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Scenic Otis Elevator Mod by Thyssenkrupp? at Glenstone Lodge in Gatlinburg, TN
This is one of the hotels where mom and dad stayed back in 1999 when it used to be the Holiday Inn Sunspree. This elevator has a very nice ceiling & interesting cab shape with fixtures panel. Classic Otis leveling - we like that and it still has the Otis beep. :) For more info on this hotel, check out their website at & their FB page at 19:08:21
Older Otis Elevator Series 1 Valley Forge Inn in Pigeon Forge, TN
This one has red floor indicators. Another installment of the videos that Schindlerman96 has filmed. Be sure to check out his YT Channel & new FB page at & 10:01:14
Lobster Tank Watching at Red Lobster
What to do when waiting for a table at Red Lobster? Watch the lobsters in the tank. :) My favorite dish at RL is the Lobster Pizza and of course the Cheddar Bay Biscuits. For more info on RL, check out their website at www.redlobster.com2013-07-13 02:17:24
Requested Road Footage: Interstate 40 East&Hwy 411 East (Tennessee)
I was asked if I had any road footage from our recent vacation in TN. This is footage of us on our way back to NC but this is not the last of the videos from TN. :) We go through 2 tunnels on I-40 which that footage is shown 1st. On Hwy 411 we go past the Bush Baked Beans Visitors Center (which was not opened because it was on a Sunday) Hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned for more elevator videos from Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge :)2013-07-12 18:19:28
Blink Happy Otis Series 1 Fixture at Landmark Inn in Sevierville, Tennessee
with Cannycart. Take note of the number 1 fixture on the way down from the top floor.2013-07-12 05:08:40
Scenic Otis Elevator at the Spirit of Smokies Condo Lodge in Pigeon Forge, TN
With Cannycart. According to my parents, this used to be the Heartlander Resort years ago when Alan Jackson had his Showcase Restaurant right beside it but is now the Spirit of the Smokies Condo Lodge. Elevator has been vandalized as you can tell but other than that a pretty nice elevator.2013-07-11 23:38:55
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at The Resort at the Crossing in Pigeon Forge, TN
Center open door and interesting call buttons and fixtures on this one. I believe Schindlerman96 has filmed this one but if it the same one he has filmed then it looks like it has been modded since then.2013-07-11 09:48:38
Nantahala Gorge Water Rapids
Nantahala Water perfect for rafting located at the Nantahala Outdoor Center2013-07-11 04:57:06
King Whirlpool Suite 301 at the Hampton Inn in Sevierville, Tennessee
This is the suite we stayed in earlier this year. For more of the actual hotel tour click on this link Hampton Inn Sevierville Hotel Tour. If you are ever in this area - I would recommend this hotel. :) Interesting fact - Dolly Parton grew up in Sevierville. You can find out more info about this great city at & for more info on this actual Hampton you can visit Hampton Inn Sevierville Web Site2013-07-10 06:45:07
Unboxing Package from Kris at Kone Elevators in Charlotte, NC
HUGE THANK YOU to Kris from Kone Elevators in Charlotte, NC for sending me all of these cool Kone Gear items. I appreciate it very much. Be sure to check out Kone Elevators at & you can check out my FB page for pictures of these items :) at 00:39:25
Thyssekrupp Elevator at Trentham Place in Gatlinburg, TN
Here's another one we came across after lunch at Pancake Pantry on our last day of vacation before heading back towards home :) You can check my facebook page for a picture of the plaque in case you want to read what it says in Gatlinburg Photo Album. Pretty neat history of this particular location in Gatlinburg :) 22:12:12
Scenic Otis Elevator at Riverside Motor Lodge in Pigeon Forge, TN
with Cannycart. This is another installment of the series of elevators that Schindlerman96 has filmed before. Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel. Otis Series 1. We stopped and filmed this as we were making our way back to the Hampton Inn for the evening.2013-07-09 08:03:52
Glass Dover Impulse Elevator at River Chase Motel in Pigeon Forge, TN
With Cannycart. It was fun being out this late :) This is another installment of the elevators that Schindlerman96 has filmed. :) For more info on this motel check out their website at You can also check out my FB page for pictures we took here at & be sure to check out Cannycart's website at www.cannycart.net2013-07-08 22:24:03
