ones who likes driving through tunnel videos, we do have that included in this footage.2013-04-09 08:35:54
Custom Glass Dover Impulse Elevators at The Park Vista in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Schindlerman96 has filmed these also. These were neat custom Dovers. They ran pretty smooth too. :) The Park Vista Hotel overall was a neat hotel to explore. You can check out my FB page for more photos we took around the hotel. Stay tuned for another video that includes the enclosed Dover (non glass) elevators that they have there also.2013-04-09 00:15:05
Hoffman Hotel: Gaston County Museum of Art&History Otis Series 1 Elevator
This is a very unique museum to learn & explore. It is free admission & also has a gift shop. A special thanks to Jeff Pruett for allowing us to come and film this elevator which is all we were allowed to film actually inside as there is no video/photo taking allowed in the Museum and Carriage House. You can visit the Gaston County Museum of Art & History's website for more info at & You can check out my Facebook Page of the pictures we did take outside of the museum which also includes the Anne Biggers Furr Learning Station (Old Train Depot Station) which has a red caboose train car on display right beside it.2013-04-07 19:46:49
Dover Impulse Elevator at Comfort Inn Apple Valley Sevierville, TN (Pigeon Forge)
This is a hotel that I have stayed at with my grandparents, aunt & uncle back when I was much younger. We stopped in for old time's sake so I could refresh my memory on that (I remember it from dvd video footage mainly) here is the video link to that footage if ya'll are interested in what the rooms looked like back then. 03:27:02
Manager's Favorite Room at the Hampton Inn&Suites in Huntersville, NC
Thanks to GM John Lynch&Tim Hoffman ( Head of Maintenance) for the wonderful tour. In this clip we ride the Otis Series 5 Elevator and then tour the room that is John's favorite of all the rooms in the hotel. Stay tuned for the full hotel tour coming soon. :)2013-04-06 03:21:28
A Video for Dieselducy: Dollywood's "Real Live" Steam Locomotive Coming into the Station
Thought Dieselducy would like this clip of the steam locomotive at Dollywood coming into the station :) For more info on these trains you can check out Dollywood's website fact info at Dollywood Express Fact Sheet2013-04-06 01:19:20
Miss Lillian (The Chicken Lady) at Dollywood's Original Song for TJElevatorfan&Hampton :)
I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Lillian who is known as the Chicken Lady at Dollywood. She has written a song for me and my love of elevators and also mentions Hampton in it. She performed it live for me when we stopped by her place at Dollywood. I tried a little chicken dance with my tongue :) Be sure to like her Facebook Page at Miss Lillians Facebook Page2013-04-05 22:21:23
Anybody Recognize this Famous Car?
It's the car with a mind of it's own! You gotta love that! Herbie the Love Bug located at the StarCars Museum in Gatlingburg, Tennessee. I had gotten a Herbie DVD collection for Christmas last year and really enjoyed the movies so mom and dad thought I might want to make a stop here and see a life size replica of Herbie this past week when we were on vacation in Tennessee for Spring Break.2013-04-05 17:48:29
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Dandridge, TN
stopped here on our way to Sevierville / Pigeon Forge Tennessee2013-04-03 05:18:29
A Very Special Thank You to Dieselducy for the Cool Florescent Light&Starter
Hope you enjoy this video clip of what Dieselducy gave to me for my 13th Birthday. First part of video was filmed when we were at Hampton Inn Tunnel Road in February for our meet up there. The 2nd part is the unboxing of the faster starter he sent me to go with this Florescent Light. :)2013-04-02 09:27:44
Dover Impulse Elevator with White light up Call Button&Fixtures at the Doubletree by Hilton
This was a neat hotel to explore. This used to be a Hilton and now is a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Raleigh-Durham Airport at Research Triangle Park.2013-04-01 23:19:10
A Very Special Gift from a Very Special Person
A HUGE THANK YOU to ANDREA COON!! You made a very special birthday (13th) even more special by the thoughtful gifts you gave to me. I appreciate it so much!!!! I will upload how it turns out after being framed. :) For the ones who may of not seen the elevator dedication ceremony - here is the link to that video :) 18:24:08
Hampton Inn&Suites in Huntersville, NC won the 2012 Lighthouse Award :)
