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NumberVideo TitleDescriptionDate Published
A Tour of Andy Griffith's Childhood Home Place in Mount Airy, NC
In celebration of me reaching 5 million views on my YouTube Channel, we wanted to do something very special and just a little bit different. The Andy Griffith show is one of my all time favorite TV shows and so we thought it would be neat to go and spend a night at the Andy Griffith Home Place which is the house that Andy grew up in. This was a neat experience for me and I hope you all will enjoy this tour of this special landmark in Mount Airy, NC. Thank you to all my viewers and subscribers for watching my videos! If you want more info on the Andy Griffith Home Place which is owned by the Hampton Inn in Mt Airy, you can check out the links below. For all of the elevator fans out there, don't despair as I am going to be uploading another video just for ya'll this evening of the elevator I rode today at the Mount Airy Museum of Regional History so stay tuned for that. :)
For photos we took while staying here, you can click the link for my FB album at
2015-04-25 23:12:57
Hamptonality Camera View of First 30 Minutes of Smoky Mt Railroad Train Ride
Video 1 of 2 of our Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Train Ride Special. This version is the unedited and uncut version of the first 30 minutes of our train ride starting as we pull out of Bryson City Depot. I was filming with my Hamptonality Flip camera. Stay tuned for the 2nd video which will showcase the overall trip and footage filmed by my parents. I was sitting on the left side of the train with my Papa while my parents had seats on the right side of the train a couple of seats back from where we were sitting. For pictures we took, you can check out my Facebook Page at 23:12:57
Sneak Peek of Upcoming Special Video
This is a sneak peek of a upcoming special video that will be dedicated to Dieselducy. It is a video we filmed over my Spring Break and it is the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Train Excursion to Nantahala Gorge from Bryson City, NC so stay tuned...2015-04-11 23:12:56
Nantahala Gorge Water Rapids
Nantahala Water perfect for rafting located at the Nantahala Outdoor Center2015-04-11 23:12:56
A Requested Video From Jim Li Elevators For His Birthday
The Hampton Inn Tunnel Road Elevators have something new in them and Jim requested a retake of these elevators for his birthday so here you go, Jim. I hope you enjoy this video I put together for you and I hope your birthday is a blessed one. Make sure you check out Jim's channel, he's got a lot of good videos at 05:46:04
Cut Away View of Truck Motor Fan in Action
A random video we filmed while stuck in traffic near the speedway of interesting cut away view of motor running in truck besides us.2015-04-01 02:54:45
HD Retake of Montgomery Escalator and Elevator
Here's another HD retake of the Montgomery Vector elevator in Sears at Carolina Place Mall plus a ride on their Montgomery escalators2015-03-22 23:42:09
HD Retakes Schindler&Otis Escalators and Elevators
This video is dedicated to a young fan of mine named Jeff Russ who will be turning 5 in May of this year. Hope you enjoy the video Jeff and thanks for watching my videos. These are taken at Barnes&Noble bookstore at Carolina Place Mall and also inside the mall.2015-03-21 02:10:58
Otis Elevator Modded by Otis in Belks at Carolina Place Mall
Here's an HD take on the Otis Mod of this elevator. We had filmed this one when it was still Otis Series One,2015-03-16 21:28:37
Greenway Car Wash in Charlotte, NC
For all the ones who enjoy the car wash videos, here's another one we tried out. Hope you enjoy it. For more info on this car wash, check out their website at www.greenwayexpresscarwash.com2015-03-15 04:01:21
Sapphire Bay Car Wash in Gastonia, NC
We haven't been to this one before today so we thought we would try it out since we were in Gastonia today. It has pretty neat lighting effects and also did a great job of cleaning the car. For more info on this car wash, you can check out their website and FB page at these links:

Sapphire Bay Car Wash Website & Sapphire Bay Car Wash Facebook Page
2015-03-08 04:08:00
New Holiday Inn Express&Suites in Monroe, NC
New hotel, new Otis elevator, series 7. We ran across this one yesterday after attending a Shakespeare Competition that me and some of my classmates at school were participating in.2015-03-05 19:33:03
Levine Center For The Arts Underground Parking Deck
This is a random video I did back on Feb 7th that I kind of forgot about until I saw it today on camera card. Thought it might make for a different but neat little video to drive into this underground parking deck in uptown Charlotte, NC. We were going to film an elevator that day that is in a underground tunnel but that part was locked off I guess because of the weekend. Will get that elevator another day sometime during the week when we have a day off from school. This parking deck has 8 levels underground and above it is The Levine Center for the Arts and Duke Energy Center.There are a little over 2,000 parking spaces in this parking deck. Duke Energy Center Parking Garage2015-02-28 19:21:07
Elevator Riding Safety Tip Video Number One
Following Safety Rules is very important especially when riding an elevator or escalator. This is a fun little video that we did when we took a ride on a Otis Hydrofit Elevator but in all seriousness, make sure you know and follow all safety rules when riding an elevator and help spread the word. If you haven't joined the ThyssenKrupp Elevators Safety Ambassador's Club yet, you can click on their website link to find out how :)
