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Hampton Inn Nashville Tennessee Vanderbilt University
Interesting elevators system, these Kone fixtures are usually for Kone EcoDisc traction but the machine room they have for these elevators indicate that these are hydraulic but these might not be original Kone as you can tell inside the cab that these have been modded at some point.2018-08-25 01:28:32
Hampton Inn White House Tennessee
On our recent trip, we made a side trip to White House, Tennessee to explore this Hampton that has a pretty neat layout.2018-08-24 01:28:32
A Unique Tru by Hilton That Has Indoor Pool & A Sky Deck (Pigeon Forge)
This is built just behind the Home2 Suites in Pigeon Forge. It has an indoor pool and also a sky deck patio area with great views! We were lucky that there was a family going up to the sky deck as we got back to the first floor on the 2nd elevator ride so we rode along with them back up in the first elevator and got to see it. Sky Deck is key carded access only.2018-08-23 01:28:31
Hampton Inn In Dickson, Tennessee
Been kind of busy this week with school starting and getting used to my very first college class that I am taking as part of the dual enrollment program for my senior year of high school so uploading videos from our recent trip to Tennessee kind of got put on the back burner.2018-08-22 01:28:30
Schindler Elevator At Comfort Suites In Cookville, TN
One of our stops on the way back home from our vacation.2018-08-19 01:28:29
Margaritaville Resort Gatlinburg Tennessee
3 nice new ThyssenKrupp elevators at this resort in Gatlinburg TN. Decor is typical Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Island theme. Has indoor and outdoor pools, fitness & business centers and restaurant / bar in lobby2018-08-18 01:28:29
Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Nashville, TN
This hotel has the usual man lobby elevators plus rear elevators down at the other end of the hallway where the fitness center is located which the rear elevators seemed to be newer and faster which makes me think they were put in as an afterthought or later than the main elevators. Their parking garage elevator is featured in the video I uploaded earlier.2018-08-18 01:28:28
Parking Garage Elevator In Downtown Nashville TN
This garage is for the Hampton Inn & Suites located in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. I will be uploading the main lobby and rear elevators soon for this hotel.2018-08-17 01:28:27
Black Fox Lodge: A Tapestry Collection By Hilton Pigeon Forge, TN
This is my first Tapestry Collection hotel by Hilton. Located in Pigeon Forge and the hotel is called the Black Fox Lodge. They have outdoor pool and Kone Elevators. Overall, impressive lodging.2018-08-16 01:28:26
Summer Reload 8: TV & Radio Debut from 2011 & 2013
Wow, time for another Summer Reload Episode already! Time really does fly. This is Episode 8 and it features footage from my Charlotte Today TV interview and also the tour of Radio Station, WFAE when I was interviewed for the Morning Edition Show with Duncan McFadyen. Hope ya'll enjoyed going down memory lane with me. Summer is officially ending for me as of next week so this will be the last episode of Summer Reload. My Senior year in high school is about to get started next week but for the rest of this week I will be putting together some videos we filmed last week when we went back to Nashville Tennessee so I can upload those for ya'll in the coming weeks. As always, thanks for watching.2018-08-15 01:28:25
Clement Railroad Hotel Museum in Dickson TN
This was an unplanned stop on our recent trip to Tennessee. We were on our way to Hurricane Mills and saw a highway sign for this place and thought it would be neat to stop and explore so that's just what we did. Sometimes that is what makes a vacation even more special when you come across a gem like this. The museum is a look into the past at the historic hotel and also the railroad industry as well. I will be posting pictures to my FB soon from here which we took a whole lot more than what we show in the video. The museum has MPEs but also a ThyssenKrupp Elevator in the back which I suspect was added on to the building. For more info on this place, check out their website at 01:28:25
Surf's Up Car Wash 2018 Manager's Special in Harriman, TN
This is the car wash we stopped at last year and got the $6 wash. We went to Nashville last week and on our way we stopped here again at the Surf's Up Car Wash & this time got the Manager's Special that includes everything. Someone had messaged me requesting the top wash if we went here again so whoever you are, this is for you. For the ones who haven't seen the $6 wash here is the link 01:28:24
Part 2 Episode 7 Summer Reload: Loretta Lynn's Childhood Home Tour
Been having some processing issues with uploading this week's episode of Summer Reload so I have reprocessed it into two parts.
