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Celebrating 4 Millions Views Milestone on my Parent's Silver Wedding Anniversary

Happy Silver Anniversary to Mom & Dad

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If your business is located around the Charlotte/Greensboro/Winston-Salem area, TJ Elevator Fan is available to film your elevator or do a hotel tour of your hotel!

Click on the link above to request TJ to film the elevator at your business. Please list the address where the elevator is located, as well as the type of business and whether you are available for filming on weekends. If you have a date that you'd like TJ to film, please list that as well. For locations further away from Charlotte, we may be able to schedule further in advance.



TJ Elevator Fan is a 16 year old who loves everything about elevators. He also loves hotels, and with the help of his mom and dad, has filmed 2000 videos. While not all of his videos feature elevators or hotels, they are the central theme in the majority of them.

TJ has visited many Hampton Inns and met many wonderful General Managers and team members along the way. The Hampton Feature Page highlights these Hamptons with a listing of all of the Hamptons he has visited in the order that they were uploaded. Be sure to click on the General Manager Tribute button to see the General Managers who have made his visits extra special. Thanks to everyone at Hampton for many exciting and memorable visits!

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During the summer of 2012, TJ had the opportunity to participate in the "Hamptonality" video series by Hampton Hotels with his feature titled "Elevated Hamptonality", to reflect his love for riding and filming elevators. Most of the filming for "Elevated Hamptonality" was done on location in Asheville, NC at the Hampton Inn Tunnel Road, with the rest of the material taken from TJ's archives.

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Celebrating 7 Years Of TJElevatorfan YouTube Channel
2016-11-30 23:57:27
A 2016 Revisit To Elmwood Parking Garage With Dieselducy
2016-11-29 23:57:26
ThyssenKrupp Elevator At Holiday Inn Express in Columbia, TN
2016-11-28 23:57:24

Home2 Suites, Knoxville, TN

Manager Bobby Howard welcomed TJ to the exciting new Home2 Suites in Knoxville, TN, with a tour of this hotel, which had only been open for about a month. Thanks Bobby for making my stay extra special.

Click here to see more of the Home2 Suites, Knoxville,TN


University Area, Winston-Salem, NC

TJ enjoyed a stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites University Area, Winston-Salem, NC with his dad and grandfather while attending a local hamfest. This is a newer, extremely comfortable hotel near Wake Forest University.

Click here to see more of the Hampton Inn & Suites University Area, Winston-Salem, NC


Andy Griffith Homeplace, Mt Airy, NC

TJ and his family got the opportunity to spend the night in the childhood home of Andy Griffith in Mt Airy, NC. Now owned by Hampton Inn, the home was renovated and is now available for guests to schedule their stays.

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