If you enjoyed this little fun safety video and want us to make more, let us know. Safety Tips for this video includes Don't close the door on incoming passenger and remember to use the open door button to open the door for incoming passenger. For more info on Otis Elevators Hydrofits, you can visit their website at Otis HydroFit Elevators
2015-02-27 22:04:51
Pike's Old Fashion Soda Shop in Uptown Charlotte, NC
After being cooped up for most of the week with icy/snowy weather, it was good to get out for a late afternoon lunch with my parents & grandfather. We went to a neat restaurant that we have been wanting to try for awhile but never had gotten around to it and I'm really glad we finally did. It's one of the best places to eat in uptown Charlotte in my opinion with just as great atmosphere. It kind of reminded me of the ice cream shop that Opie worked at on the Andy Griffith show in a way although this is just a restaurant and not an ice cream drug store combo. For more info on this establishment, check out their website & FB Page at

You can also check out my FB page for photos we took at this link Pike's Old Fashioned Soda Shop
2015-02-21 01:44:55
Former Marriott Now Crowne Plaza in Charlotte, NC
This is a HD Retake of the classic Dover elevator located at the former Marriott (which we had filmed with Cannycart) which is now a Crowne Plaza Hotel. This video is a requested shout out to Jacob Drum. Thanks for watching my videos.2015-02-18 21:26:48
Dover / ThyssenKrupp Elevator in Harrisburg, NC Town Hall Building
This elevator services the YMCA which is located in the Town Hall building in Harrisburg, NC. I think it is an original Dover Impulse with the ThyssenKrupp Brand on it. What do ya'll think? The elevator gave a very smooth ride almost to the point that you really couldn't tell it was moving for the most part.2015-02-18 03:58:24
Otis Series 1 Elevator at the 3 Monkeys Tavern&Grill
We ate lunch today at the 3 Monkeys Tavern & Grill which is in a little shopping center on Main Street in Harrisburg, NC. Food was pretty tasty and an even nicer bonus was the fact that the shopping center had an elevator that we got to ride and film :) For more info on the 3 Monkeys, visit their website at threemonkeystavern.com2015-02-16 02:05:49
15th Birthday Extravaganza
OK here is my 15th birthday celebration video. Some have requested for me to compile an extravaganza video so I thought I would do that with the videos we took of my birthday weekend, starting with the night before my birthday. We checked in to Home 2 Suites then on my birthday, we took a CATS ride through downtown Charlotte, went through Dilworth's car wash, revisited the old Blake hotel which is now a Sheraton to ride the modded touch sensitive Otis elevators. We also ate lunch at Big Ben's Pub which was very good. We first ate there during Christmas break so many of the photos of that were taken on our first visit except for my egg sandwich platter and free birthday ice cream. Hope you all enjoy this birthday celebration video because I sure enjoyed all the fun things we did to celebrate my birthday. Dilworth Car Wash requested by ChrisVideos and the link to the Schindler Elevator Machine Room at Home2 video is here: A Schindler HT Elevator Controller Panel in Machine Room

For more info on the businesses featured in this video, check out their websites below:
Home2 Suites Charlotte I-77
Charlotte CATS Transit
Otis Elevator
Sheraton Charlotte Hotel
2015-02-14 14:07:35
Sneak Peek Of My 15th Birthday Extravaganza Video
I have had a couple of requests to do an extravaganza video so I thought I would do that for my 15th birthday celebration. I had a really great day and this sneak peek will give you a clue to all of what I did on my birthday. Stay tuned...2015-02-10 15:17:00
Thank You To All The Firefighters Everywhere For All You Do!
Just a short little video to say we see you and appreciate all you do!!2015-02-08 05:30:27
Dover Impulse Elevator for Alex's 14th Birthday Shout Out Video
Here is a requested birthday shout out video from Alex who will be turning 14 on February 9th which is this coming Monday. Hope your birthday is a great one Alex&I hope you like the video we made for you. Thanks for watching my videos.2015-02-03 22:10:33
Hospital Size ThyssenKrupp Signa 4 Elevator
I finally got some free time since today was a teacher's workday to explore a couple of elevators that we have not filmed yet. Here is the first one located at Southlake Professional Center 2 building in Huntersville, NC. It was fun to take a break from school work, school projects&Shakespeare Recital Competition Practice to go exploring some elevators. It feels like a month of Sundays since I have had time to do that. Looking forward to being able to explore a new Hampton Inn that will be coming to Shelby, NC in the next month or two. :)2015-02-02 21:44:46
Bonus Footage of Speed Max Car Wash
Here is some bonus footage from the car wash we went through the other day. Hope you all enjoy it. If you want to see the view of our car going through the car wash then click on the link below to see the first video from here. For more info on this particular car wash establishment, you can check out their website and FB page by clicking on those links listed below.

