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A Very Quick Look at the Schindler Escalators at Charlotte Convention Center
Just a glance at these2011-06-26 23:00:26
The Sounds that a Woodwick Candle makes
This is the sound of a Woodwick Candle. It has real wood for the wick.2011-06-26 22:48:52
Kone Eco Disc MRL Elevators at the Epicenter that has a Glass Elevator Shaft
There are some parts where I subbed audio of a Wood WIck Candle due to music playing in background on the original audio on those segments. Orignial audio is back when we are inside the cab of the elevator. These are located in downtown Charlotte, NC2011-06-26 21:30:15
Kone Escalator near the Epicenter in Charlotte, NC
Here's another escalator for all you escalator fans2011-06-24 03:22:41
Kone Elevators at the Epicenter in Charlotte, NC
You can get to the The aLoft Hotel from 5th floor from these elevators. Might need to do a retake on these as I am not sure why we didn't get a view of the fixtures. They were kind of busy and we were only alone one time on these.2011-06-24 02:02:01
Using the Lift Velocity App for iPhone on the New Otis Elevator at Founders Hall
This elevator is located where the restaurant Spratts used to be in Founders Hall in downtown Charlotte, NC.. This iPhone app measures the speed of the elevator in meters per second. Very NICE elevator. One of my favorites.2011-06-24 01:10:07
For all the YouTube Users who have asked to see more Escalators on my Channel
This one is located in Founders Hall in Downtown Charlotte, NC. Not sure what brand it is. Mom&Dad are trying to encourage me to ride one of these at some point so stay tuned to see if I do in future videos....2011-06-23 22:18:12
Moravian Star Light Fixture in Hearst Tower in Charlotte, NC
Thought this was pretty neat fixture2011-06-23 21:47:25
Classic Dover Elevator at the Main Library in Downtown Charlotte, NC
ElevatorDudeDave97 has filmed these elevators back in 2010. It has been years since I have rode these particular elevators. We have a video (that I don't think I have uploaded to YT) of me with my Pop-Pop riding these elevators when I was around 5, I think. The call buttons and cab railings look about the same as do the fixtures in that video but as far as we can tell it did not have the pretend skylight or sercurity camera as it was much darker inside the cab when we were riding inside of it years ago or that could be that my mom was using a different video camera, not sure which as she never pointed the video camera up at the ceiling back then. However we were able to go down to the basement level back then because it was open so people could work down there on computers, etc. I may or may not upload that video from years ago as sometimes the older videos are a bit harder to convert into the right format with audio sounding good and mom was bascially pointing the camera at me rather than the elevators for the most part. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video.2011-06-23 20:51:36
Otis Elevator at the Holiday Inn in Downtown Charlotte, NC
9th floor was the highest we could go as the rest were locked out that you had to have a room key to get to.2011-06-23 20:07:25
A Mini Tour of 5 Duke Mansion Guest Rooms including a Bathroom with a Bidet
Also shows back of the mansion with backyard and one side of the mansion with a 2nd fountain plus a dining room which used to be one of the families' living room. Bonus: A Photo slide show at end of video clip of some of the photos we took at Duke Mansion. A HUGE THANK YOU to the friendly staff who gave us access to the rooms and grounds.2011-06-20 03:26:07
Collection of iPhone Videos of Elevators including a Dover at Comfort Suites in Pineville, NC
First up - Dover Elevator at 4 Points Sheraton in Pineville, NCSecond up - Dover Elevator at Comfort Suites in Pineville, NCThird up - Gen 2 Elevator at Parking Deck at Carolina Medical Center in Pineville, NC2011-06-16 20:01:47
Views of Downtown Charlotte, NC from 13th and 25th floors of Westin Hotel
iPhone Footage my dad took of Westin Hotel Otis elevators plus a look at a neat light fixture at the end of the clip along with the views from the 13th and 25th floors of downtown Charlotte. If you look closely at the top of the Convention Center you can see where the train tracks go right through the building.2011-06-16 06:49:55
Otis Elevator at Holiday Inn&Suites in Albermarle, NC with Bonus of Surprise in Vending Area
Regular audio once we get inside the elevator. Music was playing over speakers on lobby floor so I took that audio off and put the sounds of my great grandfather's wall clock (that was given to me by my grandmother) ticking back and forth.2011-06-16 05:43:22
Sad Looking Otis Elevator at the Microtel Hotel in Charlotte, NC
This is in University area near Harris Blvd Exit off I-85. The phone was pretty filthy although the camera didn't really show just how filthy it looked in person.Sad to see an elevator in this shape.2011-06-16 00:54:22
HUGE Thyssenkrupp (Dover) Elevators at the Charlotte Convention Center.