Ironically this video filmed in 2013 is my most popular video and it doesn't have anything to do with elevators or hotels. :) Part 2 features the actual tour of the childhood home of Loretta Lynn. Our guide is Herman Webb's grandson. Herman was Loretta's brother and he recently passed away this year so both Part 1 & 2 are dedicated in memory of him. Part 1 features our road trip traveling to Butcher Holler (Van Lear) Kentucky which is the hometown of Country Music Legend Loretta Lynn and that link can be found at Our FB Photo Album of the pictures we took from this adventure
2018-08-08 01:28:23
Part 1 Summer Reload Episode 7: Traveling To Loretta Lynn's Homeplace In Butcher Holler
Been having some processing issues with uploading this week's episode of Summer Reload so I have reprocessed it into two parts.
Part 1 features our road trip traveling to Butcher Holler (Van Lear) Kentucky which is the hometown of Country Music Legend Loretta Lynn. Ironically this video filmed in 2013 is my most popular video and it doesn't have anything to do with elevators or hotels. :) Part 2 can be found at this link and it features the actual tour of the childhood home of Loretta Lynn. Our guide is Herman Webb's grandson. Herman was Loretta's brother and he recently passed away this year so both Part 1 & 2 are dedicated in memory of him. Our FB Photo Album of the pictures we took from this adventure
2018-08-08 01:28:22
Tunnels On Our Road Trip
This is a video of several tunnels we went through on our road trip to WV. PA & OH. I believe I might have some more road footage from the memory card from the one camera (PIXPRO SL 10) that we had won from Radio Shack in 2014 but I haven't gone through that yet.2018-08-05 01:28:22
For Kyle: A Brand New Hotel In Charlotte, NC Woodspring Suites
This is for Kyle Broussard who asked when I was going to do a video with just my dad. Here you go Kyle, I hope you enjoy it. This is a new extended stay hotel in Charlotte near Northlake Mall For more information about this hotel, check out their website at
2018-08-04 01:28:21
A Flashback Friday Requested Video For Shannon
I had an email from one of my viewers named Shannon who wanted to know if I would post a #flashbackfriday video. I decided I would although this one is from my personal archives that has not been posted on YT before. I have been going through a lot of old photos and videos over the summer and this is one that brought back some fun memories. This is a motorized car that my grandparents got me one Easter and I would ride that until I couldn't fit into any more. Shannon, I hope you enjoy this video, it may not be what you had in mind but this is what I came up with. :)2018-08-03 03:54:40
Summer Reload Episode 6: Older Otis Elevator At Clemson University
It's Wednesday so time for another episode of Summer Reload. This week we are going to feature an older Otis hospital size elevator located in the Rhodes Engineering Research Building on the campus of Clemson University, This is from 2012. Hope ya'll enjoy this trip down memory lane every week.2018-08-01 03:54:40
West Virginia Overlook Near Summersville I Believe
Normally I don't upload more than one video per day but as I am finishing up my Ohio/West Virginia trip videos, I decided to go ahead and do a Trio Tuesday upload; the first two videos were from Ohio at self pay toll machine & dad climbing the MPE Fairport Harbor Lighthouse. This 3rd one is at an overlook we stopped at in West Virginia to enjoy's God's creation. Thanks for watchng...2018-07-31 03:54:39
4th of July MPE Climb At Fairport Harbor Lighthouse With View
This is the video of dad climbing the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse in Fairport Harbor Ohio. There was an angry bird at the top of the stairs in the lighthouse windows.2018-07-31 03:54:39
Self Pay Toll Somewhere In Ohio For Ohio Turnpike
just a quick excerpt for ya'll - self pay toll machine getting off the turnpike in Ohio2018-07-31 03:54:39
Hampton Inn In Mentor Ohio
This is the Hampton Inn that is near Fairport Harbor so we stopped in to explore it after we had toured the lighthouse and marine museum which was interesting considering this lighthouse really reminded my dad of the lighthouse mentioned in his novel series. He wrote a blog about it comparing the two and if you're interested in reading that, here's the link 03:54:38
Schindler Elevator At Hampton Inn Fairmont WV
This is a fairly new hotel I believe.2018-07-29 03:54:38
Hampton Inn In Beachwood Ohio
ThyssenKrupp Impulse I believe2018-07-28 03:54:37
