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Dover Elevator at the Fairfield Inn in Southaven, MS
This is another requested shout out to JimLiElevators and all of his 200 Subscribers. Hope you enjoy it.2012-10-15 21:37:25
1928 Vintage Otis Elevator at the City Building in Asheville, NC
This is the elevator that is featured in Hampton's "Elevated Hamptonality" video produced by icrossing, a digital marketing agency. A HUGE THANK YOU to Hampton Hotels, Ken Hamm, James Davis, & Garye Costner, Brooks Lester, Paul the lighting guy for giving me this memorable event & for all the hard work, time and effort that everybody put into the project. I also would like to thank the elevator operator who let me have a turn at the controls. :) This elevator was a blast to be able to ride and work the controls. Check out and for more info on these companies. You can also check out my website at and and be sure to check out Hampton Inn at Tunnel Road at 00:21:31
WOW!! I Have an Otis Elevator Dedicated to Me - Look at This!!!!
A BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU to Andrea Coon and Hampton Inn at Tunnel Road in Asheville, NC for this HUGE SURPRISE & GREAT HONOR. Thank you doesn't seem quite enough to express my gratitude but this elevator dedication truly made me speechless and I do thank Andrea & her fine staff for all they have done for me from the bottom of my heart. It is appreciated more than words can say. Make sure you go to and like that page. You can also check out my website at & my facebook page for more pictures of this elevator.2012-10-13 22:12:52
New Ryko Car Wash at 7-11 Exxon Gas Station on Mallard Creek and HWY 29
Shout out to Drewax11. This video is a combo of the flip camera and iPhone video. We were having battery and memory issues with both while filming this but I think we got a pretty good video in spite of all the issues. Hope you enjoy it. My first car wash at night. :)2012-10-12 08:25:49
Otis Elevator Modded by ? at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Memphis, TN
Not sure who modded these? I was thinking these were Kone until I saw bcelevators version and saw the classic Oits leveling. Looks similar to US elevators also in my opinion. Any ideas or thoughts from Elevator Community?2012-10-11 17:08:26
Classic Dover Elevator with Otis Directional Indicator @ Hilton Headquarters in TN
Shout out to Hampton Brand Team in Memphis, Tennessee. Thank you for all you have done for me. Thanks also to Sheryl Shelton who arranged the Thyssenkrupp Elevator Plant Tour for me. Here is a video clip of me riding the Dovis (Dover and Otis) elevator at the Hilton Headquarters in Memphis, TN. I really enjoyed getting to tour the Hilton headquarters and meeting a lot of neat people.2012-10-09 23:22:21
Westinghouse Elevators @ the Comfort Inn in Downtown Memphis, TN
This is a shout out to TotallyTechStuff. Thanks for watching my videos. BCElevators has filmed these also. These were kind of busy when we were there so we had to put several clips together to make a video of these but I am happy with the way it came out. At one point in the video you can see a string on the back of my hair that we didn't realize was there. I had taken off my hat in the car and I guess somehow there had been a string inside of it that stayed on my hair.2012-10-08 02:16:51
For Matthew Kerber (&Dieselducy ) Demo of Preheat Fluorescent Light
Matthew - this is for you. Thanks for watching my videos. I know you are a fan of Dieselducy also so this video demos the preheat fluorescent light that Dieselducy gave to me awhile back. It's a great light. I also show an "instant on" fluorescent light my grandfather gave to me in this video. Thanks again Dieselducy for the great light. Hope you and Matthew both enjoy the video. :)2012-10-07 06:31:37
Otis Elevator at the Hampton Inn at Thousand Oaks, Memphis Tennessee
Congratulations to Hampton Hotels YouTube Channel for reaching the milestone of over 1 MILLION views on their channel today. :)2012-10-05 13:49:43
First 3 Video Clips from the New Flip HD Hamptonality Camera
This video has the first 3 video clips we filmed after we got the new flip HD Hamptonality camera from Hampton at the Hampton Brand Team Meeting in Memphis, TN.These are not in exact order. The clips include view from our balcony at the Hampton Inn on Beale Street, me filming my dad,&the Schindler elevator at The Madison Hotel.Balcony view was first clip we did film but the other 2 are out of correct sequence.2012-10-04 22:51:57
My Hampton Experience at The Orpheum in Memphis, Tennessee
I was invited to go to Memphis, Tennessee to attend the Hampton Brand Team Meeting at the end of August. I was overwhelmed with all the surprises waiting in store for me. This video shows you a glimpse of just some of the goodies I got from Hampton and also our backstage pass of the Orpheum Theatre plus a ride on their Dover classic elevator. For more on the Orpheum, check out their website at www.orpheum-memphis.com2012-10-04 03:50:18
The Elevator Boy