These were HUGE elevators.2011-06-15 23:52:16
Otis Elevator in the Parking Deck at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte, NC
just like the guest elevators in the hotel except for number of buttons. :)2011-06-15 23:13:33
Otis Elevator at the Westin Hotel located in Downtown Charlotte, NC
Very Nice! 25 floors at this hotel. Dad also took iPhone video of this elevator so I will upload his version which includes view from 25th floor soon.2011-06-15 22:23:47
Wells Fargo Stagecoach on Display in Downtown Charlotte, NC
I saw this today when I went downtown. Wells Fargo History Museum will be opening in Fall of this year.2011-06-15 20:24:12
Very Fancy Sleep Inn Hotel with Schindler Elevator in Albemarle, NC
Not your typical Sleep Inn hotel (although it didn't smell very nice) but your typical Schindler elevator if you don't count the tile floor decoration. :)2011-06-15 06:15:19
Signa4 Thyssenkrupp Elevator at Office Complex in Locust, NC
Just like the one at the 2 story Hampton Inn in Albemarle, NC2011-06-15 04:55:44
Mystery Elevator located in Medical Building in Locust, NC
Not sure what brand this is. It has a G.A.L. sticker on the interlock and Elevator Technical Services name on it. Any guesses? I have actually emailed ETS to see if they can tell me what brand it is.2011-06-14 22:25:11
Neat Location for Man Powered Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Albemarle, NC
This Hampton Inn's layout was a bit different than your typical Hampton Inns. The MPE is located in middle of hallway and comes out in open area of hallway off of Lobby. Nice carpet too!2011-06-13 06:01:04
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Hampton Inn in Albemarle, NC
Nice elevator. Nice Hampton Inn. Kind of a mini Hampton Inn since it only had 2 floors.2011-06-13 05:32:52
iPhone Video of the Duke Mansion including a ride on Montgomery Elevator
These are some of the video clips my dad took on our visit to the Duke Mansion here in Charlotte. Some are taken outside in garden area and back screen in porch area plus video inside on 2nd floor. The iPhone was having a hard time with adapting to the lighting in several places which are not included on this video but I may upload some of those video clips and label them epic fail on auto lighting feature. You can see the difference in this clip that he took with the iPhone of the indicator floor fixture in the elevator and the video clip he filmed with kodak camera video that's featured in the first intro video of the Duke Mansion series.2011-06-13 02:51:54
Outside Play Area and Garden at the Duke Mansion
The inside of the screen indoor patio on the back of the house that my mom refers to at one point in this video clip is not shown on this clip as it is on my dad's iPhone video footage which that will be uploaded soon in seperate video that highlights various parts of this historic Bed&Breakfast Inn that he took while we were there. Mom does show a room that looks like it might be the dinning area of the inn which is located on the other side of the house in this clip. Note of interest - this place is owned by nonprofit organization which all proceeds go into preserving the mansion. The info phamplet that we picked up made mention of the fact that on the board of directors, there is a member from almost each family that has actually lived here as their private home at some point in the house's history. I thought that was pretty neat.2011-06-12 07:23:55
Sneak Peak of 2 Rooms at the Duke Mansion in Charlotte, NC
Thanks to a very friendly staff member who gave us permission to get a sneak peak of 2 of the 20 rooms at this historic Bed and Breakfast Inn. She even demostrated the motorized skylight in one of the rooms for us. :)2011-06-12 06:19:17
Montgomery Man Powered Elevators at the Duke Mansion in Charlotte, NC
