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Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Doubletree Hotel in Fayetteville, NC
another one of our stops on last trip to Fayetteville.2012-05-09 23:05:54
Rainbow in Fayetteville, NC May 2012
Ezekiel 1:28 Like the appearance of a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day, so was the appearance of the brightness all around it. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD. [ Ezekiel Sent to Rebellious Israel ] So when I saw it, I fell on my face, and I heard a voice of One speaking.NKJ version2012-05-09 21:36:50
2011 Tractor Pulled Hayride at Hodges Farm in Charlotte, NC
This video has footage from old regular digitial along with HD from dad's iPhone. I used Corel editing software program to put both formats together in one file. Also found a neat feature in the software to rotate a video clip. All of HD footage from the iPhone was actually filmed upside down because mom didn't really look through the view finder and notice she was holding the iPhone upside down for filming. Corel has a way to rotate the video rightside up which I thought that was cool. Hodges farm is a great place to go in the fall. I'm looking forward to going back again next month. There are pictures of Hodges farm on my facebook page @ 16:11:10
Modded Schindler MT Elevator at Hampton Inn in Clemson, SC
Think this one has been modded as floor indicator is over the door which is kind of different for MTs.2012-05-08 17:46:29
Second Take on Talking Thyssenkrupp Elevator at New Embassy Suites in Fayetteville, NC
I am filming this take (mom filmed the first upload) of the elevator which is brand new. You can find pictures of the hotel on my facebook page. Keep a look out sometime next week for a complete video of hotel and suite tour of this hotel. and you can also check out the hotel website at 23:35:38
First Take of Talking Thyssenkkrupp Elevator at New Embassy Suites in Fayetteville, NC
This is first of 2 takes of these elevators. This is the one mom filmed and the 2nd upload will be the one I filmed of elevator number 2 here at ES in Fayetteville. This is brand new and just recently opened. I have uploaded pictures of the hotel which includes fitness center, busines center etc to my facebook page I hope to be able to bring you a complete hotel tour including suite tour by next weekend if all goes according to plan. :) I'm seperating the 2 takes of the elevators because some of my viewers said they like it when we upload seperate video takes and some like them combined so this time I will upload them seperate and then if I get hotel tour and suite tour like I plan then I will upload those together in one video. :)2012-05-07 18:34:01
Dover Elevator in the John E Johns Hall at Furman University in Greenville, SC
Another Dover at Furman :)2012-05-07 17:50:22
Schindler Elevator at the Best Western Executive Inn in Seneca, SC
One of our stops in SC2012-05-07 15:28:13
Demo of a Dyson Hand Dryer in Mens Restroom at Hotel in Fayetteville, NC
OK Dad found this quite interesting so he wanted to share a video with it for ya'll - who knows there might be hand dryer community on YT that will enjoy this. It looks like quite the contraption there in my opinion.2012-05-07 03:43:01
Epic Fail of Dover Elevator at Furman University's Student Center
Guess it was either in independent service or broken. Notice 2 button was lit up but indicator was showing 1.2012-05-07 02:59:49
Schindler Elevator at the Hilton Garden Inn in Anderson, SC
This was a very nice Hilton Garden Inn to explore. I thought we took pictures of the pool and other areas but that might of been when we changed out memory cards.2012-05-06 20:15:34
OK This Elevator is a Mystery to Us: Broadwell Name (?) on Fixture Panel @ Baymont Inn
This video clip is from our recent Fayetteville, NC trip. Taken at Baymont Inn&Suites. Actually have to have a keycard to access elevator but we were lucky that someone came along to go up. You don't need keycard once in the elevator, you just need one to call elevator from lobby floor. Floor indicators looks similar to Dover but directional indicators&call button - not so sure. Mystery of original elevator brand - think it might have been modded by Broadwell but can not find any info on Broadwell elevators.(?) Anybody know or guesses?2012-05-06 06:21:44
Out of Order Dover Elevator? at Fairfield Inn&Suites in Anderson, SC
Thought this was going to be a no film visit to this hotel as when we walked up to the elevator it had a sign on the wall beside it that said "Out of Order" but I decided to push the button just to be pushing it before we left and the doors opened up so we decided to see if it would work....2012-05-05 03:16:39
Otis Elevator Series 1 at the Sleep Inn Hotel in Clemson, SC
one of our many stops of the day2012-05-04 21:17:48
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Town Science Center at Furman University
