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Ramdom Video of Leaving an Empty Parking Deck at UNC Campus in Charlotte, NC
Dad decided it would be fun to film us leaving the parking deck at UNC on the iPhone so here it is.2012-01-20 04:32:53
Retake on iPhone of Glass Thyssenkrupp Elevator at UNC Parking Deck
Charlotte campus. Me practicing filming with the iPhone.2012-01-17 18:38:02
A Very Unclean Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Student Center Parking Deck
at UNC Charlotte, NC campus. Sorry state this elevator is in. Very unclean and inside floor indicators seemed to be not working at all. Sad to see an elevator in this kind of shape. Taken on the iPhone for me to get some practice filming with it. I think I like shooting with the Kodak camera best. It's easier to handle and you don't have to worry your fingers getting in the way of the lens.2012-01-17 07:28:05
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Student Center at UNC. Charlotte, NC Campus
This was a busy elevator. It was nice except for it being busy and for one other thing. I put outside buffer noise on the part where we are actually in the elevator to drown that other thing out.2012-01-17 06:45:37
Schindler Elevator at the OrthoCarolina Building in Charlotte, NC
me practicing with the iPhone2012-01-17 05:55:02
Another Flashback Video: Opening Day of the Waltons Mt. Museum 10/24/92
This was taken years before I was born. The footage is taken from an old VHS video recorder by my mom. Not the best quality but it might be neat for any fans of the TV classic show of The Waltons to see. Most of the cast members were there along with the creator of the show (&the real "John-Boy") Earl Hamner with some of his family members.2012-01-15 04:32:34
Retake on Southern Elevator at the Econo Lodge at Lake Norman
Taken on iPhone. This was taken awhile back. Dad just downloaded video files from his iPhone to computer and I found this one we haven't uploaded yet. We have uploaded a video clip of this elevator taken with reg. digital Kodak video camera which was taken on another day with me and my mom riding it. Sometimes when mom&me find a neat elevator and dad isn't with us, dad takes me back so he can see&ride it too. :) I love the fact that my parents like riding the elevators with me and that they are not just riding them to please me.2012-01-14 23:24:35
Schindler Elevator at the Parking Deck near Dillards at SouthPark Mall
This one kind of sounds like Darth Vadar from Star Wars. What do you think? It has the favorite security camera. In Charlotte, NC. Somehow we have never filmed this elevator at this mall. We always seemed to have overlooked it for some reason. We have gotten the other one in the other parking deck at SP though.2012-01-13 15:05:35
Schindler Elevator at the Barnes&Noble in Charlotte, NC
in Southpark area.2012-01-12 04:12:30
Flashback to 2003 Arriving at a Hampton Inn Hotel at Myrtle Beach, SC
This is a video clip from 2003 that I have on a dvd. Notice where I head to right off after going in the lobby of the Hampton Inn. :) It was a Schindler elevator. BONUS footage of a neat shopping cart at Bi-Lo Store.2012-01-12 02:26:33
Otis Elevator Series 5 at Carolina Medical Center's Morrocroft Plaza Parking Deck
I took a solo ride and filmed first then had mom film on 2nd ride to get two different perspectives.2012-01-11 00:13:03
Schindler Elevator at the Morrocroft Centre Parking Deck in Charlotte, NC
I filmed and rode this one by myself first and then had mom film the 2nd ride so we could get two perspectives.2012-01-09 20:38:51
We Found an Old Westinghouse Elevator with Nice Bell Chime in Parking Deck
Glad we found this one. I actually decided to unretire from filming for today. I filmed the first ride then I asked mom to film 2nd ride so we could get two different perspectives. This is located near the Southpark Mall. Parking Deck is on Morrison Blvd.2012-01-09 01:09:31
Elevator Video Clip I Recently found that my Dad Had Made for Me
Montgomery Elevator at Wells Fargo 3. These elevators are behind a gate that you have to have an access card to get to.2012-01-08 06:46:38
My Countdown to Welcome 2012
