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Old Dominion Elevator at Bedford Memorial Hospital with Diesel Ducy
This was one of the elevators we rode at the hosptial. Diesel Ducy was happy to see it hadn't been modernized like the other one had. At this point in the day, I was getting a little tired but still having fun and I did get a rest on the way to Lynchburg.2010-10-13 16:42:07
Another Take Of the Guggenhiemer Otis Elevator with Diesel Ducy
This was so much fun! One of my favorite elevators.2010-10-13 03:18:22
One of the Many Highlights of my 2nd Trip to Visit Diesel Ducy
This was one of the must stops of our 2nd trip to Visit Diesel Ducy. Thanks Diesel Ducy for taking us to see this gem. It was great to see you again.2010-10-13 01:12:17
A Intersection that was made Famous by Diesel Ducy
Diesel Ducy showed us the famous intersection where he filmed a truck running a red light. We were on our way to Lynchburg, VA.2010-10-13 00:28:11
Taking A Breather While Still Going in the Amazing Maize Maze
Thanks Dad!2010-10-09 00:16:49
My School Project Movie about Ernie The Earwig
This is the movie that I made for my bug project at school. I used my microscope that hooks up to the computer to take pictures of the earwig. I used the camera to take video footage of the earwig. I even learned how to use the kodak machine at Target to print pictures from the microscope and even learned the neat feature of adding text to the photos. This was an interesting project to do but I am glad I am finished with it. It took a lot of time and research to do.2010-09-27 01:56:42
Schindler Elevator at Barnes and Noble with ElevatorDudeDave
This has a 2 speed door on it. It is located at Carolina Place Mall in Pineville, NC2010-09-20 20:15:52
Requested Retake of The Completely Non Functional Schindler Elevator
Here you go CannyCart. As you can see, it is still in an "Epic Fail" mode after 6 months. I had uploaded original video of this elevator back in March of this year&CannyCart had requested a retake so when my dad&I went back there this weekend to film we discovered it was excatly like we had seen it back in March.2010-09-20 16:31:06
Montgomery Elevator at Dillards with ElevatorDudeDave
at Carolina Place Mall in Pineville, NC2010-09-20 15:37:29
Schindler HT Elevator with ElevatorDudeDave at Carolina Place Mall
Got to get together again with Elevatordudedave and film some more elevators. It was fun. Just us and our dads.2010-09-20 02:25:32
Starting out my Bug Project for School.
This is my microscope that I got last Christmas. I am going to be using it for my bug project at school. The bug I am doing the project on is the Earwig&with the microscope I can take very detailed pictures and video of the bug. I am still in the learning process of how to use the microscope but I think I am getting off to a good start.2010-09-17 14:23:04
Schindler at Jetton Medical Park on side of Berkley HeartLab Offices
This is the 2nd elevator we found at the Jetton Medical Park in Cornelius, NC2010-09-15 02:21:48
Two Speed Hospital Size Schindler at Lakeside Presbyterian Medical
This is located in the Jetton Medical Park in Cornelius, NC2010-09-15 00:27:49
Schindler Elevator at Allen Tate Building in Huntersville, NC
Nice&clean Schindler elevator.2010-09-10 02:20:27
Thyssenkrupp Destination Dispatch Modernization IN PROGRESS Elevators With BONUS CLIP
To celebrate my 300th video upload to Youtube me&my dad went to Wachovia Two Center and discovered that the Thyssenkrupp elevators there are in the middle of being converted to destination dispatch elevators. They have taken down the call fixture and replaced it with DD touch screen panel but the actual elevators still have the fixtures inside the cab. They have the DD floor indicator installed but is not working yet. We also revisted the DD elevators located at the downtown Wachovia Financial Center building. BONUS FEATURE walking out of 3 Wachovia building showing those elevators as well.2010-08-29 21:39:04
Otis Elevator at Candlewood Hotel in Huntersville, NC
Here is another elevator we found in Huntersville, NC2010-09-03 13:25:02
Schindler Elevator in Dillard's at Columbiana Mall in Columbia, SC
The door close button actually worked one time for us in this elevator. It's a very squeaky elevator.2010-08-30 01:31:58
Kone Elevator at The Greens Parking Deck in Downtown Charlotte, NC