A picture story by me and my mom which tells a true story of "The Elevator Boy" and how he became TJElevatorfan on YouTube. In other words, a story about me. I hope you enjoy it.2012-10-03 14:40:30
Tomorrow is a BIG day for me and also for Elevator Photography
2012-10-02 23:21:56
Look Who's on the Wall of Fame at the Hampton Inn in Wilkesboro, NC
That's right. Hampton Inn in Wilkesboro, NC has the picture of me with the general manager Summer Combs and Carol on their wall of fame. :) Carol is one of Hampton Inn's finest employees as she went beyond the call of duty&stopped on her way into work one morning to get me a chocolate milk to go with my breakfast after she found out on the previous day that I like chocolate milk, now that's what Hamptonality is all about. :)2012-10-01 04:11:50
Scenic Elevator at the Doubletree Hotel shows Skyline of Downtown Memphis, Tennessee
These were pretty nice. You see the lobby for a little bit then it goes up to where your view becomes the skyline of downtown.2012-09-30 06:52:01
2 MILLON VIEWS: A Special THANK YOU Video to ALL My Subscribers & Viewers
This is a special THANK YOU video to ALL my subscribers & viewers. I wanted to make a different type of video for this great milestone of reaching over 2 million views in less than 3 years of being on YT. That's right, as of this morning on Sept 28th, I have 2,000,532 views. This video contains 5 videos in one PLUS a BONUS SNEAK PEAK of our suite at Hampton Inn in Memphis, TN. This video has a ThyssenKrupp, 2 styles of Otis, a Schindler, along with a Thyssen-Dover, and a very special KONE elevator with DEWHURST fixtures!! There was an epic editing software fail at 11:34 in the video but it wasn't too bad so I decided to just go with it and upload the video like it is to get this out to ya'll sooner. This video also covers 3 states: Tennessee, Arkansas & Mississippi. Hope you enjoy it. Be sure to check out Hampton's new sneak peak of "Elevated Hamptonality" that they released this morning as well making it an even more special day for me. :)2012-09-29 15:55:38
Otis Traction Elevator at the Historic Peabody Hotel in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee
bcelevators and thegrudge58 have filmed these elevators too. If you haven't checked out their channels be sure to. They have got some pretty good videos. & Stay tuned for a few pictures of the views from the top including the penthouse pen of the famous Peabody ducks at the end of video clip. If you want to see a video of the march of the Peabody Ducks, I have that already uploaded in a seperate video which I will post as a video response to this one.2012-09-28 00:04:08
Schindler MT Elevator at the Madison Hotel in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee
Bonus view from Penthouse Observation Deck. This is a shout out video to FGelevatorsReturns2012-09-28 00:04:08
For EMS318&Any Elvis Fans:Video Clip of Elvis' Birthplace in Tupelo&an Otis Elevator
EMS318 I decided to do a shout out to you since you have done several dedication videos to me. I hope you enjoy it. First up is a video clip (&also some photos) of the birthplace of Elvis Presley and the church building his family attended. 2nd is the Otis Series 1 elevator at the Staybridge Suites in Memphis, Tennessee which I am thinking used to be something else and Staybridge bought it because it is not your typical Staybridge design.2012-09-27 17:54:12
Kone Monospace Elevators at the Westin in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee
This is another shout out video. This one is to YT user 55466244. Thanks for watching my videos. We found the same set up as bcelevators when he filmed these. One elevator gave full access even though it had a card reader up to the 9th floor while the other elevator was locked out except to 2nd floor. Gluse has also filmed these.2012-09-27 15:19:38
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Memphis East 4 Points by Sheraton
When bcelevators filmed these (who got a better video of these then we did) elevator number 2 was having a door issue but it seems to have been fixed as it really didn't have a problem with us. These were really busy when we stopped by but we managed to get enough clips to put a video together. Elevator number one never did come down. The elevator bank in lobby had mirror doors. We used one of the video clips that we filmed here of the mirror doors in the birthday video for codownsonwii so I didn't include that one in this clip. Overall a very nice elevator.2012-09-26 14:01:26
Requested 7 Eleven Car Wash on University City Blvd in Charlotte, NC
This was requested by mpollux2. This is a touch free car wash not sure what system or brand other than it is located at the Exxon / 7 Eleven Gas Station off of University Blvd. in Charlotte, NC. Hope you enjoy it.2012-09-25 16:17:55
Showcase Video of Thanks for ALL My TKE Gifts from Thyssenkrupp Elevators
