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Dover Elevator At The FairField Inn in Pigeon Forge, TN
Not sure what used to be at this location in PF on the Parkway but I don't recall us doing this particular one. I am thinking FFI bought this and did a renovation job on the building to suit their hotel chain.2016-07-21 22:38:29
Otis Series 1 Elevator At Clarion Hotel in Gatlinburg, TN
We stopped in at this one on our recent trip. Very nice Otis Series 12016-07-19 22:38:28
Quick Tour of ADA Compliant Room at Home 2 Suites
This is a real quick room tour at Home 2 Suites that we recently stayed in. It is quick because we soon discovered right after we went in that it was not the room we needed, which was a 2 bed room and this was a single bed room so we didn't do the normal room tour since we were not staying in it but the video gives you a good look at this particular room type.2016-07-19 22:38:27
Modded Otis Elevator At The Historic Gatlinburg Inn
Gatlinburg, Tennessee2016-07-17 22:38:25
ThyssenKrupp Elevator at Hilton Garden Inn in Charlottesville, VA
another one of our stops in Charlottesville.2016-07-16 22:38:24
HD Retake Of Gastonia's Eastridge Mall Otis Elevator
This is the elevator located in the middle of the mall.2016-07-15 00:58:25
ThyssenKrupp Elevators At Hampton Inn & Suites in Lynchburg, VA
We stopped here on our way to Charlottesville because it was a Hampton I hadn't visited yet. You can get a good view of the elevator shaft looking up as you get out of the first elevator. This Hampton reminded me of the one in Huntersville, NC2016-07-15 00:58:24
ThyssenKrupp Elevator at Hampton Inn in Gretna, Virginia
Nice Hampton, the 129th one that I visited but is 131st one that I have uploaded to YouTube. I sometimes will upload out of order so on the Hampton Inn Tribute page of my website, which goes by order of uploads, it will be listed as #131st Hampton.2016-07-14 01:46:40
HD Retake of Montgomery Elevator ? At Dillards in Eastridge Mall
I believe this is a Montgomery but I could be wrong.2016-07-14 01:46:39
Schindler 330A Elevator At Wingate by Wyndham Lexington, SC
These were nice but busy2016-07-13 23:53:43
ThyssenKrupp Elevators at TownePlace Suites By Marriott in Aiken, SC
Here's another one from our trip to Aiken, SC in June.2016-07-13 23:53:42
First Time I Have Ever Seen An Elevator In This Location Of A Hotel
This is the Hampton Inn in Charlottesville, VA (not the one we stayed at) and it has a strange layout for the lobby elevator which happens to not even be in the lobby. They actually have 2 and the other one is at the end of the other side of the building.2016-07-12 23:53:41
ThyssenKrupp Elevator At Homewood Suites In Charlottesville, VA
This was a nice Homewood Suites by Hilton although the elevator seemed to have a flaky 4th floor button which may need to be serviced soon.2016-07-12 23:53:39
For Gluse: A Hampton Inn & Suites Full Hotel Tour in Charlottesville, VA
Gluse, this video is dedicated to you as you have dedicated several videos to me and have done several Hampton Inn hotel tours through out the years. We didn't get to meet last time you were in Charlotte but maybe one day our paths will cross until then hope you enjoy this video of the Hampton Inn & Suites we stayed in this past 4th of July weekend. To my viewers, if you haven't checked out Gluse's YT channel yet, be sure to do so at 23:53:38
Interesting ThyssenKrupp Elevators At Springhill Suites By Marriott
This was an interesting stop. This was a brand new hotel that hadn't even gotten their fitness center equipment fully unwrapped yet but the call station on the 2nd floor for the elevator had two different buttons & the one elevator's fixtures had a white button for the 4th floor but the rest of them were red. I'm guessing that maybe the building and elevators weren't really new but that Springhill Suites recently bought the property?2016-07-11 23:53:37
Schindler HT Elevator at Comfort Inn & Suites
On our way to Charlottesville, we noticed 3 new hotels in Lyncburg so we decided to stop and see what kind of elevators they had.2016-07-10 23:53:35
Otis Series 7 Elevator at Residence Inn in Charlottesville, VA
These were pretty busy but we managed to get a solo ride.2016-07-09 23:53:34
Scenic Otis Elevators At The Omni Hotel in Charlottesville, VA
These were really nice elevators which at first we didn't think we were going to get to ride as they were key card access but as luck would have it, somebody got off when we walked by :) For more info on this hotel, check out their website at 23:53:33
