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Outside Otis Elevator at the Village Harbour
A typical Otis other than it is an outside elevator2010-07-22 21:04:09
Otis Elevator at the Residence Inn in Huntersville, NC
another Otis2010-07-22 19:46:36
A Video For CannyCart that involves a Schindler Elevator Repair Man
Schindler elevators at Kenton Circle in buildings 1&2 with BONUS ending of clips of the Schindler Elevator Repair man working on one of the elevators. Enjoy!2010-07-22 08:41:17
Summer Boat Outting with one of my Best Friends
This was a fun get together with Joseph. We went to a neat little restaurant at the Lake Norman Motel which served my pizza plate on top of a frisbee which we used after we were done eating to put the fish food on while we fed them before we left. It was a neat place to eat and play. It had an arcade but sadly though it had no elevators! The boat ride was really fun but I enjoyed just spending time with Joseph the best.2010-07-21 23:27:47
Otis Elevator at Queen's Landing
2010-07-21 04:36:18
Dover Elevator at Hampton Inn in Cary, NC
This was taken last Summer (2009)2010-07-17 18:14:04
Remote Control Boat Fun
This is a boat we sometimes will take out to boat dock to play with.2010-07-17 07:36:36
A New Schindler Elevator at a New Parking Deck in Huntersville, NC
This is the parking deck elevator at the new parking deck they just built for the new Discovery Place in Huntersville, NC2010-07-17 01:55:26
Talking Kone at the Linville Building in Charlotte, NC
These were very nice. We rode them several times. Enjoy!2010-07-16 23:44:55
A New Schindler Elevator with a BONUS view of the Elevator Room
This is the new building that will be housing the new Discovery Place in Huntersville, NC which is not opened yet but we found the side door of the building open so we went in and found the elevator. The elevator room door was opened also so we took a peek into that room as well. Hope you enjoy.2010-07-16 20:44:19
Dover at the Hyatt in SP area of Charlotte, NC
It's a Dvoer.2010-07-15 23:28:03
Schindler at the LaQuinta in SP area of Charlotte, NC
This is my first LaQuinta that I filmed at. It had very different wallpaper!2010-07-15 19:07:04
Classic Dover at Embassy Suites SP Area in Charlotte, NC
These were fun to ride. We also show outside view of elevators where audio goes out but comes back.2010-07-15 04:05:47
Otis Elevator at Hampton Inn at exit 36 off I-77 in Mooresville, NC
This is my 2nd video clip from Mooresville. The first one is included in my 200th video confusion clip.2010-07-11 22:57:44
Otis Elevator at Country Inn&Suites at exit 60 off I-85
This was interesting that the call button was on seperate wall instead of beside the elevator on the same wall.2010-07-11 22:03:31
200th Video Confusion? A Special Thank You Random Video
Hey Everybody. This is a special thank you random video for all my subscribers. The 200th video confusion is that on my video page, it lists 199 videos before I uploaded this one but on my account page it said 200 (I show this in the video) I also put together several videos that I made into one. I hope you like it.2010-07-11 20:05:58
Schindler at Holiday Inn Express on exit 60 off of I-85
This is in Concord, NC2010-07-11 05:37:09
Late 1990s Airplane Ride with a view of Charlotte, NC Skyline
My mom&dad took this short airplane ride back in late 90's. Not sure of actual date. My dad thought ya'll might enjoy a look back at Charlotte's skyline as it is a bit different from today's skyline.2010-07-10 07:40:49
Part 2 of 2003 Airplane Ride at Jaars Fundraiser Day in Waxhaw, NC
Rest of the footage I found of our airplane ride. This includes us landing and also shows I am about ready for a nap. It was fun flying and meeting Jackson that day though.2010-07-10 05:31:17
2003 Airplane Ride at Jaars Fundraiser Day in Waxhaw, NC
This was my first airplane ride. I was 3&1/2 years old at the time. The plane was called a Helio Courier. The fundraiser activites was fun. Along with airplane ride I had gotten a book that told all about the history of aviation and the mission field of Jaars Ministries.2010-07-10 01:11:40