Intense Lightning Storm
This lightning storm reminded dad of the storm in chapter one in his novel Ripples: Return To Foggy Point Light of how he envision the storm to have looked like. "lightning arched across the sky, jumping from cloud to cloud, creating a multitude of unique patterns. The entire atmosphere seemed electrified."2018-07-27 03:54:37
Hampton Inn In Boardman Ohio
This is located near Youngstown Ohio which that area had about 4 Hampton Inns including the location where I celebrated my 300th Hampton visit (Youngstown West I-80.) The others were Youngstown North & Canfield2018-07-27 03:54:36
Otis Series 1 Elevators At Hampton Inn In Bridgeport West Virginia
One of our stops in WV from our recent 4th of July week trip2018-07-26 03:54:36
Summer Reload Episode 5 Uncle Wendell's Elevator Videos From Korea
It's time for another episode of Summer Reload. Episode 5 features the video that was my 1,000th video upload and it was filmed by my uncle Wendell who was in Korea when he filmed an Otis Elevator for me. I also included another video he made for me another time he was in Korea that is also uploaded to my channel 6 years ago. That one was filmed at the Dragon Hill Lodge in Seoul Korea. Hope you enjoy this blast from the past.2018-07-25 03:54:35
My Tribute To Fred Rogers AKA Mister Rogers
This is for my 2nd cousins, Calvin, Cassidy, Charlotte & Clay. When we were in Pittsburgh at the Heinz History Center, they had a special exhibit celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Mister Rogers Neighborhood. so here is my tribute and memories of that exhibit. There is a misspelling in the video somewhere that I am sure Calvin, Cassidy, & Charlotte will catch :) Clay, I know you are too young to spell yet. I used to watch Mister Rogers in my early childhood days and he has always been a childhood hero of mine even when I outgrew the show. I love the message he tried to teach the world. Be the best you, you can be. The exhibit was very interesting and if you want to see more photos of that, you can check out my FB photo album from the Heinz History Center at 03:54:35
Schindler HT Elevators At Hampton Inn In Waynesburg PA
This was my very first elevator and Hampton that I stopped at after we crossed the state line into Pennsylvania from West Virginia. PA marks the 15th US State that I have visited so far (+ Washington DC)2018-07-24 03:54:35
Home2 Suites Youngstown I-80 West in Ohio
This was just down the street from the Hampton Inn where we stayed so on our way out, we popped in to explore their elevators. They have Otis. Lobby was busy at time we went in so we began filming from the top floor2018-07-23 03:54:34
Golf Carting On South Bass Island Put In Bay Ohio
On our recent trip, we had taken the ferry over to South Bass Island where we rented a golf cart so we could explore the island. This is some footage we filmed while exploring the island with a unique way to travel. :) Hope you enjoy it. I included some photos we took as well.2018-07-22 03:54:34
Otis Elevator at Hampton Inn In MorganTown WV
This is the 2nd Hampton Inn in the Morgantown area. This one is located near downtown. We ate at the Applebee's right next door which was very tasty and our waiter was very nice. The mural of Morgantown came from Applebee's. This is the hometown of Don Knotts and also as Michael Hoffer pointed out to me it is the hometown of WVU :)2018-07-22 03:54:33
For Timothy: Sights & Sounds of a Dover Elevator (Silent Elevator Ride)
I got an email from one of my viewers who requested a silent ride on a Dover Impulse elevator. We took this video at a Hampton which I will upload the regular video we actually did later on but this video was filmed just for you Timothy. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy this video.2018-07-21 03:54:33
Hampton Inn In Mineral Wells West Virginia
One of our stops when we were heading back home from our trip to stretch our legs for a minute and explore this Hampton.2018-07-21 17:31:19
Hampton Inn In New Philadelphia Ohio
This was right next door to the Sheetz that we got a car wash at on our recent trip.2018-07-20 17:31:19
Hampton Inn In Morgantown WV University Town Center
Re-upload of this Hampton as my first upload had a editing mishap where the picture froze towards the end but audio kept going so reedit the video and proofed it before uploading this edition. Sorry about that. This is in the hometown of Don Knotts (AKA Barney Fife)2018-07-19 17:31:19
Hampton Inn Pittsburgh, Wexford & Sewickley PA