using my Dover indicator from 2009, we counted down to welcome 2012. Not the most graceful countdown but it was fun! :) You can check out my Happy New Year 2009 video to see us ringing in 2010 with this same indicator.2012-01-01 05:22:15
Requested Video of the Christmas Trees at The Carolina Historic Hotel with Gingerbread Village
This is video footage of the different Christmas trees that were on displayed through out the hotel. Took original audio off due to some music playing in the background. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks to my viewers and the requests they send in. It's really neat to know that you are watching the videos and then send in request to see more of any video footage that we have. :)2011-12-30 21:03:15
Schindler Elevator at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Southern Pines (Pinehurst) NC
Nothing too fancy here. Typical Holiday Inn&Suites. This Schindler elevator actually ran pretty smooth. We decided to do a quiet video so all you could hear would be the elevator sounds.2011-12-29 20:33:41
Our Visit to Explore the Historic Hotel Mid Pines Inn in the area of Pinehurst, NC
We had this hotel on our maybe list to visit on our 2nd trip back to Pinehurst and Southern Pines and I'm glad we got a chance to go see it. It does not have an elevator although the Man Powered Elevator was fun to ride. :) I had a great time exploring this historic inn and it had some nice Christmas decorations as well. This historic Georgian-style Inn was built in 1921.2011-12-29 19:46:41
For My Nana and Papa
Happy 56th Anniversary. Enjoyed spending it with you on our day trip to Pinehurst and Southern Pines, NC.2011-12-29 05:42:55
Schindler MT Elevator at the Homewood Suites in Pinehurst (Southern Pines) NC
includes a nice view of outdoor pool from upstairs balcony they had off the hallway.2011-12-29 04:29:44
A Quick Ride and Look of the Otis Elevator at the Southern Pines Hampton Inn
We were heading back home from exploring the two historic hotels in Pinehurst and made a quick side trip to stop by the Hampton Inn in Southern Pines since Hampton Inns are one of my favorite hotels to check out. We just got inside cab views this time around as memory on card was almost out. :)2011-12-28 01:19:00
Dover Elevator at The Holly Inn Hotel in Pinehurst, NC
fairly good size elevator. Nice hotel to explore. You can check out my facebook page for pictures of this and The Carolina Hotels. 04:39:27
Room Tour (w/safe) of Room 321 at The Holly Hotel in Pinehurst, NC
This is the other historic hotel we explored at Pinehurst. This is the oldest of the 3 hotels at the Pinehurst Resort. The video shows the outside of hotel and then the lobby's check in desk and fireplace with Christmas tree beside it then onto the room tour. We didn't get to see the 3rd hotel as we were told that one (The Manor) was closed. I wil be uploading the video we took of the elevator at this hotel sometime later on tonight. Thanks to the friendly staff who were so nice to let us film there. Hope you enjoy it.2011-12-27 00:28:22
Otis Series 1 (Service) Elevator at The Carolina Hotel in Pinehurst, NC
This hotel was neat to explore. The desk clerk had told us that they had 2 elevators when he was giving us the handout sheet and map of where to find the Christmas trees that they have on display all over the hotel. This was the 3rd one we found. It was near one of the ballrooms. :)2011-12-26 19:38:16
Merry Christmas! Here is an Otis Elevator in the East Wing at The Carolina with Unique Variations
This elevator is a little unique in that it has a 2 speed door on outside but 3 speed panel on inside and the up / down indicator is on the inside back wall of elevator cab.2011-12-25 16:39:26
My Christmas Eve Surprise Road Trip to The Historic Carolina Hotel in Pinehurst, NC
Mom&Dad surprised me with an early morning road trip today to this hotel. We spent most of the day exploring this neat resort. The video includes hotel tour with video and photos we took of the outdoor pool and business center along with main lobby Otis elevators. BONUS in this clip is a room tour. SPECIAL THANKS to Nadia for letting us see the room and for giving me the Acura foam car. I had a blast exploring the hotel. Very nice Christmas Eve memory for sure. Check my facebook page at for more photos we took of this wonderful hotel that was decked out for Christmas with over 20 trees&a Gingerbread Village display. Stay tuned for several more videos from this day trip which will include footage from The Holly which is another historic hotel in the resort area.2011-12-25 02:13:04