This is a Shout Out Video to TKE. THANKS for all the cool stuff you gave and sent to me. This is a video showcasing them all. A HUGE THANKS to Pat Ginn who gave us an outstanding tour of the Middleton Plant. The staff there was so nice and friendly and made this an experience one that I will never forget. The time and effort that it took to make these personalized gifts is so very much appreciated. This is also for Mitchel Lunn who was one of many wanting to see the call station in action. :)2012-09-23 22:31:16
Dover Elevator that Liked to Go into Nudge Mode at Courtyard Hotel in Tupelo, MS
This one kept going into nudge mode quickly. This is another requested shout out. This one is to elevatorfan12312012-09-23 02:29:29
A Revisit to the Rare Thyssenkrupp Elevator w/ Studio Fixtures w/ Bonus
Bonus - it went into nudge mode so we got a little bit of that in this clip. I thought it would be neat to take my "TJ's Elevator" name plate that Thyssenkrupp Elevators made for me and take some pictures of it in this rare TKE w/ studio fixtures. Hope you enjoy it. This is also another requested shout out video. This one is to mjbruce11. I had somebody email me and ask what are all the shout outs for. Most of them with exception of one or two have been requested shout outs from my viewers. A shout out is a way to say thanks to someone, so my shout outs are to say thanks for watching my videos. I will be uploading a shout out video for ALL my viewers tomorrow (9-23-12) that will showcase all the TKE gifts I have gotten including the working call station so stay tuned... :)2012-09-22 21:44:19
Another Special Shout Out: Schindler Elevator at the New Home2 Suites
Cannycart - this is just for you as I know you like Home2 Suites. Hope you enjoy it. This is the new Home2 in Charlotte. You can check out their website for more info at 15:41:25
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Hilton Garden Inn in Tupelo, Mississippi
Another requested shout out. This one is to TheTyis. I was having a bit of fun for the camera with one of my Elvis Ty Bears since we were in the hometown of Elvis Presley. I really enjoyed the day in Tupelo. :)2012-09-20 03:41:10
A View of Mudd Island River Park&the Monorail's Bull Wheel&Diesel Generator
This is also a shout out video to Nathan (nbigham1)2012-09-18 23:13:30
Scenic Elevator at the Mudd Island River Park Parking Deck in Memphis, Tennessee
Wished it had been kept up nicer. I'll have some more videos of Mudd Island uploaded soon.2012-09-18 18:04:21
A View of the Hampton Inn&Suites We Stayed at From Horse Drawn Carriage
This is another requested Shout Out. This is to Computer040210. This is a view of our hotel as we are pulling out in the horse drawn carriage ride we took one evening in Memphis, TN. Short clip taken by Dad with our old camera. If you want to see more of Horse Drawn Carriage ride, see the other video I uploaded of that with the HD digital camera footage. Will post it as a video response.2012-09-17 20:42:08
A Shout Out For Someone Very Special: Classic Dover Elevators
This shout out was not requested by Dieselducy but I wanted to do one for him because he means a lot to me and I appreciate all that he has done for me. These elevators have been filmed by bcelevators as well. These are located at the Hampton Inn on Poplar Ave in Memphis, Tennessee2012-09-17 00:33:09
Our Pictures of Elvis Presley's Airplane: The Lisa Marie Jet in Memphis, Tennessee
Had another request for another shout out. This one is for Mucky Duck Media. Hope you enjoy the pictures.2012-09-16 16:56:54
Westinghouse Elevators at the Hilton Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee
bcelevators did a floor tour for me at this hotel so this was one of the hotels on my list to see while in TN. :) We went at night so we didn't really get a good view outside the glass elevator window so check out bcelevators video on these because he did get a good view. Overall very nice elevator and colorful lobby.2012-09-16 05:25:00
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at Comfort Suites in Tupelo, Mississippi For ElevNick0222212
This was a very nice hotel to explore. Hope you enjoy the video.2012-09-16 05:25:00
Happy Birthday Message&Shout Out to Codownsonwii
Here you go, hope you enjoy it. :)2012-09-16 04:40:52
Porchlift Vertical Platform Lift Handicapp Access at Hampton Inn
This is located at Hampton Inn in Memphis, Tennessee near Beale street. This is a shout out to bwaffleman who had requested a shout out.2012-09-15 14:56:26
Schindler MT Elevator at the Hyatt Place in Memphis, Tennessee
like most Hyatt's this elevator had mirrors on the back and sides of the elevator cab.2012-09-13 22:12:12
Hampton Inn in Olive Branch, MS has 2 Different Styles of Otis Elevators
These 2 elevators are not together. One is further down the hallway from the other.2012-09-12 15:50:59
CRJ900 US Airways Express Jet We Flew on from Memphis, TN to Charlotte, NC
This is video footage dad took of the plane we flew on our flight back home. He saw it coming to the gate before the flight. :)2012-09-12 00:32:45
Kone EcoDisc Elevator at the Downtown Memphis Courtyard in Tennessee
This hotel is on the site of the first Piggly Wiggly.2012-09-11 15:07:47
Dover Elevator at the Hampton Inn Shady Grove Location in Memphis, TN