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at North Lake Pavilion Building 2
2nd elevator at NL Pavilion2010-07-08 22:19:31
Otis Elevator at North Lake Pavilion Building 1
1st elevator at NL Pavilion we went to.2010-07-08 21:34:20
Hospital Size Otis Elevator at Presbyterian Medical Plaza
It has almost been too hot to go exploring elevators lately but we went out today and found this neat elevator. Thanks Mom!2010-07-08 19:47:43
Thyssenkrupp Elevators at the Arbors Medical Buildings 1 and 2
video has 2 Thyssenkrupp elevators. One is located in building 1 and the other in building 22010-07-07 03:54:03
Schindler at the Candlewood Suites in Charlotte, NC
Here's another video from yesterday's outting.2010-07-06 20:35:20
Another Otis Elevator but this one has Different Fixtures than a Typical Otis
Not sure what kind of fixtures these are. Anybody out there know or want to guess?2010-07-05 22:54:21
Yep I Found Another Otis Elevator in Charlotte, NC
This one is located at Prosperity Place in Charlotte, NC2010-07-05 22:11:02
Dover Impulse Elevator at Unviverstiy Shops in Charlotte, NC
One of the stops we made today2010-07-05 20:16:42
Unboxing a Tripod Light
We unboxed a tripod light and did a demostration of how it works.2010-07-05 18:30:24
A Quick Look at a Very Old Computer and Windows 95 Operating System
Just something I had found awhile back in the computer room that I thought I would show ya'll.2010-07-03 05:20:37
Otis Elevator at the Surburban Extended Stay in Charlotte, NC
It's Blue.2010-07-03 01:07:04
A couple of Schindler Elevators at One Corners Office Complex
One is just a regular elevator with no rear door and the other one has rear door.2010-07-02 23:35:44
A Less Busier SchindlerMT at Three Corners Office Complex
I was able to get this one filmed in one shot but I also added a couple of more views of the area map that they had in the lobby.2010-07-02 22:14:58
A Very Busy SchindlerMT at Two Corners Office Complex in Charlotte, NC
It was hard to get a complete video of this elevator. People kept getting on but we managed to get a good view of it.2010-07-02 20:32:00
A Video for ElevatorDudeDave's Birthday. Elevator at Fairfield Inn
Located in Charlotte, NC. Happy BIrthday Elevatordudedave.2010-07-02 19:19:57
Otis Elevator at the Comfort Suites off 1-77 exit 18 in Charlotte, NC
Typical Otis but nice.2010-07-02 05:24:22
Kone Elevator at the Charlotte Sports Center
This elevator has rules. You can see them posted first up in this video clip2010-07-02 02:20:34
Elevator at the Hilton at the University Place in Charlotte, NC
Not sure what brand of elevator this is?2010-06-29 19:04:03
Dover Elevator at the Hampton Inn on Tryon Street in Charlotte, NC
2010-06-29 17:15:02
OTIS Elevator with BONUS clips of 2 MORE ELEVATORS
This is the internal elevator at the Duruy Inn off of Harris Blvd in Charlotte, NC. I have a video already uploaded of the lobby glass elevator of this Duruy Inn which I wasn't going to film again this time but my dad did so I included that as first bonus clip&the 2nd bonus clip is of elevator number 2 of the Courtyard in the University area of Charlotte. It's a Dover but unlike the first Dover the indicator lights are not burned out (except for floor number 4.) ENJOY!2010-06-28 05:53:08
Dover Elevator at Courtyard in University Area of Charlotte, NC
2010-06-27 22:12:31
Otis Elevator at Hilton Garden Inn on exit 18 off I -77
2010-06-25 21:04:50
Dover Elevator at Boardwalk Shops at University Area in Charlotte, NC
Nice but dark interior2010-06-24 22:24:09
Southern Elevator at 8801 J.M Keynes Rd in Charlotte, NC
Sorry if this is a bit choppy but we had a couple of issues with the camera.Also watch what happens at one point where I hit close door button and the alarm goes off, at first I thought I hit the wrong button but then when we looked at the video we saw that I didn't. The alarm rang for a few mins and we thought we might be stuck for a minute but we weren't. This is located at 1 University Place Office Building on J.M Keynes Road.2010-06-24 20:34:39