Otis Elevator with Floor Indicator Malfunctioning On Way Down Located at One Lake Pointe Plaza
Watch the floor indicator when we get in and go from G to Lobby. This is near the old Coliseum area in Charlotte, NC2011-12-23 05:14:07
Otis Elevator at the Office Building at Edge Water Plaza in Charlotte, NC
Neat lookin man powered elevator as well. :)2011-12-22 21:52:29
Very Nice Schindler Elevator at Two Water Ridge Plaza near the Old Coliseum Area
This elevator is pretty tall and gave a smooth ride. Located in Charlotte, NC2011-12-22 21:04:45
Older Series One Otis Elevator at Seven Lake Pointe Plaza Ofifice Complex in Charlotte, NC
near the old coliseum area.2011-12-21 17:12:45
Classic Dover Elevator at Carolina Medical Building Complex near the Old Coliseum Area
This was a pretty nice elevator. Enjoyed my day exploring elevators in this area.2011-12-21 02:55:06
Sights and Sounds of Christmas Celebration at the Village Park in Kannapolis, NC
Musical light show and teddy bears singers2011-12-20 20:33:37
Highlights of Christmas Celebrations at the Billy Graham Library
Horse and carriage rides, Live Nativity with animals, Singing choirs, plus a couple of years back they had a huge gingerbread display of the barn and the house. They also have snacks like gormet cookies and hot chocolate in the dairy cafe bar.2011-12-20 19:44:03
Montgmery Elevator that Serves as the Service Elevator at the Coliseum Centre Office Building
Although this one can be accessed from lobby floor, we are thinking this is the elevator that they use for the service elevator as it has padding on walls and has rear doors for each floors (6th floor was locked out - had to have a card reader for that floor)2011-12-20 18:03:03
Montgomery Elevator? at the Coliseum Centre Office Building in Charlotte, NC
Think these are Montgomery elevators. Floor indicators are on lobby level only. We actually started filming the elevator ride on 2nd though. Lobby got pretty busy at the time we were there.2011-12-20 03:33:28
All Aboard the Christmas Train at Village Park in Kannapolis, NC
Train had the number 262 and I guess it was made in Wichita, Kansas. Cost was $2 per person but the Community Center in the park had coupons if you bought one ride you got one free so it's a pretty good deal for about a 5 min. ride through the park to see the lights.2011-12-19 16:06:29
HUGE Christmas Model Train Layout at the Village Park in Kannapolis, NC
This was a pretty neat layout to explore. Some of the items were working and some were having issues and then would work later. Dad took some video footage of this train layout with his iPhone and actually got a train derailment on video - we'll upload that one soon. :)2011-12-18 22:14:49
Dover Elevator at Northpoint Executive Office Building in Huntersville, NC
This one has the Dover Buzz.2011-12-18 04:04:32
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the NorthPoint Office Building in Huntersville, NC
This elevator has a Thyssenkrupp label but it could maybe be originally a Dover.2011-12-17 23:33:32
Pretty Fast Schindler (400A) Elevator at a Parking Deck in Kannapolis, NC
This was a pretty good Schindler except for the Schindler Tone sounding a bit rough but other than that it ran pretty fast and not bad for a parking deck elevator.2011-12-15 05:51:56
Riding the Parking Deck Elevator at Discovery Place with One of My Favorite Teachers
This too is a Dovis. Once a Dover but modded by Otis. My teacher and several of my classmates rode this one with me as we were there on a field trip. I will post the video we took when this was a Dover as a video response.2011-12-13 20:49:41
The Dovis Elevator that gets you to the Exhibit Level at Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC
This was a Dover but now has been modded by Otis. Riding with one of my best buddies Chayton. I was going to put the video of this elevator that we took when it was a Dover as a video repsonse but somehow I can't find that video so it might be on a video that we had put several clips of different elevators and I didn't list all them.2011-12-13 18:16:56