Original SpeedMax Car Wash Video
SpeedMax Car Wash Facebook Page
2015-01-22 01:00:25
SpeedMax Car Wash & Vending Machine Double Feature
Al righty, here is a double feature for those who like car washes and also for those who like vending machines. This video goes out to Florida Car Wash (Florida CW),The Elevator Channel, The Nicest Person in the World YouTube Channel, & ChrisVideos. For more information about this particular car wash, you can go to their website at or their FB page at SpeedMax Car Wash Facebook Page. Stay tuned for another video with Bonus Material from this car wash.2015-01-20 04:43:33
A Shout Out to MEI Elevator Solutions
Got a package today in the mail from MEI Elevator Solutions in Minnesota. Thanks for thinking of me and I hope ya'll are staying warm up in Minnesota this winter! I love what you sent me! For more info on MEI check out their website at & also their FB page at MEI Elevator Solutions Facebook Page2015-01-14 02:37:46
Happy New Year from TJElevatorfan
2014 has officially flown out of here straight into history&2015 has rung the bell to be welcomed in. Best wishes to all my viewers&subscribers in this brand new year. Hope you enjoy this edition of our annual new year's eve ball drop series. Thanks for watching and may God bless each one of you.2015-01-01 06:48:29
Shout Out to Lands End for the Cool Gifts
Thank you to Lands End for sending me these cool gifts to Hampton Inn Tunnel Road in Asheville, NC where we had a great Hampton Christmas. Thanks for making it extra special with the gifts you sent to me and my parents. The jacket fits great! For more info on Lands End, you can go to their website at www.landsend.com2014-12-26 19:37:42
Christmas Selfie with Andrea Coon
just one of the videos we have taken during our Hampton Christmas. Stay tuned...2014-12-25 16:40:34
2014 Christmas Eve Ride on Glass Dover Elevator at Grove Park Inn
We have filmed this elevator before but it is one of the nicer ones at GPI so we decided to do a retake for ya'll because it was running very smoothly and they have taken the carpet out and put in new flooring. I'm not sure if they plan to do any other modifications to it or not in the future. I always enjoy going to GPI and even though the chimney elevators are my favorite, they also tend to be busy quite often so we just rode those without filming them this time but think we got a good video on this one for ya'll. Merry Christmas everyone!2014-12-25 07:27:17
TKE Elevator in Parking Deck at I-485 and South Blvd Charlotte Area Transit Lynx Station
This is the 2nd elevator we stopped at yesterday to film that we first saw a few weeks ago when we were filming my 5th YouTube Anv video.2014-12-23 01:18:35
Glass Otis Elevator at Charlotte Area Transit Lynx Sharon Road West Station
We stopped by here today to film this glass Otis Elevator that we first saw a few weeks back when we made my 5th Year YouTube Anv video riding on Cats Transit Lynx2014-12-22 05:23:14
Northlake Pavilion HD Retake of ThyssenKrupp & Otis Elevators
I didn't remember filming these before but mom thought we had and sure enough mom was right, we originally filmed these in 2010. Below are the links to those videos if you're interested :) As a fun bonus in this video we feature a TKE MPE with authentic elevator sounds. Hope you enjoy it.

Thyssenkrupp Elevator in Building 2
Otis Elevator in Building 1
2014-12-20 11:45:27
2014 Christmas Tour of the Billy Graham Homeplace at BGL
I had a request to post a video of the home place at BGL if we had one. We actually filmed this one this past Tuesday so I hope you enjoy it Kelly. The upstairs is not open to the public. Bonus Footage of the Live Nativity out on the grounds between the house and the barn which houses the museum, cafe and bookstore. For more info on BGL check out their website at & their FB pg 02:54:52
2014 Horse Drawn Carriage Ride at The Billy Graham Library
Went to BGL this past Tuesday with my grandfather. We took a carriage ride through the property. If you are ever in Charlotte at Christmas time, this is one of the places I recommend seeing. They have a live Nativity with animals plus carolers from various churches. You can tour the museum and learn all about Billy Graham's life and ministry. You can tour the house he lived in when he was growing up here in Charlotte. They have a prayer garden plus bookstore and dairy cafe with sandwiches. Admission is free. There is a small charge if you take the horse drawn carriage ride. For more info, check out their website at & their FB Page at 18:40:54
10 11 12 13 14 Sequential Time&Date
Just a quick little video we did at 10:11 on 12-13-14 while we were out at the Great Wolf Lodge tonight. It's been a busy afternoon with helping dad provide communication support for the parade in Kannapolis, NC and then supper at Cracker Barrel. We finished up the evening looking at the Christmas decorations at GWL before heading home.2014-12-14 06:35:34
My 5th YouTube Anniversary: A CATS Ride for all the Rail Fans
5 years ago, I started my YouTube Channel on November 30th 2009 so to celebrate we decided to film a video that has been requested by several of my viewers. We took a ride on CATS which stands for Charlotte Area Transit System. Thank you to all my viewers and subscribers for watching and I hope you enjoy this video. For more info on CATS, Check out their website at CATS2014-11-30 12:22:00
Happy Thanksgiving 2014
This is one of the few years that we actually spent Thanksgiving at home instead of out of town. We spent most of the day after our traditional Thanksgiving Meal getting out our Christmas Tree which happens to be 27 years old (it used to be my mom's mother's tree before my Pop-Pop gave it to my mom when my grandmother passed away in 1992) and decorating it. Dad had bought some new Christmas LED lights so we are trying those this year on the tree. They give off neat effects on the ceiling. Happy Thanksgiving to all my viewers and subscribers. I hope your day was just as great as mine...2014-11-28 01:32:08