This little video clip shows a picture of the mansion that we took outside plus a view of the public restrooms located just off main entrance foyer hallway and the 2 man powered elevators that we found. Bonus view of the Business Center which is located on 3rd floor in little nook.2011-06-12 05:09:30
Introduction Video of My Visit to the Duke Mansion in Charlotte, NC with Montgomery Elevator
Drive up to the grounds and my first ride on the elevator which I think is a Montgomery Elevator.2011-06-12 02:58:59
Dover Elevator at the Sleep Inn at exit 60 off Interstate 85
thought I had uploaded this one before but could not find it then remembered the video we had taken of this before did not come out too good because all we had with us at the time was my dad's old cell phone which that one did not take very good video quality. This one is taken with digital Kodak Camera video camera.2011-06-10 21:13:14
Otis Elevator at the Hilton Garden Inn in Pineville, NC
another Otis2011-06-10 20:22:52
Schindler Elevator at the Peninsula Village in Cornelius, NC
Pretty similar to the one at Peninsula III Colony Building with slight differences like name plate on floor being more worn.2011-06-10 08:03:09
Schindler Elevator at the Peninsula III Colony Office Building in Cornelius, NC
A schindler elevator2011-06-10 07:39:24
Loud Schindler Elevator at a Shopping and Office Complex in Huntersville, NC
Located at Kenton Place. One word to describe this elevator is LOUD2011-06-10 06:49:25
Schindler Elevator at the Microtel Inn Hotel in Cornelius, NC
Notice the neat little covered car park at the first part of video clip. This is in the Lake Norman Area.2011-06-09 06:02:46
Schindler MT Elevator in 3rd Building at Kenton Circle located in Huntersville, NC
I had filmed in buildings 1&2 before which is featured in the video I had made for Cannycart for his birthday last July. This is the 3rd building which this elevator is very similar to the 2nd building's Schindler.2011-06-09 05:27:38
Otis Elevator at the Coastal Mortgage Building in Cornelius, NC
This is the elevator at the Coastal Mortgage building in Cornelius NC, it is a series 1 Otis.2011-06-09 00:25:53
Southern Elevator at Econo Lodge Inn and Suites in Cornelius, NC
This is the elevator at the Econo Lodge Inn and Suites in Cornelius, NC. Note the lobby is on the 2nd floor, this is a Southern Elevator with fixtures like the one at one University Place.2011-06-08 22:08:15
Dover Elevator with Slow Moving Door at Quality Suites in Pineville, NC
This is the elevator at the Quality Suites in Pineville, NC. Notice the slow moving door.2011-06-07 20:08:18
Dover Elevator at the Holiday Inn Express in Pineville, NC
Nice cab2011-06-06 21:47:59
Otis Elevator at the Carolina Medical Center in Pineville, NC
This one rattles quite a lot other than that it is your typical Otis elevator. Wood interior but kind of scratched up.2011-06-06 20:50:03
Otis Gen 2 Elevator at Carolina Medical Center Parking Deck in Pineville, NC
Another talking Otis Elevator. The 2 buildings you can see from top of parking deck are still under construction. We couldn't get into those but we were able to get into the other part of the medical center. I will upload those elevators soon.2011-06-05 19:29:05
Neat Views of 4 Points Shearton Hotel Glass Dover Elevator in Pineville, NC
We got a neat view of the Elevator coming from upper floor from the viewpoint of inside the elevator shaft along with looking down at the top of Elevator Cab. Also got a couple of great view of looking up the Elevator shaft from doorway of Elevator . Some points of this video I took original audio off due to music playing on 1st floor (Lobby) area. I put audio of one of my fans on in place of those spots. Regular audio is still on parts after we are inside elevator and can no longer hear the music.2011-06-05 04:08:37
Otis Elevator Series 1 at Hampton Inn in Pineville, NC
Very nice Hampton Inn. Stone fireplace in front entrance hallway.2011-06-05 01:05:25