Congratulations to GM John Lynch and his wonderful staff on being one of the winners of the Lighthouse Award that the Hampton Brand gives out. For more info on this award, you can check out Hampton Inn Newsroom and for more info on the hotel itself, check out their website at Hampton Inn and Suites Huntersville2013-03-31 22:01:41
Very Interesting Find at Hampton Inn&Suites in Raleigh, NC / Crabtree Valley Mall
Happy Easter to all. Here is a treat I believe you will enjoy. These are very similar to the Otis Gen2 with Machine Roomless Gearless system Elevators at Hampton Inn & Suites in Columbia SC / Fort Jackson but these do have a room that says Elevator Equipment (unlike the ones in SC) & they don't have the machine room on the inner doorframe on level 6 (like the ones in SC do) but they run & look very similar to each other in every other aspect including the fixtues. These were pretty busy today so we didn't get a good long video like we wanted to but when we are back in the Raleigh area - I plan to go back here to ride these again. BTW, this is a very COOL Hampton Inn & Suites. Take a moment to check out my FB page for photos of the hotel - you will not believe the pool set up! You can also check out the website and FB page for the hotel too. See URL links below :)
Hampton Inn and Suites Raleigh Crabtree Valley
2013-03-31 06:20:43
A 2013 Visit to the Hampton Inn&Suites in Mooresville, NC
In this video clip - we tour a king whirlpool suite with the general manager Vicky Gunther who recognized me in the lobby of her hotel when mom&I went to check out the renovations that this Hampton Inn&Suites has recently undergone and was very kind to take time out of her busy schedule to give us a tour. This is the first of 2 rooms we toured with Vicky and will become part of the before room renovation series video tour. Vicky told us that they are in the process of getting new furniture for the rooms to go along with the rest of the hotel's new look. We will be going back to get an after room renovation video tour when they are ready. In the next video from this Hampton, we will tour a double queen suite and go on the roof top so stay tuned....2013-03-27 21:15:39
Schindler Elevator HD Retake at the Wingate Hotel in Mooresville, NC
Decided to get an HD retake of this Schindler elevator at Wingate while we were in Mooresville recently.2013-03-25 22:18:46
New Schindler HT Elevator at the New Candlewood Suites in Mooresville, NC
This was a very nice Candlewood Suites. I will be posting pictures of the hotel on my Facebook Page at This video is for DRaminfard who requested a video shout out. Hope you enjoy it. For more info on this new hotel in Mooresville, check out their Facebook Page at Suites Mooresville Lake Norman2013-03-24 04:14:42
HD Retake of Otis Elevator at Hampton Inn&Suites in Mooresville, NC
Bonus photo slide show of new renovations made to this Hampton Inn & Suites along with a peek inside the elevator machine room. Stay tuned for another video coming soon of my visit with the General Manager of this hotel. :) If you want to see what the hotel looked like before renovations, check out my flashback four part video series from 2009 located in this playlist Flashback Playlist2013-03-23 08:19:41
Flashback 2009 Video of Hampton Inn&Suites in Mooresville, NC Part 4 (of 4)
This is the last installment of the flashback series of this Hampton Inn which has under gone a major renovation. I decided to go searching for some of the video clips we filmed back in 2009 that I have never uploaded to YT before as it was taken on my dad's phone camera I believe and it's not the best quality as I had to convert it to a mpg format to even play right but here you go for a before look of this hotel...2013-03-23 02:55:36
FLASHBACK 2009 of Hampton Inn&Suites in Mooresville, NC Part 3
This Hampton Inn has gone under a major renovation so I decided to go searching for some of the video clips we filmed back in 2009 that I have never uploaded to YT before as it was taken on my dad's phone camera I believe and it's not the best quality as I had to convert it to a mpg format to even play right but here you go for a before look of this hotel...2013-03-23 02:39:21
FLASHBACK 2009 Video of Hampton Inn&Suites in Mooresville, NC Part 2
This Hampton Inn has gone under a major renovation so I decided to go searching for some of the video clips we filmed back in 2009 that I have never uploaded to YT before as it was taken on my dad's phone camera I believe and it's not the best quality as I had to convert it to a mpg format to even play right but here you go for a before look of this hotel...2013-03-23 02:30:11
FLASHBACK 2009 Video of Hampton Inn&Suites in Mooresville, NC Part 1