A Glass Dovis Hydraulic Elevator at the Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC
My class went on a field trip with the 9th graders to the Mummies Exhibit at Discovery Place today. This elevator used to be a Dover but has been modded by Otis. You can see a clip of this elevator when it used to be Dover in my video titled "Short Video Clips of Elevators at Hearst Tower and Discovery Place in Charlotte NC " and also the video that I will list as a video response to this one. Discovery Place has also modded their 2nd elevator&the Parking Deck elevator so keep a look out for those videos to be uploaded soon. :)2011-12-13 04:18:23
Stingray Plays a Game of Peekaboo at Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC
Watch the 2nd stingray come up and bobbles up and down like in a game of peek a boo for the camera. :) These are neat animals.2011-12-12 23:26:38
My Narration Lines in the Christmas Production at My School
This is my line from the cast of narrators from the Christmas production at my school. Picture of me on stage taken right after the play was over. "But NO! in a stable. With straw for a bed and a floor for a table."2011-12-09 03:02:12
Bible Verse Matthew Chapter 6 Verses 29-32
2 Weeks of memory Bible Verses in one week.2011-12-07 22:01:48
Outside Otis Elevator at the Suburban Extended Stay
It's an Otis.2011-12-07 01:57:02
Schindler Elevator at the Extended Stay Deluxe in Pineville, NC
This was an ok Schindler2011-12-05 22:30:34
Montgomery Kone Elevator at Kohl's at the Carolina Pavilion Shopping Center
in or near Pineville, NC2011-12-04 23:14:03
Montgomery Kone Escalator at the Kohl's in Carolina Pavilion Shopping Center
located in or very near Pineville, NC2011-12-04 22:23:33
For Mrs. Morgan, A Fun Memory Flashback of the Hummer Limo Ride at HCA
This was a prize that several of my classmates and I won by selling a certain number of magazines in our school fundraiser. This was when I was in Kindergarten and I was very lucky (because the week they scheduled the hummer limo ride for us was the week) that I was the Star Student so I was the line leader that day so I got to be the first one in and pick where I wanted to sit. I took the window seat. :)2011-12-04 17:34:29
2006 Memories of Grove Park Inn w/ Sammons Wing Elevators Before They Were Modernized
This video clip was taken back in 2006 and it has different views of the Glass Dover Elevator and also the other elevators in Vanderbilt Wing. Sammons Wing elevators was classic Dover back in 2006 as shown in this video clip but those have been mod since then as seen in my video from this year's visit to the GPI. It also shows me in the historic main elevator which the operator let me shut the door and gate and push the button. :) You also see a couple of gingerbread entries from that year in the gingerbread houses competition.2011-12-04 04:38:54
Otis Elevator at the Sleep Inn in Asheville, NC
This hotel is right besides the Doubletree in Biltmore area2011-12-03 16:00:22
3rd Elevator (Otis) at the Doubletree Hotel in Asheville, NC in Biltmore Area
This one is located near the pool and fitness center. Kind of off to the side in back of hotel.2011-12-01 18:17:42
Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Doubletree Hotel in Asheville, NC in Biltmore Area
This is the elevator at the back of the hotel which also has a small mini lobby area. This hotel was very nice to explore. Pretty big size. It had 3 elevators.2011-12-01 15:03:53
November 30th 2011: My 2nd YouTube Anniversary
To celebrate my 2nd anniversary being on YT, I have put together a photo slide show of some photos from one of my favorite cities, Roanoke, VA. Pictures of Mill Mt. Zoo is from August 2008 trip and also I have included a little segment of my very first YT video upload which was uploaded on 11-30-09 of the Hotel Roanoke's main lobby elevators. I hope you enjoy this flashback memory trip. Thanks again to all my subscribers and viewers for making these past 2 years a blast. I am looking forward to what the next year will bring...:)2011-11-30 19:08:35
Otis Elevator at the Doubletree Hotel in Asheville, NC