Notice the doors on this Hampton Inn. Very nice Hampton. Listen to the motor on this elevator. For more info on this hotel, check out their website at tennessee/hampton-inn-and-suites-memphis-shady-grove-MEMSGHX /accommodations/index.html2012-09-10 22:09:13
Twilight Horse Drawn Carriage Ride in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee
This was a pretty neat experience. Very relaxing. www.carriagetoursofmemphis.com2012-09-09 23:26:27
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Comfort Suites in Olive Branch, Mississippi
I had a request for another video from Mississippi if I had any more which I do so here you go. :)2012-09-09 02:26:49
For Schindlerman96
I really like Schindlerman96's channel. Check out his YT Channel If you haven't checked it out yet. They say impersonations can be a form of appreciation and that is what I am attempting to do so in this short clip. I meant to have it part of our trip to TN video but somehow this clip got overlooked when that video was put together so I decided to just upload it by itself. We were in the car heading to the airport and I try to do my best impersonation of Schindlerman96 who had did something similar in his road trip video. :) Hope you like it Schindlerman96.2012-09-08 23:30:24
A Glance into a Schindler Elevator Machine Room
A view into a Schindler Elevator Machine Room with the sounds of the elevator coming down first and then going up. We know elevator machine rooms can be dangerous so we didn't actually go into it, we just stayed by the open door. You can check out Schindler Elevators at their website internet/en/home.html2012-09-08 20:39:14
Way Cool Thyssenkrupp (Dover) Elevators at Residence Inn in Downtonwn Memphis, TN
These were kind of cool looking. I was about give out by the time we got to these but I still enjoyed riding them. After we rode these elevators, we went to dinner at Kooky Canuck's which was a fun place to eat at. After dinner we took a twilight horse carriage ride through downtown which was also a lot of fun and very relaxing. We ended the night off with some time in the hotel pool before bedtime :) 05:55:52
Marriott Hotel in Memphis, TN has Haughton Elevators modded by Dover&Otis
These were also filmed by bcelevators. I didn't see his video take of these until after we had visited Memphis. It was very surprising to hear the Otis voice but the elevator had Dover fixtures. :) If you haven't checked out bcelevators yet, be sure to check out his channel. He has some pretty good videos.2012-09-07 15:29:09
Re-Upload of Otis Elevators w/ Touch Sensitive&Lexan Buttons @ HI Select
OK with the epic fail of 1st video uploading to YT right of these elevators, here is my 2nd attempt. I reprocessed the video through Corel software in case for some reason the first file was corrupt even though it played through fine on my computer before I uploaded it. I'm not sure if the problem occured in uploading to YT or if the problem was something in the mixing process in the Corel software. In any case, this was a nice hotel to explore. The elevators were Otis but had Dover phone button.2012-09-07 04:29:39
Otis Elevators w/ Touch Sensitive&Lexan Buttons at Holiday Inn in Memphis, TN
epic upload fail on this video clip. click on video reponse of re-upload of Otis Elevators w. touch sensitive&Lexan Buttons at HI Select below to see whole video clip2012-09-07 01:00:25
Mini Road Footage&Dover Elevator at Hampton Inn in Forest City, Arkansas
Show a little bit of going down the road in Arkansas at the start of this video. This Hampton Inn is only a 2 story hotel but it was still very nice and I enjoyed exploring it.2012-09-05 22:57:52
Mudd Island River Park Monorail Ride in Memphis, Tennessee
This was fun to ride. :) Mudd Island is a very nice and educational place to visit as well. Check out my facebook page for lots of pictures of this park. Stay tuned for video of the elevators there...2012-09-05 22:57:52
Customized Thyssenkrupp (Dover) Elevator at the Comfort Suites in Southaven, MS
One of the things I learned at the TKE Factory is that each elevator is customized to the customer's needs. You might not see the difference but no two elevators are the same. It's neat how on this one, you can see the difference. It had the wood look finished on every part of the elevator that they could including the frames for the fixtures and door to the telephone. Even the indicators in the lobby were encased in the wood frames. Nice hotel.2012-09-05 12:43:15
Strange Acting Dover Elevators at the Holiday Inn in West Memphis, Arkansas
Started this video with driving across the Arkansas state line. as this video marks the 7th state we have filmed in. :) The hotel looked very nice and impressive but the Dover elevators were not up to par in my book. The doors on both elevators seemed to close very fast on several occasions. No beep except once when closing I believe. The floor indicator in the lobby said 5 floors but both elevators only had 4 floor buttons to push. We didn't really take too much time on these.2012-09-04 23:15:04
For BCElevators: Otis Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Southaven, MS.