This Hampton Inn has gone under a major renovation so I decided to go searching for some of the video clips we filmed back in 2009 that I have never uploaded to YT before as it was taken on my dad's phone camera I believe and it's not the best quality as I had to convert it to a mpg format to even play right but here you go for a before look of this hotel...2013-03-23 02:20:50
Sneak Peek of Hampton Inn&Suites I-26 Asheville Airport Visit with Dieselducy
A sneak peek of the wonderful visit we had at this Hampton Inn&Suites with Dieselducy! It was so much fun! Stay tuned for more videos including full hotel tour :)2013-03-22 04:26:35
Downtown Inn in Asheville, NC with Dieselducy
This was my 2nd visit to these elevators but first for Dieselducy and my dad never saw the inside elevator when we went the first time, he only saw the outside elevator. Here is the link to my first video of these w/ a view of the vending machine room and a view of a room that the door was open because housekeeping was still in the process of getting it made up 22:58:29
Vintage Westbrook Freight Elevator @ The Depot in Gibson Mill
You never know what you might find at an antique mall...Sadly this elevator is no longer working but it was still a neat find. I enjoyed checking it out, that's for sure :) You can check my FB page for more photos of this vintage elevator. 23:18:59
For Car Wash Channel: Laser Wash Touch Free Washaroo Express
Hope you enjoy it. :) Off of Harris Blvd & Rocky River Road in Charlotte, NC. We said Grier Road in video but we were mistaken, it's actually Rocky River Road. Be sure to check out 23:53:31
Dover Elevator in the Vanderbilt Wing of Grove Park Inn with Dieselducy
This one access guest floors and has a little bit of the bird chirp but it is not very loud.2013-03-16 20:46:46
Dieselducy's First Ride in Grove Park Inn's Historic Chimney Otis Elevator
I had to do some audio editing on this clip as the conversation of the first group we went up with did nothing to add to the video so that is why you hear part of a conversation twice. I left the sounds of the elevator in so ya'll could see how smooth and quiet the elevator does run. This elevator was pretty busy and you will be able to tell that sometimes I wasn't paying attention to my filming but overall I think it gives a pretty good impression of Dieselducy's first encounter with this historic elevator. We did get another video of this elevator's twin in the 2nd chimney on Sunday before heading out to go home and it was less busy then so we got a better video of that one and I will be uploading it at some point. These elevators are in Ripley's Believe It Or Not. To find out more info about these elevators, you can check out my earlier video of the operator sharing facts about it. & also if you want to see what a room in the historic inn looks like, you can check out this special video that also features the historic elevators again as well as giving you a view of a room. If you want to see the video that has video clip of the room we actually stayed in, check out this video You can go to my facebook page at where I also share a link to a video there that WRAL did of these historic elevators and check out my photo albums of the pictures we have taken at GPI over the years. :)2013-03-15 18:07:44
Grove Arcade Service Otis Elevator in Asheville, NC with Dieselducy
It was fun exploring Asheville with Dieselducy.2013-03-14 19:12:42
A Room Tour of 307 at the Hampton Inn Tunnel Road with Dieselducy
with bonus footage of demo of my new safe I got from mom & dad for my birthday back in February. :) If you want to see more photos of the safe, just check out my FB page at and look under the photo album 13th Birthday2013-03-13 20:35:33
Early Birthday Surprise Video for ems318
YouTube User ems318 has an upcoming birthday on the 18th which is next Monday. I thought I would surprise him with an early birthday video. :) Hope you enjoy it ems318. If you haven't checked out his YT Channel - be sure to, he's got some really good videos and he's also got a new Facebook Page so be sure to check that out as well. I might upload the footage I took on the Hamptonality Flip Camera (here at this Holiday Inn Express) on your actual birthday ems318 :) & 15:33:19
Older Otis Series 1 Elevator at the Legal Building in Ashville, NC w/ Dieselducy
We meet a Grapefruit enthusiast in this elevator :) Notice the Blue phone too.2013-03-11 18:54:02
Revisit to Very Fast Schindler (400A?) Elevator in Parking Deck in Kannapolis, NC
Only thing left with any battery power was dad's iPhone after the car show in Kannapolis we went to today. For pictures of the vintage cars - check out my FB page at We have already filmed this one before but it has been several years. I think this might be a 400A - what do ya'll think?2013-03-10 06:47:31