Thyssenkrupp Elevators at Sheraton Hotel Greensboro NC
With BCElevators. Another set of elevators at the Sheraton Hotel Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC. These serviced up to the 5th floor only&have been modded.2013-07-08 16:32:06
Southern Service Elevator at the Cultural Center for Visual Arts
with BCElevators in Greensboro, NC. Be sure to check out his YT Channel at & his FB page at 18:10:14
Dover Thyssenkrupp Elevators at Whispering Pines Condos in Pigeon Forge, TN
Another installment in the series of Elevators that Schindlerman96 has filmed. :) Be sure to check out Schindlerman96 YT Channel & NEW Facebook page at For more info on the Whispering Pines Condominiums, check out their website at To see a tour of one of the condos that Schindlerman96 filmed, click on this link: Schindlerman96 Tour2013-07-06 22:30:51
Custom Otis Elevators at O'Henry Historic Hotel in Greensboro, NC
with BCElevators. Very nice designed cab and neat hotel to explore. For more info on this fine hotel, you can check out their website at & check out my FB page for more pictures that we took at 13:38:19
Thyssenkrupp United Elevator Services at Midtown Condos in Gatlinburg, TN
With Cannycart. This was a pretty nice elevator. One of the few elevators I have seen that had a fire service panel with full instructions for that. Nice grey and gold colors like Cannycart mentions. There is also a good view of Park Vista from this location especially in the daytime.2013-07-06 05:57:01
Dover Impuluse Elevator at Old Creek Lodge in Gatlinburg, TN
A lot of fun on this warm day in the mountains filming with Cannycart. Nice handrail and bright red door. For more info on this hotel you can check out their FB Page & website at & www.oldcreeklodgegatlinburg.com2013-07-05 05:35:41
Happy 4th of July 2013: Exploring Doubletree by Hilton with BCElevators
Footage of us exploring the Doubletree by Hilton in Greensboro, NC. For more info on this hotel, you can check out their website at Doubletree Greensboro NC. This is an HD Retake for us. Here is the link to the old video if you want to watch that: Doubletree Greensboro - First Video2013-07-04 15:59:59
Williams Elevator at Summer Bay Resorts Gatlinburg @ Town Square&Town Village Inn
with Cannycart. We came across this one as we were fixing to head back to Pigeon Forge for the night. :) for more info on this place check out their website at Summer Bay Resort Gatlinburg Town Village 2013-07-04 00:51:59
Appreciating an Otis Lexan Elevator from the 1970's
One of the elevator moms strikes again taking a quiet ride on a really neat elevator :) We actually filmed this with Cannycart so that video with us will be uploaded in upcoming video but for now enjoy this quick one round trip with just the elevator sounds. Located at the Gillette Motel in Gatlinburg, TN2013-07-03 02:17:58
Thyssenkrupp Elevator with Red Aurora Fixtures at Cedar Lodge Condos
Located in Pigeon Forge, TN. Another installment in the series of Elevators that Schindlerman96 has filmed. :) Be sure to check out Schindlerman96 YT Channel & NEW Schindlerman96 Facebook Page.2013-07-02 17:31:05
Scenic Otis Lexan Elevator at Brookside Resort in Gatlinburg, TN
We came across this elevator on our last day of vacation. This was kind of neat to find but wished it was maintained better with working directional and floor indicators. The elevator was kind of busy between housekeeping and guests starting to arrive&it was also running a bit strange so we didn't end up riding it much but we did manage to get a short ride on it by ourselves. Mom also managed to get some good pictures inside the elevator shaft through the glass which are included in the video clip.2013-07-02 08:39:44
Thyssenkrupp Modded Elevator at Marriott Hotel Piedmont Triad International Airport
filmed with BCElevators. I think our camera gave out right before dad was trying to get a view out the window on top floor so this is all the footage we got here but at least we got the video of the elevator ride which had some pretty interesting conversation :) We changed batteries once we got to the car I believe before heading on to the Grandover Resort. Be sure to check out BCElevators' YouTube Channel for his versions of these videos plus more around the Memphis Tennessee area :)2013-07-01 15:15:59
For MrVideodude709:Testing out the Sony Cybershot DSCTX10 Camera
