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Otis Series 5 Elevator At Candlewood Suites in Wake Forest
This was one of our stops on our Father's Day road trip. It was kind of busy but we did manage to get a solo trip on the elevator. :) Nice hotel.2018-06-20 02:46:18
ThyssenKrupp Elevator In D Rich Hall At Campbell University
On our Father's Day trip, we made a stop at the college mom had gone to which is Campbell University. I had been once before when I was younger and have uploaded two videos from that visit. Those 2 can be found in the playlist of Campbell University. Most of the buildings were closed as it was a Sunday evening and the University is on Summer Schedule but we did find a few of the buildings open. This is one of the original buildings that was on campus when mom went here.2018-06-19 02:46:17
Schindler Elevator At Hampton Inn In Benson NC
Here is the full video featuring the neat find I found on Father's Day Road Trip. Possibly either 5500 or 3300, both can have the same type of fixtures so it's hard to tell. This was my first time coming across this type of Schindler with these fixtures. I know Jim Li Elevators has also filmed similar elevators with these fixtures as well.2018-06-19 02:46:17
Sneak Peek Of A Neat Find I Found (Full Video Coming Soon)
For Father's Day, my grandfather wanted to go on a day trip to anywhere so I picked out several Hamptons that are located in areas that are not just somewhere you are passing by to get somewhere else so to speak. At one of these Hamptons, we found a very neat find of an elevator that I haven't found one of yet. I'll give you a hint, Jim Li Elevators has one on his channel but I haven't seen anyone else who has uploaded one of these yet (doesn't mean that nobody else has, I just only have seen Jim Li Elevators Channel feature this type of elevator so far.) Full video coming soon to my channel2018-06-18 02:46:17
Dual Brand of Residence Inn & Courtyard by Marriott (Northlake Mall)
Special thanks to the fine staff and Ryan for the warm welcome and tour of this very nice dual hotel brand or as some call them a hybrid hotel. This model features the Residence Inn and Courtyard which are both Marriott brands. It is located near Northlake Mall area just off I-77 at Harris Blvd and HWY 21. Both hotels share the same entrance and front desk area, outdoor pool & fitness center. The complex has spacious lobbies and there are also outdoor patios/courtyard areas in back of the hotel and in front of the hotel.
My camera apparently was messing up just a bit so this is a collage of our visit there. Hope you enjoy it. For more information on this hotel you can check out their website at or Facebook Page at
2018-06-15 02:46:16
Hilton Garden Inn in Fayetteville, NC
This is where we stayed this past week when we went down to Fayetteville for my Pop-Pop's Memorial Service. We have filmed the elevators here before and if you're curious here's the link back in 2012 We decided to do a silent elevator ride for this video since it was late when we got back to the hotel and we did do a room tour of out double queen room for ya'll2018-06-14 02:46:16
Homewood Suites In Fayetteville, NC
Brand new in Fayetteville very near the Candlewood Suites I uploaded on Tuesday. This hotel features a basketball court in their outside area.2018-06-13 02:46:15
A Tribute For Pop-Pop
As some of you may already know, my Pop-Pop went home to be with the Lord in January of this year. He had been living near my aunt in Utah for the past few years. This past weekend my aunt brought his ashes back to NC to lay him to rest beside my Grandmother Medlin in their hometown of Fayetteville, NC. At this memorial service, there was a Military Honor Guard who performed the firing of the three volleys (aka 21 Gun Salute) which I include that in this video. As the bugle played a rendition of "Taps" near the end, three military helicopters flew over, which that part was not planned but added a special touch to the ceremony as my Pop-Pop had jumped out of many helicopters in his military career in the 82nd Airborne Division, Quartermaster Corps as a Parachute Rigger and as a Jumpmaster Master Parachutist. My tribute also includes a part of the power point family legacy project that I had done at school last year that talked about the influence that my mom's dad had on her and has been passed down onto me as well. I end my tribute with some photos from some of the memories that Pop-Pop and I had together. I thank God for you Pop-Pop and will miss you until we meet again in Heaven, where you can introduce me to the grandmother that I didn't get a chance to meet here on earth.2018-06-13 02:46:15
Candlewood Suites with Unique Elevator Rear Door for Floors
Lobby is only floor elevator front door opens up to, the rest opens to rear elevator door. This also has HT call fixtures with inside vandal resistance fixtures Overall very nice Schindler Elevator.2018-06-12 02:46:14