We stopped in Southhaven on our way back to Memphis from Tupelo, MS2012-09-04 21:22:02
Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel Located on Lonely Street in Memphis, Tennessee
No, we didn't stay here, just visited. It was ok but was not too impressed with it overall. The main elevator was broke but front desk clerk told us they had a north elevator that we could ride but warned us it might be slow. We got one good ride up to the 5th floor but then it got busy after that. Thanks to housekeeping staff who let us get a quick look into a typical king suite (non-theme) although we didn't show the bathroom as that was still in the process of being cleaned. Pool is heartshaped. TCB is the name of the business center and Kid Gallahad is the name of the fitness center.2012-09-04 14:51:58
World Famous Historic Peabody Hotel 5 pm Duck March into the Otis Elevator
Peabody Historic Hotel Tradition: 5 ducks that live in an outside penthouse pen on top of the hotel get in the elevator at 11am and go down to lobby fountain&then at 5pm they march back to the elevator to go back up to their penthouse on the roof for the night. This video clip is their 5pm march to the elevator. I combined videos used from both of our digital cameras. Dad was filming in the lobby while mom&I were on the balcony. I got a duck pin from the duck master after he had locked up the ducks for the night on the roof. :) Check out my facebook page for pictures at stay tuned for another complete video of the Otis elevators at this historic hotel. For more info on hotel, check out their website at www.peabodymemphis.com2012-09-04 02:12:29
Let's Take a Tour of the Hampton Inn (Barnes-Crossing) in Tupelo, Mississippi
We didn't stay here but Landra Harris (not sure if I spelled her name correctly) was very nice in showing us a king size suite and letting me use a temporary key to access the pool, business, & fitness centers & guest laundry. :) For more info on this hotel check out their website at mississippi/hampton-inn-and-suites-tupelo-barnes-crossing-TUPBCHX2012-09-03 07:49:09
A Cool Looking Retro McDonalds in Memphis, Tennessee
Check out my facebook page for more pictures of this McD's at 23:19:50
Our Flight Arriving at the Airport in Memphis, Tennessee
Along with our flight landing, we show a Schindler moving walkway in action plus an elevator and riding the shuttle bus to get our rental car. It was raining when we got to rental car place so we didn't film any at that location.2012-09-02 09:52:15
For My Aunt Brenda: Road Trip to Tupelo, Mississippi & Birthplace of Elvis Presley
This is also for Robert Sanders who requested a road trip video. Me and my dad had fun goofing around with one of my Elvis TY Bears as you will see in the video clip. :) You can check out my facebook page at for photos we took here :) There are also photos of Graceland, Elvis' planes, Elvis' cars on my fb page. :) Just like at Graceland, you can take photos inside but not video at the birthplace of Elvis, so that is why you only see me going in and coming out of the Tupelo house in video format.2012-09-02 01:51:03
Tennessee Bound: The Beginning of My Trip of a Lifetime. Flight out of Charlotte, NC
A surprise trip to the great state of Tennesee. This trip was a HUGE surprise to me and I can't wait to share all the details with you. Some I can share now and some I will have to wait a little while before I can share with you. :) It was a trip of a lifetime; I can tell you that much for now. We got permission from our flight attendant to film while taking off since this was the first time I had flown on a jet this size. The only downside to this trip other than having to come back home and get back to school was that I didn't get up with BCElevators but I plan to the next time I get to his neck of woods again. :)2012-09-01 02:07:41
Video Clips of My Visit to Thyssenkrupp Elevator Middleton Tennesse Factory
A HUGE THANK YOU to Thyssenkrupp Elevator Americas. It was neat to go tour their Middleton Tennesse plant. I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot of neat interesting facts that I didn't know before the visit. The employees at the factory were so nice and kind to me. They made me several neat gifts that they presented to me while we were on our tour. At the end of our tour they presented me with a working hall station fixture with it's own stand engraved with "TJ's Elevator" on it. Some of the other neat items I got included an elevator button engraved with TJ on it, a pen-holder notebook also engraved with my name, along with a license plate that says "TJ's Elevator" and it also has the Thyssenkrupp logo on it plus hats, pens and cups. I really appreciate the time and effort that Pat Ginn and all the staff took to make my visit so special. For more info on Thyssenkrupp Elevators, you can check out their website at & you can also keep up with them on facebook at Americas2012-08-31 02:09:48