Dad&I decided to go out riding today and while we were out, we decided to stop by a new car wash somebody had told us about in the University area of Charlotte. I had the TX10 with me so we decided that would make a good test video of my new camera so hope you enjoy it MrVidedude709 who mentioned I should do a test video of it. :) Pictures of camera was taken by BCElevators or snapshot from video of the unboxing of the camera.2013-07-01 00:32:22
Thyssenkrupp Impulse Elevator at Bear Crossing in Pigeon Forge, TN
another installment in the series of Elevators that Schindlerman96 has filmed. Be sure to check out Schindlerman96 YT Channel & NEW Schindlerman96 Facebook Page.2013-06-30 22:05:58
HD Retake Custom Impulse Dovers in Tower 2 of Sheraton Hotel
This video is for Nicholai Gembala who is one of my youngest fans. Thanks for watching my videos&I hope you enjoy the video. :) This is from my recent meet up with BCElevators. I had filmed these before - to see that video see the video response to this video. Be sure to check out BCElevators version as well. Notice that there is no 2nd,4th, 6th or 13th floors listed.2013-06-30 16:47:35
Older Otis Elevator at the Mountain Mall in Gatlinburg, TN w/ Cannycart
First in the series of Elevators that Schindlerman96 has filmed. Very busy elevator but managed to get it by ourselves for a moment or two :) Be sure to check out Schindlerman96 YT Channel & NEW Schindlerman96 Facebook Page. Also check out www.cannycart.net2013-06-29 02:48:15
Special Friday Night Unboxing of....
I'm now the proud owner of a brand new.... well at least brand new to me :) Thanks to BCElevators for giving us a great deal on this. :)2013-06-29 02:13:26
Otis Elevator at the James Manor Hotel with Cannycart
on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, TN. Went into nudge mode and almost had a mishap like we did with my mom that one time in Fayetteville with phone door except this time it was Cannycart who opened it. :)2013-06-28 18:10:43
Before&After Modernization of Elevators in Tower One of Sheraton Hotel
Located at Sheraton Koury Convention Center Greensboro, NC. Dover before mod TKE after mod. Interesting that they kept the bird chirp but changed pretty much everything else. After mod footage filmed with BCElevators. Be sure to check out his version of these as well2013-06-28 15:00:37
Montgomery Elevator at Mountain Vista Inn&Suites Pigeon Forge, TN
Filmed with Cannycart. Good view of parkway from top floor and the new Ferris Wheel in Pigeon Forge - will feature that more in another video. The sign on the elevator said that they didn't want anyone playing with their elevator so we didn't ride it much.2013-06-27 23:36:58
Dover Elevator at Historic Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge, TN
This is where we ate dinner at on our last evening in Pigeon Forge with Cannycart & his family. It's one of our family's favorites for a great place to eat at. We didn't film the elevator then because it was too crowded but my parents & I stopped by on our way out of town the next day to see if we could get a video of it and we got it by ourselves that time :) To learn more about the historic Old Mill, you can check out their FB page & website at Old Mill Restaurant Facebook Page & Old Mill Restaurant Web Page. You can also check out my FB page for more pictures we took. :) 16:42:48
Dover Elevators at the Cultural Arts Parking Garage in Greensboro, NC
With BCElevators. Very quiet. bird chrip beep. The sign at beginning of video was hanging up in the hallway. Pause video if you want to read the different languages of saying "Welcome" :)2013-06-27 15:03:59
Triple Car Wash Delight w/ Cannycart & CarWashChannel
This is for all of ya'll who have been wanting me to do more car wash videos. :) These were filmed in Sevierville & Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Be sure to check out Car Wash Channel & for more info on Sevierville visit Also please excuse my finger being in the camera's view in upper corner on the 3rd car wash.2013-06-27 04:40:50
Country Road Shortcut
Here's a little clip for all of ya'll who like the road footage videos taken in Pigeon Forge, TN2013-06-26 22:34:30
Otis Elevator at Green Street Parking Garage in Greensboro, NC
from our meet up w/ BCElevators. This is located right across the street from The Biltmore Greensboro Hotel. Ran pretty smooth&fast. One of the nicer parking decks we have been in. :)2013-06-26 17:29:47
Steam Locomotive Katie Pulling the Dollywood Express Train (2013)