Schindler RT Elevator at Macy's in Hanes Mall
This was a pretty smooth riding RT2018-06-10 02:46:14
Circle K Carwash
We didn't particularly care for this one, not sure what system it uses, it could be Mark VII or Superior, but at any rate we did learn a lesson from it. Trust your instincts because mom thought the voice said economy wash and she asked dad about it which one he got and he said he got the top wash and her rethought was the voice must of said quality instead of economy but after the wash I'm thinking we did get the economy wash instead of the quality wash. On video the voice sounds like economy but our ticket as you can see in the video shows super wash on it which is the top wash name. .2018-06-09 02:46:14
Nice Size Elevator at the Dillards Store in Hanes Mall
Not sure what brand this is, but could be Westinghouse but not really sure? Any thoughts?2018-06-09 02:46:13
Scenic Otis Elevator Red Series 1 in Belks at Hanes Mall
Another one we found at Hanes Mall2018-06-08 03:28:41
Dover Elevator In East Wing At Historic Brookstown Inn
Very neat place to visit and explore. Wake Forest University has a campus location here as well as the Winston Salem Visitor Center being adjacent to property. Main lobby elevator video can be found at this link We took more photos than what I included in this video so be sure to check out my FB page photo album from here at this link 03:28:41
HUGE Scenic Main Elevator at Hanes Mall in Winston Salem NC
tone reminds me of a Schindler Elevator2018-06-07 03:28:40
Dover Elevator at Historic Brookstown Inn (Formerly Arista Cotton Mill)
Very neat place to visit and explore. Wake Forest University has a campus location here as well as the Winston Salem Visitor Center being adjacent to property. This is the first video of two that I will upload from this hotel. We start with the main building where lobby is located. We took more photos than what I included in this video so be sure to check out my FB page photo album from here at this link 03:28:40
Elevators in the 2nd Building of Hawthorne Inn & Conference Center
These were originally Westinghouse modded by Schindler but features the fixtures that I believe Montgomery Kone Elevators have sometimes. The first building had a Dover Impulse in the lobby area which is in the other video I uploaded this morning.2018-06-06 03:28:39
The Hawthorne Inn & Conference Center Elevator 1
This was a pretty unique hotel. It has several elevators and this video features the first elevator which is a Dover Impulse and is located in the lobby. The other elevator bank is in the 2nd building and they were originally Westinghouse elevators.2018-06-06 03:28:39
Schindler RT Elevator in the South Mall of Hanes Mall
You can meet some Interesting people in an elevator.2018-06-05 03:28:39
25th Anniversary of Elevator Photography
Elevator Photography as we know it started 25 years ago today. The first elevators involved were at a Hilton property and a Marriott property so I thought I would upload a dual video from the Embassy Suites and Marriott hotels in downtown Winston Salem, NC which are connected by a skybridge walkway and also share the same parking garage (see parking garage video at this link I also included the Dover elevator at the walkway between the two hotels. Hope ya'll enjoy this video!
Special thanks to Andrew for all he has done for this hobby that so many of us enjoy.
2018-06-05 03:28:38
Elevator Light Show At Cherry Marshall Parking Garage
In this video, I have included both elevators in the parking garage which In the 2nd elevator, the motion sensor for the lights started to blink off and on so mom suggested giving the video the name elevator light show, so I did. These were originally Otis but modded by ThyssenKrupp. This parking deck services the public but is also used for the Marriott and Embassy Suites hotels in downtown Winston Salem. Stay tuned for a special upload tomorrow celebrating the anniversary of Elevator Photography.2018-06-04 03:28:38
Rare Two Side By Side Elevators In JCPenny's Store at Hanes Mall
We were in Winston Salem yesterday and stopped by the mall. For some reason, we have never filmed at this mall before, not sure why we haven't as many times as we have either come up to Winston Salem or passed by it but at any rate, we actually had time to explore the mall and I think we found all the public elevators there (note the Sears Elevator was out of service so we didn't film that one). Very unique mall floor plan as JCPenny's divides the mall. You actually have to go through Penny's store to get to the other half of the mall. Penny's had two elevators side by side which is rare for a mall department store to have.2018-06-04 03:28:37
Hilltop House South Apartment Complex
This building is located right beside a historic hotel called Brookstown Inn. It has a 5 story exterior ThyssenKrupp Elevator. For more information about this complex you can visit their website at 03:28:37