Nice Kone!2010-09-03 14:53:31
Second Schindler Elevator at Belks in Columbiana Mall in Columbia, SC
This is not a glass one like the first elevator we rode in Belks but the indicator lights go 1, 2, 3 but the fixtures list the floors as 1, 2, 2M which 2M level was storage and offices.2010-08-29 19:52:48
Otis Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Columbia, SC with a Room Tour
This is the Hampton Inn where we stayed at in Columbia, SC. We start out with a ride on both elevators and then take a room tour. Hope you enjoy.2010-08-29 06:42:54
Glass Schindler at Columbiana Mall in Belks in Columbia, SC
This is a pretty neat elevator.2010-08-29 04:39:19
Otis Elevator at Hilton Garden Inn in Rock Hill, SC
Although this is the last hotel we filmed at on our SC trip, this will not be my last video from that trip. I am still looking for the memory card that has the video footage of the actual Hampton Inn where we stayed at and the videos we took at the Columbiana mall.2010-08-28 17:12:03
Schindler Elevator at Town Place Suites by Marriott in Rock Hill, SC
No audio for first 15 seconds or so in video clip for some reason. ?We also didn't get exterior view due to it was raining outside at the time.2010-08-28 05:14:55
A Little Tour of one of my Favorite Hampton Inns
This is the one located in Rock Hill, SC. Tour includes a view of fitness center, business center and lounge area. Elevators are featured in another video I have already uploaded.2010-08-28 03:15:45
Mini Video Clip of a Neat Light Fixture at the Hampton Inn in Rock Hill, SC
My dad really liked this light fixture at the Hampton Inn&he thought Diesel Ducy would like it as well so here you go Diesel Ducy!2010-08-28 02:55:03
Very Nice Otis Elevator at Hampton Inn in Rock Hill, SC
This is a very impressive Hampton Inn!2010-08-28 00:20:07
Closer Look at the Sheraton Hotel in Columbia, SC
View of Sheraton's building outside and also a closer look at the call button and fixtures of the Thyssenkrupp elevators.2010-08-27 21:39:59
Road Trip Footage to Columbia, SC
includes I-485 to I-77 to I-20 to I-26&video concludes with our arrival to the hotel we stayed at which was the Hampton Inn in Irmo, SC. No audio on this video clip. This is my longest YouTube video thus far.2010-08-27 16:17:51
Elevator at the Parking Deck for the Wilbur Building with Escalatorgeek881
This was the last elevator that we filmed with escalatorgeek881 for that day. It was fun getting to meet him and explore the elevators with him.2010-08-27 01:12:36
Otis Elevator at 1330 Lady Street in Columbia, SC with Escalatorgeek881
Lots of mirrors in this one.2010-08-26 23:37:31
Elevator F at Palmetto Health Baptist with Escalatorgeek881
Used to be Dover but got mod by Thyssenkrupp2010-08-26 22:30:59
Service Elevator at Palmetto Health Campus with Escalatorgeek881
Otis2010-08-26 21:43:00
Getting on I-77 from Garners Ferry Rd exit in SC
My mom called this exit "Hotel City" as it practically had every chain of hotels all along Garners Ferry. We stopped here at this exit for lunch because it had a Shoney's and we usually don't eat at those.2010-08-26 19:32:12
Otis Elevator at Town Place Marriott near Fort Jackson in SC
Pretty nice Otis2010-08-26 17:25:03
Dover Impulse Elevator at Days Inn near Fort Jackson in SC
Notice the color change of the directional indicator from elevator one and two2010-08-26 16:00:19
Directional and Floor Indicators of Dover at Hampton Inn in Lexington, SC
I forgot to add this extra footage we took of the 2nd elevator at this hotel to the first video file so here is a short mini clip of the indicators of the 2nd elevator.2010-08-26 14:17:02
Dover Elevator at Hampton Inn in Lexington, SC
Here's another Dover we found.2010-08-26 13:13:06
Dover Elevator located at 1501 Sumter Street in Columbia, SC
This is the elevator in building directly across from Palmetto Health Baptist building. You can see the walkway on level 3 where we start our video at that connects the 2 buildings. At first we thought this elevator led to a parking deck but it just led to the street level entrance to building.2010-08-26 01:39:12
Putting Money in a Parking Meter in Downtown Columbia, SC
Thought this was pretty neat. Never had used one before and wanted to see how it worked.2010-08-26 01:16:09
Dover Elevator at Comfort Suites in Columbia, SC