Footage of our 5 mile train ride at Dollywood. Cannycart & dad are not on board but dad did get video of Katie pulling out of the station for us which is also included in this video clip. I hope you enjoy this Dieselducy! For more info on Katie and Dollywood visit 10:37:12
For Schindlerman96 Very Nice Scenic Glass Elevator @ Edgewater Hotel
Thanks for recommending these Schindlerman96 :) These are pretty cool original Dovers modded by Thyssenkrupp. Great views of Gatlinburg, TN&also of the elevator shaft :) Filmed with Cannycart Summer 2013.2013-06-25 15:35:56
Cannycart / Miss Lillian (The Chicken Lady) at Dollywood
If you ever go to Dollywood - be sure to stop by Miss Lillian's Chicken House for some good food & great fun! Be sure to check out Miss Lillians Facebook Page & also Miss Lillians Dollywood YouTube Channel & for more info check out:
Miss Lillians Dollywood Website Page
2013-06-24 23:47:16
Sneak Peek of a Rare Find with Cannycart Meet Up
in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at the Gillette Motel. You can check out my FB page for pictures of this rare find.2013-06-24 21:29:10
Modernized 1970's Otis Elevator with GAL Jet Plus
these were ones we found with BCElevators in Greensboro, NC :) Be sure to check out his version as well.2013-06-24 14:59:43
Confused Directional Indicators on Dover Elevator
at Davie Steet Parking Garage with BCElevators in Greensboro, NC. This elevator's directional indicators would show going down when it was actually going up while the numbers were showing in the right order.2013-06-23 12:15:14
Epic Motor on Service Elevator at Sheraton Hotel in Greensboro, NC
with BCElevators. A Original Dover modded by Thyssenkrupp. Sounds like it needed oil.2013-06-22 13:08:10
Excerpts of Our Tour w/ General Manager at Biltmore Greensboro Hotel
Here's some more footage from our tour with the GM Brian Coleman. This place has a lot of history! Be sure to check out the videos in the rest of this series including the 1920's Warner Elevator that the hotel has. Make sure to check out BCElevators channel for his videos from this historic place as well.2013-06-21 12:31:08
A Southern Elevator in Subway? with BCElevators&Cannycart
We went to Subway to take a break&get a refreshing drink as it was pretty hot the day we were filming in Greensboro&was surprised to find a Southern Elevator in the lobby. I believe this used to be an office building which top floor seems like it might still be an office of some sorts¬ sure what is on 2nd floor. We facetimed with Cannycart on our 2nd ride on this elevator. We also had called Dieselducy who was working at the time but somehow had answered his phone without knowing it.2013-06-20 15:31:09
Historic Biltmore Greensboro Hotel Tour w/ the General Manager
Special thanks to GM Brian Coleman for taking the time to give us a tour and the history of this charming historic hotel.2013-06-19 18:46:28
Southern Elevator at the Greensboro Cultural Center for Visual Arts
with BCElevators. This was a nice elevator although it had some quirks but that's what makes each elevator unique.2013-06-19 16:01:02
General Manager's Room Tour of 114 (Captains Bed) at Biltmore Greensboro Hotel
Thank you to GM Brian Coleman for taking the time to give us a full hotel tour and history of this historic hotel that was built in 1903 although it has been owned and under several different names through out the years. For more info check out their website at www.biltmoregreensboro.com2013-06-19 04:20:13
Otis Energy Efficient Talking Series 5 Elevator at Proximity Hotel
with BCElevators. I changed things up a bit here with the elevator video footage starting us off & then the photo slide show of hotel towards the end of video which includes fitness & pool areas. There are more photos of the hotel on my Facebook Page at Be sure to check out BCElevators YT Channel for some great videos. According to Proximity Hotel these are "North America's first Regenerative Drive model of the Otis Gen2 elevator which reduces net energy usage by capturing the system's energy and feeds it back into the building's internal electrical grid" :) You can check out more info on Otis ReGen in this video explaining the technology Otis ReGen Elevators2013-06-18 16:00:24
Happy 5th Year Anniversary on YouTube ems318
Here's a couple of clips that I put together for ya. Happy 5th :) Be sure to chekc out ems318's YT channel if you haven't done so already 21:13:05
Classic Custom Dover Elevators at Grandover Resort with BCElevators