For Shawn: Schindler Elevator in Nordstrom
This is another retake from SP Mall. Earlier version can be found at this link Thanks for the shirt Shawn2018-06-03 03:28:37
A New Hotel Chain in SC: MY PLACE
This chain has been around since 2012 but is relatively new in the south. Co founded by the same person who co founded Super 8. I believe this one in SC opened this past April.2018-06-02 03:28:36
Brand New Carwash: AquaWave Express Wash in Concord, NC
We tried this new car wash that just opened recently in Concord, NC. We got the Manager's Special which has everything they offer such as tire shine, bug prep, rain repellent, underbody rinse, hot wax shine, etc. It was $22 which is kinda of expensive since they don't offer a 2nd wash free within several days like other car washes do for that price range. Overall a good carwash. The cheapest carwash they offer is basic clean for $8. Other washes they offer are at $11 and $16. You can check out their website at 04:21:49
Montgomery Vector Elevator at SP Mall
This is one of the elevators that I have several versions of on my channel. One of the first times was filmed over 7 years ago which that particular version can be found at this link 04:21:49
Schindler Elevator at SP Mall
I was thinking we had filmed this one before along with the others at SP Mall but I couldn't find it on my channel to get the then version link for ya'll so this might be the first time I have gotten this one. If you find a earlier version of this elevator on my channel please let me know2018-05-30 04:21:49
Scenic Schindler Elevator Besides California Pizza Kitchen
Hope everyone had a blessed Memorial Day weekend. Spent it remembering and being thankful for all the service men and women who have given their all for our freedom. Celebrated being finished with 11th grade and out for the summer with movie time, tried CPK for the first time and exploring elevators such as this one. Hope ya'll like this retake video of this elevator that we originally filmed about 7 years ago. If you want to compare it, that version can be found at this link 04:21:48
Otis Series 5 (Elevator Number 2 in Parking Garage at Ayrsley)
This was the 2nd elevator in the first parking garage at Ayrsley which I included elevator number one as bonus footage on the Tru by Hilton video I uploaded yesterday. Bascially the same except call button is red instead of green.2018-05-28 04:21:48
One of the Outside Glass Schindler Elevators at SP Mall
We had gone to the mall yesterday and so while we were there we filmed a few of the elevators. I have already filmed most of the elevators at Southpark Mall back about 7 years ago but I don't think we had gotten this one until yesterday.2018-05-28 04:21:48
2nd Parking Garage at Ayrsley in Charlotte, NC
While we were in Ayrsley area, we checked out a couple more elevators and this is the 2nd parking garage we checked out.2018-05-27 04:21:47
New Tru By Hilton's Fire Alarm Brings Charlotte Fire Department
We went to the new Tru by Hilton located in Ayrsley area of Charlotte, NC and about the time we got out of our car, we heard a fire alarm go off. Thinking it was a faulty sensor but not sure, staff just said it was a fire drill. Bonus footage at the end of video of the Otis Series 5 elevator in parking deck at Ayrsley.2018-05-27 04:21:47
Train Across From The Depot At Gibson Mills
This is one we heard coming down the track (but hadn't passed by yet) as we were coming out of the Depot at Gibson Mills in Concord, NC so for the rail fans, here's another one for you. :)2018-05-24 02:33:44
Sander Court In Asheville, NC (Formerly known as Sanders Court & Cafe)
Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken started out with a cafe and motel business located in Corbin, KY then expanded to Asheville, NC. Both locations were know as Sanders Court & Cafe. We have been to the original site in Corbin where there is a KFC and Colonel Harlan Sanders Museum (link to that video is here ) the one is Asheville has been converted to apartment complex & is known as Sander Court today)2018-05-15 02:33:43
Driving Across The Bay Bridge In Maryland (US 50/301)
Some footage mom took of our trip from Washington DC to Delaware. This is the Bay Bridge located in MD.2018-05-14 02:33:43
Just Another Train Video For All The Rail Fans
While we were out and about today, the light had turned red a couple of cars in front of us because the railroad crossing gates had come down because a train was rolling down the tracks to the left of us. I got my phone out just in time and got the whole train passing by us. Hope all the train fans like this video.2018-05-11 02:33:42
Schindler Elevator In Cato 1 Building At CPCC
Very nice Schindler MT Elevator at Central Piedmont Community College in Cato One building at the Cato Campus.2018-04-27 02:33:42
Hampton Inn White House Spring Break 2018 + White House Tour