Otis Elevators at The Omni Hotel's Parking Garage
This was a very nice hotel with a nice atrium lobby. This video is just the parking deck elevators. Stay tuned for another video from this hotel that features the scenic lobby elevators which at first we didn't think we were going to get to ride as they were key card access but as luck would have it, somebody got off when we walked by :) For more info on this hotel, check out their website at 23:53:31
Country Driving On The Road To Waltons Mountain in Schuyler, Virginia
My grandfather got a brand new jeep and so for the 4th of July weekend, we took an overnight road trip to Virginia to "break it in" so to speak. We drove up to Schuyler & then on to Charlottesville. This clip is when we are about 8 minutes away from reaching Schuyler. You will see us pass the house Earl Hamner, Jr. grew up in. He's the one that created the TV series The Waltons. We end the video turning into the parking lot of Earl's former elementary school which is now the home of the Waltons Mountain Museum. For more info on the tourist attractions in Schuyler, you can check out my Facebook photo album
& videos
2016-07-08 23:53:30
Schindler Elevator at Courtyard By Marriott - Charlottesville, VA
Very nice Schindler with floor indicator showing O for basement while the fixture button had a B for the basement.2016-07-08 23:53:29
Otis Elevator at Holiday Inn Express in Lexington, SC
Otis Series 12016-07-07 23:53:28
No Beep ThyssenKrupp Elevators Hilton Garden Inn in Aiken, SC
I have a couple more videos left from our Aiken, SC day trip which this is one of them. Hope you enjoy it.2016-07-06 23:53:27
2016 Schuyler, Virginia: Home Town of Earl Hamner, Jr (John Boy) Waltons
I have uploaded a couple of videos from Schuyler including the grand opening of the Waltons Mt Museum back in 1992 that my parents had attended & also the trip we took back in 2006. We went back up there this past 4th of July weekend with my grandfather & this is a video of the area that includes the Baptist church, original site of Ike Godsey's store, Waltons Mountain Museum which is located in the former elementary school & of course the childhood home of Earl Hamner, Jr. The Hamner house is a historic landmark now & is open to the public but the hours of operations are not posted anywhere. There was a gentleman on the porch of the shed (store where you buy tickets to tour the house) talking on his cell phone but there was a sign at the end of steps saying that they were closed so we didn't bother him. There is a video tour of the inside of the house on YouTube that somebody else filmed so you can search for that if you're interested in seeing what it looks like on the inside. To see the photos we have of Schuyler & the Waltons through out the years, go to my Facebook album at Below are the links to the other videos of mine that I mentioned in this description
2016-07-06 23:53:25
English Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia
Nice little hotel with English charm. On first elevator right before we ended our ride, the doors started to hesitate but then they finally closed and took us on up to 2nd floor even though the call seemed to be cancelled. For more info on this hotel, check out their website at http://www.englishinncharlottesville....2016-07-05 23:53:24
Super Fast, Super Nice Classic Dover Elevators at Doubletree By Hilton
We went up to Schuyler & Charlottesville VA for the 4th of July weekend. We stopped in at this Doubletree by Hilton to see what kind of elevators they had and I'm glad we did. These are some of the fastest elevators I have ridden in a long time. For more info on this hotel, check out their website at 23:53:23
Otis Elevator at Holiday Inn Express in Blythewood, SC
For iOSguy who was asking for an Otis elevator.2016-07-02 23:53:22
Syma Quadcopter X8C Flying Drone
My dad had a small drone which had gotten broke when it crashed one time. After multiple tries of fixing it with no avail. This is what mom got dad to replace the busted one for their 27th wedding anniversary.2016-07-02 23:53:20
ThyssenKrupp Elevators at Comfort Suites in Lexington, SC
These were pretty nice elevators2016-07-01 23:53:19
Dover Impulse at the Sleep Inn in Aiken, SC
The staff here are really nice. I was offered popcorn even though I wasn't a guest. :)2016-07-01 23:53:18
The Sounds of An Elevator Machine Room