This is where we stayed for one night in Pennsylvania. This video includes a video room tour & the elevator but because it was so late when we got in, the hotel tour is shown through photos.2018-07-18 04:47:06
For Dottie: Summer Reload Episode 4 VLN Elevator Operator
Wednesday is here once again so time for another Summer Reload episode. This is for Dottie who I got an email from requesting me to do one of the summer reload episodes on when I got the "Official Visit Lake Norman's Elevator Operator" certificate from Visit Lake Norman Tourism. Travis Dancy presented that to me when I visited JP and her team at the Hampton Inn in Cornelius, NC back in 2013. Hope ya'll enjoy this episode of Summer Reload.2018-07-18 04:47:06
US Elevator At Hampton Inn In Cleveland Ohio Airport
Very nice and different Hampton Inn2018-07-17 04:47:06
Otis Elevator At Hampton Inn Washington PA
Another one of our stops on our recent trip2018-07-17 04:47:05
Hampton Inn & Suites Meadowlands PA
One of our stops on our recent trip to PA OH and WV2018-07-16 04:47:05
For Tara The Heinz History Center Downtown Pittsburgh PA
This video is for Tara Tee since this is in her hometown :) This museum is very interesting to explore - LOTS of neat items and history to learn in this place. Neat elevators as well even though I didn't get to ride the freight / staff elevators they were fun to look at as well. They did have hospital size elevators for the public to get to the different exhibits on each of the floors which included a lot of interesting different vehicles. I have posted over 200 photos we took from here on my FB page and here is the link to that photo album 04:47:04
Marriott Waterfront Morgantown WV + Don Knotts Statue
This Marriott hotel is located on the waterfront near downtown Morgantown West Virginia which is the hometown of TV/Movie actor Don Knotts. There is a statue of Don in front of the Metropolitan Theater which we include photos of at the end of this video. We also show a view from the 12th floor of the waterfront besides the hotel.2018-07-14 04:47:04
Schindler Elevator At Hampton Inn & Suites In Elyria Ohio
This is the Hampton that is right next to the Days Inn & Suites that had the Dovers.2018-07-13 03:28:12
Schindler Elevator At Hampton Inn Bridgeville Pennsylvania
One of our stops in PA2018-07-12 03:28:12
Dover Elevators That Might Be Getting Modernized at Days Inn
Saw a Schindler Elevators Van outside of this Days Inn & Suites in Elyria Ohio which is next to the Hampton Inn so we decided to check this one out as well. Glad we did as they had older Dovers but only one of the two elevators was working at the time. Didn't see the Schindler Representative anywhere though so he could have been working on the one.2018-07-12 03:28:11
My 300th Hampton Inn Youngstown West I 80 Ohio
On our recent vacation, I visited my 300th Hampton and Jami Kather (front office manager) & her fine staff definitely showed the Hamptonality Spirit at this award winning Hampton (2017 Circle of Excellence) They gave me a bag full of treats, a Hilton Honors cap & Hampton tumbler which I appreciate very much. I would like to dedicate this video to one of my viewers who is also a big fan of elevators and his YT Channel user name is JohnElevatorFan, keep up the great work and thanks for watching my videos. We never really got a good video of the elevator at this Hampton which was pretty busy at the time we stayed there so that's why there is not an elevator clip included in this video. I do show the King Size room and a double Queen size room video clips but since it was late at night, we didn't do our usual room tours as we were pretty tired from traveling all day. Thanks again Jami and Hampton for all you do! You made my 300th visit a special one to remember!2018-07-11 03:28:11
Summer Reload Episode 3 Hamptonality
It's Wednesday so time for another episode of Summer's edition is from 2012 with a little excerpt from the video Andrea Coon & her staff made with me in the elevator at Hampton Inn Tunnel Road that eventually led to the making of "Elevated Hamptonality" and a trip of a lifetime for me to go to Memphis to meet the Hampton Brand Performance Team and preview our Hamptonality Moments Video on the big screen at the Historic Orpheum Theater where I met a lot of Hampton VIPS and was also given lots of Hampton goodies plus the Ambassador of Hamptonality title. I will also be uploading a present day video later on this afternoon of my recent visit to the 300th Hampton Inn that I
just visited on our 4th of July vacation week.