Located in Greensboro, NC. HD Retake of these elevators. :) Be sure to check out BCElevators YouTube Channel at and subscribe if you haven't already. You can also check out this great article about BCElevators that appeared in a local paper Elevator Hobby Pushes Southaven Teens Buttons :)2013-06-17 16:00:56
Special Thank You to ems318 for TY Beanie Bears Package
A special thank you to ems318 for this package. I collect the TY Bears so this is a nice addition to my collection. :) Be sure to check out ems318 Youtube Channel at and also be sure to like his Facebook Page at 06:43:17
Hotel Tour with BCElevators of Hampton Inn & Suites Greensboro, NC (Coliseum Area)
The hotel is great & as you can tell in this video, I am super excited (HYPER) about meeting BCElevators. I wasn't paying too close attention to what I was filming at times and so excuse the shaking on those parts. There was also loud music playing in the lobby / pool areas so I put some drown out music on those parts but tried to keep it so you could still hear Trevor & I talking. I also added an excerpt of the tour that the GM Karen Grissom and Sales Manager Rachel Amelkin took us on the first time we visited their hotel which was earlier in the year. For more info on this hotel, check out their FB page at Hampton Inn Greensboro Coliseum Facebook Page2013-06-16 18:01:51
Vintage 1920 Warner Elevator at Biltmore Historic Hotel w/BCElevators
now this is an elevator!! watch & enjoy then be sure to check out bcelevators version as he will be uploading his video today too @ Also, for more info on the historic hotel where this gem is located @ check out their website & for pictures we took, check out my FB page @ 15:01:27
Sneak Peek of a 1920 Warner Elevator with BCElevators
That's right folks! I finally got to meet BCElevators. This is one of the highlights of our exploring Greensboro, NC. This vintage elevator is located at The Biltmore Historic Hotel & according to the hotel manager is the first electric elevator ever installed in Greensboro. Stay tuned for lots more videos from this trip :) For more info on the hotel, check out their website at thebiltmoregreensboro.com2013-06-15 01:53:48
Otis Elevator with Strange Floor Numbering at Residence Inn (Crabtree Valley)
Floor P is lobby and 1 is parking which I thought would have been the other way around :) Check out my Facebook Page for some photos of some nice old cars that were parked in parking deck at this hotel. You can check out this hotel's FB page also to check out their pictures of the hotel Residence Inn Crabtree Valley Raleigh NC Facebook2013-06-12 18:54:33
Very Smooth Dover Impulse Elevator at the Fairfield Inn (Crabtree)
Near Crabtree Valley Mall2013-06-10 22:20:45
Dover Elevator at the Renovated Hampton Inn in Mebane, NC
Nice to see this elevator got the attention it needed. You can check out our first video of this elevator by clicking on the video response to this video :) This Hampton Inn looks brand new with all the renovations it has undergone. For more info, check out their FB page at 22:23:02
Hilton Garden Inn in Raleigh NC (Airport Location)
Once the elevator doors shut the music stops :) This was a pretty busy but nice Otis Series 1 :)2013-06-07 23:16:44
King Suite at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Greensboro, NC (near Coliseum)
This is a tour of the king suite that we took with GM Karen Grissom & Sales Manager Rachel Amelkin. Stay tuned for the full hotel tour video coming soon....for more info on this Hampton Inn & Suites, check out their FB page & website at & Hampton Inn and Suites Greensboro Coliseum2013-06-07 20:45:39
Our Celebration of Elevator Photography Anniversary (&Hampton Inn)
This is a combined celebration of a couple of nostalgic anniversaries. First up today June 5th 2013 marks the 20th Anv. of "Elevator Photography as we know it today"&also in the summer of 1984 (not sure of actual date) Holiday Inn opened up the very 1st Hampton Inn as one of their sub division brands. :) As you all know - Dieselducy and the elevator photography concept along with Hampton Inns are very important aspects of my hobby here on YT so I wanted to put together a special video celebrating these 2 anniversaries. Mom&I filmed elevators at both a Holiday Inn&a Hampton Inn today which include Thyssenkrupp&Otis Elevators which these are 2 more important aspects of my YT hobby. I hope you enjoy this. Keep riding.....2013-06-06 00:23:28
A Walk Through the Grove Park Inn's Spa (w/ Dieselducy)