Plyler Hall underwent extensive renovation since dad attended Furman. The modernization of the original structure plus a 50,000 sq ft attached addition made it all look very different to my dad. :)2012-05-04 18:57:53
Dover Elevator at the Comfort Inn Hotel in Clemson, SC
It was nice to see pretty clear Dover Floor indicators for a change. Most of the time these floor indicators in Dover Impulse can be dim and hard to see. Fitness center is on 2nd floor of this hotel on little balcony area. At end of video I show couple of pictures of it.2012-05-04 16:06:23
Dover Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Anderson, SC
Rear door opened up and looked like machine room was back there but we didn't go in it.2012-05-04 04:31:57
Glass Otis Series 1 Elevator at the Comfort Suites in Anderson, SC
This was a very nice hotel to explore. Pictures of fitness center, pool, lobby etc are on my facebook page2012-05-03 19:40:07
Outside Thyssenkrupp Elevator at Clemson University in Clemson, SC
This one had a bad smell to it&also as a tendency of outside elevators has not been kept clean.2012-05-03 00:42:11
Dover Elevator at the Computer Science Building at Furman University in Greenville, SC
Don't know why but I was kind of expecting something more exciting than this Dover Elevator for the computer science building. The look of the walls&doors of the building kind of lend to the computer science theme. It would have been interesting to see what they could come up with if they kept the theme going when it came to the elevator. I have uploaded pictures to my facebook page of building and other photos of Furman University if you want to check those out at 17:50:42
Dover Thyssenkrupp Elevators at Furman University's James B. Duke Library
Believe these are orignal Dovers with Thyssenkrupp label. This is the University that my dad attended and graduated from. For more info on the library, you can check the website at 15:27:23
2 Otis Elevators Modded by Thyssenkrupp in Cooper Library @ Clemson University
These two were sadly already modded. I really enjoyed exploring just the little bit of Clemson that we had time to explore on this trip. Can't wait to go back and explore more over the Summer. For more info on the Clemson University Library, you can check out their website @ 04:33:28
Glass Classic Dover Elevator at the University Inn (former Ramada Inn) in Clemson, SC
External Floor indicators not working which was kind of a bummer. Inside cab floor indicator only lit up floor 4 and the other elevator was out of order.2012-05-01 21:11:43
Outside Otis Elevator with Lexan Call Buttons&Fixures at Martin Hall @ Clemson University
w/ non working vertical floor indicator. I believe these are lexan buttons.2012-05-01 18:07:02
Schindler Elevator at the Clemson Towers in Clemson, SC
while dad and I took time to explore the Hampton Inn in Clemson, mom walked over next door to the Clemson Towers to see if they had an elevator which they did so this is the video she took to show me what kind they had. Typical Schindler with nice cab.2012-05-01 04:08:50
Awesome&Rare Find of an Original Otis Elevator in Rhodes Engineering Research Center
Oldie but Goodie as they say. This is located on the campus of Clemson University. The Research Building also had another elevator which was already modded.2012-05-01 01:03:42
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Clemson, SC
You can also check out my facebook page for pictures of this hotel we took. They are located in the album Courtyard By Marriott Clemson, SC. Link to my fb page is 18:23:39
Easley, SC One Way Tunnel
how to approach a one way tunnel2012-04-30 04:39:55
Schindler RT Elevator I Believe at the Rugs International Outlet in Gaffney, SC
Mom was thinking this might be a Westy but I think it is a Schindler RT.2012-04-29 05:02:32
King Size Room Tour of the Hampton Inn in Easley, SC
Here is a king size room tour at this Hampton Inn. Normally we get a room with 2 queens when we come here but my Nana&Papa couldn't make this trip with us this time so we got a king. I have already done a hotel tour of this particular Hampton Inn but I might do a HD Retake if any are interested in seeing a retake in HD.2012-04-28 21:58:53
HD Retake of Otis Elevator in Side Hallway at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC
another requested HD Retake2012-04-28 15:50:22
Otis Elevator at the Country Inn&Suites near Raleigh / Durham, NC
Airport area.2012-04-26 05:06:59
Room Tours of Room 208&217 at the Washington Duke Inn&Golf Resort in Durham, NC
These 2 rooms were pretty similar except for views out the window. Sorry I wasn't paying attention to where I was pointing the camera for the toilets flushing for all you toilet fans.2012-04-24 16:47:48
Trio Rides Southern Elevator at Virginia Tech (Dieselducy, Cannycart&TJElevatorfan)
This was a nice elevator despite the annoying fan.2012-04-23 14:47:18