This is a clip I forgot to include on the Hampton Inn in Aiken, SC video so I thought I would just upload it by itself.2016-06-30 23:53:16
ThyssenKrupp Elevator at Country Inn & Suites in Aiken, SC
Aiken seemed to be a ThyssenKrupp territory :)2016-06-30 23:53:15
More Footage of Modded Westinghouse in Kratt Building at CPCC
Been working with the footage of Kratt building that we had filmed with Bikegeekmtdx and I got this part of it to process Still not the complete file but will keep trying.... Bikegeekmtdx has full version on his channel :)2016-06-29 23:53:14
ThyssenKrupp Elevator at Fairfield Inn & Suites in Aiken, SC
Another one of our stops in Aiken, SC2016-06-28 23:53:13
Schindler 3300 Elevator At Holiday Inn Express in Aiken, SC
This was another nice find in the southern town of Aiken, SC2016-06-27 23:53:11
ThyssenKrupp Elevator At The Historic Willcox
Southern charm is found at this 1900 historic hotel & spa in Aiken, SC including their very modern ThyssenKrupp elevator. For more info on this Aiken landmark, check their website at 23:53:10
Hotel Aiken's 1920's Vintage Manual Otis Elevator
Special thanks to David who took a few minutes from his duties at the front desk so we could ride this vintage manual Otis elevator which holds the title of being the oldest operational elevator in SC. I have uploaded photos of this elevator to my Goggle+ page and twitter. I will post to FB at some point.2016-06-26 23:53:08
Dover Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Aiken, SC
We took a day trip up to Aiken, SC yesterday and of course, we stopped in to explore the Hampton Inn they have which is rated the #1 hotel in Aiken on Trip Advisor. 23:53:07
A Sneak Peak Of Oldest Operational Elevator in SC
We took a day trip yesterday to Aiken, SC and found several great elevators in this small southern town including this vintage Otis. Here's a sneak peek of upcoming video to be uploaded soon.2016-06-25 23:53:06
2 More Elevators From CPCC With BikegeekMTDX
Here are 2 more elevators from our visit to CPCC with BikegeekMTDX. This video is the surviving footage I managed to get to process from a couple of corrupted files on dad's iPhone. These were filmed at the Science building and Advanced Technologies Center. Be sure to check out BikegeekMTDX's YT Channel 23:53:04
For Kelsie: Your Requested Otis Elevator Video
This is for my good friend, Kelsie who requested an Otis elevator video. Kelsie, thanks for being a great friend & I hope you enjoy it! This was filmed on the last day of school at CPCC with my fellow YT Elevator Photographer BikegeekMTDX. The opener is an old clip from my Mississippi archives. You can check out BikegeekMTDX's YT Channel at 23:53:03
Modded Westinghouse Elevator in Kratt Building at CPCC with BikegeekMTDX
Dad's iPhone must of been acting up because this file is kind of giving problems processing in its entirety but I did manage to get the part of the elevator ride to process so here's that clip. If I get the problems worked out with the rest of the file, I will post it as well.2016-06-14 23:53:02
Otis Series 5 Student Parking Deck 2 at CPCC with BikegeekMTDX
Continuing summer kick off series with BikegeekMTDX at Central Piedmont Community College. Be sure to check out his YT Channel & FB page at
2016-06-13 23:53:00
Service Elevator in Overcash Building at CPCC with BikegeekMTDX
Otis Series 1 in Overcash Building at CPCC filmed with BikegeekMTDX
Be sure to check out his YT Channel at
2016-06-12 23:52:59
Congratulations JimLiElevators on High School Graduation
Recently, Jim of JimLiElevators graduated from High School so this video is dedicated to him. Congratulations and best of luck in your future endeavors. Keep up the great work! Check out his YT Channel and FB page at
Otis Gen 2 Series 7 at Zeiss building at CPCC with BikegeekMTDX
Also be sure to check out BikegeekMTDX's YT Channel
2016-06-10 23:52:58
Elevator 1 in Student Deck 1 at CPCC with Great Views of Downtown Charlotte, NC
This is elevator 1 in student deck 1 at CPCC. I have already uploaded elevator 2 in student deck 1 which was the elevator that cancelled our call and has strange wiring set up for floor indicator, this one seemed like it gave a smoother ride without the quirks. Be sure to check out BikegeekMTDX's YT Channel and FB page at
2016-06-09 23:52:57
Worrell Building at CPCC has a Dover Elevator Modded by Otis
Here's another elevator we filmed with BikegeekMTDX on our visit at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC. Be sure to check out BikegeekMTDX's YT Channel and FB page at