Happy 11th Birthday Keeara
A very special Birthday Greeting going out to Keeara who turned 11 today. Hope your birthday has been just as special as you are. Thank you to your mom for sending me a picture of the poster you made of me and 2 of my best friends. I appreciate it :)2014-11-26 00:42:49
Westinghouse Elevator with a Door Horn
Overall this elevator gave a smooth ride. Looks like original floor indicators were taken out and the door sounded like it was blowing a horn when it opened. Dad's hands were covering up most of the lens when we were getting in the elevator so I edited that part out and inserted pictures of the fixture panels instead. This is located in small shopping area in Concord, NC2014-11-23 08:33:49
Mt. Airy, NC's Old City Jail
This is one of the Mayberry Tourist Attractions in Mt. Airy, NC. This used to be the real jail a long time ago. Hampton Hotels help restore this as part of their Save A Landmark Program back in 2009. The link to their video on that is here Hampton - Mayberry Old City Jail. For more info on Mt. Airy & Mayberry Tourist attractions, you can visit this website Mt Airy Area Attractions. You can also check out my playlist of videos that we have filmed in Mt. Airy at TJ Mt Airy Videos2014-11-10 06:47:51
For Dieselducy: The Flavor of a Mt. Airy, NC Tradition at The Snappy Lunch
Dieselducy, this video is for you. First up dad is showing you the famous pork chop sandwich that Snappy's Lunch is famous for. This is a small diner that is located in Mt. Airy, NC and the establishment that Andy Griffith referred to on show #7 of Season One of the Andy Griffith Show. 2nd item is the Breaded Cheeseburger that I think you would like because it is very tasty and the price is very reasonable. :) For more info on The Snappy Lunch, check out their website at the this link Snappy Lunch2014-11-09 23:10:04
Interesting Find at Main Oak Emporium in Mt. Airy, NC
From our day trip on Saturday, November 8th 2014 to Mt. Airy, NC which is also known as "Mayberry"2014-11-09 06:38:46
Memphis BBQ has Interesting Choice for A Cheeseburger Bun
Can you guess what it is before the end of the video? We ate at Memphis BBQ Company in Fayetteville, NC last time we were there and they had a interesting choice for their cheeseburger bun. Take a look and see if you can guess what it is before the answer is given at end of video. :) For more info, check out the Memphis BBQ website at Memphis BBQ Co2014-10-28 15:12:06
Carolina Panthers Blue Lava at Wiki Wiki Car Wash
On game day, Wiki Wiki Car Wash changes the color of the lava to Carolina Panthers Blue. We added some back window views on this video as well as a blooper moment segment that would have usually end up on editing room floor :) This is for all the viewers who like car washes :) For more info on this Car Wash, check out their website at Wiki-Wiki Car Wash2014-10-26 22:14:20
Mixture Elevator at Sycamore Building at AB Tech in Asheville, NC
I call this a mixture elevator as it has epco directional indicator and also looks like US elevator floor indicator and another 3rd party for the fixtures. It looks like it is maintained by the Asheville Elevator Company. This was the first elevator we filmed at AB Tech over fall break and the last one to upload. We probably missed several buildings on campus that has elevators so we might go back there another time to make sure we got them all but for now that is what we got. If you want to check out the websites for AB Tech click here AB Tech or for Asheville Elevator Company click here Asheville Elevator Co. To see a playlist of all the videos we have taken at AB Tech including Southern Appalachian Radio Museum which is located at A-B Community College click here AB Tech Video Playlist2014-10-26 16:17:19
Asheville Elevator at Holly Library at AB Tech in Asheville, NC
This was a neat elevator to ride although it really didn't have any floor indicators other than the fixtures and no door close button. We rode it a couple of times since it was only 2 floors and there weren't any people near the elevator that would be disturbed. For more info on this library, you can check out their website at AB Tech Holly Library2014-10-24 16:34:36
US Elevator in the Hemlock Building at AB Tech Community College
Here is another US elevator we discovered the day we spent on the campus of AB Tech in Asheville, NC over Fall Break.2014-10-24 01:59:06
Southern Elevator Outside of the Birch Building at AB Tech Community College
Nice Southern Elevator which ran smooth and all fixtures and floor indicators were working. Like the bell on these SE. :)2014-10-22 21:40:20
1913 Out of Commission Vintage Otis Elevator at Linden Hall
Special thanks to Marlo Verrilla for allowing me to share these photos with you. They are also on my FB page at Linden Hall 1913 Vintage Otis Elevator2014-10-22 00:01:00
For SchindlerFan7783: Schindler Elevator at Balsam Building
Here's a pretty nice Schindler elevator video for you SchindlerFan7783 Hope you enjoy it. This was the 2nd to the last elevator we filmed before heading out for a bite to eat. We had been exploring for most of the day and although I was enjoying it, I was ready to sit down and rest and get some supper. :)2014-10-19 22:10:02
Thyssenkrupp Elevator in Magnolia Building at AB Tech
This is the passenger elevator. To see the service elevator in this building which is mainly used by the kitchen but it is also for public use as well click here AB Tech Magnolia Service Elevator2014-10-19 21:30:31
Thyssenkrupp Service Elevator at Asheville-Buncombe Tech College
Here is one of two elevators we found in the Magnolia Building on campus. This service elevator is mainly used by the kitchen but it is also for public use as well. The other elevator is a traditional passenger elevator.2014-10-18 23:59:19