2018-07-11 03:28:11
Hampton Inn Youngstown Ohio North Location
This hotel was kind of busy so that's why most of the photos are vertical instead of horizontal. This is a Canton Elevator with GAL fixtures.2018-07-10 03:28:10
Hampton Inn & Suites Youngstown - Canfield OH
This was a very nice Hampton Inn & Suites with a Kone Elevator2018-07-10 03:28:10
Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Pittsburgh PA
The one elevator didn't seem to be working so we only rode the one elevator but it was a pretty good one. :) I have added another state to my list. Pennsylvania is my 15th state to visit. This Hampton is right across from the Heinz History Center. The picture of this hotel was taken from one of the floors from the History Center.2018-07-09 03:28:09
Lighthouse Resort Hotel At Marblehead Lighthouse Lake Erie Ohio
This hotel is just down the road from Marblehead Lighthouse off of Lake Erie in Ohio. The staff is very welcoming and friendly and has a great Dover Impulse elevator. You can check out their website for more information at 03:28:09
Schindler Elevator at Hampton Inn In Summersville WV
We made two stops in Summersville which one was to explore their Hampton Inn and the other to see WV's only lighthouse in that state. You can check out photos of the lighthouse on my FB page at 03:28:09
Toledo Elevator With GAL Fixtures At Hampton Inn Sandusky Central
One of the exits we stopped at that had a Hampton Inn at it.2018-07-08 03:28:08
Otis Elevator At Hampton Inn In Marietta Ohio
One of our last stops in Ohio making our way back home.2018-07-07 03:28:08
Put In Bay Resort Hotel On South Bass Island in Ohio
This is another hotel elevator we came across while golf carting around South Bass Island. This building was indeed part of the Put In Bay Resort Hotel and it has a Schindler elevator.2018-07-07 03:28:08
Two Different Brands (Schindler / Otis) Elevators At Hampton Akron South
Interesting Hampton here that has a regular size Schindler Elevator on one side and on the other side of hotel has a Otis Hospital Size Elevator.2018-07-06 03:28:07
Miller Boat Line Ferry To South Bass Island
Our trip on the Miller Boat Line from Catawba to South Bass Island. For more info check out 03:28:07
Bay Shore Resort On South Bass Island at Put-In-Bay Ohio
We took a ferry out to South Bass Island and spent the afternoon exploring and came across this resort complex so we checked it out and took a ride on their Schindler Elevator. I'll have a few more videos from this day of our vacation to upload so stay tuned...2018-07-05 03:28:06
Sheetz Top Car Wash For DieselDucy & The Elevator Channel
We took a few days of vacation this week since dad had some time off for the 4th of July. We stopped off in New Philadelphia Ohio while on the road to explore the Hampton Inn there and right next door was a Sheetz with a car wash so we decided to give it a try. This one is kind of different where it closes both doors while the wash is in operation and also has a security camera actually inside the car wash bay. This is for Andrew AKA Dieselducy as he likes Sheetz and also for The Elevator Channel since he does a lot of car washes.2018-07-05 03:28:06
Summer Reload Episode 2 - Trio At The Roanoke Times
Here's Episode 2 of Summer Reload Series. This is me along with Dieselducy & The Elevator Channel at The Roanoke Times back in 2013 in Roanoke, Virginia.2018-07-05 03:28:06
American Flag Folding Ceremony
1st fold is for the symbol of life
2nd fold is for the symbol of belief in eternal life
3rd fold is made in honor of the veteran departing
4th fold represents our trusting in God for Divine Guidance
5th fold is in tribute of America
6th fold represents our hearts as we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States
7th fold is in tribute to Armed Forces
8th fold is in tribute to the one who entered the valley of the shadow of death and to honor our mothers
9th fold is in tribute to womanhood for faith, love and loyalty which has made our country great
10th fold in tribute to our fathers who have given his sons and daughters for defense of our country
11th fold is in the eyes of the Hebrew citizen and glorifies the God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob
12th fold is in the eyes of the Christian citizen and represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Ghost.