Double Video Saturday @ Grove Park Inn w/ Dieselducy
Feel like celebrating as my Winter School 5 States Projects is finally finished and turned in so today I am uploading 2 elevators in one video :) They are the Sammons Wing Thyssenkrupp Elevator&Sammons Parking&Guest Floors Dover Elevators at one of my favorite places in Asheville, NC. To see the Dover Elevator before it was modded, check out my 2006 memories of GPI video which will be posted as video response to this video. :)2013-03-09 16:54:45
Fun in the Shuttle Van in Asheville, NC w/ Dieselducy&Hampton Inn Guests
Streetcar1743 this is for you! Thought we had more footage than this of the shuttle van but this is all I could find. It was taken on my dad's iPhone. :) If you're wondering what Andrew meant by "because he's hot..this is why we're hot" check out this link & you'll understand. :) 22:00:59
Mini Tour of SpringHill Suites w/ Schindler MT Elevators
Here's a mini hotel tour of the pool, fitness and guest laundry along with a ride on the very nice Schindler MT Elevators. We couldn't find the business center if they had one - may of overlooked it in the lobby area though. This hotel is located in Charlotte, NC near Harris Blvd.2014-02-15 20:10:37
Nice Older Otis Series 1 Elevator @ 22 Pack Square Jackson Road w/ Dieselducy
This elevator was a might slow and even though the people who work in the building didn't seem to like it, I thought it was a pretty nice elevator. It has NICE CLASSIC OTIS LEVELING! :) Bonus view at the end of video of the nice MPE :)2013-03-05 20:20:32
Glass Dover Traction Elevator at the Grove Park Inn w/ Dieselducy
Here is another elevator we rode with Dieselducy at GPI :) It was pretty busy at the time we rode it but hope you enjoy it :)2013-02-28 16:29:47
Vintage Otis Elevators at City Building in Asheville, NC with Dieselducy
Hope you enjoy this - I know Dieselducy & I enjoyed it. :) If you are ever in the Asheville area, be sure to make a stop at the City Building as they not only have these vintage Otis elevators but they also have a neat free exhibit on the first floor that honors the history of the various USS Asheville Ships & the Navy crews that called these ships home. You can check out my facebook page at and look under the album 2013 Meet Up with Dieselducy for photos of this exhibit :)2013-02-27 00:22:05
Dover Traction Relay Control Elevator at Grove Park Inn w/Dieselducy
I am so glad I got a chance to show Dieselducy this grand resort hotel. This is one of my favorite places in Asheville. I have been coming here since Kindergarten. You can search my channel for more videos that we have taken throughout the years at GPI.2013-02-25 15:58:20
Full Hotel Tour of the Hampton Inn on Tunnel Rd w/Dieselducy
You all know how I feel about this particular hotel but did you know that this Hampton Inn is the winner of the 2012 H.O.T.T. Award which stands for Hospitality Over The Top. I believe that what makes this hotel so special is Andrea Coon (GM) & her fine Hampton team & I bet now that Dieselducy has stayed here and experienced the Hamptonality from these fine folks himself, he would agree with me on that fact 100% :) For more info on this hotel, check out their FB page at or their website at & of course you can check out my FB page & website for pictures :) Also be sure to check out Dieselducy's FB page at 18:17:14
Full HomeWood Suites Tour in Asheville, NC w/Dieselducy
Special thanks to Andrea Coon (GM Hampton Inn Tunnel Rd) for setting this tour up for us & also to Richard Collins who is the assistant GM at HWS for taking the time to show us this great hotel. For more info on this hotel check out their FB page at HomewoodSuitesAsheville or their website at north-carolina/homewood-suites-by-hilton-asheville-tunnel-road-AVLHWHW for more info on Lewis the Duck en/about/lewis-the-duck.html. You can also check out my FB Page for photos we took at and also check out Dieselducy's FB page at 23:46:26
Preview of Winter Break Fun in Asheville, NC w/ Dieselducy
This is a short preview video clip of the fun we had in Asheville, NC. Special thanks goes out to Andrea Coon for setting up the hotel tours for us&just for being the special giving person that she is. Stay tuned for some more videos of hotel tours and vintage elevators :)2013-02-22 06:56:30
Behind the Scenes Tour w/ GM Shasta Ketchie of Hampton Inn in Concord (Kannapolis) NC
Special thanks to Shasta Ketchie and her wonderful Hampton Staff for all they do. Every time I have visited this great hotel, they have welcomed me with open arms. I really enjoyed getting to tour the hotel with Shasta and getting to work behind the desk with Brianna and Peyton after the tour. :) For more info on this Hampton Inn, you can check out their Facebook Page at HamptonInnConcordKannapolis & their website at north-carolina/hampton-inn-concord-kannapolis-CLTCDHX2013-02-21 18:41:40