Thyssenkrupp Elevator in Chemistry Building @ Virginia Tech w/ Dieselducy&Cannycart
Pretty nice elevator and great company made for a fun afternoon of exploring elevators. :)2012-04-23 04:39:36
Otis Elevator at the Cambria Suites in Durham - Raleigh NC Airport Area
This one had a very noisy fan.2012-04-22 20:17:19
Dover Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Jonesville, NC
This Hampton Inn decorated up big time for Easter. Easter Egg Trees near the elevator was just a part of their decorations. I will upload some photos we took of their Easter Decorations to my Facebook Page. 03:04:05
Washington Duke Inn and Golf Resort's Presidential Suite plus Main Lobby Elevators
A HUGE THANK YOU to housekeeping staff for allowing me to bring you a tour of the Presidential Suite at this fine hotel. Video also includes the main lobby elevators (Schindler) which were a bit dark but had a very nice chime to them. At end of video clip are some pictures of pool area, fitness center, golf course, etc. The photo of the bathroom is in regular suite & not Presidential Suite. I think Dad was mistaken in video when I was going to open the doors in bedroom of the P. Suite and he said he thought it was a closet, I think that led into the bathroom as we didn't see a bathroom in the P.Suite at all. It was so huge, I guess we forgot to ask where that was. I have several more room tours from this hotel to upload at some point so stay tuned. You can check out the Inn's website at www.washingtondukeinn.com2012-04-21 21:01:21
Remake of Begining Segment of Historic Hotel w/ Matching Video&Audio Frames
This is a remake of the file of the Epic Fail Video Upload (See Video to know what I am talking about) from beginging segment to MPE w/ new transitional fades.2012-04-21 03:38:04
A Peek Into Attic Segment of Epic Fail Upload Video File w/ Right Audio Track of Historic Hotel
Since I can't seem to get the 14 min video clip to upload right of the video segments of HD takes my dad took ( I have tried more than several times using different video file etc which all plays fine when playing video file but for some reason after it uploads to YT it cuts off the beginging video frames but leaves begining audio making audio not match up with video frames - see video response to this video clip to see what I'm talking about) I have decided to just upload short segments of that file so this one is the video clips of the attic part with new edits as it is a new file.2012-04-21 00:54:16
Banjo Dover Elevator at the Carilion Roanoke Community Hospital w/ Dieselducy&Cannycart
Parking deck elevator at CRCH. This video shows the fun in filming with these 2 along with my dad. :) Need to figure out how to slow title effect down a bit though but this was my first attempt in editing with titles in VideoStudio.2012-04-20 19:12:39
Epic Uplodad Fail of Historic Hotel Video Clips Edited w/ Cool Effects by VideoStudio Pro x5
This video file is 14:38 mins long. It was uploaded with new interface. The audio is there but not showing right video frames with it. These are video takes Dad took with new HD camera. Some of the clips have already been uploaded in seperate videos but most of it has not been uploaded before now. Includes Emergency MPE which Dieselducy&Cannycart have a discussion of what series Otis it is, 3 elevator rides&more.2012-04-19 20:25:12
3 Ramdom Road Footage Video Clips from Recent Roanoke, Virginia Trip
1st - riding in Dieselducy's car at night in what Dieselducy called "for any camera a very,very,very difficult focusing situation"2nd - riding down the mountain on I-77 heading home to NC3rd - crossing NC State Line2012-04-18 20:28:49
Another Schindler Elevator at the Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital Parking Deck
Another video I practice the new editing software program on. I like the transitional fade I used part way through on this video clip. I can tell I am going to have fun exploring the new transitional fades. :)2012-04-18 18:54:05
My 1st Video Using VideoStudio Pro x5 Editing Software: Rehab Center Parking Deck Elevator
It's a Schindler Elevator located at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital Rehab Center parking deck in Roanoke, Virginia. This is first video I have used new editing software to edit HD videos. I am still learning the program but so far I like it a lot better than the one I had been using which was Magix Movie Edit Pro 16.2012-04-18 17:19:59
Otis Elevator @ Hilton Garden Inn in Fayetteville, NC w/ Bonus Ending for Dieselducy&Cannycart
This had directional indicators that I had not seen on Series 5 before. Dieselducy&Cannycart be sure to watch the ending. You can check out my facebook page for pictures of pool and fitness center of this hotel at 02:42:20
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Fairfield Inn&Suites in Archdale / High Point NC Area
another hotel to explore and another Thyssenkrupp2012-04-17 21:48:51