2016-06-09 23:52:55
For Jingleheimer822: 3 Otis Series 1 at Levine Technology Building
Here is your requested Otis Series 1 video Jingleheimer822. This is on the campus of CPCC in the Levine Technology Building. Thanks to BikegeekMTDX for asking us to come and explore the elevators at CPCC. Be sure to check out his YT channel and FB page at
2016-06-07 23:52:54
Happy Birthday Major From TJElevatorfan
Major - this video is just for you. Your mom wrote to me and told me that when she asked you who you wanted to invite to your birthday party, you said me. I can't be there in person but I hope you enjoy this birthday video from me. Happy Birthday and enjoy your special day. Love your friend, TJ2016-06-06 23:52:52
Dover Impulse Elevator at Sloan Morgan Building at CPCC with BikegeekMTDX
This is another elevator we explored at Central Piedmont Community College with BikegeekMTDX. Dad was filming but I do not have his version in this footage because apparently his phone quit recording early on in the ride or the file got corrupted. Make sure you check out BikegeekMTDX's YT Channel & FB page.
2016-06-06 23:52:51
A Rare Dover for the 23rd Elevator Photography Anniversary June 5th 2016
Today is June 5th 2016 and that means 23 years ago today is when Dieselducy started something that we all now refer to as Elevator Photogrpahy. This video is dedicated to Andrew Reams for being the inspiration he is to me and so many others who enjoy this hobby. This is the front elevator in the library at CPCC which is a rare Dover, it not only has it's original working floor indicators but a modded 2nd working floor indicator. We are with BikegeekMTDX who invited us to come and explore the elevators at CPCC.2016-06-05 23:52:50
Otis Series 1 Elevator in Hall Building at CPCC with BikegeekMTDX
First up is a view of the CityLynx Gold Line Trolley Car of CATS here in Charlotte, NC. Second up is the Otis Series 1 Elevator in Hall building at Central Piedmont Community College that we filmed with BikegeekMTDX. Be sure to check out his YT Channel & FB page at
2016-06-05 23:52:49
Vintage 1968 Otis Bottom Drive Traction Elevator in CPCC's Library
Even though BikegeekMTDX is on staff at CPCC, we still got security clearance before we rode this very nice 1968 vintage Otis elevator in the library at CPCC. Be sure to check out BikegeekMTDX's YouTube Channel & Facebook Page at
2016-06-03 23:52:47
1970's Modded Skinny Dover Elevators at CPCC with BikegeekMTDX
Another set of elevators BikegeekMTDX showed us on our visit to Central Piedmont Community College. These are located in the Belk building. If you want to see his videos of these with the original Dover floor indicator in lobby, check out this link Be sure to check out BikegeekMTDX's YouTube Channel & Facebook Page at
2016-06-03 23:52:45
ThyssenKrupp Elevators in Health Building at CPCC with BikegeekMTDX
Here are 2 side by side ThyssenKrupp Elevators similar but different with single slide and two speed doors plus one goes to "penthouse level" at "leveling speed" if you're on 5 and select P. The reason why it doesn't go to P from 5 at full speed is because the gap between the two landings is only a few feet apart. If you select P from the 4th floor or lower, it will travel to the floor at normal speed.Be sure to check out BikegeekMTDX's YouTube Channel & Facebook Page at
2016-06-02 23:52:44
Otis Elevator Gen 2 Series 7
from our visit at Central Piedmont Community College with BikegeekMTDX Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel & FB page at
2016-06-01 23:52:43
Cheney Handi Lift in Pease Auditorium at CPCC
We had permission to ride this lift so we took a quick ride during our visit to CPCC.2016-06-01 23:52:41
For Shawn: A Scenic General Elevator with Unique Round Floor Indicator
Shawn, you requested a scenic elevator video so here is one that I think you will like. There's bonus footage of my dad's version of a close up on the unique round floor indicator inside the elevator. I filmed this at CPCC with BikegeekMTDX. You can check out his YouTube Channel & Facebook page at
2016-05-31 23:52:40
Modded Dover Elevator at CPCC with BikegeekMTDX
Summer Kick Off Series with BikegeekMTDX continues with this modded Dover at the Arts building at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC. Be sure to check out BikegeekMTDX's YouTube Channel & Facebook page links at
2016-05-30 23:52:39
Breakfast Buffet at Great Wolf Lodge's Loose Moose Cottage