This is actually a compilation of 2 walks through the spa at GPI. We start out with nighttime footage when we walked through it with Dieselducy back in February of this year which ends when we get to the outside fountain area and then we pick up with daytime footage taken on Mother's Day of this eyar starting about where we left off w/ the nighttime footage. : ) Hope you enjoy it. I will be finishing up with the footage taken with Dieselducy from February either today or tomorrow's uploads so stay tuned for that...2013-06-02 17:54:33
A "Lived In" Room Tour at the Hilton Hotel in Charlotte, NC (University Area)
A friend of our family is in town for the Con-Carolina Science Fiction Convention&she said it was ok to come and tour her room at the Hilton. She didn't have housekeeping service her room so it has the "lived in" look. It's a very nice room and we have a bonus clip at the end :)2013-06-02 00:49:52
Video Request by Sophia: Replica of Dolly Parton's Tennesse Mountain Home @ Dollywood
Here you go, Sophia. Here's the video clip we have of the replica of Dolly's childhood home located in Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. I hope you enjoy it.2013-06-01 19:00:39
Dover (Thyssenkrupp) Elevator at the Holiday Inn Express in Dillsboro, NC
This is one of the stops we made on our recent trip to the mts. :) The floor indicators were nice and bright. Enjoy!2013-05-29 05:44:23
Otis Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Franklin, NC
This Hampton Inn is set up like the one in Brevard, NC2013-05-25 21:13:55
Very Nice Talking Otis Elevators at the new Aloft Hotel in Asheville, NC
We got to ride both of the elevators. The 2nd one is also used by the staff and has several floors that the first elevator does not have access to. The floor mats were working in these. Normally you have to have a card reader for these to work but we were able to ride them the day we went. :)2013-05-22 18:10:32
Otis Elevator in the Parking Deck of The Aloft Hotel in Asheville, NC
This was a busy elevator but then again Asheville is a busy town. :) This is the parking deck that the new Aloft Hotel uses.2013-05-21 18:48:52
Sneak Peek of Upcoming Special Video
This is a sneak peek of a upcoming special video that will be dedicated to Dieselducy. It is a video we filmed over my Spring Break and it is the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Train Excursion to Nantahala Gorge from Bryson City, NC so stay tuned...2013-05-19 18:07:22
Will Henry Stevens Covered Bridge in Highlands, NC (Bagley Bridge of Warner NH)
neat history on this historic bridge can be found at 23:02:18
Creekside Shopping Center in Cashiers, NC: Outdoor Otis Series 5 Elevator
nice little shopping center in the mountains of NC. First time I have seen a Wendy's outdoor dinning area with a stone fireplace :) You can check out my FB Page that has some various pictures we took on our drive up to the mountains last weekend. Stay tuned for a video of a really neat Hampton Inn & Suites in Sapphire Valley :)2013-05-18 20:47:43
Do You Know What is an Area of Refuge in a Hotel is? Plus Tour of a King Suite
Hampton Inn&Suites GM John Lynch explains what the area of refuge in MPE stariwells are. Plus we tour a king suite of their hotel. This video concludes the series of videos of this fine Hampton Inn&Suites in Huntersville, NC2013-05-18 16:40:58
Hotel Tour of the Hampton Inn&Suites in Huntersville, NC
Here is more footage that we took on our visit to this Hampton Inn&Suites. Special thanks to John Lynch GM&Tim Hoffman (Chief Maintenance) Fitness&Business Centers along with a tour of double queen room. Pool was still closed for the season. Elevators are in another upload.2013-05-16 16:38:22
New Renovated Bathroom in Room 4073 at Grove Park Inn (Vanderbilt Wing)
Grove Park Inn is undergoing a $25 million renovation for their upcoming 100th birthday celebration and here is what one of the newly renovated bathrooms looks like in the Vanderbilt Wing. You can check out my FB page for pictures we took at We only did a video tour of the bathroom area as housekeeping was still in the process of cleaning up the room area when she let us come in to see it. We did take a couple of still photos of the room though along with the rest of photos we took at GPI on Mother's Day last weekend. :)2013-05-15 23:02:10
For Jack in San Antonio, Texas: Asheville Elevator at Comfort Inn in Franklin, NC
Thanks Jack for watching my videos. I hope you enjoy this one also. :) Possibly an Otis modded by Asheville Elevators(?)2013-05-15 01:03:52
The Hidden Gem at the Hampton Inn Tunnel Road in Asheville, NC Room 111