Dieselducy's First Ride on Rare Otis Series 6 Elevators w/ bonus Tour of Machine Room
located at Homewood Suites in Asheville, NC. Special thanks go to Richard Collins who is the assistant GM who gave us a wonderful tour of this hotel. Thanks to Andrea Coon (GM of Hampton Inn Tunnel Rd in Asheville) for setting this tour up for us as well. :) Stay tuned for a full tour of this fine hotel. For more info about this hotel, visit their website at & their facebook page at HomewoodSuitesAsheville2013-02-19 06:15:17
Vintage Otis Elevator at Flat Iron Building in Asheville, NC w/ Dieselducy
spending Winter Break in Asheville, NC w/ Dieselducy. Having a great time showing him around this beautiful place. :)2013-02-16 06:13:54
Unboxing the DoubleTree by Hilton Cookie Tins from Cannycart
These cookies sent to me by Cannycart are from the Christie Cookie Company who makes the DoubleTree by Hilton Cookies :) Thanks Cannycart for thinking of me and my family. We will enjoy these :) For more info on the Christie Cookie Company & DoubleTree, check out their websites. & about/cookie.html Also be sure to check out Cannycart's YT Channel and Facebook Page 00:31:31
A Hampton Roof Top View Birthday Video for BCElevators&Gluse
Today is the birthday of these 2 elevator filmers so here's a video to wish them both a happy birthday. This is the video clip from the roof top of the Hampton Inn in Concord (Kannapolis Area) NC. Hope you enjoy it. :) You can check out this Hampton's Facebook page at ConcordKannapolis2013-02-12 00:39:22
A Sneak Peek of Hampton Inn Hotel Tour in Concord (Kannapolis Area) NC
I got to go on a full hotel tour with the general manager Shasta Ketchie at this great Hampton Hotel on my 13th birthday :) I could not have asked for a better present than getting to go on the tour with her and then getting to work behind the desk with the fine Hampton Staff :) To see photos of this great hotel you can visit my facebook page at and you can also visit this Hampton's facebook page at ConcordKannapolis Stay tuned for full hotel tour coming soon....2013-02-09 22:07:00
A Special Thank You&Interesting Mail I Have Gotten :)
First up a special thanks to Patrick Richmond (Streetcar 1743) for the neat hard hat he sent to me for my birthday, be sure to check out his YT channel if you haven't done so yet. 2nd is the 2013 Hampton Brand Strategy Plan Magazine which has a nice article about me and the Hampton Inn Tunnel Road in Asheville, NC :) To see pictures of the magazine article go to my facebook page at :)2013-02-05 21:08:51
For JoshCraver9000: HD Retake of Otis Elevator at Hampton Inn in Rock Hill, SC
While in SC this past weekend, we stopped in at the Hampton Inn in Rock Hill to do an HD Retake of the elevators. They had changed the elevator cab as it used to have wood panel which I think I liked better than what they have in the cab now.2013-02-04 23:07:56
Video of My Radio Interview with Duncan McFadyen on WFAE 90.7 FM
Thanks to Duncan who invited me to come for an interview on his Morning Edition Show on WFAE. This is the video footage that mom and dad took during the interview. This was my first time being interviewed for radio. It was fun but as you probably can tell, I was a little nervous. You can hear the actual interview on WFAE's website @ 11:55:21
For Elevatorama: More Elevators at the Blake Hotel in Charlotte, NC
Thanks to Elevatorama for letting me know about these being opened. Check out his YT Channel. He's got some really good videos. These elevators are located in the section that has been closed every time we have been to the Blake Hotel so this was my first time riding these :) I am not sure what brand but think maybe Montgomery Kone but not sure. BE SURE to watch the 2nd elevator we ride as it seemed to be super fast going up and had awesome motor sound with very slow closing doors.2013-02-04 01:46:17
Requsted Retake&Another Great Mod Job by Thyssenkrupp Elevators
This was requested by YT User 55466244. These were originally Otis when we first filmed these back in 2011. The cab itself looks pretty much the same except for the phone and fixture panel and of course the grocery beep and lobby indicators. This time we were actually able to go all the way to the roof which was neat as last time floor 9 was the highest we could go without a key card. Will post the first video of these when they were Otis as video response. Hope you enjoy.2013-02-03 08:11:25
Plaza Hotel Classic Dover Traction Elevators Modded by Thyssenkrupp Elevators