Ryko Soft Glass Maxx Carwash at Shell Station in Cornelius, NC
I'm still planning on filming the Exxon Stations Car Wash Requests but this one was on Dad's iPhone. It's one that my parents went through one day when I was at my grandparents house. They decided not to talk on this one so the sounds of the carwash could be heard good. There are a few segments where the picture may pause, not sure why but the original iPhone movie has that also so it's not part of the editing software program. Hope you enjoy it despite the picture issue at times.2012-08-20 04:39:15
Otis Elevator in Duke Energy / Rainbow Cafe Parking Deck in Uptown Charlotte, NC
looks like an original Otis modded by Otis2012-08-19 06:19:25
Duke Energy Center Visit w/ Destination Dispatch Elevators&Charlotte Skyline Views
Taken with HD Camera. I filmed our elevator ride going up & mom filmed our ride coming back down. In between the elevator rides, I filmed going to observation deck & also to a meeting room where you can see a great view of the Panthers Stadium. Please excuse the times I let the camera shake and wasn't paying attention to the camera's view. I did forget at times that I was still filming. There's also a small example of still photos that mom and dad both took. You can see more photos on my facebook page. Thanks to Ms. Beth ( & Mr. Matt) for making this possible. We really enjoyed it. 11:10:58
Two National Wheel O Vators in Uptown Charlotte, NC
Rode these with permission from security guard. Towards the end of my last ride another security guard had started to come up but he was OK with us once we told him about the hobby of filming elevators. :)2012-08-18 06:20:59
Sneak Peek Intro of My Visit to the Duke Energy Center in Uptown Charlotte, NC
A HUGE THANK YOU to Ms. Beth and Mr. Matt for arranging this visit for me to come and ride the very fast Destination Dispatch Elevators and see the observation deck on floor 47. This is the footage that mom got using the old Kodak Digital Camera which we still like to use from time to time. I was using the HD camera and will be uploading the footage I took soon.2012-08-17 22:08:05
Thyssenkrupp Elevator w/ Studio Fixtures at the Strayer University Building in Concord, NC
Think might of been something else and Thyssenkrupp modded it. Has the grocery beep. It was a bit noisy with a lot of knocking sounds but it was still pretty nice. Nice interior cab.2012-08-13 23:59:50
HD Retake of Dover Elevators at Hampton Inn in Cornelius, NC
New lobby decor and also modded elevator cabs (but not fixtures) plus we show the pool and fitness center and a few pics of lobby area. I'll have to look at my archives of dvds and see if I have any video of old lobby area or not. I have the video taken in 2010 of the elevators already uploaded but I didn't show much of the hotel in that clip.2012-08-12 23:46:03
A Trio of Elevators in One Video
A Dover in parking deck at Grove Park Inn Resort * A Schindler in parking deck at Asheville Mall * An Otis at Courtyard near Charlotte airport. I have filmed 2 of these before but I thought it would be neat to put the 3 different brands of elevators into one video. :)2012-08-11 09:12:30
HD Retake of Otis Elevator at the Newly Renovated Hampton Inn in Uptown Charlotte, NC
I had a couple of requests for this one awhile back and at that time they were in the process of renovating so now that they are finished with the renovations, we took some pictures and refilmed the elevator. :) Pictures of the hotel are also on my facebook page Hope you enjoy it Jarod, I think you were one of the ones who had requested a tour of this hotel.2012-08-10 22:18:48
For Cannycart: New Addition to the Courtyard Hotel near Charlotte Airport
Cannycart and I have filmed at this CY together when he had come down to Charlotte. They have added another building addition. This video features the new additions. Hope you enjoy it.2012-08-10 05:21:07
Unique King Room Tour with Dieselducy at Hampton Inn
This is at the Award Winning Hampton Inn in Salisbury, NC. Stay tuned for our full hotel tour with Dieselducy coming Thanksgiving Day of this great hotel which includes another room tour :)2012-08-09 08:38:19
HD Retake of Hampton Inn in Kannapolis/Concord Area w/ ADA Compliant Room Tour
Well I did convince mom (&dad) that we should get an HD retake of this Hampton&I'm glad I did. Ms. Jackie&Ms. Brianna at the front desk were good sports&played along with another pretend check in&also gave us a room key so we could tour a room. :) Disclaimer - not my real address or phone number given at check in segment :) Hope you enjoy this retake. I know I did.2012-08-09 06:17:52