This is the only "suite" at Hampton Inn Tunnel Road. :) A very nice one indeed! We enjoyed staying in this room on our last trip up there which was this past weekend. The best part is that it is very close to the lobby area which means I can get behind the desk faster :) Hampton Inn Tunnel Road Facebook Page2013-05-13 23:14:16
Oak Square Arcade Mall in Highlands, NC has an Older Otis Elevator
Although this one has seen a lot of use, it still has some character. :) Neat shopping atmosphere setting.2013-05-13 16:04:41
Bridal Veil Falls Scenic Waterfall
one of the sights we saw this weekend on our drive up to Franklin :)2013-05-12 06:06:26
Revisiting Memory Lane: Elevator at The Sylva Inn in Sylva, NC
I stayed here once when I was around 3 or 4 but back then it was a Comfort Inn with my parents and Nana&Papa. We had come up to ride Thomas the Tank Engine at Dillsboro, NC.When we passed it coming back to Asheville from Franklin on Saturday, we decided to stop and see if it had changed any.2013-05-12 05:26:20
For Dieselducy - Wish You Were Here :)
Me taking time out to say hi to Andrew (Dieselducy) who wanted to know if there would be any photos taken of me working behind the desk today :) This is me with Vanessa who I am working with this evening.2013-05-12 01:40:36
A Gift from Asheville Elevator Co, Inc.100% Solid Brass 1985 Dover Elevator Belt Buckle :)
A HUGE THANKS to Morgan Aydelette of Asheville Elevator Company, Inc.who stopped by the Hampton Inn on Tunnel Rd to leave this for me after he had googled Asheville Elevators and "Elevated Hamptonality" video had come up. :) Be sure to check out their website at www.ashevilleelevator.com2013-05-11 01:29:08
Full Hotel Tour of Hampton Inn&Suites I-26 (Asheville Airport) Fletcher, NC
w/Dieselducy. This was a FUN visit!! I enjoyed working behind the desk some and pretending to check in with Nikki. Thanks to Karen who is the assistant GM for showing us around. :) In this clip, we see what a room looks like before it has been inspected and marked ready for guest check in & also what a room looks like after it has been inspected and marked ready. This hotel has outdoor pool and inside hot tub. I look forward to going back for another visit once they are finished with the room renovations. :) For more info on this hotel check out their Facebook Page at Hampton Inn and Suites Asheville Airport Facebook2013-05-09 01:55:09
Center Open Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Holiday Inn Express at Exit 224 on I-40
This is near Greensboro, NC.2013-05-06 21:16:55
Schindler MT Elevator at LaQuinta in Raleigh at Crabtree
This one has the gold brush finish to it but only on the inside elevator panel side / door and hand rails.2013-05-04 17:02:56
Doubletree in Durham, NC Has A Good Ole Westy Elevator
Westinghouse Elevator at this hotel. I had filmed this one before back in 2011. This is a HD Retake. :)2013-05-03 22:07:40
Congratulations to Cannycart for reaching the 1 Million Views Milestone
Cannycart - you have worked hard for this milestone and I'm proud of you. Keep up the great work. Hope you enjoy this hotel tour of Home2 in Fayetteville, NC. This is, I believe, the 3rd hotel that both you and I can say that we both have stayed at. The others would be Hampton Inn - Hollins, VA&the Hampton Inn on Tunnel Rd in Asheville, NC. :)2013-05-01 18:14:03
Full Hotel Tour of the Hampton Inn&Suites on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, TN
Special thanks to GM Sherry Sorge for taking us on a tour of the newly renovated Hampton Inn&Suites on the Parkway which is the very first Hampton my family had stayed at starting in 1999 when mom was 6 months pregnant with me. We have also stayed here when I was around 4 years old. In this video clip, I tell the history of this Hampton with my family so I hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane....2013-04-28 11:11:44
Otis Elevator&Room Tour of the Hampton Inn in McLeansville, NC (East Greensboro)
This was a very nice Hampton Inn to explore. Thanks to Brandi for being so nice to us & also allowing us to do a room tour :) For more info on this hotel - check out their Facebook Page at Hampton Inn Greensboro East2013-04-27 22:48:30
Our Hilton Garden Inn "In Room Dinning" Experience
This is a YouTube first for me. This is at the Hilton Garden Inn at Raleigh Triangle Town Center and we decided to try out their "In Room Dinning" service as I was wanting to stay around the hotel and explore instead of going out to eat. :0) We thought it might make for a good video too so hope you will enjoy it. For all the ones who have been requesting me to do a food review video - here it is :)2013-04-24 22:07:57