GWL has several different options for breakfast (additional price) such as Dunkin Donuts etc. They offer a breakfast buffet at the Loose Moose Cottage restaurant which we tried this year. Good food and great service but as with most resorts a bit pricey at $13.95 for adults.2016-05-29 23:52:37
Interesting Elevator in Student Deck 1 at CPCC with BikegeekMTDX
This is Student Deck 1 at CPCC and during the course of our ride, the elevator cancelled a call and it has strange wiring set up for the bell indicator. It was great meeting BikegeekMTDX and hope to meet up with him again sometime. Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel & Facebook page links at
2016-05-29 23:52:36
Otis Series 1 at Overcash Building at CPCC with BikegeekMTDX
2nd video in kick off summer celebration series with BikegeekMTDX at Central Piedmont Community College near downtown Charlotte, NC. Be sure to check out BikegeekMTDX's channel. He's uploaded his footage of this visit already to his channel. Be sure to check out his Facebook page also.
2016-05-28 23:52:35
Summer Kick Off: Meet Up with BikegeekMTDX
Yesterday was my last day of school so for a summer kick off celebration, I got the chance to meet BikegeekMTDX at CPCC to explore some of their elevators there. It was great meeting BikegeekMTDX and hope to meet up with him again sometime. Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel & Facebook page links at
2016-05-27 23:52:33
For Cooper: A Double Feature of Schindler & ThyssenKrupp Elevators
This video is dedicated to Cooper Owensby who is 8 years old & likes to watch my videos. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy this double feature of a Schindler elevator and a ThyssenKrupp elevator located on the campus of UNCC. The Schindler elevator is in the Fretwell Building and the ThyssenKrupp elevator is in Cato Hall.2016-05-13 23:52:32
Futura Revolution Car Wash In The Daytime
Here is the Futura Revolution car wash on Rocky River Road at the Citgo Gas Station in Charlotte, NC during the daytime.2016-05-01 23:52:31
For Christian Wilson: Great Wolf Lodge Double Queen Room Tour
Hi Christian Wilson, you made a request on the Great Wolf Lodge Video Tour we made a couple of years ago to make another video. Here is a room tour of a double queen room that we stayed in. Hope you enjoy it. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words so I decided not to do any talking on this video just to be different this time. Mom filmed this for me while I was out of the room.2016-04-28 23:52:29
For Sam Morstein: ThyssenKrupp Elevators with Unique Sounds
Sam - thanks for watching my videos and I hope you enjoy this video dedicated to you. Praying your recent surgery will bring about great results for you. This is filmed at the College Health and Human building at UNCC2016-04-17 23:52:28
Schindler Elevator in the Library at UNCC
Nice smooth running Schindler elevator at UNCC2016-04-14 23:52:27
For Jonathan Mayse: Schindler Elevators at UNCC
For Jonathan Mayse - here is an elevator video just for you as requested. Sorry it took me awhile to get this requested video uploaded. Hope you enjoy it. These are the elevators towards the back of Robinson Hall. The freight elevator I uploaded in this same building is more towards the middle of the building.2016-04-12 23:52:26
Not so Quiet Elevators in the Library at UNCC
These ran pretty smooth although they did creak a bit. I was hit by an allergy attack while in the library so this was our last stop on our day at UNC Charlotte. I had filmed these before but never uploaded to YouTube as that video was part of the exclusive videos for a school fund raiser dvd. This is a new video of these we just made this year and not the one on the school fundraiser dvd.2016-04-11 02:15:32
ThyssenKrupp Elevator in Woodward Hall at UNC Charlotte
another building elevator we explored on the campus of UNC Charlotte.2016-04-09 02:15:31
ThyssenKrupp Elevator in the Health & Human Building at UNCC
This one has a pretty cab interior and the Dover buzz2016-04-08 02:15:29
Green ThyssenKrupp Mod on Southern Elevator in Rowe Building at UNCC
Another green indicator ThyssenKrupp which looks like a recent modernization on this Southern Elevator located in the Rowe Building at UNC Charlotte, NC.2016-04-06 02:15:28
ThyssenKrupp Elevator in Prospector Building at UNCC
We stopped in here and grabbed us a bite to eat at Chick-Fil-A and to ride the TKE elevator.2016-04-05 02:15:27
Schindler Freight Elevator in Robinson Hall at UNCC