Otis Elevator (has been Modded) at A-B Tech College in Asheville
We stopped by Asheville-Buncombe Tech College so my Papa (who went with us on our fall break get away) could visit with one of his friends from high school days who helps runs the Southern Appalachian Radio Museum which is located at AB and after we got done visiting since it was such a nice not too hot or too cold weather day, we explored the college buildings to see what elevators they had. Here is one of the last ones we discovered yesterday. This was taken on my iPod as iPhone battery and camera battery had already given out. Sorry about some of the shaking, mom's not used to filming with the iPod and it is a lot lighter and slimmer than the other cameras we use.2014-10-18 19:41:15
Jousting at the Renaissance Festival in Charlotte, NC
We went to the Renaissance Festival in Charlotte, NC on a school field trip this week and here is a sampling of the Jousting Show for more info, check out their website at Carolina Renaissance Festival2014-10-17 00:33:01
Fun in a Antique Model T Ford
This was fun to ride at a local church in Concord, NC. :)2014-10-15 01:59:04
A Countdown Video of Dieselducy's Top 8 Favorites of TJElevatorfan's Videos
Here's a Sunday treat for ya'll. A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO DIESELDUCY for giving me this list so I could make a countdown video to include on a special DVD. This video is one of the new but not exclusive videos that is on my School Fundraiser DVD for this year. There are 3 more brand new videos on the DVD that are EXCLUSIVE to the DVD that we filmed on campus at UNC Charlotte. They are of 3 elevators that I have never filmed before so these are elevators that haven't been uploaded to YouTube. I did upload the 4th video that we did on UNC Charlotte campus that is also one of the new but not exclusive to the DVD and it also was a elevator that we had not filmed before. Here is the link to that one if you haven't seen it yet UNCC Charlotte Elevator. There are also 2 videos from the School Fundraiser Volume One featuring Dieselducy & The Elevator Channel at the Guggenheimer & a full Hampton Inn Hotel Tour with Cannycart in Pigeon Forge, TN. If you want to order one of the 2014 School Fundraiser DVD Volume 2, you can click here TJs Elevator Gear Store. They are $10.99 + $3 S/H. All proceeds go to my school. Thanks for your support! The School Fundraiser Volume One DVD from last year did really well so we decided to do another one this year and I hope all who order it will enjoy it. :) Here is the link to the playlist that I created of the videos in the countdown, if you're interested in watching them. Playlist of Countdown Videos.2014-10-05 20:49:29
School Fundraiser DVD 2014
Thanks to all who made my first School Fundraiser DVD a success last year. We have a brand new School Fundraiser DVD Volume 2 for this year which is now available for purchase on my website. All proceeds will go to my school. There are 3 EXCLUSIVE videos (to this volume 2 DVD) and there are some old + new videos plus 2 Bonus Videos from School Fundraiser Volume One which features Cannycart, Dieselducy, & The Elevator Channel. Total of 12 videos in all on this new DVD. Cost of DVD is $10.99 plus $3 s/h. You can order one here at this link TJs Elevator Gear Store. To see one of the new videos (but not exclusive to this DVD) go to this link here Preview Video. ALSO SPECIAL THANKS to Dieselducy for giving me the list of his top favorite 8 videos of mine which is featured in a countdown video on the DVD. :)2014-09-30 22:54:49
2 Trains We Saw Today While Out & About Near Concord, NC
These were 2 trains we saw today while we were out and about near Concord NC. We had spent most of the day at The Depot at Gibson Mill with my grandfather. Saw a lot of neat old phones there and of course they have the Westbrook freight elevator that's not working anymore Westbrook Freight Elevator. This video is for EMS318 and also for all the ones who like Railfan videos :)2014-09-27 23:04:03
ACE Elevator at Cone University Center at UNC Charlotte
Sneak Peek of 1 of the 12 videos on the new School Fundraiser DVD Volume 2 now available on my website at TJs Elevator Gear Store. There are some old videos and some new videos including a countdown of Dieselducy's top 8 favorites of my videos. Plus there are some EXCLUSIVE TO DVD videos filmed at UNC Charlotte of elevators I had not filmed before now. I also included 2 videos from School Fundraiser Volume One featuring Dieselducy, The Elevator Channel, & Cannycart. Thank you for supporting my school. The DVD from last year did really well so we decided to do another one this year and I hope all who order it will enjoy it. :)2014-09-21 07:23:31
Requested Video For ProBrustTime Gamingandmore: Vending Machines
Requested video from ProBurstTime Gamingandmore who asked if I would do a couple of videos of vending machines. Here is 4 machines we did today while we were out and about. Hope you like it. Mom is not used to filming vending machines so hopefully she got what you like to see in these type of videos. Thanks for watching...2014-09-21 00:59:03
Part 2 of PIXPRO SL10 Camera Review From Radio Shack Twitter Contest
Here's the car wash video taken with the PIXPRO SL10 Camera which has pretty good quality I think. The camera is really easy to use and attaches to a smart phone which serves as your view finder. Here is the link for Part One of this review Part 1 of PIXPRO SL10 Camera Review. This part 2 video review is a direct upload from memory card with no editing. I still can't import the files from this camera into the editing software program I use. That's why the review is in 2 parts. I might try another software editing program or upgrade the version I have in the future to see if it will work with this newer version of mp4 format. Thanks again to Radio Shack for having the contest. :)2014-09-13 23:25:02