To end out our Spring Break, we went back to Washington, DC because we had gotten notice that our 3rd attempt to get a White House Tour had been successful. If you have ever tried to get a #whitehousetour and didn't get in, keep trying because it is well worth the wait! We stayed at the Hampton Inn White House Location which was where we had stayed before on our 2nd trip to DC. It used to be the Editors Building and it's known as one of DC's Historical Buildings. It's a unique property for a Hampton Inn which you all know how I like Hamptons. Our White House tour was at 8:30 in the morning so it was very convenient to just be able to walk over from the hotel to the White House which took about 5 minutes total. This video includes a video tour of the ADA Compliant room I stayed in on this trip plus a photo slide show of the pictures we took on our White House tour. The pictures may go by fast but you can always pause the video to look at any picture for longer than what it appears in the slide show. If you want to see a full hotel tour of the Hampton Inn White House Location, you can check out our tour we did over Christmas Break here at this link & for a playlist of DC videos we have taken over the course of 3 trips, you can go to this link 02:33:41
Schindler Elevators at Hampton Inn Richmond VA South
Another stop on Spring Break travels2018-04-24 02:33:41
ThyssenKrupp Elevators Seem To Be Talking To Each Other
On the 2nd ride, it seemed like the elevators were carrying on a conversation with each other with the floor changing buzz at Hampton Inn & Suites in Fredericksburg Near Celebrate VA.2018-04-23 02:33:40
A Spanish 2 Project: Find 2 Instances of Spanish in Community
I take Spanish 2 at school and part of our homework assignment was to find 2 instances of Spanish in the community and either take a photo or take a video. The 2 I found was the garden center at Lowe's Home Improvement Stores and also the Spanish Section at the Billy Graham Library's bookstore called Ruth's Attic. They have Spanish editions of books written by Billy Graham & other authors as well as Spanish Bibles & books for children. For more information on Billy Graham Library, you can check their website at 02:33:40
What Character From Foggy Point Light Novel Series Is Walking On The Beach?
This is a video we took at Myrtle Beach SC on early morning walk along the beach. We thought it might be a fun video to introduce my dad's new YT Channel for his Foggy Point Light novel trilogy series. Please take a moment and go to his YT Channel at this link and subscribe to his FPL channel. For the ones who have read the book, you can picture your favorite character walking along the beach in this video. I imagine this is Al who is a mystery character in the 2nd volume of FPL series which is titled Ripples: Return To Foggy Point Light. For the ones who haven't read the book and may be interested in it, check out his website at for a free download of chapter 1 of the available volumes in the series.2018-04-22 02:33:39
Hampton Inn in Harbourgate, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Schindler MT elevators with nice levels for tone & a little bit unusual wall paper for the elevator bank lobbies on upper floor. Overall a very nice looking Hampton Inn with unique shape for a Hampton2018-04-22 02:33:39
ThyssenKrupp Elevators at HGI Fredricksburg VA
Another stop we made over Spring Break.2018-04-21 02:33:39
Otis Series One at Hampton Inn Manassas / Dumbfries VA
This hotel was in the process of winding up their renovations. The desk clerk told me the rooms had been finished and they were finishing up on the lobby renovations during the following week after this video was taken which was over my Spring Break a couple of weeks ago towards the beginning of April2018-04-21 02:33:38
Dedicated to Mr. Harris: Dover Classic Elevator at Harris Building
This was one of the videos we took over Spring Break. Dedicated to my Bible teacher, Mr. Harris as this building is called the Harris Building at Meredith College. Some like me, call this a Dover Classic elevator & others call it a Traditional Dover, either way a pretty cool elevator.2018-04-21 02:33:38
Homewood Suites in Fredricksburg, VA
One of our stops over Spring Break on way home.2018-04-19 02:33:37
Hilton Garden Inn in Dover, DE
The 2nd elevator was pretty busy so we only got the first elevator ride for this HGI in Dover. Another one of our stops in Delaware over Spring Break.2018-04-18 02:33:37
Stylish Looking Hampton Inn In Woodbridge VA
Otis Series 1 elevators at this very nice looking Hampton Inn. One of our stops over Spring Break2018-04-18 02:33:36
ThyssenKrupp Elevator at Meredith College Margaret C Martin Hall
Another ThyssenKrupp elevator at Meredith College filmed over my Spring Break. This is located in Margaret C Martin Hall.2018-04-17 02:33:36
Schindler 3300 Elevators at Home2 Suites in Greensboro NC