Stars reminds us of our national motto "In God We Trust"
3 Shell Casings represents duty, honor and country
2018-06-30 03:28:05
CATS Blue Line Lynx Going Through Only Tunnel on Line
Extra footage dad took of CATS Blue Line Ride right behind the driver compartment. This is from UNC Main to JW Clay Station. To see full trip From UNC Main to 485 South Blvd here is the link to that video 03:28:05
Waiting For The Train At the Railroad Crossing
What better way to spend the time waiting on a train than to film it for the rail fans out there? :) Enjoy!2018-06-28 03:28:05
Summer Series Episode 1
Starting today I will try to upload a Summer Reload on Wednesdays for some of my new subscribers who may of not seen some of my earlier adventures. I'm calling this series Summer Reload as most of the ones that I will be uploading happened in past summers. This one dates back to July 2012 when the Hampton Inn Tunnel Road lobby elevator was dedicated to me. This video features the temporarily marker that was placed in the elevator until the permanent marker came in. To read how and why this elevator is dedicated to me, visit my website at 03:28:04
Otis / Schindler Elevators Combo
I had some extra footage of an Otis Series 5 elevator and also a Schindler RT elevator so I thought I would combine the two into one video. Both elevators have been previously uploaded at some point to my YT Channel. Can you guess where they are located?2018-06-26 02:46:22
Interesting Schindler Elevator Hampton Inn Goldsboro NC
This was filmed on ems318's YouTube Channel's 10th Anniversary so ems318 this is dedicated to you. Congrats on 10 years on YT. Sorry for the delay in getting this uploaded. These have RT indicators that light up green which is different and is paired with MT fixtures which is not usually found together.2018-06-25 02:46:21
Schindler Elevator & Water Fountain Show at Fountain Park Place
Went for a Sunday afternoon drive today and ended up in downtown Rock Hill, SC where we came across a Schindler Elevator that is located at Fountain Park Place Parking Garage and the Water Fountain is across the street from Parking Garage. The Water Fountain is interesting to watch the different patterns it goes through. Hope ya'll enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed the outing as a family.2018-06-24 02:46:21
Dover Impulse Elevator At Hampton Inn Selma NC
One of our stops on our Father's Day Road Trip2018-06-24 02:46:21
Otis Elevators At Hilton Garden Inn Waverly
after the movie and dinner this past Thursday, we stopped here on our way home to check out the new HGI in Waverly. Very nice hotel.2018-06-23 02:46:20
Elevator At Maddox Hall At Campbell University
This is another elevator we found on campus of the University where mom went. This building was not there when she went though, I believe this was built in 2007.2018-06-22 02:46:20
Dover Elevator At Hampton Inn Asheboro NC
This was one of our stops on our Father's Day Trip on the way home. This Hampton actually has extra long hallway. It looks like it might have added on with extra building at some point but it may of been built that way to start with. There are two elevators, one in lobby and one at the area where it looks like extra building was added on, there's an outside door for guests to come directly into that area from parking lot in front. It was kind of busy and so I didn't get all of the normal pictures of the hotel we usually get at Hamptons but got a few along with a ride on the elevator in lobby area.2018-06-22 02:46:19
Elevator At Ballantyne Village For Regal Cinema + Parking
We went to the movies to see the new documentary on one of my childhood heroes, Mister Rogers called "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" which I highly recommend if showing in your area. To get to Regal Cinema at Ballantyne Village, you have to take the elevator to level 3 so of course we filmed it. :) Otis Series 52018-06-22 02:46:19
ThyssenKrupp Elevator At Best Western Plus In Goldsboro, NC
This is right beside the Hampton Inn in Goldsboro. I believe this used to be a Holiday Inn Express hotel.2018-06-21 02:46:19
Dover Elevator In Wiggins Memorial Library At Campbell University
This building was originally constructed in 1992 and was the school of law on campus which that was relocated to Raleigh in 2009. This building underwent some renovations and now is the Wiggins Memorial Library at Campbell University.2018-06-20 02:46:18
Otis Series 5 Elevator At Candlewood Suites in Wake Forest
This was one of our stops on our Father's Day road trip. It was kind of busy but we did manage to get a solo trip on the elevator. :) Nice hotel.2018-06-20 02:46:18
ThyssenKrupp Elevator In D Rich Hall At Campbell University