Part One of PIXPRO SL10 Camera Review From Radio Shack Twitter Contest
This is the camera that I won from Radio Shack's Twitter Contest. Part one we show the camera and how we use it with our iPhone. Part two will be the actual video footage filmed with the PIXPRO SL10 I could not get the two video formats edited successfully in one video. I kept getting a mix match file error. Stay tuned for Part Two2014-09-12 01:51:08
Saturday Morning Rocket Launch
A fun activity to do on a Saturday morning. Here's a video of a couple of the launches from today. Thanks Patrick for inviting us to come out with ya'll.2014-09-07 03:01:12
For Wyatt Morhart: Full Hotel Tour Of Hampton Inn Greenville, SC
Wyatt is 4 years old & I am told he likes to watch my videos and hopes to one day stay at a Hampton Inn with me so I thought I would dedicate this hotel tour at the brand new Hampton Inn in Greenville, SC. It is full of custom upgrades by the hotel owners and I'm not sure about this part but I am thinking it is one of the "Forever Young" styles that the Hampton brand is starting to roll out. I hope you enjoy the video Wyatt & thanks for watching my videos. For more info on this Hampton, check out their website at Hampton Inn I 385 Haywood Rd Greenville,SC & their FB page at Hampton Inn I385 Haywood Rd Greenville, SC. You can also check out my FB Photo Album of the photos we took at the hotel at Hampton Inn I385 Haywood Rd Photo Album2014-09-07 01:57:44
Celebrating Hampton's 30th Birthday with 2 Hotel Tours
Hampton Inn turned 30 this month. My buddy Shawn & I celebrated with 2 Hampton Hotel Tours in Hendersonville & Asheville. Thanks to Andrea & Jennifer for taking the time to show us around. :) Our TX10 was acting kind of funny, I think because it was low on battery which it actually did die while we were still touring Hendersonville's Hampton so I'm sorry we didn't get the full footage of the tour but I think what we did get gives a pretty good impression of the great tours we got. For more info on these 2 particular Hamptons, check out their websites and FB pages at:

Hampton Inn Hendersonville Facebook
Hampton Inn Hendersonville Website
Hampton Inn Tunnel Road Facebook
Hampton Inn Tunnel Road Website
2014-09-06 02:22:08
Special Prize Unboxing From Radio Shack's Twitter Contest
Radio Shack recently had a twitter contest. My dad tweeted my entry to see if we could win this great prize. Lo & behold, we did! Watch as we unbox what we won :) #ThanksRadioShack Be sure to follow them on twitter at You can also follow their blog at blog.radioshack.com2014-09-04 22:28:59
Debuting QRCode for TJElevatorfan Web Site
QRCode that Patrick Eleazer made for me. Scan this with your smart phone using your favorite QR Reader App. :) Special thanks to Patrick for taking the time to make this for me.2014-08-29 22:34:54
My 2,000th Video: A Gorilla Car Wash for Dieselducy's Birthday
Today is a very special day indeed. This is my 2,000th Video Upload so let me just say THANK YOU to all my viewers for watching and subscribing. I really appreciate it! Also, it is Dieselducy's birthday so I thought it would be neat to film the car wash that he pointed out on his road trip from Roanoke to Asheville. I hope you enjoy it Dieselducy. I did most of the filming with some footage filmed by mom mixed in at the beginning. I hope your day is just as special as you are. For more info about this car wash, you can visit their website at www.gorillacarwash.com2014-08-09 09:10:30
Tupelo Honey Cafe on the Southside of Asheville, NC
A great place to eat in Asheville, NC is Tupelo Honey Cafe. There are 2 locations with the original one being located downtown & this one is located on the south side of Asheville. We have eaten at both locations in Asheville & they both are good unfortunately neither had elevators like the one in Charlotte does but then again most restaurants don't have elevators. :) For more info on Tupelo Honey Cafe, check out their website at tupelohoneycafe.com2014-08-09 07:25:43
Suite Tour at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Hendersonville, NC
My buddy Shawn & I celebrated Hampton's 30th birthday by taking a tour at 2 Hamptons. First one was Asheville's Tunnel Road location & the 2nd one was in Hendersonville, NC. Special thanks to Andrea & Jennifer for taking the time to give us great tours. Stay tuned for both of those tours coming up soon on my channel. For more info on this Hampton, check out their FB page at Hampton Inn Hendersonville,NC Facebook & their website at Hampton Inn Hendersonville, NC Website2014-08-09 06:38:42
City Building Elevator Operator Explains Buzzer System
We took my buddy Shawn to ride the Vintage Otis Elevators at the City Building in Asheville, NC. The fixtures in these 1928 Otis Elevators are no longer in working order so they have designed a buzzer system for the elevator operator to tell what floor the call originated from.2014-08-09 05:05:26
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the New Hampton Inn Greenville, SC
This is located just off I-385 Haywood Mall area. Very unique Hampton Inn. Stay tuned for a full hotel tour coming soon... Check them out on FB at Hampton Inn I385/Haywood Mall Facebook & their website at Hampton Inn I385/Haywood Mall Web Site2014-08-09 03:58:06
Elevator Machine Room Technology 101
The elevator dedicated to me got a new fresh coat of paint on the outer doors and door frames. The Otis repair guy had recently been photographed by Andrea while he was installing new ballast for the lights and this past week, we got to show my buddy Shawn the machine room and got a peek at the oil and pump inside the pump unit. My dad enjoyed telling Shawn & his grandfather how it worked. :) For photos of the actual elevator, you can check out my FB page at Elevator Dedication2014-08-09 00:14:54