One of our stops on Spring Break2018-04-16 02:33:35
Montgomery Elevators? at Home2 Suites Dover DE
I think these might be Montgomery fixtures but not 100% sure2018-04-15 02:33:35
Hampton Inn in Murrells Inlet, SC
This Hampton Inn is a Lighthouse Award winner and has Otis Series 5 Elevators which were very nice2018-04-14 02:33:34
Hampton Inn Pawley's Island SC Otis Series One
Found a lot of Otis Series One over Spring Break2018-04-14 02:33:34
Oceanfront Hampton Inn Myrtle Beach SC with Penthouse Suite
Over Spring Break we took time to celebrate my dad's birthday so after the ham fest in Raleigh we headed down to the beach. This stay at the Oceanfront Hampton Inn was dad's main present from me & mom. It was a very nice and relaxing family vacation that we all enjoyed. Instead of the usual narrative for our hotel tours, I decided to just let ya'll enjoy the sounds of the beach while we walked through the hotel grounds. I did leave original audio starting with elevator ride and the tour of the penthouse suite which is towards the end of the video. I also included bonus views of the beach on early morning walk for ya'll to enjoy. For video we took here last year of both tower elevators, you can click this link 02:33:33
Hampton Inn Knightdale NC (Near Raleigh NC)
From the first part of our Spring Break when we went to Raleigh area for the Hamfest2018-04-13 02:33:33
Hampton Inn Dover Delaware
I was kind of hoping to find a Dover elevator in Dover Delaware which didn't happen but what we did find was still good. Otis Series 1 at this particular Hampton Inn.2018-04-13 02:33:32
Schindler HT at Hampton Inn Glen Allen (Richmond area) Virginia
One of our stops on Spring Break. This Hampton had Schindler HT2018-04-12 02:33:32
Hampton Inn in Milford DE Has Delaware Elevator
We took a road trip to DE after our brunch on Saturday as it was not too far from Washington DC and DC was pretty packed with people for the Cherry Blossom festivals going on. Delaware is the 14th state that I have visited so far. This Hampton had a Delaware Elevator. It went into nudge mode towards the end of video while we were waiting for the door to close. Not sure why the door wasn't closing, it seemed to confuse the passenger that had gotten on the elevator on the 2nd floor as well.2018-04-11 02:33:31
@ The Car Wash In Virginia: Neat AUTEC System
I had a request to do more carwashes so here is one we found on our Spring Break on our way home from Washington DC. It gives you a neat car wash token to get the car vacuum but we decided to keep the coin as it was kind of different with antique car engraved on it. There is a picture of the coin with the photos at beginning of video. We got the premium wash which costs $15 (basic wash $10) if you want RainX I believe the sign said $3 extra.2018-04-10 02:33:31
Eastern Elevator At Hampton Inn Bowie Maryland
After our tour of the White House and brunch at Trump International Hotel on Saturday, we headed out of town for the day since Washington DC was packed for the Cherry Blossoms Celebrations going on. We took a road trip to DE and stopped off at some Hamptons in Maryland on the way. This is one of those Hamptons and it has a Eastern Elevator2018-04-10 02:33:30
Fire Alarm At Trump International Hotel DC & A Handi Lift at BLT Prime
We went to Washington DC for the last part of Spring Break as we had finally gotten approved for a White House Tour for this past Saturday and after our morning tour, we went to Trump's DC Hotel to have brunch at the restaurant there which is BLT Prime. While we were there, the fire alarm went off, luckily it was actually a false alarm but we recorded the alarm and messages as I know several here on YT like the different sounding fire alarms. We also got to ride the Handi Lift in the restaurant so we filmed that as well. Hope ya'll enjoy this video. Ironically this was on the same day that there was a real fire at the Trump Tower in NYC. Praying for the family of the one who lost his life in that fire and wishing the firefighters who were hurt a speedy recovery.2018-04-09 02:33:30
Hilton Garden Inn Crabtree Valley Mall Area Raleigh NC Hotel Tour
We stayed here at the beginning of Spring Break when we went to Raleigh for the Ham Fest dad likes to go to. Overall I would actually have to say this is much nicer than the Hampton Inn next door which is also nice but this is a definite upgrade. Hope You enjoy the tour. I had trouble processing the file which parts of it seemed to be corrupted but I managed to get most of it processed. I didn't get the first elevator ride processed but the 2nd elevator did ok in the editing process.2018-04-05 02:33:29
Oceanfront Litchfield Inn
My grandmother used to work for the Litchfield Company so this video is dedicated to her and my grandfather. One of the hotels that they have stayed at in the past (before I was born)2018-04-05 02:33:29
Hampton Inn Georgetown Marina South Carolina