On our Father's Day trip, we made a stop at the college mom had gone to which is Campbell University. I had been once before when I was younger and have uploaded two videos from that visit. Those 2 can be found in the playlist of Campbell University. Most of the buildings were closed as it was a Sunday evening and the University is on Summer Schedule but we did find a few of the buildings open. This is one of the original buildings that was on campus when mom went here.2018-06-19 02:46:17
Schindler Elevator At Hampton Inn In Benson NC
Here is the full video featuring the neat find I found on Father's Day Road Trip. Possibly either 5500 or 3300, both can have the same type of fixtures so it's hard to tell. This was my first time coming across this type of Schindler with these fixtures. I know Jim Li Elevators has also filmed similar elevators with these fixtures as well.2018-06-19 02:46:17
Sneak Peek Of A Neat Find I Found (Full Video Coming Soon)
For Father's Day, my grandfather wanted to go on a day trip to anywhere so I picked out several Hamptons that are located in areas that are not just somewhere you are passing by to get somewhere else so to speak. At one of these Hamptons, we found a very neat find of an elevator that I haven't found one of yet. I'll give you a hint, Jim Li Elevators has one on his channel but I haven't seen anyone else who has uploaded one of these yet (doesn't mean that nobody else has, I just only have seen Jim Li Elevators Channel feature this type of elevator so far.) Full video coming soon to my channel2018-06-18 02:46:17
Dual Brand of Residence Inn & Courtyard by Marriott (Northlake Mall)
Special thanks to the fine staff and Ryan for the warm welcome and tour of this very nice dual hotel brand or as some call them a hybrid hotel. This model features the Residence Inn and Courtyard which are both Marriott brands. It is located near Northlake Mall area just off I-77 at Harris Blvd and HWY 21. Both hotels share the same entrance and front desk area, outdoor pool & fitness center. The complex has spacious lobbies and there are also outdoor patios/courtyard areas in back of the hotel and in front of the hotel.
My camera apparently was messing up just a bit so this is a collage of our visit there. Hope you enjoy it. For more information on this hotel you can check out their website at or Facebook Page at
2018-06-15 02:46:16
Hilton Garden Inn in Fayetteville, NC
This is where we stayed this past week when we went down to Fayetteville for my Pop-Pop's Memorial Service. We have filmed the elevators here before and if you're curious here's the link back in 2012 We decided to do a silent elevator ride for this video since it was late when we got back to the hotel and we did do a room tour of out double queen room for ya'll2018-06-14 02:46:16
Homewood Suites In Fayetteville, NC
Brand new in Fayetteville very near the Candlewood Suites I uploaded on Tuesday. This hotel features a basketball court in their outside area.2018-06-13 02:46:15
A Tribute For Pop-Pop
As some of you may already know, my Pop-Pop went home to be with the Lord in January of this year. He had been living near my aunt in Utah for the past few years. This past weekend my aunt brought his ashes back to NC to lay him to rest beside my Grandmother Medlin in their hometown of Fayetteville, NC. At this memorial service, there was a Military Honor Guard who performed the firing of the three volleys (aka 21 Gun Salute) which I include that in this video. As the bugle played a rendition of "Taps" near the end, three military helicopters flew over, which that part was not planned but added a special touch to the ceremony as my Pop-Pop had jumped out of many helicopters in his military career in the 82nd Airborne Division, Quartermaster Corps as a Parachute Rigger and as a Jumpmaster Master Parachutist. My tribute also includes a part of the power point family legacy project that I had done at school last year that talked about the influence that my mom's dad had on her and has been passed down onto me as well. I end my tribute with some photos from some of the memories that Pop-Pop and I had together. I thank God for you Pop-Pop and will miss you until we meet again in Heaven, where you can introduce me to the grandmother that I didn't get a chance to meet here on earth.2018-06-13 02:46:15
Candlewood Suites with Unique Elevator Rear Door for Floors
Lobby is only floor elevator front door opens up to, the rest opens to rear elevator door. This also has HT call fixtures with inside vandal resistance fixtures Overall very nice Schindler Elevator.2018-06-12 02:46:14
Schindler RT Elevator at Macy's in Hanes Mall
This was a pretty smooth riding RT2018-06-10 02:46:14
Circle K Carwash