For Whited586:Thyssenkrupp Signa4 w/Grocery Beep at New Hampton Inn in Pigeon Forge, TN
with BONUS FOOTAGE of a mini Hotel Tour with the GM Charles Wilson. We didn't get to do a room tour as the hotel was booked up and all the rooms were unavailable but we will get a room tour next time. :) Thanks to Charles for the Hampton Elevator Banner Poster :) I really appreciate the time you took to show us what you could and for the banner. For more info on hotel, check out their website at Hampton Inn Pigeon Forge & their FB page at Hampton Inn Pigeon Forge Facebook Page. You can also check out my FB page for more photos of this great hotel 01:27:09
Part 2 of Space Needle Series: The View from the Top
This is the view from the top of Space Needle in Gatlinburg, TN2013-04-23 04:05:21
For nbigham1: A Collection of Hotel Room Keys&Do Not Disturb Signs
nbigham1 this is for you as you requested it a while back. We filmed this in our suite at the Home2 Suites in Fayetteville, NC. We stayed there this past weekend when I was visiting my Pop-Pop :) These are just some of my collection. I know I have more but this is all that I came across when I was cleaning up my room the other day. I believe the rest are in another box somewhere. When I come across those - I'll make another video :)2013-04-22 23:44:12
Space Needle in Gatlinburg, TN: Part One First Elevator Ride Going Up
This will be a three part series&all 3 three videos in this series is dedicated to Schindlerman96 who has filmed quite a bit in the Gatlinburg area. :) I hope you enjoy it. In this clip, you get 2 different camera views as both my parents were filming.2013-04-20 08:57:53
Dover Impluse Elevator at the Courtyard in Raleigh-Durham (Crabtree Valley)
This was an interesting Dover with the indicator placement on lobby level. It has a neat cab ceiling frame. It also swayed a little which was also interesting as that usually does not happen. Overall very nice hotel to explore. Will post some photos on my FB page.2013-04-20 02:08:23
Dolly Parton's 1994 Prevost Tour Bus at Dollywood
Free Admission to tour the bus (although it is in Dollywood so you have to have a ticket for that) Interesting Facts: Price Tag of $750,000 (Custom Built) Year:1994 Made by Prevost Car, Inc. Interior manufactured by Royal Coach. It is 45 feet long, 9 feet wide and 13.5 feet high. Equipped with 17,000 watt AC generator. 7 miles of Diesel fuel to the gallon which a full tank could drive 2,050 miles in 32 hours from Nashville to LA without refueling. 600,000 road miles logged. No traffic violations for any of the drivers. My FB page has all the photos we took which a portion of them are included in this clip. 23:20:23
Glass Schindler MT Elevators at Embassy Suites in Raleigh Durham Research Triangle Park
Don't usually find Schindlers at Embassy Suites. I think they did a great job with these.2013-04-18 01:59:06
A Tour of the Hampton Inn in Sevierville, Tennessee
This was a very nice Hampton Inn. It is of the older styles Hampton that is in the starting process of renovations at the moment. We had a very nice stay and the staff is very friendly. If you ever are in the Sevierville area which is very close to Pigeon Forge, I would recommend this hotel. :) I will be uploading the video of the whirlpool suite that we stayed in (along with another room tour with the head housekeeper) soon. There are pictures of the Whirlpool Suite included in this clip however. I was having a bit of trouble with some of the files on the one camera card. Some of this may seem to be a bit choppy at times but we were having camera issues either locking up or not focusing right and also shutting off with the battery dying at one point. We did the best we could with these particular files that seemed to be affected. This was my 2nd look into a pool equipment room which was pretty neat.2013-04-17 05:23:00
Behind the Scenes Tour of the Award Winning Hampton Inn&Suites in Huntersville, NC
This is not your ordinary hotel tour. It is a behind the scenes tour such as the guest laundry, elevator machine room, pool equipment room, electrical room, etc. We end the tour with me making a room key for a future check in guest. Stay tuned for more room tours from this fine establishment. For more videos of this great hotel check out my playlist at Huntersville Hampton Inn Playlist2013-04-17 03:52:39