It's a Dover.2010-08-25 16:36:42
Elevators D and E at Palmetto Baptist Health Building in Columbia, SC
One is small and the other is frieght size2010-08-25 01:50:53
Dover Elevator C at Palmetto Baptist Health Building in Columbia, SC
Hospital Freight Size elevator.2010-08-24 18:17:05
Elevators A and B at Palmetto Baptist Health Building in Columbia, SC
Elevator A is Otis and Elevator B is a Dover. We caught these on the day we went back to the hospital. They were somewhat busy but we were able to get a quick view of them.2010-08-24 17:06:42
Otis Elevator at Palmetto Baptist Health in Downtown Columbia, SC
These are located just off the parking deck. These were busy elevators when we were with escalatorgeek881&also when we went back the next day. This video clip includes all the good footage that we got of these on both days.2010-08-24 15:23:18
Parking Deck Elevator in Downtown Columbia, SC
Located on corner of Main&Richland2010-08-24 02:14:13
Schindler Elevator at Holiday Inn Express in Irmo, SC
Another Schindler2010-08-24 00:31:00
Dover Freight Elevator at 1301 Taylor in downtown Columbia, SC
This is actually a retake on these elevators. We orignally filmed these with escalatorgeek881 but at that time, they were very busy and we really didn't get good video of them so we went back the next day and managed to get a better view of them. I'm probably not going to upload the orginal video take of these but I'm glad escalatorgeek881 showed them to us. It was fun filming with him.2010-08-23 17:27:20
Closest We Could Come to Bank of America Elevators in Columbia, SC
Bank of America's parking deck elevators. Not sure what kind these are, any guesses? We took a picture of BOA building because of how the clouds were reflected in the glass. The elevators in that building were guarded so we couldn't ride them but at least we got the parking deck elevators.2010-08-23 16:39:03
Otis Elevator at LaQuinta Hotel near Fort Jackson in Columbia, SC
We started on the top floor as the elevators are located directly across the front desk. It was kind of busy when we came in so that's why we started elsewhere instead of the lobby like we usually do.2010-08-23 14:37:57
Palmetto Center and Marriott Parking Deck Elevator in Columbia, SC
Didn't get as much on camera as I thought I did on these video clips of the parking deck for Pametto Center&Marriott Hotel but hope you enjoy it anyway. These were some of the first ones escalatorgeek881 showed us when we went down to SC to meet him.2010-08-23 03:45:23
Elevator at Marriott with Bonus View of Elevator Shaft in Columbia, SC
No audio at first but it comes within in a minute or so. Filmed these with escalatorgeek881 in downtown Columbia. One of the elevators was being serviced and we were allowed to get a glimpse of the shaft. This is the 2nd time we have come across a maintenance elevator guy. To see the first check out my video that I made for Cannycart's birthday.2010-08-23 00:33:58
Schindler Elevator at Wingate Hotel in Irmo, SC
Typical Schindler elevator2010-08-22 21:14:12
Kone Elevators at Embassy Suites in Columbia, SC
Filmed these with Escalatorgeek8812010-08-22 07:10:39
Last Summer of 2010 Outting with My Best Friend, Joseph
This is the last weekend before school starts for me. We spent Saturday afternoon with my best freind, Joseph. We spent some time at his house then went for a boat ride to "The Landing" where we had pizza and played some in the arcade then took a nice long evening boat ride. It was a great time!2010-08-22 03:57:18
Otis Elevator at the Keenan Building riding with Escalatorgeek881
This was a full elevator as my grandparents&mom/dad were riding with us2010-08-21 06:47:05
Otis Elevator in the Tower at 1301 Gervais of the Wilbur Building with Escalatorgeek881
Located in downtown Columbia, SC. This was a pretty fast elevator!2010-08-21 05:40:27
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Columbia, SC
This is another location we filmed with Escalatorgeek881 at. Very impressive!2010-08-20 19:22:08
Kitrell Arcade Mall Kendall Elevator with Escalatorgeek881
Located in downtown Columbia, SC. This was a very pretty mall and neat elevator. My first Kendall elevator. Thanks Escalatorgeek881 for inviting me to come down and film with you.2010-08-20 16:45:05
Glass Dover at Comfort Inn&Suites near Fort Jackson, SC