Otis Series 1 with red button2018-04-05 02:33:29
Applewood House of Pancakes Schindler Elevator
This building has several businesses in it such as Applewood Restaurant which btw is very good and highly recommended if anyone is in the area. This is located in Pawley's Island / Litchfield Beach area in SC. For more information, you can check out their website at
2018-04-05 02:33:28
Scrubby's Carwash Murrells Inlet (looks a lot like Spongebob)
This is a carwash we went to while at the beach over Spring Break. Never really watched Spongebob but I have seen pictures of the character and the mascot for this carwash could be spongebob's cousin or brother etc Hope ya'll enjoy the video for the ones who like carwashes. We got the special that included everything for $202018-04-05 02:33:28
Old Cameron Jail in Cameron NC
Over Spring Break we went through Cameron and stopped to browse through the antiques stores there and The Muse Brothers Market has a neat exhibit in the backyard. The Old Cameron Jail that was built in 1880's and was operational until the 1920's. A piece of history for sure. If interested in seeing more photos we took that is not included in the video, you can visit my facebook photo album at 02:33:27
For Cherie Berry & Ryan Home2 Suites in Durham / Chapel Hill
My friend Ryan got to meet Cherie Berry and ride the Dover elevator at NCDOL and got to see the motor for the elevator as well. Thank you Cherie Berry for taking the time to give Ryan that treat! This Home2 Suites has a color photo of Cherie Berry in the elevator instead of the usual black and white print out of the inspection dates of elevator. Hope you enjoy this video Ryan.2018-04-02 02:33:27
10 Million Views Milestone: Special Dedication To Mrs. Fillmer
Special thanks to my viewers and subscribers for the milestone of reaching ten million views for my YouTube Channel. Thank you so much for watching! For the ones who have written me either via email or letter to let me know what these videos mean to you; it means a lot to me that you took the time to share that with me. I'm so thankful to the Lord that He has used my hobby and interest in elevators and hotels to bring enjoyment and inspiration to others. I also thank the Lord for blessing me with so many friendships that I wouldn't have if I didn't have this particular hobby. I want to dedicate this video to Mrs. Fillmer, who is my college advisor, as a special thank you for all she had done for me. She has encouraged and helped me a lot on my journey of navigating through High School and preparing for college.2018-04-01 02:33:26
Hampton Inn in Roxboro NC For Shawn & Johnathon
A double dedication as Shawn had requested a Dover elevator and also wanted to dedicate this to Johnathon Smith. Thanks for watching my videos and hope you enjoy the video.2018-04-01 02:33:26
2017 Christmas Tree Lighting at Grove Park Inn Asheville NC
Throw Back Thursday Video - this past Christmas Tree Lighting at the historic Grove Park Inn. This has been a childhood tradition of our family. Decided to upload this as a #TBT video because the weather seems to think we are still in Winter mode :)2018-03-22 02:33:25
JW Clay University City Park & Ride CATS Parking Deck Glass Elevators
Here are the parking deck elevators at JW Clay University City Station of Lynx Blue Line Light Rail Park and Ride Transit System. These are pretty nice Otis elevators as they are glass and give you a glimpse of the elevator shaft while you are riding the elevator. Check my playlist for the light rail videos of the Lynx Blue Line light rail at this link 02:33:25
Happy Birthday ems318 More Footage of Lynx Blue Line
Happy Birthday Eric. Hope your day was a great one. Here is some more footage from the new extension Lynx Blue Line. Mostly took from overhead bridge at JW Clay University Station. links to other 2 videos we took of the new extension of this light rail system on opening day on Friday March 16 are below
2018-03-18 02:33:24
A Green Saint Patrick's Day At Sam's Xpress Carwash
Took the car through a carwash today in Huntersville. Got a pretty good deal with top wash for $17 which includes 2 carwashes (bring the receipt back within 4 days and enter code to get the 2nd carwash)2018-03-17 02:33:24
CATS Lynx Blue Line Full Trip From UNC Charlotte Main to 485-South Blvd
Mom & I were out and about running some errands and since we were in the area, we decided to stop and check out the elevators at the JW Clay University City Station for the CATS Lynx Blue Line which is part of the new extension of the light rail that opened on Friday, March 16th and while we were there, we met a family in the parking deck who were finished with their day passes that they had purchased & they offered those day passes to us so we took them up on that offer and took a ride which mom filmed part of but our camera ran out of memory so that video only has from JW Clay University City Station to 36th Street Station. Link to that video is at this link We met up with dad, whose iPhone was fully charged and had enough memory to film a ride and he felt like I did about making good use of the free day passes :) So with all that being said, here is ride two of opening day of the new extension line which is a complete full trip from UNC Charlotte Main Station to 485 South Blvd. Hope you enjoy it.2018-03-17 02:33:23