Extended Stay America off of Tunnel Road in Asheville, NC
The part where we were going in the elevator from the lobby to go up to 2nd to start filming is not on video as we were not recording yet but a nice thing happened that I thought I would tell you about...housekeeping was coming out of the elevator and when she saw me, she said Hey TJ. It was nice to be recognized. This is just a quick trip on a Otis Series 1 elevator :) For more info on this hotel, check out their website at Extended Stay America Asheville Tunnel Road2014-08-08 20:41:25
A Quick Demo of Locks at the New Hampton Inn Greenville, SC Haywood Mall
This Hampton had some neat locks. The first one is the outdoor door from patio area going inside to elevator bank area. The 2nd one is the lock on our room door.2014-08-08 19:03:12
For Shawn & Mr. Evan: TKE at Brookstone Lodge in Asheville, NC
Here's a video for you Shawn and your buddy Mr. Evan. I hope you enjoy it since I know ThyssenKrupp is your favorite elevator brand. :) I enjoyed getting to meet up with you while in Asheville this week. Looking forward to meeting up with you again next time you're in the area. California is on my wish list. :) For more info on this hotel, check out their website at The Brookstone Lodge Asheville2014-08-08 04:33:20
The Dieselducy Song by TJElevatorfan & Shawn Elevator Fan
We sung this song at Cracker Barrel for Shawn's grandfather and we thought we would share it with ya'll. Hope you like it Dieselducy! Thanks for being a great friend! Be sure to check out Dieselducy's new website at www.dieselducy.com2014-08-05 01:32:21
National Friendship Day Celebration wtih Shawn Elevator Fan
August 3rd is a special day for 2 reasons: it is National Friendship Day & it is also the birthday of Elisha Otis who is the founder of Otis Elevators. I got to meet my pen pal from California on this very special day in Asheville, NC :) Shawn is the one who sent me the footage for The Elevator Guessing Game Video 3 years back for my 700th video celebration.

Here are the 3 links to the Elevator Guessing Game Video Series:

Guessing Game Video 1
Guessing Game Video 2
Guessing Game Video 3
2014-08-05 00:27:15
TKE Machine Room & Sofa Couch King Room Tour at the New Hampton Inn
Brand spanking new location in Greenville, SC at Haywood Mall area. Special thanks to Joseph Blasco for the tour he gave us. I typed standard king room in the type within the video but this is actually the tour of the Sofa Couch King Room. Stay tuned for the full hotel tour of this newest addition to the Hampton Family. The Hydraulic Pump for Elevator #1's cover was partially off so we got to see what one looks like inside the unit. :) Be sure to check out this Hampton's FB Page and website for more info on the hotel. Hampton Inn Haywood Road Greenville,SC Facebook & Hampton Inn Haywood Road Greenville, SC Website2014-08-03 06:12:48
Glass Schindler Elevator in Back Corner of SP Mall Parking Garage in Charlotte, NC
Went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory at Southpark Mall with my parents along with my Nana & Papa and discovered a corner Schindler elevator in one of the parking garages that I don't believe we have ever filmed as I don't recall seeing it before. This is the parking garage that has the elevator near Dillard's entrance which we have filmed that one before.2014-08-01 01:52:56
Auto Bell Car Wash Harrisburg, NC
Special $4 Exterior Drive Through Special ChrisVideos this is for you.2014-07-27 20:48:26
Otis Elevator at the Mountain Island Medical Plaza in Charlotte, NC
Here's one of the elevators we rode the other day when we went out exploring since there was a break in the hot temperatures of the summer heat.2014-07-19 06:55:30
Westinghouse Elevators Modded by Schindler at Charlotte Plaza Parking
These have been completely refurbished, I'm thinking by Schindler. You can see the video we did before they were modernized here at this link Elevators before modernization2014-07-18 05:01:13
Schindler Elevator at Rocky River Self Storage&Offices
This video is for a young fan of mine who (I am told by his mother Pamela) watches my videos every day. He's also a big fan of Dieselducy's as well. :) Dalton Sorrels I hope you enjoy this video. :) I will have another video soon for another young fan of mine named Wyatt Morhart of a tour of a Hampton Inn so stay tuned for that. Special thanks to Dee Taylor who let us ride the hospital size Schindler Elevator located at Rocky River Self Storage & Offices 13534 Plaza Road Extension Charlotte, NC 28215. For more info on this great establishment, check out their website at or call them at (704) 599-12292014-07-16 22:04:26
Happy Birthday Andrea Coon
Today is a special day as it is Andrea Coon's birthday :) Andrea is a very special person who has a very giving spirit who also is a very good photographer so please take a moment to check out her FB page Andrea Coon Photography Facebook. This video has flashback memories from the year that I met Andrea for the first time and I'm thankful that the Lord brought her into my life as she has become a very dear friend of mine. She has taught me a lot and I just hope her birthday is as special as she is. :)2014-07-08 22:17:26
Happy 4th of July w/ Red/White/Blue Elevator at Carnegie Guest House
To celebrate America's birthday, I thought it would be neat to go back to Davidson College which is in a small American town & film the Otis Series 7 Hydro Fit Elevator they have installed at the Carnegie Guest House which is located on campus but is open to the public. It's a very charming guest house & thanks to the friendly staff for letting us take a peak into one of the rooms. :) The elevator has a white call button as well as the inside fixtures & the floor indicator is blue background with white numbers & the carpet is a reddish burgundy color which I thought would be appropriate for the 4th of July. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed exploring the guest house. Thanks to Gluse who has filmed here on his recent trip to NC for letting me know about it. I had been to Davidson College several times but didn't know about this elevator until he told me about it. For more info on the Guest House, you can visit their website & Facebook Page at Carnegie Guest House Website and Carnegie Guest House Facebook Page2014-07-05 00:54:47