This was a nice find.2010-08-19 22:58:16
Kone EcoDisk Elevators at the Holiday Inn in Lexington, SC
These were very nice. I especailly liked the door hold button feature.2010-08-19 15:58:21
Tiny Thyssenkrupp Parking Deck Elevator in Downtown Charlotte, NC
Small elevator but different2010-08-17 08:13:24
Dover Elevator at the Dunhill Hotel in Downtown Charlotte, NC
These were nice! I really enjoyed these.2010-08-17 06:51:24
Street Levels Elevator at Hearst Tower in Charlotte, NC
This elevator has letters instead of numbers for the floors. One of my favorites to ride when we go there.2010-08-17 06:02:35
Otis(Autotronic) Elevator at the Ivey Building in Downtown Charlotte, NC
We could only go to the 2nd floor as the rest of the floors were restricted because they went to the townhomes. Nice display of Otis Autotronic Elevator fixtures on lobby floor beside the call button.2010-08-17 05:16:58
Elevators at 101 Independence Center in Downtown Charlotte, NC
Includes parking deck and the bank of elevators to floors 6-10&floors 11-19. We couldn't ride the elevators 1-5 as those were Bank of America floors and had guards at those. We rode up to floor 19 and the receptionist on that floor told us that floors 16 -19 were restricted but beforehand we had asked the receptionist in lobby, he told us we could ride the elevators and didn't tell us any floors were restricted. ENJOY!2010-08-17 03:47:22
Elevator at the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Charlotte, NC
Not sure what kind these are? Any guesses?2010-08-17 02:31:46
A Visit to the Carillon Building and Carillon Parking Deck Elevators
Located in downtown Charlotte, NC. This is the building my mom used to work at back in the early 90's. Sorry about the video being a bit sloppy, there were a couple of times we thought camera was taping and apparently it was not. This is the video clip we got so hope you enjoy it. The elevators are Otis and has touch sensitive fixtures.2010-08-16 23:18:45
Green Schindler at Cornelius Office Complex in Cornelius, NC
This is a tiny elevator.2010-08-12 20:24:57
Schindler at Carolina Financial Center in Cornelius, NC
Not bad for a Schindler elevator. Pretty nice, I think.2010-08-12 17:22:31
Hospital Size Otis at Lake Plaza Office Building in Cornelius, NC
Here's another Otis.2010-08-12 04:00:16
Looks and Sounds like a Dover but says Thyssenkrupp Elevator
This was located in a small office complex building in Cornelius, NC. Today was my mom's birthday and she took me out exploring elevators. It was fun! She's filming because I was getting a little tired when we got to this one.2010-08-12 02:56:02
A Happy Birthday Video for Diesel Ducy
This is a video clip just for Diesel Ducy. Hope you enjoy it! Have a happy day!2010-08-09 04:09:46
Flashback of HCA's Field Day's Biggest Highlight in 2007
This is for Mrs. MacCormick who will be celebrating her birthday this week. This was before "Swine Flu" outbreaks.2010-08-08 19:32:44
Neat Elevator at Dillards in SP Mall in Charlotte, NC
Not sure if Montgomery or Dover? It's a talking one though!2010-08-06 20:40:22
Deal or No Deal Arcade Game plus Ticket Redeem Machine
This video clip shows my Deal or No Deal Arcade game I played at the Great Wolf Lodge this week plus shows how the ticket redeem machine works. Just for fun, can you guess what video of Diesel Ducy's I am quoting from at the end when the machine is printing out my receipt?2010-08-06 04:08:17
Short Mini Clip of Air Conditioner Fan that I Really Like at RXR BarBQ
I like eating at RxR BarBQ in the summer months because they bring this unit out.2010-08-04 16:29:53
Otis Elevator at Hampton Inn in SP area of Charlotte, NC
This is a VERY NICE Hampton Inn!2010-08-03 01:19:27
Dover Traction Elevator at the Hilton in Charlotte, NC SP area
Escalatorgeek881 has filmed these also2010-08-02 20:31:39
Elevator with Security Camera at SP Mall Parking Deck
This elevator has seen better days but it is an elevator.2010-08-02 17:59:57
Elevator at Nordstrom at SP Mall in Charlotte, NC
This was my first Nordstorm elevator to film.2010-08-02 16:45:54
Elevator at Neiman Marcus in SP Mall
South Park Mall elevators2010-08-01 23:28:40
Elevator leading to another Parking Deck at SP Mall
Located in South Park Mall2010-08-01 22:48:08
Elevator at West Parking Deck at Piedmont Town Center
Schindler elevators in South Park area2010-08-01 21:56:28