Views from 2007 Helicopter Ride plus a United Elevator Services Elevator
Views of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg Tennesse from the air. Plus a ride on the United Elevator Services elevator at the Helicopter Museum.2010-06-22 20:16:34
Me and my Dad getting on a Scenic Helicopter Ride in Tennessee
From 2007 - My mom took this of me and my dad getting on and taking off on a helicopter ride in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. Video also shows us coming in for landing too. If I can find the video footage my dad took while on the 30 min ride, I will upload that too.2010-06-22 16:00:30
Paper Machine with Self Check Out at BJ's and a drive to a Covered Bridge
Demos of a paper machine. Self check out at BJs with my grandfather and a Sunday drive to a neat covered bridge located in NC.2010-06-21 00:12:50
Schindler at Grande Promenade Shopping Center in Charlotte, NC
This is the 2nd elevator in the shopping center.2010-06-20 00:52:19
Dover Elevator at the Grande Promenade Shopping Center in Charlotte, NC
I do the dover trick at the end2010-06-20 00:17:01
Dover Elevator at Comfort Inn in Cornelius, NC for Cannycart
This video clip is for Youtube user Cannycart. Check out his videos.2010-06-19 16:36:08
Thyssenkrupp Elevators at the Physicians Plaza in HPH in Huntersville, NC
These are the elevators in the physicians plaza of the Huntersville Presbyterian Hospital complex.2010-06-19 06:26:15
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Huntersville Presbyterian Hospital
This is the main bank of elevators at HP Hospital in Huntersville, NC2010-06-19 05:51:01
7th and Final in Series of Elevators at CMC University Main Lobby Elevator
These are Otis elevators&are located in the new main lobby. They only go up to 3rd floor though. To access the other floors you have to use the old main lobby elevators or the main banks of elevators which those are already uploaded in this series of videos of Carolina Medical Center at University. This video concludes this series of elevator videos.2010-06-19 03:59:03
6th in Series of Elevators at CMC University Schindler in Building 1000
I believe this is a schindler elevator2010-06-18 17:43:01
5th in Series of Elevators at CMC University Old Main Lobby Elevators
These used to be the main lobby elevators before they built the new lobby entrance onto the complex. The sound goes out part way through video clip but it comes back. We rode elevator number 3 twice&then got a quick view of elevator number 4 at the end.2010-06-18 15:35:19
4th in Series of Elevators at CMC University Dover in Building 3000
This is in building 3000 of CMC University complex. It's a Dover.2010-06-18 14:26:04
3rd in Series of Elevators at CMC University Main Bank on Emergency Side
These are the main bank of elevators on the Emergency side of the hospital2010-06-18 06:45:49
2nd in Series of Elevators at CMC University The Otis Service Elevator
One of the Carolina Medical Center - University's service elevators. We had permission to ride it. :)2010-06-18 03:29:28
First in a Series of Elevators located at Carolina Medical University Center
This is the first video of a series of video clips I will be uploading of elevators in the Carolina Medical Center in the University Area. First up is a Schindler located in building 5000 in the complex. Note of trivia, I used to have PT classes in this building.2010-06-17 22:59:24
Otis Elevators at Northcross Medical Building in Huntersville, NC
Two elevators in this complex. One goes down to basement and is a little bigger than the other one which does not go to basement.2010-06-17 21:22:36
Otis Elevator at the Clarion Inn in Cornelius, NC
It's an Otis but nothing too fancy.2010-06-17 16:51:14
Otis Elevator at the Harbour Park Office Complex in Cornelius, NC