This is 1 of 3 elevators that this Doubletree Hotel has. This one is located at front of hotel just off main lobby. Very creeky starting and stopping. This hotel had a neat display on Biltmore Dairy Farms with an original horse drawn wagon (without the horses of course) off the main lobby area. We took photos of the display and they are uploaded to my TJElevatorfan facebook page if you want to check those out. :)2011-11-28 18:14:52
Almost an Epic Fail on the Schindler Elevator at the Hilton in Asheville, NC
Found out that these required room key to operate once inside but luckily we found a couple going up to the top floor so we rode along with them so it wasn't an epic fail after all. :)2011-11-28 14:50:43
A Very Confusing Ride on Vanderbilt Wing Parking Deck Elevator at Grove Park Inn
This was a very confusing ride, think we were stuck there for a minute on vanderbilt parking deck elevator. Bonus video clip at end is of the Sammons Wings Elevator opening up on parking deck side.2011-11-28 01:38:23
Glass Dover Elevator with Red and White Directional Indicators at Grove Park Inn
This elevator was very busy as this was the one to use in the Vanderbilt wing to go to the different locations of the Gingerbread Houses displays located in that wing. We managed to get it by ourselves for a minute though. :)2011-11-28 00:33:07
Elevator that goes to a Ballroom at the Grove Park Inn
This is located in the Sammons wing.2011-11-27 19:12:55
Outside Scenic Man Powered Elevator with a Great View of the Grove Park Inn Buildings
This starts off at the Spa's outdoor courtyard where the waterfall is located.2011-11-27 17:43:57
Elevator Located in the Sammons Wing of the Grove Park Inn
I believe I have footage of this elevator already uploaded to YT from previous years but here is a better look at it. The rear door opens up into the parking deck. I have a video clip of the rear door opening but that is on the other card so when I get to that, I may make a quick video clip of it, if ya'll want to see that part.2011-11-27 17:17:48
Very Interesting Kone Elevator with White Indicators at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville, NC
This was a very interesting and neat hotel. Our battery in camera gave out right after our first elevator ride but my dad did manage to take some photos with iPhone that I will upload to my facebook page later on tonight. This hotel also had a special elevator for Handicapp but it was closed off and you had to have a staff with the key to run it. The service elevator is also right beside the main 2 elevators for the public to use but it required a keycard with the keypad number code.2011-11-26 20:40:25
A Special Thank You to all my Viewers for Over One Million Views
This is a video to personally thank my viewers for giving me over a million video views! On November 22nd, my channel views were 65,400 and my video views were 1,000,740 and my subscribers were 734 so THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this major milestone!!! This video clip is for all of you who watch my videos. I hope you enjoy it. I put an extra bonus in this video clip so keep a watch out for that. :) You can check out my facebook page for extra photos of GPI gingerbread houses displays and Christmas Trees on display. 17:47:18
ETS Elevator with Thyssenkrupp Mod? at Shoppes at Birkdale Crossing Center
This is a shopping center that has different shops and restaurants and office complex section in Huntersville, NC2011-11-22 03:05:40
Nice Looking but Awful Sounding Schindler Elevator at Hunstad Kortesis Center Building
located between Charlotte and Huntersville NC. This building is very nice but the elevator sounds are not so nice.2011-11-21 22:11:40
Views from the top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Plus view of It's MPE from 1992 Vacation
This is some video footage that my dad took of Cape Hatteras lighthouse on a family vacation to Outter Banks back in 1992. Shows MPE on the way down. Thought some of you might enjoy this if you have never gone to Outter Banks, NC. At the end of the video clip, you can see my Aunt Brenda&my 2 uncles.2011-11-20 02:02:23
For Suzzex, A Quiet Ride on the Kone Ecospace Delta Fixtures Elevator at the Green Parking Deck