Plaza Hotel is in process of renovations which includes the wonderful Dover elevators they used to have. I really liked the Classic Dover but I think TKE did a great job on the mod. I believe these are Mad fixtures w/ the grocery beep. Notice call button lights up red but inside fixtures are blue along with the floor indicators. I will post the video we did of these elevators when they were Dover as a video response to this one.2013-02-03 03:11:28
Tour of Radio Station WFAE 90.7FM with Duncan McFadyen
I was recently interviewed for radio station WFAE 90.7 FM Morining Edition Show with Duncan McFadyen. The interview has not aired yet. We will let you know of the scheduled air date & time when we find out. :) This is footage from the studio tour we got after our interview was taped. I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to check out WFAE's website at & their facebook page is also you can check out my facebook page for pictures that we took at WFAE. 16:46:29
Requested HD Retake of Schindler Elevators at Ballantyne Hotel in Pineville, NC
I found this retake footage on a camera card that I just recently found and was going through to see what was on it. This was actually taken a couple months ago. Someone had requested us to do an HD Retake of these elevators. I believe Cabs&Surfaces Inc. refurbished these cabs. I'm sorry I do not remember who actually requested this video but here you go.2013-01-27 00:54:44
Road Footage to Asheville, NC: From Our December Trip 2012
For all you who like road footage clips. Here is one from last December (2012) when we went up to Asheville, NC right before Christmas. It was trying to snow but never really did a whole lot but you can see some of it while we were driving. I have been kind of busy lately with a major school project that includes 5 states so I haven't had a lot of time to film or edit videos lately but I do have some exciting things happening in February for my YouTube uploads so stay tuned for more details...2013-01-27 00:07:13
A Unique Tour of the Hampton Inn at Lake Norman
Special thanks to Jessica Piotrowski and her Hampton Team Members along with Travis Dancy from Visit Lake Norman for making this visit so memorable for me. I hope you enjoy watching this as it has been a challenge to get this video processed & uploaded with over 10 failed attempts & 2 unsuccessful uploadings. I believe the problem was that for some reason the individual video files on the flip camera somehow got corrupted because when we plugged the flip camera into the computer, we got an error message asking us if we wanted to fix flip camera before proceeding any further. On a couple of the files there is a little bit of the audio track missing although it is not much and then some of the video clips would not play. For more info at Visit Lake Norman, check out their website @ & for more info on this Hampton, check out their website @ 01:44:52
Visit Lake Norman & Hampton Inn in Cornelius, NC Celebration
Visit Lake Norman & Hampton Inn in Cornelius, NC teamed up together to make my visit to meet Jessica Piotrowski & her Hampton Team Members extra special. For more info on Visit Lake Norman, check out their YT Channel, Facebook Page & website at Hampton Inn website is I will be uploading the Full Hotel Tour sometime tomorrow as I am still in the process of putting that video together :)2013-01-12 20:41:31
Sneak Peek of My Visit w/ the Hampton Team in Lake Norman (Cornelius, NC)
It was a treat to get a full hotel tour of this Hampton Inn w/ the General Manager Jessica Piotrowski & her Hampton Team. In this video clip which is just a sneak peek of that visit we ride the Dover Impulse Elevator going up "Hampton Style" and we also get a look at the Elevator Machine Room & the Hydraulic Pumps. :) I have to say a HUGE thank you to JP and her fine staff for such a warm welcome and also to Travis Dancy of Visit Lake Norman for the neat certificate that they presented me with yesterday. For more info on this Hampton, check out their website at & for more info on Lake Norman, check out Visit Lake Norman's website at To see pictures we took of this visit, check out my FB page at and stay tuned for upcoming video of the hotel tour we took :)2013-01-10 19:44:32
A Duo of Otis Elevators in Blythewood, SC
1st one located at Comfort Inn&the 2nd located at Holiday Inn Express. HIE had interesting locks on their doors.2013-01-03 22:41:53
A Dover Elevator Video for Cole: Best Western in Columbia, SC Fort Jackson
Cole - hope you enjoy it.2013-01-02 02:32:46
Happy New Year! Hampton Blue Ball Drop Welcomes 2013