Lynx Blue Line New Extension Opening Day March 16th 2018
Today the extension of Lynx Blue Line opened in Charlotte, NC. We were out and about running errands and decided to just go by and check out the elevator at the new JW Clay University City Station since we were in the area and then we ended up taking a ride so enjoy this little preview of the new extension of the Lynx Blue Line of CATS. I was thinking JW Clay University City Station was the last stop of the extension but I was wrong there is one more stop and until the camera's memory storage gets full you can tag along with us from JW Clay University City Station til about 36th Street Station. Eric at 16:19 in video, you see an AMTRAK train passing us on the railroad tracks. For a full complete ride from UNC Charlotte Main to 485 South Blvd check out this link 02:33:23
By Request From Brodie Zenner
Happy Birthday Brodie - I know this is a day early and you requested a Dover Impulse but I haven't found another one of those of late so I pulled from my archives and came up with this elevator video that I haven't uploaded yet from our trip over Christmas Break. It's not Dover impulse but still a good elevator. Hope you have a great birthday and thanks for watching2018-03-14 02:33:23
7 Eleven Exxon Gas Station RYKO Car Wash System
This is for the "Ryko Channel" or better known as The Elevator Channel since he does a lot of Ryko car washes. Hope you like this video Jacob, I thought of you when I saw this car wash was a Ryko System.2018-03-03 02:33:22
View of Air Force One Flying Over Our House From Billy Graham Funeral
Video is one dad took of Air Force One flying over our house which had taken off from the National Guard Station near Charlotte Douglas AIrport a few minutes before where President Trump & First Lady Melania Trump had attended the funeral of Reverend Billy Graham.2018-03-02 02:33:22
Home2 Suites in Winston Salem NC Haynes Mall Location
This was another stop on Winter Break. Nice Kone Elevators2018-02-23 02:33:21
One of the World's Smallest Police Stations
Another Roadside America stop on my Winter Break. Ridgeway SC is home to one of the world's smallest police stations. The old police station used to be the town's well until 1940 when it was converted into the police station which was replaced in 1990 with a new police station twice its size next door. The police station has a emergency phone when not manned that is located beside the building. For information on this Roadside America stop, visit the website at 02:33:21
Remembering Billy Graham at the Billy Graham Library 2/21/18
I paid my respects to Billy Graham by taking the Journey of Faith tour at BGL today where the trees are starting to blossom on a spring like day. Makes me think of Billy's new chapter in life - his first day in Heaven as "a hero of the faith" has gone home to be with the Lord. Billy said when he died, he would just be changing his address (from an earthly home to his heavenly home.) We'll miss you Billy Graham. Thank you for your ministry and leading people to Christ. For more information about the BGL check out their website at 02:33:20
New Hotel Chain: Legacy Suites With Schindler 3300 Alarm Flashing
This is a brand new hotel chain that according to their website has just 3 locations in the US so far. This one is located in Rock Hill, SC. There is another one in Greenville, SC and the other one is located in the state of Louisiana. You can check out their website at They do have business & fitness centers, market shop and guest laundry but no pool. I'm thinking they are comparable to Hilton's Tru brand. This location has a Schindler 3300 elevator which ran smooth and had something interesting happen that I had not experienced before in Schindler 3300, for some reason when we got in, the alarm button was on with no alarm sounds then the button started flashing off and on. The regular sounds of the door and floor passing chimes were on and sounded normal like the Schindler 3300 model does. Welcome to the hotel business Legacy Suites. I wish you the best in your endeavors.2018-02-21 02:33:20
Autec Soft Touch Car Wash in Blythewood SC
We stopped to get gas in Blythewood over my Winter Break travels and saw this carwash at the BP Gas Station and since the car was needing a wash, we decided to try it out.2018-02-20 02:33:19
Otis Elevators At Spring Hill Suites In Winston Salem, NC