Requested Flashback Video: Exploring Hampton Inn in Kannpolis/Concord Area
I had a request to upload another flashback memory video so I decided to choose this clip. This is what I used to (&still do) like to do on rainy days. Explore hotels, especially ones I haven't been in yet. This is from 2009 and for some reason has never been uploaded to YT so here you go. We show business center, guest laundry and even a pretend check in with desk clerk near the end of video. :) These are Otis Elevators. I haven't been in this Hampton Inn in awhile so I might convince mom that we need to go get an HD retake of it. What do you all think?2012-08-08 21:11:05
Suite Tour of 307 at the Historic Princess Anne Hotel
here is the 2nd suite we got to see at this very nice hotel.2012-08-07 23:10:06
This was a Nice Elevator at Country Inn&Suites Hotel in Asheville, NC
This CI&S floor plan was a bit different than the typical CI&S. It was nice to explore&I really liked the elevator.2012-08-06 07:37:25
A Revisit to the Kone Elevator at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville, NC
I thought we would revisit this hotel as the last time we had gone here our battery camera was low and we didn't have much time to explore the hotel so here is another look at the kone elevators. I will be posting pictures of the hotel on my facebook page soon.2012-08-06 02:42:31
Freight Size Schindler HT Elevator at Barnes&Noble Store in Asheville Mall
believe this is the the 2nd to last video to upload of the Asheville Mall Series. They had another Schindler elevator located in the parking deck which that one has MT fixtues.2012-08-04 18:13:48
Schindler Elevator at the Dillard's Store in the Asheville Mall
This was one of several Schindlers at this mall. This one was the one of the nicer ones of the Schindlers.2012-08-04 08:59:46
Westinghouse Elevator at the Sears Store in Asheville Mall
it's a westy2012-08-04 08:02:22
Montgomery Vector Elevator at the JCPenney Store in Asheville Mall
This would have been nicer if indicator was not burned out and not so busy but we did get a short solo ride on it.2012-08-04 06:38:13
Dover Impuluse Elevator at the Belks Store in Asheville Mall
This was a pretty nice mall with different elevators in each of the stores (for the most part.) You can kind of tell that by the time we got to this one, I was getting pretty tired out but that was OK since it was one of the last ones on my list to get. After taking mom's suggestion to take a breather and drink some chocolate milk, I got my 2nd wind. :)2012-08-04 03:25:38
Very Interesting of Where This Park Elevator Opens Up @ Asheville Mall
This elevator is located where the restrooms are on first level at the Asheville Mall but if you go up to the 2nd floor it actually opens up into the Verizon Store. I believe this is my 2nd Park elevator that I have ridden although I have to say the first Park elevator I rode was much more interesting and better than this one. Not to say this one was a bad one or anything, it was ok for a mall elevator.2012-08-03 18:52:17
Suite 306 Tour at the Princess Anne Historic Hotel in Asheville, NC
A HUGE thank you to the staff for letting us tour a couple of their suites. Here is the first one that we toured. You can check out my facebook page of the pictures we took around the hotel @ & if you're interested in more information about the Princess Anne, you can check out their website at www.princessannehotel.com2012-08-03 17:25:04
Unique Elevators at Crowne Plaza Golf Resort in Asheville, NC
These 2 had very nice wood cab interiors plus kind of neat layout for the floor indicators which were right beside the floor selection buttons. Directional indicator only seemed to be working if you were going down. Very nice resort to explore. We got a picture of the fitness center but couldn't find the pool&business center had 2 people working at both computers. For more info on the resort you can check out their website at us/en/asheville2012-08-03 08:44:20
Inside&Outside Elevators at the Downtown Inn in Asheville, NC
Thanks to Lisa for telling us about this hotel to check out in Asheville. Video also has a little glance of a look into one of the rooms that was wide open (we didn't go in but took picture of it from walkway) and also a look at their outdoor pool and Ice&Vending in room 318.2012-08-03 06:07:56
Vintage Monarch Elevator at the Princess Anne Historic Hotel in Asheville, NC
Charming hotel and elevator with lots of history. I also got to tour 2 suites of this very nice bed & breakfast hotel. Stay tuned for those videos. Will be posting pictures of the hotel to my facebook page soon. For more info on the historic B&B, check out their website at www.princessannehotel.com2012-08-02 06:40:31