Otis Elevator at the Red Roof Inn in Raleigh, NC
I believe this is the first Red Roof Inn elevator I have filmed although this video clip is the one mom filmed. There was someone in the elevator when I filmed it so I decided to upload this one for now. I'm in the process of learning a new editing software program so once I figure that out, I'll start combining both versions (mine&my parents) into one video for the future HD takes. I had gotten emails from several who said they have missed that aspect of my videos since we began filming with new HD camera.2012-04-17 14:39:47
Washington Duke Inn&Golf Club Tour of Suite 201
A HUGE THANK YOU to housekeeping staff who were very nice in allowing me to see and film 2 suites which first one was the Presidential Suite and then Suite 201 (which is what this video upload is) plus 2 rooms with different views. I have uploaded some photos we took of this hotel to my facebook page and you can visit the hotel's website at www.washingtondukeinn.com2012-04-16 22:21:49
Schindler Elevator at the Washington Duke Inn&Golf Club in Durham, NC
This Inn is located on the campus of Duke University. It's a great place to explore. The housekeeping staff was so friendly that I need to say a HUGE THANK YOU to them because they opened up 2 standard rooms with different views plus 2 suites (one was the Presidential Suite) so I could film them. This first video upload is one of several of side elevators we found. Stay tuned for more videos from this wonderful hotel which will include the main lobby elevators and room tours. :)2012-04-16 17:39:54
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Country Inn&Suites in Archdale / High Point NC Area
with red light indicators2012-04-16 15:44:41
Dover Elevator at the Homewood Suites in Durham, NC
This is the elevator that we got the inside view of the other elevator in the shaft going up and down with door open and close video clip.2012-04-16 03:21:42
Talking Schindler HT Elevator at the Indigo Hotel in Durham, NC
Schindler 400A I think. I have uploaded photos of the pool and fitness center etc on my facebook page. in the photo album of Indigo Hotel. Check out their website at 23:42:56
Hotel Tour of Hampton Inn From My Easter Spring Break 2012
This is where we stayed at on my Spring break. Room tour is uploaded in seperate video. Sorry about the shaking when walking. Still need to get used to the new camera and waiting for it to focus.2012-04-15 17:30:39
Inside Shaft View of Dover Elevator Going Up, Doors Open&Close, Coming Down
Taken at Homewood Suites in Durham, NC2012-04-15 05:45:32
For Cannycart: Can you Guess Where We Are At?
That's right. We stopped by the Home2Suites in Fayetteville when we went to visit my Pop-Pop. We asked if we could get a room tour and at first the clerk was going to but when she asked if we were goint to be staying there, she changed her story and said they were pretty full. Nice Thyssenkrupp elevator though.2012-04-15 04:21:14
Dover Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Archdale / High Point Area in NC
One of the stops we made on our Spring Break Trip. Just explored this particular Hampton Inn. Did not stay at it although Houskeeping did give me one of the old fashion Do Not Distrub Signs that actually hangs from door knob instead of inserting to door lock to add to my collection. :)2012-04-14 07:06:14
Riding a Dover Elevator
This one was fun to ride2012-04-14 06:08:15
My Friday the 13th Strange Event Part Two (&also Happens to be the BEST Part!)
Due to the mishap of part one' strange event after checking in at an undisclosed Hampton Inn. We were upgraded to a suite on the top floor! Here is my room tour of our upgraded room.2012-04-14 02:07:42
My Friday the 13th Strange Event Part One
At undisclosed Hampton Inn. Watch what happens when we go to our hotel room after checking in today.2012-04-14 01:38:41
Dieselducy, Cannycart&TJElevatorfan Take A Spooky Walk Through "Ki ley" Hotel
Thought this would be a good day to upload this since it is Friday the 13th. :) Not really into all that superstition stuff and this wasn't really spooky or scary but we thought it would be neat for a video. It really is at the Kirkley Hotel but the hotel sign outside had the r and k burned out. I posted a picture of that on my facebook page at 16:13:26
And Yet Another Schindler Elevator at the Charlotte Convention Center
This one is kind of tiny. The elevator kind of sticks out in the middle of the walkway when most of the other elevators at the convention center are off to the sides.2012-04-13 08:19:20
Schindler Elevator (Brevard Street) Nascar Hall of Fame&Charlotte Convention Center
These have color coded floors. Parking deck elevator which also goes to Crown Ballroom floor.2012-04-13 07:29:02
Schindler Elevator (Caldwell Street) at Nascar Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC
Parking deck elevator2012-04-13 06:33:59