Twin elevators. Excatly the same in seperate parts of building layout.2010-06-17 06:55:37
Dover Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Cornelius, NC
We took a ride on both elevators at this hotel. Both are Dover2010-06-17 05:30:17
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at a New Office Complex in Cornelius, NC
I start out filming but then let mom take over as my hands were getting a little tired.2010-06-16 23:28:20
Schindler at Dick's Sporting Goods at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC
Me&my dad stop by the mall today to recheck Dick's Sporting Goods store and sure enough a clerk showed us where it was.2010-06-14 03:42:35
Kone at Drury Inn in Charlotte, NC
It's a talking Kone2010-06-14 00:18:01
Elevator at the Residence Inn in Concord, NC
3rd attempt at filming the elevator.2010-06-13 18:22:09
Otis Elevator at the Courtyard in Concord, NC
This is me filming my 2nd elevator. I decided to give it a try yesterday and I think I like it.2010-06-13 15:39:42
Otis Elevator Ride at Embassy Suites with a New Camera Operator
That's right folks. I did the filming myself for this video. This is my first video that I actually was holding the camera and filming the ride. This is the Embassy Suites at exit 49 off of 1-85 in Concord, NC2010-06-13 03:54:19
Green Frieght Elevator at IKEA in Charlotte, NC
Thanks to Ben (stewartbls YT user) and Duty Manager Tiffany I got to ride this VERY NICE green freight elevator at IKEA today.2010-06-12 21:03:09
Dover Elevator at the Sleep Inn in Concord, NC
5th and final of the series of hotel elevators we explored today on exit 49 off of I-85.2010-06-12 04:35:41
Otis Elevator at the Wingate Hotel in Concord, NC
4th hotel elevator that we explored today on exit 49 off I-852010-06-12 03:29:25
Otis Elevator at the Spring Hill Suites in Concord, NC
Third one in series of the hotel elevators we explored today at exit 49 off I-852010-06-12 00:05:19
Otis Elevator at Comfort Suites in Concord, NC
The next in the series of the hotel elevators we explored today at exit 49 off I-852010-06-11 23:25:47
Otis Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Concord, NC
1st one in my series of the hotel elevators we explored today at exit 49 off I-852010-06-11 21:45:14
Elevator at My Old School HCA
This is a video clip of me at my old school back when I was in Kindergarten.2010-06-10 17:33:32
Diesel Ducy Finds The Lights at Hotel Roanoke Interesting
This is Diesel Ducy at the Hotel Roanoke who finds out something neat about the lights in the hallway.2010-06-10 15:17:07
Schindler in Belks at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC
This is the last of my Northlake Mall videos2010-06-08 22:26:15
Schindler Elevator in Macy's at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC
2010-06-08 21:31:17
Otis Elevator outside of Macy's in Northlake Mall
This is a pretty good size elevator but not nearly as big as the one in the main court of the mall.2010-06-08 20:43:25
Kone Elevator at Dillards in Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC
One of my favorite Kones in town.2010-06-08 19:48:07
A Revist to the Otis Elevator at Northlake Mall with new cab decoration
We revisted the HUGE Otis elevator at Northlake Mall. It has new cab decorations with advertisement.2010-06-08 18:35:22
Speedway Tour Video Clip 3
This is the 3rd video clip of Charlotte Motor Speedway2010-06-07 06:39:11
Speedway Tour Video Clip 2
This is the 2nd video clip from our tour of Charlotte Motor Speedway2010-06-07 04:00:47
Speedway Tour Video Clip 1
Me&my dad took a tour of Charlotte Motor Speedway today. It was pretty interesting. This is first video clip.2010-06-07 00:07:44
Train Ride at Dan Nicholas Park ( End of Year Party w/ class from school)
Me&my classmates from school went to Dan Nicholas Park for our end of the year class party today. This was the train ride at the park.2010-05-27 22:07:35
Grove Park Inn Elevators Mini Clip with Epic Fail on The Editing Video Clip.