We didn't particularly care for this one, not sure what system it uses, it could be Mark VII or Superior, but at any rate we did learn a lesson from it. Trust your instincts because mom thought the voice said economy wash and she asked dad about it which one he got and he said he got the top wash and her rethought was the voice must of said quality instead of economy but after the wash I'm thinking we did get the economy wash instead of the quality wash. On video the voice sounds like economy but our ticket as you can see in the video shows super wash on it which is the top wash name. .2018-06-09 02:46:14
Nice Size Elevator at the Dillards Store in Hanes Mall
Not sure what brand this is, but could be Westinghouse but not really sure? Any thoughts?2018-06-09 02:46:13
Scenic Otis Elevator Red Series 1 in Belks at Hanes Mall
Another one we found at Hanes Mall2018-06-08 03:28:41
Dover Elevator In East Wing At Historic Brookstown Inn
Very neat place to visit and explore. Wake Forest University has a campus location here as well as the Winston Salem Visitor Center being adjacent to property. Main lobby elevator video can be found at this link We took more photos than what I included in this video so be sure to check out my FB page photo album from here at this link 03:28:41
HUGE Scenic Main Elevator at Hanes Mall in Winston Salem NC
tone reminds me of a Schindler Elevator2018-06-07 03:28:40
Dover Elevator at Historic Brookstown Inn (Formerly Arista Cotton Mill)
Very neat place to visit and explore. Wake Forest University has a campus location here as well as the Winston Salem Visitor Center being adjacent to property. This is the first video of two that I will upload from this hotel. We start with the main building where lobby is located. We took more photos than what I included in this video so be sure to check out my FB page photo album from here at this link 03:28:40
Elevators in the 2nd Building of Hawthorne Inn & Conference Center
These were originally Westinghouse modded by Schindler but features the fixtures that I believe Montgomery Kone Elevators have sometimes. The first building had a Dover Impulse in the lobby area which is in the other video I uploaded this morning.2018-06-06 03:28:39
The Hawthorne Inn & Conference Center Elevator 1
This was a pretty unique hotel. It has several elevators and this video features the first elevator which is a Dover Impulse and is located in the lobby. The other elevator bank is in the 2nd building and they were originally Westinghouse elevators.2018-06-06 03:28:39
Schindler RT Elevator in the South Mall of Hanes Mall
You can meet some Interesting people in an elevator.2018-06-05 03:28:39
25th Anniversary of Elevator Photography
Elevator Photography as we know it started 25 years ago today. The first elevators involved were at a Hilton property and a Marriott property so I thought I would upload a dual video from the Embassy Suites and Marriott hotels in downtown Winston Salem, NC which are connected by a skybridge walkway and also share the same parking garage (see parking garage video at this link I also included the Dover elevator at the walkway between the two hotels. Hope ya'll enjoy this video!
Special thanks to Andrew for all he has done for this hobby that so many of us enjoy.
2018-06-05 03:28:38
Elevator Light Show At Cherry Marshall Parking Garage
In this video, I have included both elevators in the parking garage which In the 2nd elevator, the motion sensor for the lights started to blink off and on so mom suggested giving the video the name elevator light show, so I did. These were originally Otis but modded by ThyssenKrupp. This parking deck services the public but is also used for the Marriott and Embassy Suites hotels in downtown Winston Salem. Stay tuned for a special upload tomorrow celebrating the anniversary of Elevator Photography.2018-06-04 03:28:38
Rare Two Side By Side Elevators In JCPenny's Store at Hanes Mall
We were in Winston Salem yesterday and stopped by the mall. For some reason, we have never filmed at this mall before, not sure why we haven't as many times as we have either come up to Winston Salem or passed by it but at any rate, we actually had time to explore the mall and I think we found all the public elevators there (note the Sears Elevator was out of service so we didn't film that one). Very unique mall floor plan as JCPenny's divides the mall. You actually have to go through Penny's store to get to the other half of the mall. Penny's had two elevators side by side which is rare for a mall department store to have.2018-06-04 03:28:37
Hilltop House South Apartment Complex
This building is located right beside a historic hotel called Brookstown Inn. It has a 5 story exterior ThyssenKrupp Elevator. For more information about this complex you can visit their website at 03:28:37
For Shawn: Schindler Elevator in Nordstrom
This is another retake from SP Mall. Earlier version can be found at this link Thanks for the shirt Shawn2018-06-03 03:28:37