Requested Video From Jarod of Hilton Garden Inn Hotel&Hampton Inn of Charlotte, NC
Here you go Jarod. We will have to go back to Hampton Inn as they were under construction so to speak.2012-04-13 05:15:01
HD Retake of Thyssenkrupp Freight Elevator at the Charlotte Convention Center
Capacity of 8,000 lbs2012-04-13 02:39:50
Schindler Elevator at the Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC
Bumpy level on floor 32012-04-13 01:53:13
Requested Retake of the Otis Series 6 Elevator at the Remax Office Building in Concord, NC
listen to the motor.2012-04-13 01:12:40
Schindler Escalator at the Charlotte Convention Center Going Down
Here is the quick ride and view of the escalator going down2012-04-13 00:56:36
Schindler Escalator at the Charlotte Convention Center Going Up
quick ride and view of the up escalator going up2012-04-13 00:41:45
A Special Surprise Video for Dieselducy: HD Retake of Touch Sensitive Otis Elevator
Bonus at very begining of video. Enjoy!2012-04-12 22:55:25
Elevator with Interesting Cab Figuration at Virginia Tech w/ Dieselducy&Cannycart
Dad cut this video a bit short for some reason (I think he hit the button by mistake) but it does give a good view of our ride and of the 2 doors on this elevator which was a good find in my opinion.2012-04-12 08:19:56
Here is a Video My Dad Took of Otis Elevator at Craddock Terry Hotel in Lynchburg, Virginia
OK I guess dad felt like he had to get in on the act of filming elevators. Here is his video of the Otis Elevator at this neat hotel. I just love my parents getting into my hobby. I guess I should of called this the Secert Life of an Elevator Dad video but I think I will stick to the original title of this video.2012-04-12 01:41:29
A Collection of Views of the Craddock Terry Hotel Taken with Old Digital Camera
These are a collection of video clips my mom took with our old digital camera of the Craddock Terry Hotel. You get to see how we got a room tour of this hotel in this video plus the Fitness Center, Business Center, MPE, Ice Machine Room,&even a ride on main lobby elevator. We have videos of the elevators taken with new HD camera as well so those&the rest of video clips we have taken of the hotel will be uploaded at some point.2012-04-12 00:45:15
Mini Video Clip of the Lobby of the Craddock Terry Historic Hotel in Lynchburg, Virginia
This hotel has a lot of charm! If you ever are in the Lynchuburg area, go check it out. I was going to put the clips we did at this hotel in one hotel tour video but then decided that this hotel's charming features needed to be highlighted in seperate videos. A room tour has already been uploaded (that one of the guests was very kind in letting us film his room) and I will be uploading more areas of this hotel. You can check my facebook page for photos of this wonderful hotel in the Mini Vacation Roanoke 2012 photo album. You can also check out this website for more info on the hotel 23:50:57
Glass Thyssenkrupp Elevator in Lynchburg, Virginia w/ Dieselducy&Cannycart
This is located off business US highway 29 . We spent a lot of time here just hanging out after our dinner at Bob Evans. This is one of several videos we took of this elevator. I really enjoyed my time with these friends.2012-04-11 20:58:35
Otis Elevator&Mini Tour of the Comfort Suites in Salem, Virginia w/ Dieselducy&Cannycart
This was a pretty nice hotel to explore. As Cannycart said in video clip, "worth the stop."2012-04-11 18:55:19
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at Roanoke Memorial Hospital in Roanoke, Virginia
This was very slow in coming and very dark. Buzzer has to be one of the sickest ones I have heard. Kind of creepy for a hospital elevator. I think hosptial elevators should be bright and cheerful looking as the hospital is one of saddest places to be whether you are visiting somebody sick or there as a patient2012-04-11 17:03:58
What the Antique Oits Elevator's Alarm at the Guggenheimer in Lynchburg, Virginia Sounds Like
A short mini clip of Dieselducy ringing the alram.2012-04-10 23:34:00
Kone Elevator at the Cambria Suites in Roanoke, Virginia w/ Dieselducy&Cannycart
Started in underground parking deck area.2012-04-10 20:54:03
Thyssenkrupp Elevator in Building on Virginia Tech Campus w/ Dieselducy&Cannycart
Here is one of the last ones we filmed at Virginia Tech for the day.2012-04-10 15:46:37
Adams Fixtures in Elevator in Derring Hall at Virginia Tech w/ Dieselducy&Cannycart
Finally found a Adams elevator in person. This is in Blacksburg, Virginia. My dad&I still need to finish getting my Adams Panel working. That is a project that kind of got put on back burner due to other items coming up, maybe this Summer that project will get finished. :)2012-04-10 02:05:31
Otis Elevator at the Exxon Gas Station in Elliston, Virginia w/ Cannycart&Dieselducy
This was a requested stop from me.2012-04-10 00:02:39
Another Elevator Moms Video Clip: What Kind of Equipment (Machine) Room Would This Be?