This is a short video clip of 2 of the elevators that they have at Grove Park Inn. We stayed here New Year's Day in 2009. This was my 2008 Christmas present from my parents. FIrst elevator is the historic elevator that is actually part of the old chimmey shaft. The other one is the one off one of the parking decks at GPI. The epic fail occurs at the point in the video where we are on our way to our room. Keep watching even when it appears video clip has been stoped. I debated wether to redo editing or keep it and call it epic fail on the editing video clip. It's late so I chose the latter. Hope you enjoy the clip anyways even though it's not neatly edited right. I will be uploading more of the videos I have of GPI elevators, most likely over the next several days or so.2010-05-23 03:07:52
Otis Elevator at the New Huntersville Inn in Huntersville, NC
This is where me and my dad went exploring today. It's a new hotel near by.2010-05-23 01:43:55
Otis GEN2 Traction at Carilion Parking Deck in Roanoke, VA
This was taken back in Nov. 2009 over Thanksgiving Break.2010-05-22 19:19:51
Outside Elevator&Tour of Apartment Suite at the Biltmore Residences
We stayed here in 2008 on our trip up to Asheville, NC when my parents won tickets to The Greenes Gospel Jubilee concert. I should have more video of the elevator but can't seem to find it at the moment.2010-05-22 15:11:44
590B IKEA Elevator in Charlotte, NC ( Video Three of Three )
This is the 3rd elevator at the store IKEA in Charlotte, NC.2010-05-22 05:37:08
590C Elevator at IKEA in Charlotte. NC ( Video Two of Three )
This is the 2nd elevator we rode at IKEA. I was hoping to get 590B so we could ride them in order but this is the one that we got so we went ahead and rode it before 590B.2010-05-22 04:36:24
Elevator at IKEA in Charlotte, NC (Video One of Three)
This is the first video of 3 that I will be uploading of the elevators at the IKEA store in Charlotte, NC. Not sure what brand they are, maybe Kone but not sure. This video is of elevator 590A.2010-05-22 03:15:45
Otis Elevator at the Concord Regional Airport in Concord, NC
Sorry there is no audio on this clip. Up first is a little tour of the inside of airport building then we ride the Otis elevator. This is me and my dad along with my Pop-Pop.2010-05-08 23:30:00
Going out to the Sun Room
This is me going out to the Sun Room to turn on the big fan out there. I love fans and have even collected a few although they are smaller than the one in this video2010-05-08 18:54:58
Trio Ride on JCPenny's Elevator in Roanoke with Faxplane and Diesel Ducy
I had a great time filming and riding elevators with these two.2010-05-05 22:39:30
Schindler Elevator at the Extended Stay Motel in Roanoke, VA
This is a Schindler elevator that Diesel Ducy said wasn't all that bad!2010-05-05 21:57:19
1972 Freight Dover Elevator Trio Ride with Diesel Ducy and Faxplane
This was a neat elevator ride!!2010-05-05 17:58:11
Glass Dover at Tanglewood Mall with Faxplane and Diesel Ducy
Riding in the car with Diesel Ducy and Faxplane at begining of video clip which then goes to the glass Dover at the Tanglewood Mall in Roanoke, VA which is painted black making it look dark on inside, luckily the glass helps bring light into the cab.2010-05-05 16:55:45
Second Bank of Elevators at the Sheraton Hotel with Bonus Footage
These are the second bank of elevators at the Sheraton Hotel in Roanoke, VA.Bonus extra footage at the end of the Savaria Concord Wheelchair Lift at the same hotel.2010-05-04 21:34:09