Retake of Southern Elevator at 1 University Place with Epic Fail of Leveling
taken with the iPhone. Everytime we have rode this elevator something strange has happened. Take a special look at 2:52 in this video. You can see where it didn't level right. We didn't noticed that until we saw it on the video.2011-06-04 04:38:42
Retake of the Elevator at the University Area Hilton Hotel on the iPhone
Dad wanted to do a retake with his iPhone of these elevators.2011-06-04 03:34:06
Dover Elevator at Carolina Asthma Building in Concord, NC
Tiny2011-06-02 21:56:51
Otis Elevator with Center Open Door and Double Laterns at NorthGate Commons Office Building
located in Concord, NC2011-06-02 18:56:56
Otis Elevator Carolina Medical Center NorthEast in Concord, NC
not sure if this is series 5 or not. Anybody out there want to take a guess? Dad thinks it might be a gen2 but I told him I didn't think so.2011-06-02 07:12:36
Dover Elevator at a Family Medical Center in Concord, NC
A lady in the elevator told us that it was having a good day that it was not quiet all the time, we found out what she meant before we left. All in all not a bad elevator.2011-06-02 06:23:45
Dover Man Powered Elevator at a Family Medical Center in Concord, NC
might be a little slow but smooth ride ;)2011-06-02 05:57:04
Glass Dover at the Branchview Square Office Building in Concord, NC
Pretty nice Dover2011-06-02 04:50:35
Requested Video: A Look at my GPS which is a Garmin Nuvi 1450
Here is a video of me at Cracker Barrel waiting for my lunch after exploring elevators today showing off my GPS. There were some people who asked me to make a video of my GPS unit so here it is.2011-06-01 21:52:06
2 Otis Elevators at the Village Ballantyne Theatre Parking Deck
First up is another view of the talking elevator plus a look at the 2nd elevator in the parking deck.2011-05-31 18:56:47
Schindler HT Elevator at the Allen Tate Building in Ballantyne Area
Small.2011-05-31 18:27:50
Schindler MT Elevator at the Courtyard by Marriott in Ballantyne Area
Here's yet another schindler in the Ballantyne area. This one ran pretty smooth for the most part.2011-05-31 17:47:17
Schindler Elevator at the StayBridge Suites in Ballantyne Area
2011-05-31 15:49:34
Nice Tone in Schindler Elevators in Main Lobby at the Ballantyne Golf Resort Hotel
These were nice! Ran smooth and quiet.2011-05-31 03:24:48
Man Powered Elevator plus Views of Pool&Fitness Center at the Ballantyne Golf Resort Hotel
Main floor lobby area was very crowded so we showed upper level lobby area plus balcony outside views.2011-05-31 02:41:43
Schindler MT Elevator in the Meeting Rooms Area at Ballantyne Golf Resort Hotel
This is one of the elevators at the Hotel. This is not one of the main elevators though. Will be posting a couple more videos of the Ballantyne Hotel which will include a man powered elevator and also the main elevators off the lobby.2011-05-31 01:13:45
A Tall Talking Otis Series 5 Elevator at a Ballantyne Area Parking Deck
This was a pretty neat elevator complete with a sercurity camera inside.2011-05-30 23:57:04
Schindler Elevator at the Aloft Hotel in Pineville, NC. Video Number 2 of 2
This is the video taken with the iPhone. Has original audio on it. This is located in the Ballantyne area.2011-05-30 22:50:33
Schindler Elevator at the Aloft Hotel in Pineville, NC. Video Number 1 of 2
Number 1 video is taken with regular digital camera video recorder. Battery gives out near the very end of taping. We took regular audio off because of the music that was playing over the speakers. We made another video which I will be uploading right after this one which will have the same title with Video Number 2 of 2 after the title. Video two was taken with the iphone video recorder&it will have the original audio on it.2011-05-30 22:03:14
My First Escalator Video: Otis in Independent Service.