We stopped in Winston Salem on our Winter Break and explored the new Home2 Suites there and across the street was this Spring Hill Suites so we thought we pop in and explore that one as well. I'll be uploading a couple more videos from Winter Break over the course of this week. Winter Break was just Fri and Mon so only got a few videos to upload from that. Enjoyed the much needed break from school work just enjoying being with my family but we did get a few hotels in for ya'll.2018-02-19 02:33:19
Hampton Inn Kernersville NC
On our Sunday drive we ended up stopping here to explore this Hampton Inn.2018-02-18 02:33:18
Vintage Shell Oil Clam Gas Station: A Roadside America Stop
Taking a Sunday drive today with my grandfather, we stopped at one of the "Roadside America's worthy of a detour." stops that is located in Winston-Salem, NC. It is the last shell station structure still standing that they made back in the 1930's. More info on this can be found at this link 02:33:18
Taking A Few Moments To Enjoy Simple Pleasures
Thought this was a neat water fountain at the restaurant we ate at today and thought in this chaotic world we live in that it might be nice to share just a few moments of the simple pleasure of watching a water fountain. Hope ya'll enjoy it.2018-02-17 02:33:17
Hampton Inn in Morristown TN Right off I-81
Another video from last year's fall break.2018-02-04 02:33:17
Dedicated To My Pop-Pop: New Hampton Inn in Fayetteville, NC
This video is dedicated to the memory of my Pop-Pop who we lost yesterday as he went home to be with the Lord in Heaven. He developed complications from surgery for his broken hip which he broke a couple of weeks ago when he took a fall. I'll miss you Pop-Pop, say hello to Grandmother Medlin for me.2018-02-01 02:33:16
Hampton Inn In Newport TN
We popped into this one when it was kind of busy with late check ins so just uploading first elevator for this upload as we got this in before everybody started needing the elevators :)2018-01-29 02:33:16
Hampton Inn in Bellevue TN - Nashville I 40 West
Going through some files and realized I still had a few videos to upload from Fall Break of last year. Here is the video we did at this Hampton in Bellevue near Nashville TN2018-01-27 02:33:15
1st Car Wash of 2018: Clean Ride Express Concord, NC
With the snow we had this week, we decided it would be a good idea to drop by the car wash and get my car washed so we went to Clean Ride Express which we had done several years back but someone had commented that they had gotten a new system in so we thought another visit would be in order and we were in the area today so here it is. We got the Manager's Special which was $20 but you get two car washes (you redeem the extra one within 4 days of purchase) for that price so I think it was a pretty good deal. For more info on this car wash, here is their website link and if you're interested in the video we did here several years back, here is that link 02:33:15
A Revisit To The Inn At Christmas Place In Pigeon Forge, TN
We stayed here before back in 2013 and did a full hotel tour back then. To see that tour, here is the link to that video We stayed here over my Thanksgiving Break this past November when we went up to PF for the holiday. My grandfather was with us and he had never stayed here before so we decided it was time for him to do that. :) We enjoyed it very much. The Singing Santa actually gave a concert while we were there which was a lot of fun. I have visited this Santa several times throughout my childhood at the Christmas Place store in PF so it was neat to actually see one of his concerts at the Inn. This Santa is played by Dean Townsend who is also known for singing Southern Gospel which you get a sampling of his singing in this video. You can also see more of him at this link Hope ya'll enjoy the video which includes a tour of the room we stayed in. I had forgotten to upload this during the Christmas season but better late than never I suppose. For more info on this place, you can visit their website at 02:33:14
Dover Elevator At Hampton Inn Harrisonburg VA University Location
These have the Dover Chirp2018-01-08 02:33:14
Otis Series 5 Elevators At Hampton Inn Harrisonburg VA Off I-81
I believe Dieselducy filmed these back in 2009 and they have been slightly updated since then.2018-01-07 02:33:13
Otis Series 1 Elevator At Hampton Inn In South Hill VA
I liked how well designed this Hampton Inn is. It has a cozy atmosphere & decor. I also liked their Otis Series 1 elevator. Pool and fitness center is located out back2018-01-05 02:33:13
Museum of the Bible's Impact of the Bible In America Tour Segment
For those who are interested, this is part of the guided tour we took at MOTB in Washington DC. This tour concentrated on the impact of the Bible's influence through out American History. Included is the Liberty Bell and Uncle Tom's Cabin book plus one of 12 surviving microfiche of KJV Bible that went to the moon and back. Photos we took at the MOTB are posted on my FB page at
2018-01-04 02:33:12