Well, mostly quiet except when one passanger got on but other than that we managed to get a quiet ride on this retake video of the Kone Elevators. I know Suzzex used to film quiet videos so you could get the full effect of the elevator sounds so this one's just for you, Suzzex. Hope you enjoy it.2011-11-16 17:56:04
Driving into the Green Parking Deck in Downtown Charlotte, NC
This is where we parked for Wells Fargo Community Day. You can hear my dad and a friend of his in the background from their radio DJ hobby days.2011-11-16 17:31:06
iPhone Video Footage of 2 Famous Scenic Elevators in Atlanta, Georgia
this is the video clips my dad took of these 2 famous scenic elevators (Westinghouse and Otis) in Atlanta at the Hilton and Westin Peachtree.2011-11-10 14:46:20
Otis Series 5 for Elevator Number 2 at the Hampton Inn in Monroe, NC
Plus a view of vending machines, fitness center, Pool and business center.2011-11-06 02:54:03
Otis Series 1 for Elevator Number 1 at the Hampton Inn in Monroe, NC
This was a neat Hampton Inn to explore. It is a L shape and had two elevators but they were not together. This is the only hotel in Monroe that has an elevator from what we could tell. All the other hotels were outter court style and only had MPE2011-11-06 02:17:52
Jeff Burns' Radio Contest Entry for WBT Radio's Next Talker Contest
Go to for more details. When you see this video on WBT's website, click the like button that they have for the videos for my dad who is trying to win their radio contest which would be a radio show on Sunday nights. It may take a day or so before video shows up on WBT's website so keep checking their website. Thanks.2011-11-06 01:49:14
It's that time of year again. Our Favorite Restaurant has Started up their Fireplace
Can you guess which restaurant?2011-11-06 00:55:29
Schindler MT Elevator at the Extended Stay Hotel in Charlotte, NC
This one is near UNC College campus.2011-11-04 23:29:24
Dover Elevator at 201 McCullough Office Complex
Very Tall!2011-11-04 22:38:13
Executive Park Office Building in Charlotte, NC has Regular&Hospital Size Dover Elevators
Dover Impulse. These had a very loud chirp or tone and the indicators were actually bright.2011-11-04 20:44:04
Elevator at the Sears Store in Gwinnett Place Mall in Georgia
the doors on this elevator has seen better days2011-11-04 18:07:07
Kone Elevator at the Mega Mart Store in Gwinnett Place Mall in Georgia
This was a 3 level store but 3rd was closed out 2nd was Mega Mart Department store and the 1st level was a grocery store.2011-11-04 16:59:32
Schindler Elevator at the Candlewood Hotel in Gwinnett, GA
another layout where elevator is in enclosed area2011-11-04 16:14:23
Guess Who Unretired for this Elevator located at the Mint Museum Plaza in Charlotte, NC?
These also serve the parking deck at the Mint Museum.2011-11-01 02:42:20
7th Installment of Bible Memory Verses of 5th Grade
Matthew 6:19-24 Review verses plus this week's verse which is verses 23&24 of Chapter 6 in Matthew. We didn't have a Bible Verse test last week due to the fact we were out of school that day for parent/teacher conferences. This week's test will be this whole recitation of verses 19-24 of 6th chapter of Matthew.2011-11-01 01:54:46
Schindler GT Elevator at Kemp Building at the Park Office Complex in Huntersville, NC
RT Fixtures but MT floor indicator. Very nice building!2011-11-01 01:16:58
My Happy Halloween to You
Dad likes this Holiday but mom does not but dad gets away with decorating a little bit every year. I more or less don't celebrate Halloween because I don't like candy. I do like fall celebrations though.2011-11-01 00:36:17
Interesting Layout for Schindler Elevator Call Buttons at the Strayer University Building
This is located off exit 23 on I-77 in Huntersville, NC. The left elevator had call buttons on the side of elevator door which did light up on some floors but you could tell they were not in use. The main call buttons in the middle was the active call button. The right elevator did not have call buttons on the side. Pretty nice Schindlers overall although the right one smelled very smoky.2011-10-31 23:46:45
Dover Impulse Elevator at Daetwyler Plaza Building in Huntersville, NC