This is my first escalator video that I have uploaded to YouTube. Normally I do not like to ride these due to the fact that it is tricky for me to get on and off of them with my balance issues but this one was easy to get on and off of. The audio you hear is one of my fans blowing air. I took original audio off as the outside shopping area had music playing over the speakers. No, I did not push Emergency Stop Button. It really was not working the day we were there.2011-05-30 20:57:45
U.S. Elevator at an Office Building in Mooresville, NC
This was the last elevator we explored on our way home from school field trip to the gem mine. If you can't tell in the video, I was pretty tired out by this time.2011-05-25 04:32:43
Otis Elevator at the Sleep Inn in Mooresville, NC
Just another Otis at just another Sleep Inn2011-05-24 20:54:31
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Holiday Inn Express in Statesville, NC
Started this video out with the man powered elevator first then ended with the ride on the Thyssenkrupp Elevator. LOUD sick sounding door on this one.2011-05-24 03:07:49
Otis Elevator at the Sleep Inn in Statesville, NC
Kind of nice layout for a Sleep Inn hotel2011-05-23 23:19:54
For ElevatorClay's Upcoming Birthday Next Week: Thyssenkrupp Elevator
This is located at a shopping center in Huntersville, NC. Not sure of name of the Shopping Center. Hope you have a happy birthday Elevatorclay2011-05-11 15:47:39
A Birthday Present from Diesel Ducy to Me: A Best City Of Roanoke Lock&Keys
Thank you Diesel Ducy for thinking of me and giving this to me. I will enjoy it and it will help with my hand exercises.2011-05-11 02:10:32
Schindler HT Outside Elevator in Huntersville, NC Shopping Center
Larger than normal but not sure quite hospital size either2011-05-10 21:30:42
Schindler RT Elevator at the DoubleTree Hotel in Charlotte, NC
Near the Charlotte Douglas Airport area2011-05-01 23:19:31
Schindler Elevator at the Hyatt in Charlotte, NC
Coliseum Area2011-05-01 18:22:19
Views of the Dover Elevators Shafts at the Renaissance Suites
NO AUDIO ON THIS VIDEO CLIP. We took out the audio because it had music and several loud kids playing in the lobby at the time we were filming. This is the 3rd and final video of the Renaissance Suites. Hope you enjoy watching. We had fun exploring these.2011-05-01 07:44:28
Dover Elevators with 2 Phones at the Renaissance Suites in Charlotte, NC
2 of these had the Dover label but one had the Thyssenkrupp label. This was taken with our Kodak Easy Share Z612 Camera Video Recorder.2011-05-01 06:25:27
Retro Look Video Recorder on iPhone of Elevators at Renaissance Suites
Charlotte, NC2011-05-01 04:27:49
Schindler Elevator at Country Inn and Suites in Matthews, NC
Schindler HT2011-04-26 13:40:26
Otis Elevator Series1 with Red Indicator Lights at the Comfort Inn
In Matthews, NC. Not the usual green lights.2011-04-25 21:01:37
Dover Elevator at the Sleep Inn in Matthews, NC
2011-04-25 17:45:41
Otis Elevator at Hampton Inn in Matthews, NC
Notice the indicator lights2011-04-25 16:56:16
Otis Elevator at the Suburban Extended Stay in Concord, NC
Series one2011-04-25 16:03:14
Dover Elevator at the Quality Inn in Matthews, NC
Matthews and Stallings area. A special thank you to Michael at the front desk in building one for giving me a guest pass key so I could film the elevator which is located in building two where the inside rooms are. No elevator for the rooms in building one which are on the outside.2011-04-24 05:39:30
Is Elevator Number 2 an Identical Twin of the Unique Schindler Elevator Number One?