Here's how we welcomed 2013 :) Hope you enjoy it. Blessings to all my viewers and subscribers for a wonderful 2013! . Thanks for watching my videos. I appreciate all of you.2013-01-01 05:55:17
Sneak Window Peek of Preparations for Hampton Blue Ball Drop for 2013
This is just a sneak peek of the preparations that we have for our countdown to the new year 2013. Actual countdown ball drop video will be full screen. This is just a sneak peek window prelude. :)2013-01-01 04:44:19
Double Video: 2 Holiday Inn Express&Suites Hotels with Thyssenkrupp Elevators
Both in Columbia, SC. One in the Fort Jackson area and the other one located on Two Notch Road off I-77. I believe the elevators on Two Notch Rd have been modded. I'm not sure but it could have originally been a Dover (note the Dover buzz) also, I think the hotel might have originally been a Sheraton before HIE.2013-01-01 00:54:12
Dover Elevator at the Wingate Hotel in Columbia, SC
Nice white door with gold on fixture panel side. Wood on the back&sides of cab.2012-12-31 08:01:25
Otis Elevator at the Country Inn&Suites in Columbia, SC Fort Jackson Area
Gotta love my dad even if he still doesn't know Otis Series 2 and 1 apart. :)2012-12-31 07:14:54
Dover Elevator at the Sleep Inn in Columbia, SC Fort Jackson Area
Dover Impulse that still has the bumper&nice cab2012-12-31 06:19:24
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Fairfield Inn in Columbia, SC
Signa42012-12-30 03:45:11
Schindler Elevator at the Courtyard by Marriott in Columbia, SC
The hotel was being renovated on top floor.2012-12-30 02:05:05
Center Open Series 5 Oits Elevator at the Residence Inn in Columbia, SC
These were kind of neat as you don't see center open much in hotels - sometimes you do but not often. I liked the interior of the cab also.2012-12-29 23:26:12
For Zachary in Minnesota: Otis Elevator at Holiday Inn Express in Brevard, NC
This is for Zachary whose 6 years old and likes to watch my videos. I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas to you from me. :)2012-12-29 21:08:39
For Streetcar1743: Hampton Inn Shuttle Ride among other highlights from Tunnel Road
Streetcar1743 this video is for you and also Dieselducy. It shows Hampton Inn's Tunnel Road Christmas Decorations & then me with Reggie hamming it up for the camera then me & Kenneth getting some work done ending up with the part you & Dieselducy might like which is a ride out to McDonald's to get a McRib for dinner in the Hampton Shuttle van. :)2012-12-29 20:01:08
A Tour of The Inn at Brevard Historic Landmark
A very nice historic Inn filled with lots of history and antiques. The owners were very nice in allowing us to explore their Inn. Very charming. Hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas everyone. For more info on this Inn, check out their website at www.theinnatbrevard.com2012-12-28 04:55:11
Shout Out to Streetcar1743
Thanks for the package of info and also here is some more footage of the Hampton Inn Shuttle Van. This one is filmed in the daytime when we got picked up from our lunch at Cracker Barrel :)2012-12-28 01:56:37
Flashback Video: 2009 Me Exploring Hampton Inn Tunnel Road for the 1st Time
Found one of my old dvds that had this footage on it. This is the first time I explored Hampton Inn Tunnel Rd in Asheville, NC. We were in town for the ACSI Spelling Bee. This is for Andrea Coon&her Hampton staff. This is before the hotel got renovated so it looks pretty different now. :)2012-12-27 04:39:41
First Test Video of my New iPod 4th Generation
One of my Christmas presents this year. Testing it out on the way to my Nana&Papa's on Christmas Day. Not a direct upload though, I formatted it through Corel VideoStudio Pro x5 to make it right side up.2012-12-26 19:54:03
Hampton Inn & Suites in Columbia SE Fort Jackson, SC Tour
Huge thanks to general manager John Carpenter for taking us on a behind the scenes tour of his wonderful new Hampton Inn hotel. We go on to the roof and we also get to see the Mechanical, Telephone & Electrical rooms. We got to tour several room types plus kitchen and the back patio where they have a very nice grill and pool & fitness areas. For some reason, we missed out filming the front patio where they had a fire pit which is very nice. I hope to go back soon as I was feeling under the weather when we were there but didn't want to postpone the trip. Be sure to check out their facebook page at I also had a request to upload the segment where John is discussing specifics of the elevators so stay tuned as that is at the end of video. You can also check out my facebook page for more photos on this neat hotel. Some of the material in this full hotel tour may have already been uploaded in separate videos but we had both mom and dad filming so it is from a different perspective somewhat. :) The elevator scenes at the end are the same as the video of them uploaded already but in this clip, it has the extra audio of John discussing the specifics of the elevator system. That was really the best video we got of the elevators. The other clips we had gotten of the elevators has people getting in and out on various floors so we decided not to use that part of our footage . Hope you enjoy it. pages/Gen2Elevator.aspx?menuID=22012-12-26 08:05:14