This is one of several elevators in Robinson Hall at UNC Charlotte, NC.2016-04-04 02:15:25
Southern Elevator in Kennedy Building at UNCC
Another elevator we came across at UNC Charlotte, NC2016-04-03 02:15:24
McDonalds Has A New Create Your Own Burger Ordering Kiosk
Andrew Reams aka Dieselducy, this video is for you as I know Mickey D's is one of your favorites. This is the brand new McDonalds in Huntersville, NC. This one has the new Create Your Taste system where you can create your own sandwich the way you want it. For photos we took at this Mickey D's 02:15:23
Cool Southern Elevator in Garinger Building at UNCC
I really liked this elevator in the Garinger building on the campus of UNC Charlotte, NC2016-04-02 02:15:21
Otis Elevator in Miltimore Wallis Athletic Center at UNCC Home of the 49ers
Very nice Otis Elevator in Miltimore Wallis Athletic Center on the campus at UNC Charlotte, NC2016-04-01 02:15:20
Epic Fail or April Fools? You Can Choose the Title
We came across this handicap lift on the campus of UNC Charlotte, NC. Did we get to ride it or was it an Epic Fail?2016-04-01 02:15:19
Kone Elevators in College of Education Building at UNCC
These were a nice find at UNC Charlotte, NC2016-03-31 02:15:17
Scenic Southern Elevator in Storrs Building at UNC Charlotte
Scenic Southern Elevator in Storrs College of Arts & Architecture building at UNC Charlotte, NC.2016-03-30 02:15:16
ThyssenKrupp Elevator in the Reese Building at UNC Charlotte
Talking Green lighted ThyssenKrupp elevator located in the Reese building at UNC Charlotte2016-03-30 02:15:14
Westinghouse Elevator with Instant Door Close at UNC Charlotte
Nice Westinghouse elevator at Colvard South building at UNC Charlotte, NC. Instant Door Close when you hit door close button.2016-03-29 02:15:13
Futura Revolution Car Wash
pretty neat car wash system2016-03-13 02:15:12
Praise & Worship Dance
This dance is performed by MacKenna who is a friend of mine. I think she did a great job! I hope you all get a blessing out of this. I had to take the original song she was dancing to off because of copyright music but I think she and the rest of the praise team did a great job that I thought I would share it with ya'll.2016-03-10 02:15:10
Thank You Cannycart for this Dover Impulse Hall Lantern
Got a package in the mail from Cannycart this week. Thank you so much for these 2 items.2016-03-04 02:15:09
Amtrak Traveling Fast Down The Track
Here's a short clip I filmed for EMS318 one evening while we were out with my grandfather.2016-02-23 02:15:07
Thank You for 6 Million Views Dedicated to Diesel Ducy
Today, my YT channel went over the 6 million views mark. Thank you to all of my viewers and subscribers for this milestone. I would like to dedicate this video to Diesel Ducy because he is the one that got me to start my own YT Channel back in 2009 and he also recently sent me a 16th birthday package that had something in it that means a lot to me and I am so thankful that the Lord brought Andrew into my life. I first got to meet him in 2010 and through out the years we have become great friends and so I hope you enjoy this video special that celebrates that friendship. First we will take a trip down memory lane to 2009 of how my YT channel came to be and then we will end with the unboxing of the 16th birthday gift from Diesel Ducy. The iPhone vertical/horizontal sensor got stuck while filming that unboxing video and we didn't realize it until I started to edit it into this video celebration. The unboxing was filmed horizontally but the first part of it shows it vertical then eventually goes horizontally but when that happens the screen size gets kinda small but is still viewable. I know we could of have done a retake on unboxing but I wanted to include original unboxing video so I just went with what we had. I hope you all enjoy this video & thanks again to Diesel Ducy for just being you and to all my viewers and subscribers. You all are the best!2016-02-15 02:15:06
10 Year Dream Coming True: Foggy Point Light
This is a book that my dad has had the idea for about 10 years but didn't do anything with it until about 3 years ago when he sat down and started writing. It is finished and will be released this coming Wednesday, January 27th, 2016. Be sure to go to the ā€ˇFoggy Point Light Facebook & Twitter pages at so you can get all the latest details about this new book. You can also download the first chapter for free from the website at Foggy Point Light - Where the past is about to catch up with the future.