at Courtyard by Marriott in Matthews, NC2011-04-24 02:15:36
A Very Unique Schindler Elevator at the Courtyard in Matthews, NC
This is Elevator Number 1 at the Courtyard Hotel. Pay close attention to the call button fixture on the first floor and inside the cab. 2nd&3rd floors have the regular MT call button fixtures which is different than the 1st floor's call button. OK Diesel Ducy, what is your opinion of this Schindler elevator&anybody have any guesses of the unique fixtures above the MT ones?2011-04-24 00:08:44
Proud of This Wendy's Restaurant for Sharing the Message of Easter!
He is Risen Indeed!2011-04-23 23:26:40
Otis Elevator at Fairfield Inn in Kannapolis, NC
another Otis2011-04-09 22:00:47
Dover Elevator at the Microtel in Kannapolis, NC
another Dover Impulse2011-04-09 20:31:58
Dover Elevator at Home Town Suites in Kannapolis, NC
Dover Impulse2011-04-09 19:49:43
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at Southlake Pediatrics Building at Northcross
2011-04-06 20:23:25
Schindler Elevators at River Place area in Greenville , SC
first one in parking deck near The Lazy Goat&the 2nd one located across the street from Hampton Inn in Apartment building Parking Deck.2011-04-06 04:46:42
Otis Elevator at the New Hampton Inn in Huntersville, NC
New but still impressive and it does have different key locks.2011-04-06 03:30:47
iPhone Footage of the Wheel-O-Vator at University Hills Baptist Church
This is the footage from my dad's iPhone of the Wheel O Vator at University Hills Baptist Church. Thanks again to Mike Toney for letting us film this elevator lift. Check out the church's website at for more info on UHBC. Check out my 500th video upload of the footage I took with the Kodak Camera.2011-04-05 01:08:55
500th Video Upload - The Wheel-O-Vator at University Hills Baptist Church
Special thanks to Mike Toney (Minister of Music) for allowing us to film this elevator lift. Mike has been a faithful prayer warrior for me ever since I was born. You can visit the church's website which the address is given on the video clip to find out more about UHBC.2011-04-05 00:04:28
Otis Elevators at the Courtyard&Courtyard's Parking Deck
in Greenville, SC.2011-04-03 04:58:35
Schindler Elevator in Parking Garage at the Westin Poinsett Hotel
We get a view of downtown Greenville, SC from the 5th floor of the parking deck.2011-04-03 03:23:17
iPhone Footage of Thyssenkrupp Elevator and room at Hampton Inn in Easley, SC
This is some of the footage my dad took with his iPhone when we taped the tour of Hampton Inn.2011-04-03 03:04:00
Tour of the Hampton Inn in Easley, SC
includes room tour as this is the one we stayed at while we were in SC2011-04-02 23:47:03
Views of the Westin Poinsett Hotel
includes fitness center and details of ceiling and floors etc2011-04-02 21:08:51
Closer Look at Elevator Number 1 at the Westin Poinsett Hotel
This elevator is the first elevator on ground floor when you walk into the Westin Hotel from street level. You can either walk up some steps or use this elevator to get to the lobby. Part of this elevator was shown in first video clip I uploaded to YouTube of The Westin. I had made a video number 2 which included this and the parking deck elevator along with the fitness center but been having trouble uploading that video clip so I decided to just start over and make a short video clip of this elevator and put the other video footage into another video clip that I will upload after this one.2011-04-02 20:09:11
Dover Elevators at The Westin Poinsett Hotel
This is my first video of The Westin Poinsett. We took more footage that I will include in another video. On a side note - we saw the housekeeping lady who gave me one of the do not distrub signs from the 11th floor which is known as "The Preferred Floor" when my dad asked if it would be possible to get one as I collect those.2011-04-02 15:29:29