Elevator at Dick's Sporting Goods in SP Mall in Charlotte, NC
This is a Schindler elevator which is very near a big freight elevator that we asked if we possibly could get to ride also when we talked to the manager and he said that normally it would be OK for us to take a ride on the freight elevator but on that day we went it was being used for storage for a shipment they just got in so we would have to try for the freight elevator another day.2010-08-01 21:11:18
Schindler Elevator that Diesel Ducy might like at Piedmont Town Center
This is located at the east parking deck of Piedmont Town Center in SP area of Charlotte, NC2010-08-01 19:57:14
Schindler Elevator at EENT Medical Building Parking Deck in Charlotte, NC
Southpark area2010-08-01 18:28:12
Glass Schindler Elevator at Parking Deck at SP Mall in Charlotte, NC
This is one of several parking decks at South Park Mall2010-08-01 16:56:30
Hospital Size Otis Elevator at the Charlotte EENT Medical Building in SP
This is the Otis elevator in the Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose&Throat medical building in South Park area.2010-08-01 07:41:56
Elevator at Belks in SP Mall which has FOUR floors!
Otis elevator with different kind of fixtures. We started off having the elevator to ourselves but then it got really crowded and we could not really get any more footage due to too many people getting on and getting off so it is a good thing we got a cab view first off.2010-08-01 06:13:58
Montgomery Vector Elevator at Macy's in SP Mall in Charlotte, NC
I was glad to find this elevator. I filmed the first trip and then had mom film the 2nd trip so we could get the two different views of it.2010-08-01 04:56:07
Otis Elevator at Hampton Inn in Asheville, NC
Here is one of the elevators we explored while in Asheville2010-07-31 00:51:06
Dover Elevator at the Courtyard in Asheville, NC
This is where we stayed when we went up to Asheville for the ACSI Spelling Bee which I included a little bit from that also. I came in first place in my grade division for that year.2010-07-30 21:46:48
Elevator Operator Shares Facts about Historic Elevator at Grove Park Inn
This video clip was taken in 2008 of Historic Grove Park Inn elevator. I have uploaded video footage of this particular elevator before but in this clip the operator shares some facts about this elevator and we go to the top floor and see the skylight.2010-07-30 17:53:25
A Better View of Dover in Pigeon Forge, TN plus Driving on I-40
This is a better view of the Dover Elevator at Hampton Inn in Pigeon Forge, TNplus a little clip of me in neat phone booth at Gatlinburg&some Interstate -40 road footage shows us crossing the North Carolina state line.2010-07-30 01:01:20
Dover Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Pigeon Forge, TN
This was taken in November 2005. It also shows my brick on the walkway at Dollywood's Southern Gospel Music Museum. The "Open Heart Club" is for children who have undergone open heart surgery which I have and also my former Sunday School teacher's son (whose name is on the brick with mine) had too.2010-07-29 19:44:27
Schindler Elevator at the Courthouse in Cornelius, NC
This is a pretty nice elevator for a schindler. What do you think, Diesel Ducy?2010-07-28 22:49:46
Going Back to 2006 A Video Clip of me Reciting the Books of the Bible
This was a video thank you card we made for my teacher at the time, Mrs. Ellen. I got a ceritifcate in my room that's in a frame for being one of the youngest in Sunday School that could recite the books of the Bible from memory.2010-07-25 19:38:58
Second Schindler Elevator at Nascar Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC
This is the other video dad filmed with his phone video camera2010-07-25 00:07:36
Schindler Elevator at the Nascar Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC
I didn't have my camera with me but dad shot this with his phone video. This is one of the 3 banks of elevators we found today at the Nascar Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC. We only filmed two as they all were Schindlers and pretty much the same. One bank had a rear door but that was pretty much the only thing different about it.2010-07-24 22:24:00
Otis Elevator at Champions Point Office Complex
What do you know? Another Otis is what we found!2010-07-22 21:47:19