The lighthouse has stood on the south end of Green Island for almost a century and a half. It's been vacant for the last 8 decades, with few that know it's history even wanting to venture there. The entire south end of the island, including the lighthouse, has been virtually untouched for the past 20 years since the US Coast Guard sealed it off. And the island has had a peaceful existence for that time, almost forgetting the disappearances that occurred there almost 40 years ago. The island's tourists come and go each year, and the residents don't talk much about the mysteries surrounding the lighthouse anymore. It stands almost forgotten, covered over by time. Many feel that it's best left alone.
But the peace and tranquility that the island has enjoyed for so many years is all about to end. Dan Nelson, a technology executive from Cincinnati, has just purchased the lighthouse from the government, and is planning to restore it and live there with his family. He's read of the unexplained events that occurred around the lighthouse, and even heard warnings from local residents. Still, with several of his closest friends, and his family, he's determined to embark on this adventure and solve the mysteries surrounding the lighthouse. Will he discover the secrets that have been locked away for decades, or will he or his family become the next unexplained disappearance? Will he heed the warnings that he's been given? "Whatever you do, DON'T GO INTO THE FOG".
2016-01-25 02:15:05
Dollywood Express: Train's Departure from Depot & Train's Arrival to Depot
As 2015 has officially departed to the history books so to speak and 2016 has arrived, I thought this would be an appropriate video for the 1st day of the year. For all the train lovers out there.2016-01-01 02:15:03
Happy New Year 2016
Our 5th annual lighted ball drop for New Year's Eve welcoming in a brand new year. God's Blessings for 2016 to everyone. Thanks to all my subscribers and thanks for watching. Ya'll are the best.2016-01-01 03:35:13
For Jim Li Elevators: R2D2 of Star Wars visits the Hampton Inn Tunnel Road
This video is for Jim Li Elevators who I was going to finally get to meet up with at the Hampton Inn Tunnel Road over my Christmas break but Jim got sick the night before our meet up so he didn't make it up to Asheville this time but maybe one day we will get a chance to meet. In the meantime, Jim, I hope you enjoy this video of R2D2.2015-12-30 03:35:12
Hotel Pigeon Forge in Pigeon Forge, TN
Another one of our stops on the way out of town2015-12-28 03:35:11
Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood 2015
Walking through Dollywood at night with the Christmas lights. Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas day and best wishes for the new year!2015-12-25 00:49:41
Dollywood's 2015 Christmas Parade
Video footage of the Christmas Parade this past Tuesday night at Dollywood's theme park.2015-12-25 00:49:41
The Barn at Dollywood's Dream More Resort's 1st Christmas
A country Christmas at the barn.2015-12-25 00:49:41
A Dollywood Dream More Resort Christmas
Merry Christmas Everyone. Dollywood Dream More Resort is celebrating their very first Christmas season this year. We started off our Christmas week with a mini get away to TN to enjoy a Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood & DreamMore. This video has a photo slide show of the Christmas decorations at Dream More Resort plus a video tour of our suite which was slightly different than the one we had back in the fall. For a full hotel tour of DW's DMR (which was filmed on my fall break) you can click on this link For more Christmas photos we took at Dollywood plus Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, you can click on FB photo album 00:49:40
Music Road Inn in Pigeon Forge, TN
Right across the road from Music Road Hotel while 2 separate hotels, I suspect that they may be owned by same corporation.2015-12-24 00:49:40
Music Road Hotel in Pigeon Forge, TN
A busy elevator but fun to ride none the less2015-12-24 00:49:40