Christmas 2012 Countdown from the Past or the Present: 2 Days to go
A Brevard Hampton Inn Christmas. We stopped by here on our way home from Asheville, NC this weekend. It was an older style Hampton but still very nice and also had a few Christmas decorations. Shows lobby, breakfast area plus outside pool which was closed for the season and also the fitness center after taking a ride on their Otis elevator. :) For more info on this Hampton, you can check out their website at www.brevard.hamptoninn.com2012-12-24 04:23:14
Requested Video: Otis Elevator in Independent Service at Hampton Inn Tunnel Road
Andrea Coon along with my parents&I ride the elevator in independent service up to the top floor then back down. I'm sorry that I can't remember who requested us to do this video. I looked through several emails trying to find your name but couldn't find it. If you send us another email - we'll put your name in the description :) Thanks Andrea for letting us do this, it was lots of fun and we also enjoyed having dinner with you at Longhorn tonight.2012-12-23 03:44:06
Sneak Peek of Hotel Tour of Hampton Inn Columbia Southeast Fort Jackson
Planning on uploading this FULL BEHIND THE SCENES Hotel Tour on Christmas Day. Here is a little sneak peek of it. We are touring room 202 which is a King Size Suite with the general manager, John Carpenter. Both mom and dad were filming and this is the clip that dad filmed.2012-12-22 21:28:20
Christmas 2012 Countdown from the Past or the Present: 3 Days to go
My very own Blue Hampton Christmas Tree from Andrea Coon&Hampton Inn Tunnel Rd Asheville, NC. :)2012-12-22 05:38:41
Christmas 2012 Countdown from the Past or the Present: 4 Days to go
This is one of my favorite Christmas Decoration Toys that I have been given. I got this when I was a baby and it's a tradition to get him out every year. This Frosty is sound activated. When a loud enough noise that the sensor can pick up occurs, he will automatically start singing&moving. Simple but cute. Somethings I guess you never outgrow like the classic Christmas cartoon characters like Frosty and Rudolph.2012-12-21 15:26:09
Christmas 2012 Countdown from the Past or the Present: 5 Days to go
Merry Christmas from Home2 Suites in Charlotte, NC. I had a blast learning the walkie talkie and doing room checks today. Thanks Juan & Toni for inviting me to come by and for the Christmas gifts. For more info on Home2 Suites in Charlotte, NC check out their website at 04:36:19
Otis Elevator at the McColl School of Business at Queens University in Charlotte, NC
This one had a rear door that opened us on more than one floor. For more info on Queens University & McColl School of Business, check out their website at 05:29:25
Christmas 2012 Countdown from the Past or the Present: 6 Days to go
Video is some of the angels on our tree and audio is my classmates&I along with other classes at our school singing in Latin for our Christmas Program Rehearsal and in Christmas Chapel today.2012-12-19 23:01:54
Christmas 2012 Countdown from the Past or the Present: 7 Days to go
This is from the past. I think it is from 2001 and it shows some Christmas lights we saw on our way to see Santa (it was really my dad who was playing Santa at his work's Christmas party) who gives me a Santa Bear. :) I decided to hold off uploading this one earlier in the evening because I wanted to feature Hampton's new Hamptonality video that they had uploaded earlier this afternoon in their series. It is a pretty good one if you haven't seen it. Check it out. This may be a day late depending on when mom uploads it for me which will be after I have gone to bed.2012-12-19 06:11:44
Christmas 2012 Countdown from the Past or the Present: 8 Days to go
This is a short clip of the main lobby's Christmas Tree at Grove Park Inn plus another one of the many Christmas Trees they have along with Grand Prize Winners from 2 different years of the Gingerbread House Contest. I also added a few more hotels Christmas Trees that didn't make it in the 16 days countdown video of the hotel Christmas trees in SC. In addition, there are 2 neat fireplaces that adds to the atmosphere of the Winter season :)2012-12-18 00:59:40