Not in HD because the Elevator Moms didn't have HD camera with them at the time. Elevator Moms are quiet on this video so viewers can get full effect of machine sounds2012-04-09 21:29:48
Dover Thyssenkrupp Elevator at Market Station in Downtown Roanoke, Virginia
With Dieselducy&Cannycart2012-04-09 17:58:38
Otis Glass Parking Deck Elevator Across the Street from Roanoke Memorial Hospital
These were some I had seen on Dieselducy's channel and wanted to see so on our last trip there right before we left Roanoke, we stopped to film them.2012-04-08 20:51:15
Schindler Elevator at University Mall Parking Deck near Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA
Bridge to office building had key entry so we couldn't get into the office building from the bridge.2012-04-08 18:52:33
Westinghouse Elevator with Schindler Fixtures at Terrace View Parking Deck in Roanoke, VA
at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. Be sure to check out my facebook page if you haven't already. I have uploaded some pictures of recent trip to Roanoke. 17:28:02
My Easter Present To All of You: He is Risen - He is Risen Indeed
Jesus took our sins upon Him on the cross.Death could not hold Him in the grave.He is now the Judge of my life. I Pleaded Guilty and He Gave Me Life2012-04-08 16:27:10
An HD Retake of the Otis Elevator at the Residence Inn in Concord, NC
another practice run with the camera with a reqeusted retake.2012-04-08 02:42:10
An HD Retake of the Otis Elevator at the Courtyard by Marriott in Concord, NC
This is me getting some practice in filming with the new camera while filling a request to retake some of the elevators we have filmed in the past so here you go.2012-04-07 15:29:30
Dover Elevator at the Kirkley Hotel in Lynchburg, Virginia w/ Cannycart&Dieselducy
This hotel was kind of different. Kind of nice and kind of spooky all at the same time. Spooky part comes in the next video upload from this place.2012-04-07 03:06:55
For Cannycart: Vending Machine with Blue Lights
Here's just a real quick view of a vending machine they have at Great Wolf Lodge that I thought you would like to see since you like the different style vending machines.2012-04-06 22:28:33
An HD Retake of The Glass Otis Elevator at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC
For the ones who have requested a retake of this elevator - here it is, in HD. This one is always hard to film because it is always busy. I wanted mom to film this one for that reason. She forgot to get a view of the inside cab fixtures but you can see those on the other videos we have taken of this elevator so not really an issue there as she did get most everything else.2012-04-06 21:46:57
Otis Elevator Series 6, I Believe Inside the Cab at the Remax Office Building in Concord, NC
We went to Concord for the day of retakes and for me to practice with the new camera. We found this little office building towards the last and I was already pretty tired so I let mom film this one. This elevator clip is not a retake as we haven't filmed this one before. I still have plenty of videos from the VA trip but I thought I would go ahead and upload this one now.2012-04-06 20:38:27
One of Our Must See Stops in Virginia: The Dieselducy Museum of Lights :)
at dieselducy's house looking at some of his lights.2012-04-06 04:06:33
Kone Elevator (Main Inn Lobby Elevator) at The Inn at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA
We stopped by here so I could see the elevators that the Elevator Moms filmed. These are the lobby elevators (which are very similar to the 3 elevators the moms filmed) so I decided to film these to get practice using the new camera. If you haven't seen the elevator moms videos check them out on my channel.2012-04-05 20:15:52
Southern Elevator at the Pamplin College of Business in Blacksburg, VA
Somebody makes the alarm go off by mistake in this video.. Watch to see who as we ride this elevator on the Virginia Tech Campus.2012-04-05 03:07:33
Under Construction MT Schindler Elevator w/ Call Button for Phone @ Hawthorn Suites
in Blacksburg, Virginia. This was the last elevator we filmed before leaving Virginia to head back home but this is far from the last video to be uploaded from that wonderful trip.2012-04-04 14:13:14
Trio (CC, DD, TJ) Elevator Ride on a 330A Schindler Elevator in Salem, Virginia
This Holiday Inn Hotel had a Schindler elevator that Dieselducy just loved. Listen to that motor! It actually is a nice elevator and hotel.2012-04-04 02:49:32