The Residences at Biltmore's Outside Elevator in Asheville, NC
We stopped here in Asheville to get an HD take of the elevator. We had stayed here when I was a lot younger and we did a suite tour of the suite we stayed in. See the video response to this video for that clip2012-07-30 04:38:10
Otis Elevator w/ Pretty Loud Motor at Homewood Suites in Ayrsley
We took some photos of this hotel but pool and guest laundry were being used by several people so we didn't get those areas. Pictures we did take are posted on my facebook page and I did include a couple of the elevator signs and location in this video clip.2012-07-29 03:34:13
HD Retake of Hampton Inn in Southpark Area of their Gold&Silver Otis Elevators
This is same Hampton Inn we did a Hotel Tour with Cannycart last year. Main lobby elevators have gold tone elevator panel and handrails and the back elevator at end of hallway has silver tone elevator panel and handrails. I included photos of the hotel in the video clip which are also posted on my facebook page. :)2012-07-29 02:08:22
2006 Waltons Mt Trip Footage
If you ever have a chance to visit this place, we would highly recommend it. The museum is low cost and has so much history of the show. This was taken 6 years ago so I'm sure the museum has added new things. A must see and do trip for any Waltons fans.2012-07-28 04:02:39
Waltons Mountain Museum Opening Weekend 1992
video camera battery was having issues so we got what we could. This is the video we got on Opening Day Ceremony.2012-07-27 00:38:41
From The Back Log Folder: 2nd Elevator at Town Place Suites in Fayetteville, NC
This one is from not too far back but hasn't been uploaded yet. This hotel had 2 elevators. One regular size and one frieght size. The freight size video has already been uploaded to YT a while back. I included some photos we took of the hotel in this clip at the begining. Note the ice machine actually installed in the wall in lobby area. Dad said it was series 1 but it's really a series 52012-07-28 04:02:39
Requested HD Retake of Otis Elevator at Hampton Inn in Huntersville, NC
Here you go Billy. We actually took more footage than what is on this clip but we can't seem to access the extra footage off the camera card somehow those files got corrupt and will not open. I included some of the photos we took at the hotel in this clip. To see all the pictures we took of the hotel you can go to my facebook page. :)2012-07-27 00:38:41
HD Retake of Montgomery Kone Elevator at the Sears Store in Concord, NC
This is one I had not ridden in a long time. We were over in Concord and decided to do an HD retake of this elevator while we were there.2012-07-25 01:38:37
My Uncle Wendell Films the Otis Elevator at Dragon Hill Lodge in Seoul Korea
Today on the TJElevatorfan Channel, we have a guest filmer who is once again in Korea. The guest is none other than my uncle. This is the 3rd elevator video uncle Wendell has made for me to share with my viewers. The first elevator video that he filmed for me was a talking Gen 2 Otis Elevator in Korea&it was featured for my 1,000th video upload and then his 2nd elevator video is one he filmed (while we were on vacation with him and aunt Brenda in Asheville, NC) when we rode the elevator at the Homewood Suites hotel. He also was featured in a video of a hotel tour of the Hampton Inn in Cary, NC with my dad. :) I think Wendell did a great job with this filming. He's learning the ropes pretty good, don't you think? :)2012-07-24 04:16:59
My First (&Hopefully Last) Encounter of Being Stuck in an Elevator
It was great spending time with Garren&his little brother Evan riding the destination dispatch elevators in Wells Fargo Two building this afternoon but did not enjoy getting stuck in the BB&T parking deck elevator! Thanks to the Charlotte Fire Department (Station Number 4, I think) for responding so quickly in rescuing us! This video clip has both DD Elevator ride, being stuck in the elevator&our rescue. We were not filming the actual ride in the elevator when it got stuck because we had forgotten our camera in the car but dad got his iPhone out and got some of the footage.2012-07-22 00:22:12
Otis Elevators at the Concord, NC Hampton Inn HD Retake
I believe someone had requested us getting an HD retake of these elevators but I can't remember who asked us to so whoever did, here you go.2012-07-21 00:08:34
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hickory, NC.
This is the hotel dad was trying to remember about seeing the same similar type of carpet in the elevator at Courtyard in Hickory.2012-07-20 09:16:41