This was a neat looking building which the receptionist was very nice in letting us go back (even though we were not there to see anyone) to where the elevator was that visitors to the building can use. The building looks like it would be more than 2 floors but that's all the elevator had so I guess either looks can be decieving or there was another elevator that went to the other floors.2011-10-31 23:05:06
Quick View of Man Powered Elevator at Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC
Just a real quick view of these. Thought they were nice looking.2011-10-31 22:47:14
Huge Glass Otis Elevator at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC
This was another one of the museums that was free for the day on Wells Fargo Community Day. This elevator was kind of busy but we managed to get a good view of it anyway.2011-10-31 22:02:58
Otis Elevator Having Trouble w/ the Huge Crowd of People at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
Notice the floor indicator blinking when this freight size elevator goes into nudge mode which it kept going into nudge mode a lot on this day because there was so many people wanting to use the elevator. We managed to get a good view of elevator inbetween people getting on and off though.2011-10-31 02:37:36
Huge and LOUD Hydraulics on Thyssenkrupp Elevator at the Knight Theatre in Charlotte, NC
We got to explore this theatre at Wells Fargo Community Day and of course the main atttraction for me was the elevator.2011-10-30 21:47:32
Ride on the Southern Elevator was an Epic Fail at Spirit Square in Charlotte, NC
This elevator would let you get on it but it wouldn't go anywhere without a key card or code to go to any of the floors but at least we saw the call buttons light up and get a quick view of the cab. Mom went a little too fast showing the fixtures but that's OK because battery on camera was giving out on us.2011-10-30 02:40:39
My 900th Video Upload with a Stagecoach Ride&a Ride on an Older Otis Elevator
Thanks to all my subscribers and viewers for watching my videos. Here is something special for all of you for my 900th upload to YT. We rode the Wells Fargo Stagecoach in uptown Charlotte, NC which was pretty fun even though the wind made it really cold outside, it was worth the wait to ride the stagecoach. We also rode an older Otis elevator at the Spirit Square building in uptown Charlotte which we have included in this video upload. Hope you enjoy watching it.2011-10-30 00:41:56
Otis Elevator at the Holiday Inn Express near Gwinnett Place Mall in Georgia
They were working on the ceiling panels on the first floor so we decided to start on floor 2 even though they were far enough away from the elevator not to be on camera.2011-10-26 22:33:46
Glass Odd Shape Montgomery Elevator with Door Issues at Gwinnett Place Mall in Georgia
Believe this is a Montgomery. Dad tried to fix it but it kept right on being stuck open until finally somebody called it from first level but as soon as they came up and got out the doors were stuck again....2011-10-26 21:39:29
Westinghouse Elevator at Macy's Store at Gwinnett Place Mall in Georgia?
Believe these are Westinghouse2011-10-26 21:03:07
Dover Elevators at the Garden Plaza Hotel in Norcross, Georgia
This hotel was fun to explore and check out. It looks nice but it did kind of smell like mildew somewhat on the day we were there. They had a bucket in the lobby from where there was a leak in the roof.2011-10-26 19:09:54
A Great Place to Eat at in Norcross, Georgia is the Norcross Station Cafe
A little bit of early history that I learned on Norcross is that this train depot station was built in the exact center of the town named Norcross (after the first mayor of Atlanta) with original city limits being in a shape of a circle with a 3/4 mile radius from the station. The train still runs by the station today but is no longer a stop on the railroad schedule. The Station Cafe opened in 1993.2011-10-26 17:33:49
Dover Elevator at the Hilton Hotel in Norcross Georgia
These were the ones off of the lobby area. There was no floor passing chimes. It chimed when door open in lobby and on the 10th floor when door opened only. Very nice looking dark interior but dimly lit.2011-10-26 16:34:41
One of the Enclosed Elevators at the Hilton Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia
These are the non glass ones.2011-10-26 15:03:16