The RMS Queen Mary Elevator by Special Guest: That Magic Kid
Thanks to That Magic Kid for sharing photos and video of the elevator on board of RMS Queen Mary which is a unique hotel. Check out their website for more info at Also there is a picture of a famous TV House that they took, can you guess which TV family it is associated with? Be sure to check out Colin's website at www.thatmagickid.com2014-07-04 00:26:32
Thank You Video Card to Judy Christa & Sasha Bailey
A little thank you video to these 2 ladies who have sent me some neat packages in the mail recently. :)

Hampton Inn Website
Hilton Garden Inn Website
Thyssenkrupp Elevator Website
2014-07-03 23:10:52
Happy Birthday Jacob AKA The Elevator Channel
Here's a little photo slide show (with bonus behind the scene video footage at the Roanoke Times taken last summer) for Jacob Bachta's 21st Birthday. Be sure to check out his website and YT videos if you haven't already. Jacob now has 4,659,183 views on YT :) Below are the links to his website & YT Channel:
& The Elevator Channel YouTube Channel
2014-07-03 21:13:30
Real Time Sunrise Over the Lake in Hickory, NC
Found a memory card from several years back that had this Sunrise that my dad had set the video camera on the tripod to film while on a choir retreat.2014-06-27 09:16:05
Happy Silver Anniversary to Mom & Dad
A little video I made to wish my parents a happy anniversary.2014-06-25 03:07:00
Celebrating 4 Millions Views Milestone on my Parent's Silver Wedding Anniversary
Thanks to all my viewers and subscribers for the 4 Million Views on YouTube!! :) This milestone happened today which is June 24th & that just happens to be an already very special day in my family. My parents are celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary today! :) I hope you will enjoy this video as it contains special memories of other special events that have happened in my life. Also, in Celebration of my 4 Million Views, the Hampton Tribute page has been published on my website. Below are the links to it starting with the homepage:

Hampton Feature Page

GM Shout Out Video

Photo Album with TJ and General Managers

Hampton Memories Photo Album
2014-06-24 19:43:13
A Shout Out to Hampton GMS
This video is a shout out to the Hampton Inn General Managers that I have met. The website addition is a tribute page to my favorite hotel brand which will feature all the Hampton Inns that I have visited in order of upload with links to those videos. The page will also feature Hampton Inn Trivia Facts that rotate when page is refreshed. The Hampton Tribute Page will be published in celebration of when I reach 4 Million Views here on my YouTube Channel. Click Hampton Memories to see some photos of my Hampton Memories through the years.2014-06-20 05:04:21
Dodge Journey Rental Car for 2013 WV Trip
I was sorting through some of my computer files the past couple of weeks picking out files for the volume 2 Favorite Videos DVD that we now have available on my website and while sorting through the files, I came across the folder that had the pictures and video we took of this rental car we used for our trip to West Virginia last summer & realized that I haven't uploaded any of that footage, so here is a new video from the archives for ya'll. BTW, this video is NOT on the Favorites Vol 2 DVD although this Dodge Journey was one of the nicest cars that we have rented. :)2014-06-12 01:24:12
Volume 2 of Favorites DVD Now Available
For the ones who have been asking when we are going to offer a new DVD at "TJ's Elevator Gear" which is my online store, we do have a brand new DVD now for sale: "Favorites Volume 2 plus Shout Outs". This DVD has 24 videos on it and is the 2nd installment of the series of my favorite videos plus a handful of shout outs videos that I have done as well. Visit my website for all the details at TJs Elevator Gear Store2014-06-10 06:28:04
Party Pedaler Trolley in Uptown Charlotte NC
One of the newest ways to see uptown Charlotte while getting exercise - a neat concept. For more info, you can check out their website at partypedaler.com2014-06-06 06:40:23
Dieselducy's 21st Anniversary of Elevator Photography
We all know what happened 23 years ago today :) Dieselducy, this video is dedicated to you. I hope you all enjoy this celebration video trip down memory lane.2014-06-05 10:45:10
Full Hotel Tour of A Brand New Homewood Suites
This great new HWS is located in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, NC and has just opened this past Wednesday. Special thanks goes out to Korey (who recognized me from meeting me awhile back at another Hilton property) for letting us film this hotel tour just for ya'll. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. You can check out my FB page for pictures we took at Pictures of Ballantyne Homewood Suites & for more info on this hotel, check out their website at Charlotte Ballantyne Homewood Suites Website & their FB page at Charlotte Ballantyne Homewood Suites Facebook2014-05-30 10:45:18
Center Open Otis Elevator in Parking Garage Behind EarthFare
This parking garage is located in the Ballantyne area. Just as we were entering the elevator, there was a big clap of thunder which it hadn't been doing up until that point (just rain) so we decided to make it a quick ride. Overall, a very nice ride without any mishaps. :)2014-05-30 06:56:37